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  • ross1948 11:19 on September 26, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Bon! Hate Rapper Shut Down In Paris! 

    Patriot party leader Marine Le Pen is surely correct to say that the cancellation of a hate-rapper’s concerts at the Bataclan is “a victory for all the victims of Islamist terrorism.”\




    Nor was she alone in her assessment. Opposition leader Laurent Wauquiez had also called for cancellation.

    One imagines most decent French people also agree with Marine.

    For the hate-freak Medine (sample quotes “crucify the secularists” and “I put fatwas on the heads of idiots” ) to have performed at the scene of the Islamist terror atrocity in 2016, where savages murdered 160 innocent people, would have been an affront too far.

    Image result for medine rapper

    Even the leftist Guardian acknowledges that he’s known for his provocative pro-Muslim lyrics.

    In the same newspaper, we read about his ‘song’ Don’t Laik, which apparently assails France’s secular policies as discriminatory towards Muslims.  


    In other words, the ghastly brute is encouraging arrogant Islamist whiners (who certainly do not represent all French Muslims) in France who withhold allegiance to the land they live in, and who seek to defy laws they don’t like, such as the sensible burka ban.



    Laik refers to ‘laicite,’ which is the French word for secularism.

    France is a secular state. If there are Muslim fanatics, or any sectarian group of any creed, who find that intolerable, they should sod off to some other country.

    Iran might welcome undesirables, or some other dump in the Middle East where shariah codes affront civilised people’s concepts of fair play.



    The message must be that any religion whose doctrines require adherents to put dogmas above duty to their country ipso facto makes those adherents disloyal citizens.

    Such beliefs are unacceptable.

    We read that Medine now plans to stage another concert in another Paris venue, the Zenith, in February next year.

    Image result for shut it down

  • ross1948 18:03 on August 29, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Napoleon Complex? Little Corporal Macron Scolds Poles! 

    How dare Muppet Macron lecture Poland!



    The Poles – unlike Macron and his mentor Mama Stasi Merkel…



    ….represent real European traditional values and expect respect for sovereignty – their own and other people’s too.

    Poles are a courageous breed, and their current government is carrying on Poland’s historic heroic role, standing up against hostile powers, bullies, just as they did back in 1939.



    Muppet’s rant last week, that Poland “marginalises” itself in the EU “on a number of issues” is frankly offensive.

    The diversity-obsessed ‘EU’ has long since divorced itself from the real Europe, which sees itself as a patchwork of Western cultural entities, intent, as that nasty Dutchman made clear, not that long ago…


    .Hasil gambar

    Frans Timmermans, the Dutch vice-president of the European Commission, said that “diversity was the future of the world,” and that Eastern European nations would just have to “get used to that.” 


    ….on obliterating the distinct peoples who form the nations that exist all across the Continent.

    However ‘marginalised’ Poland may be in the EUSSR, its values and standards are irreproachable, and on the issues identified by EUObs namely migration and its domestic rule of law situation, they are the envy of millions…



    …who want leadership that takes a stand against the migrant menace, and courts that defend the rights of their own people and are not packed with place-men beholden to the left-liberals who appointed them.

    That goes for millions of ordinary folks in France, among all the patriots who voted for Marine, in the UK, where the majority voted to free their realm from Brussels rule, and in most, probably all, the other lands still under supranational control.

    But Macron’s vision of Europe has little room for democracy.


    Gambar terkait


    He seems to have developed, or maybe has always had – just previously disguised – a Napoleon Complex, delusions of grandeur which permit him to talk down to other governments and insult the nations they represent.

    He has talked about referenda to boost parts of his own economic agenda, but, like his predecessor, Le Retch Hollande, he disdains any democratic consultation on key issues like the illegal immigrant crisis…

    In France Today, Democracy’s ‘A Threat To Public Order!’ 

    …and the return of the guillotine to deal with the threat of Islamist terror.

    I don’t think Muppet Macron is a fool…

    – – after all, anyone who gets away with ripping off a daily fortune from the tax-payers for his make-up is no dimwit –Macron Spends Thousands On Makeup

    …but he’s blind to what democracy’s all about.

    He rounded off his arrogant barrage last Friday by telling his counterparts in Warsaw that the ‘Polish people,’ who gave the Polish Government a handsome victory in elections less than two years ago, “deserved better.’

    But what about his own people, in France?

    “France is not a reformable country. Many have tried and they have not succeeded because the French hate reform.” https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/aug/26/emmanuel-macron-reform-france-labour-laws-challenge-unions

    That’s what he said last week!

    Do the French too deserve better than what they voted for?



    • Emil 01:55 on August 30, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      In France there was a good President De Gaulle but no good president since then.
      I was there on the street in 1968 when we had to fight what is now called Antifa but De Gaulle defeated them by democracy. He called the election and he took a big majority.

      This Macron is like Merkel’s French poodle and now he turns his little biting teeth on Poland that was always our friend.
      He shames France.


  • ross1948 01:37 on May 8, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    The Fall Of France? Mais Non! Vive La Resistance! 

    I spent an unpleasant half hour or so, whilst waiting for the French election result, in front of the tv, assailed by the nauseating prejudice of  France24’s panellists, who were, as usual, ALL hostile, some virulently bigoted, in their attitude towards Marine.


    • But finally we got past all that, and once the results were announced, I left the leftist skunks to wallow in their own stench.\

    • So what are we to make of what’s been decided in the polling booths?

    • A bad result for France, true, but not that bad for Marine, whose eleven million voters are a record high for her party, and who can  look forward to a big increase in the percentage of National Assembly legislators next month.


    Let the dust settle,

    In the weeks ahead, let’s see if the rotten media can continue to cover up the substance of those documents that Hollande ordered them not to reveal.

    At least Hollande, Le Retch, will now ooze off into obscurity, though he may well pop up in another incarnation in Brussels.


    Gambar terkait

    Like father, like son – but when the similarities become glaring, who will really like that!


    As for Muppet Macron, he will soon enough drop the ‘centrist’ mask and be seen as the left-liberal he undoubtedly is.


    Gambar terkait


    THEN La Resistance will rise and rise!

    Enough for tonight.


    As I was switching everything off, France24 changed their panel slightly. They took off one of the most poisonous leftists, a creepy lecturer named Aurelien Mondson, and brought on two young men, one from Muppet’s ‘movement’ and one fro Marine’s Youth Section.

    So out of the four, now one was pro-Marine and the rest were anti.

    ‘Progress’ of sorts!

    • Jeanne 16:20 on May 8, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      You are so positive, a good change from many of us here who are so very dissappointed about the Macron victory.
      In just one more month we have a golden chance to win many places in our parliament then we begin the next five years plan that can take Marine to the presidency.


  • ross1948 11:01 on April 29, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Hate Marine, Hate Trump – France24’s ‘World,’ Devoid Of Fair Play! 

    Yesterday was a gorgeous feast of sunshine here in Jakarta, ideal for a recovering party-animal to read a paper-back out front, a brief break to wander to the warteg for brunch, where I enjoyed some telur dadan jagung, corn mixed with eggs and fried to perfection…



    …good cheap local food, though balanced ( ! ) by quite similar home-made Brit-Nosh (egg n chips!) for my second meal early evening.

    But while I’m sure I’ll have another yummy sunny day – dazzling outdoors when I rose around 8am- the diet of hate on France 24 is infinitely less digestible!

    They call it ‘The World This Weekend’ but it is a weird world in which these creatures live, in which patriotic, conservative or nationalist views are abhorred, no voice of dissent audible thanks to their stalinoid panel selection process.



    When they stage an election debate, they’re obliged to include one freedom-fighter representative from Marine’s campaign, but even that token obeisance to the principles of impartiality suffers instant defenestration when they choose their TWTW line-up – ‘our panel of Paris-based journalists…’

    Inevitably, we had that bigoted old Trumpophobe, Christopher Dickey, from France24’s Daily Beast ‘media partner!’

    Then there was a local leftist, Paul Moreira, whose snarling anti-Marine in-put…


    Hasil gambar untuk paul moreira


    …was matched by some Indian bint named Leela Jacinto, identified as a ‘France24 reporter,’ ranting about ‘dangerous demagogues‘ – who was also quick to jump onto Dickey’s anti-Trump band-wagon.



    On the President’s recent comments that he missed the relative privacy he enjoyed in his previous life, Jacinto hissed that she wished Donald was back in his previous life – ‘we’d all be a lot better off.


    Hardly! She must have meant all the pukey pinkos in her employer’s tv studio.



    Yes, they were out to get not just La Belle Marine but Trump too, with Christopher The Beast spitting noisome gems of animosity, e.g. ‘it’s hard to tell if Trump is a madman or just acts like one.’


    Hasil gambar untuk dickey beast

    France24’s Freak-Show! Leftist U.S. Loons Blame ‘FBI Plot!’ 

    But we expect no less than bitter bile from The Beast!

    The fourth member of the quartet, Mark Deen ( of Bloomberg – nuff said!) was also clearly no friend to Trump nor to Marine, but lacked the capacity for crass insult shown by Dickey or Jacinto or Moreira…



    …so seemed almost normal, except for that scruffy beard he’s evidently been trying to grow for some time!

    But France24 offered us NOT ONE – out of FOUR panellists –  in ANY way sympathetic to Marine, nor of course to President Trump.

    ALL were hostile!

    Watch it, if you doubt me, and if you can stomach the smugness of the merde-merchants, so secure in the knowledge that there’s no French patriot present to contradict their drivel.


    Least of all Francois ‘Pinko’ Picard, the ‘host!’

    France24, subsidised by the public purse, is in disgraceful denial of basic journalistic principles of fair play, for which, by the way, Le Muppet has little time.

    ‘Liberal’ Muppet Macron Bans Media Critics – Press On, Brave Marine! .


    And the French can only hope to do so by voting the right way next week.

    Hasil gambar untuk solidarite francais

    • Laurie Lernicki 20:31 on April 29, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Anything you say about France24 can be said about the BBC. Your own coverage of their propaganda show Dateline has been excellent and I liked the way you caught that Gavin Esler in the lie, that it wasn’t their fault that their panels were unanimously anti-trump, it was just because they couldn’t be bothered to find pro-Trump people.
      As if anyone believes that.
      I watched it today and it was just as bad as ever, the two American leftwings, Kaufman and Temko sneering and slurring Trump. And an Idian who said it was Trump ‘being provocative’ for standing up to the North Korea nuke threat.
      The whole idea of state-owned media is out-of-date, if it was ever a defendable idea,at all.
      With all the private media we have to choose from, thanks to cable tv and the internet, why should we tax-payers have to pay for tv channels unless we want to.
      BBC is the one I know most about, because it’s the one I have to pay for, but I sympathise with other people in other countries, who have the same burden.

      I was delighted that the Poles are trying to do something,


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