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  • ross1948 13:30 on March 4, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    About Time! Fidesz Finally Breaks With Fake-‘Right!’ 

    Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party will leave the largest group in European Parliament, the European People’s Party (EPP), after an overwhelming majority of the groups’ MEPs adopted new rules paving the way for the suspension of prime minister Viktor Orbán’s party. 148 MEPs voted in favour of changes in rules of procedure, 28 against, with four abstentions. The move marks another episode in the long divorce between Fidesz and EPP.


    Perhaps we can now look forward to Hungary’s delegation aligning itself with genuinely patriotic forces at Strasbourg, those fighting the EUSSR’s cultural marxist ideology…



    …either the group containing the elected representatives of Marine Le Pen’s French National Rally, and the German AfD, or that dominated by Poland’s excellent Law and Justice Party.

    It always seemed inappropriate to see the EPP described as centre-‘right….’


    Weber   https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2015/10/29/merkels-manikin-manfred-ignore-what-voters-think…-


    ….when that awful berk Weber is its leading light.


  • ross1948 19:42 on September 12, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Rename Strasbourg ‘The Anti-European Parliament!’ 

    So by a majority of 448 to 197, the Strasbourg Slugs hauled their dirty greedy snouts off the tax-trough…




    …long enough to nuke Hungary, for the shocking offence of defending Europe.

    These disgusting creeps should simply stop calling their institution the ‘European Parliament,’ and stop prattling about ‘European Values’ which are the ‘values’ of a liberal elite, not of the peoples of Europe.

    Were that not so, they would not have felt it necessary to prevent their mock-democratic ‘European Citizens Initiative’ being used by citizens who might seek to challenge their rotten ideology.

    Initiative’ –

    EUSSR Ministers Desperate to Shut Out Citizens – A Tradition of Lies and Deceit 

    Since the swine are more concerned about the ‘rights’ of illegal aliens than they are about the legitimate rights of decent people in Europe to keep the undesirables out, let’s rename it ….

    Migrants protest as Hungarian riot police fires tear gas and water cannon at the border crossing with Serbia in Roszke

    Migrant savages assail the Hungarian border


    civilised man v savage

    Today’s European Parliament decision was nothing but a petty revenge of pro-immigration politicians against Hungary,” That’s what the victim nation’s Foreign Minister said afterwards.


    …yes, let’s rename it…

    ‘The Migrant Parliament!’



    France24 celebrated by a fresh display of bias, inviting a shrill leftist to rail against Hungary, some bint named Anne Macey, who heads something tellingly called ‘Confrontation Europe!’


    They also featured Juncker The Drunkard, unelected of course, ranting about the ‘far-right.

    Yet what’s most significant is that the so-called ‘European Peoples Party,’ which risibly purports to be the ‘centre-right’ bloc at Strasbourg, and includes Hungary’s patriot party, split apart.


    A rat-pack led by Merkel’s running-dog Manfred Weber swung over to join the motley mob of Greens, socialists, marxists and liberals who thus achieved the 2/3 majority they craved.

    Big deal. Before any vindictive moves against the Magyars may be undertaken, unanimous agreement is required by the individual governments.




    And the heroic Poles have vowed a veto.

    • Petra Malley 21:02 on September 12, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I read elsewhere that there are moves to detach Fidesz, Viktor Orban’s party, from that EPP and create a patriot group with Salvini’s Lega and others.
      You reported Salvini’s plans for this earlier this year. It’s a good idea.
      I hope the Poles join in too but will UKIP get involved?
      The constant talk about entryism, UKIP members infiltrating the Tories, to help Johnson overthrow May, is a worrying distraction.
      Leave EU are fooling themselves or are playing some game that I have yet to understand.
      Johnson is no conservative, If he becomes PM, the liberal agenda will advance as fast as it has under Cameron and May.
      Rees-Mogg would be far better but we know he will never enter 10 Downing Street.
      Britain needs a patriot party and UKIP is the only one on offer.


    • Willie Arboer 22:48 on September 12, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Who would want their country to be insulted and intimidated by that corrupt lot?
      Who else but Remainers, because if those money-grubbing, expenses sponging MEPs will do it to one country, they will do it to any country that tries to look after its own people and defend them from violent invaders.
      A lot of these Remainers want us under Brussels/Strasburg control precisely because that will stop Britain defending its borders.

      Not that May cares about any of that. She was always a Remainer anyway.


    • Catriona Cunningham 01:37 on September 13, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Yes, you’re exactly right, it is anti-European.
      It is pro-alien, and the vote against Hungary shows how very pro-alien most of the members are.
      We all need to work together to get them off our backs.
      Get Britain Out!


  • ross1948 19:53 on September 7, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Mama’s Puppet On Track To Take Drunkard Juncker’s Crown 

    I see that nasty Merkel puppet Manfred Weber is getting top spot on the phoney ‘conservative’ EPP list for next year’s Strasbourg Slug (aka ]European Parliament’) election.
    EUObserver claims that if he wins next May,
    Weber could replace Jean-Claude Juncker and become the first German heading the European Commission in more than 50 years.
    We have noticed this unpleasant man before.
    Here – he toes the spineless line on crimmigrants and loathes straight-talking realists (aka ‘populists’)  who put up resistance to the undesirable alien influx.


    Weber wants to distance himself from such populists and their “simple answers.”

    and again here-
    https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2018/01/15/eussr-collaborationist-countess-versus-patriotic-pole/ – concerning his role in the witch-hunt against a Polish patriot.
    Never trust a Mama Stasi Man!

  • ross1948 20:53 on July 11, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Step Down Then, Milady, But You’ll Be Missed! 

    • Farage did not cut off anyone from anything. The British people, by a million plus majority, severed the chains which bound the UK to supranational rule from Brussels.
    • And, oh, yeah!

      Merkel’s Manikin Manfred – ‘Ignore What Voters Think!’ 

    • The same arrogant creep who disses Brits had also, not long ago, openly fulminated against the idea that he and his elitist comrades should pay any heed to what his own people think.
    • But what Sylvi says is true.
    • It’s hard for even the most patriotic politician (which both she and Nigel certainly are) to balance the demands of public service and family duty.
    • “What do you do when your five-year-old son has to explain to the other children why his mum so rarely picks him up from nursery? Then you start to consider whether you should quit politics.
    • ——–
    • Yet this 38-year-old blonde bomb-shell will be sorely missed by the Norwegian people, whom she has sought very effectively to shield from the migrant menace.
    • A NINETY FIVE PERCENT DECREASE in the phoney ‘refugee’ influx!
    • ——————-



    • That moronic lout on the left (of course!) is a ‘rap musician,’ though how anyone can consider ‘rap’ as music is beyond me – it usually sounds like something one hears at feeding time in a zoo.
    • ————–
    • But ‘rape’ not ‘rap’ was what he focused on with this tweet. Rapper Lunar C real name Jake Brook tweeted that he and “his pals” would “run a train” on Mr. Farage’s daughter. He did not specify which daughter.
    • ————
    • That phrase, in cretin-lingo, turns out to mean gang-rape. 
    •  ————–
    • He tweeted “Here’s a pic of me n my pals on our way to run a train on @Nigel_Farage’s daughter”. He attached a picture of a horde of migrants. Rapper Threatens To Gang Rape Nigel Farage’s Young Daughter –
    • While we must, I suppose, be grateful that even a rabid leftist like Brook recognises what his crimmigrant ‘pals‘ are all about, what does it say, about PC policing in the UK, that he remains un-arrested.
    • Maybe it’s not so hard to figure out why good people weary of the struggle.
  • ross1948 00:14 on October 29, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Merkel's Manikin Manfred – 'Ignore What Voters Think!' 

    The arrogant elitism of the phoney ‘conservative’ faction in the Strasbourg ‘Parliament’ was on display in Spain last week, when the talking-shop toadies got together….



    Their chairman, Manfred Weber MEP, belongs to the Bavarian wing of Mama Stasi Merkel’s CDU party, which calls itself the CSU. 

    But unlike many CSU activists, he toes the spineless line on crimmigrants and loathes straight-talking realists (aka ‘populists’)  who put up resistance to the undesirable alien influx.


    Weber wants to distance himself from such populists and their “simple answers.”

    Since when do we ignore the old axiom that the simplest solution is usually the right one …



    – prompt action to STOP THE INVASION – rather than asinine answers which pander to welfare parasites and endanger honest citizens by surrounding them with savages?

    But let’s pause and remind ourselves of the official name of the ‘conservative’ group in Strasbourg of which Weber’s the big boss ( under Merkel’s big thumb, of course)

    They style themselves the European People’s Party!

    But do they, does Weber, give a monkey’s what the ‘people’ – his people, or French people, or Dutch people – want done about the alien tsunami?

    Right now it would behoove us to ignore opinion polls, and just do what has to be done.


    In other words..



    elite arrogance-s,


    Old Adolf spawned his own anti-democratic Pan-Europe movement in Bavaria, and it sounds like there’s still fertile soil down that way, if Weber’s vapouring is anything to go by.

    After Turn-Coat Tusk’s demand last week for a shut-down of dissent to his Euro-Diktat…

    TurnCoat Tusk To Nation-States: ‘Don’t Argue – Do As We Say!’ 


    ….surely nobody thinks the EUSSR has the slightest concern for the peoples corralled in its cultural marxist collective.

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