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  • ross1948 21:41 on September 22, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Macron’s State Broadcaster Crucifies Kavanaugh 

    Just by chance, I had France24 on this morning, that section where ‘journalists’ from all over the place, as long as they’re left-liberal, get to discuss big issues.

    Predictably,a collection of conservative-loathing stiffs were on my screen, with the impartial presenter, Mark Owen!

    Owen is a left-bigot from way back.


    France 24 Host To Newt Gingrich: ‘Shame On You’ 

    …whose notion of an impartial presenter’s role we mentioned in another post too.

    Trump Must Tell Macron – Stop Subsidies To Paris Pravda!

    media bias

    …and who was revelling in the company of that peculiar-looking Trump-hater Christopher Dickey, of the ultra-liberal American rag The Daily Beast, which is F24’s official ‘partner.’

    Dickey is a bias-beast extraordinaire, whom we’ve noticed before…


    Gambar terkait

    Christopher ‘The Beast’ Dickey

    ..and whose output today included these gems.

    ‘Trump is so arrogant…so animal in his instinct…..’

    But that came AFTER the panel’s character assassination of Bret Kavanaugh, and their sympathetic approach to the last minute eruption of a haggard Democrat blonde ( with a Democrat lawyer!) whose allegations were known to a haggard Democrat dyed brunette…


    Hasil gambar untuk dianne feinstein witch

    …named Senator Feinstein, many weeks ago, but were held back until Feinstein had run out of ammo against Kavanaugh.

    Another haggard leftist blonde, Alissa Rubin, of the leftist New York Times, asked one of the stupidest questions I’ve heard, viz.

    ‘Would you remember the parties you didn’t go to?’




    This was the punch-line part of a rambling diatribe you can watch on this F24 link


     – in which she also asked if ‘there is a way he (Kavanaugh) could learn from his mistakes…’


    Like, what mistakes?

    Guilty until proven innocent?

    And there was a Frenchman, again no fan of Trump, some geezer from Paris Match.

    So was there ANYONE who spoke up for the judge, or for Trump?

    Of course not.

    But there was another, Brazilian, brunette, not quite as haggard as Feinstein, named Ana Navarro Pedro, another leftist, who wittered that the accuser’s tale ‘does seem to have a concrete basis..’



    Because the FBI is ‘enlarging its investigation…’

    As of course they would, if any old blatherer, haggard blonde or not, came forward with an unsubstantiable accusation!

    Awful Alissa’s rancid rhetorical question was promptly taken up by Malignant Mark, when he asked Dickey –

    ‘Is there a way he could learn from his errors? Oops, alleged errors..?’

    Wow, another last minute eruption!

    Or rather a vague recollection of what objective journalism is meant to entail?

    But he soon remedied that lapse! The whole episode, he whined, is ‘laced with misogyny!’ and he concluded –

    ‘Does anyone here feel comfortable about having this man on the Supreme Court?’

    Needless to say, none of the assembled hacks replied in the affirmative.

    Pity the creep didn’t ask the people who count, because I’d say many MILLIONS of Americans would have shouted YES!

    Please note, this propaganda channel and its hirelings depend for their funding on French tax-payers.

    Trump does make mistakes, like mistaking that snake-in-the-grass Macron for somebody he could trust.


    • Mort 22:18 on September 22, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I take my hat off to you, Ross, that you can watch this toxic propaganda channel, which sounds almost exactly as bad as CNN.
      Mark Owen especially sounds a nasty bit of work. I have a feeling in fact that you used those very words about him in one of your previous attacks on the biased media.
      The difference between CNN and France24 is of course that CNN is privately owned and the horrible people we see on it are doing the extremist owner’s bidding, very energetically.
      The point you make about France24 being paid for by French tax-payers is well made.
      Macron has a lot of gall to talk about ‘fake news’ while he pours his citizens’ money into this leftwing sewer.


    • Farah 00:19 on September 23, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      You are so mean to those women you dislike, using words like ‘haggard’ and old bat’ and ‘ vixen’ abd even calling Merkel the ‘Berlin Bitch.’
      Your blog is what’s “laced with misogyny.”


      • JazPen 17:07 on September 24, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        Farah. I just saw your comment
        Dont you ever read all the bad words Ross uses for the male politicians he doesnt like?
        He also uses very kind words about women politicians he does like.
        Anyone who knows him knows he is not a misogynist.
        Anything but.


  • ross1948 22:25 on November 2, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Trump Must Tell Macron – Stop Subsidies To Paris Pravda! 

    Another so-called France 24 ‘Debate,’ with a savagely biased ‘chairman…’


    France 24 Host To Newt Gingrich: ‘Shame On You’ 

    …whose fanatic far-left bias we have noted before!

    If Mark Owen would just come out honestly and say he sees his role as the advancement of the anti-Trump media vendetta..


    …one could at least, perhaps, respect Mark Owen, but he is, as we said in that previous post, a maestro of hypocrisy.

    When France 24 got started, he made this ludicrous claim –

    We’ll deal with the story impartially, give it straight and hopefully we’ll deliver a good product that people want to watch.”http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/6212138.stm

    …but fat chance of Owen keeping his word…


    Hasil gambar untuk france24


    …not when Donald Trump calls for an end to the Diversity Programme!

    Here’s Malignant Mark kicking off the Kick-Trump-Fest, the guise of the ‘France24 Debate!’

    He disses Trump  – “…some critics of his say he’s wrong .

    AND forewarns us that Trump’s arguments will get NO hearing on HIS show!

      ‘…at least one, two, if not all four of my guests agree with that..”

    Does a debate no longer require at least two sides?


    Gambar terkait


    Not on France24, with its really fair line-up…


    That was the way of it this morning, when Owen hosted radical liberals like an obscure academic, a CFR geezer, no less, Max Abrahms..

    “I certainly see a double -standard starting at the top.”  And horror of horrors, Max thinks that some parts of the media are biased, because they focus on the obvious implications of scumbags who holler ‘Allahu Akbar!’

    Later, the bigot Owen, speaking as impartial chairman, I guess,  touched on the shock at how Trump made political capital out of the atrocity…


    ….as if it were out of order for POTUS to assure Americans that he was eager to tackle the root causes of Islamist terror

    Owen, on ‘media bias,’ also had us rolling in the aisles when he quivered back to Abrahms, about, oh dear…

    the racism of it!

    Dumb mutt!

    These pinko creeps rant about racism when anyone who knows anything knows that Muslims are not a race.

    It’s a religion, stupid!

    You can find Muslims who are brown, black, white and yellow.

    The Islamist ideology is not about race either. It encompasses dangerous people of all colours and ethnicities.



    Let’s not omit Ramzi Kassem, Lebanese-born, now of City University in New York, brains behind something called the Immigrant & NonCitizen Rights Clinic!



    This loud leftist at once deplored Trump’s views on the ‘Diversity Programme’ as ‘…counter-factual, illogical, an expression of prejudice..”

    He went on to rabbit that Trump’s response was ‘not particularly helpful’ and his prejudiced input escalated into ‘basic scape-goating”..oh, and of course…



    ….the racist rhetoric of the Trump Administration!

    And they had a drip named Jeffrey Hawkins, attacking President Trump. Hawkins was described as ‘a former State Department official.


    Gambar terkait


    Obama, was it, who elevated this man to an ambassadorship?

    He exemplifies the sort of Deep State hostility to the elected President that makes Americans wonder who runs foreign policy, and in whose interests.

    “…we need to focus on inclusivity…”

    Oh, and Trump makes him “CRINGE..!“.

    Jeffrey Ringel was maybe the least strident but still managed to opine that  monitoring undesirables was “against our core values” “and “to talk about opening Gitmo was just a terrible idea…”

    So two panellists on each side? Fair and balanced?


    FOUR-NIL, against the President of the USA.

    Don’t take my word for it – France24 has helpfully put the charade aka ‘Debate’ online…

    After the New York attack: Extreme vetting or racial profiling? – France 24

    …just watch it!

    They seemed especially stressed out by The Donald’s suggestion that the ISIS rape-gang fan who got shot in New York could be sent to Gitmo, a suggestion, NB, that even RINO McCain agrees with.

    They are all entitled to their nutjob views, and to broadcast them.


    Our French friends, whose taxes subsidise this disgusting bias-machine, should protest at the total repudiation by France24 of the basic principles of objective journalism.


    President Trump should use his hotline and politely ask Emmanuel Macron to do something about this Parisian Pravda.

    It should be shut down, or at least deprived of all public funding.

    • Mort 23:04 on November 2, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Five, Ross, because that Owen is no neutral chairman.
      He should be fired but while France24 continues as a state-funded propaganda channel ,he will keep his job. I think Macron is perfectly happy with that situation because Macron is Merkel’s protege, as we know.


  • ross1948 20:50 on October 25, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Well Done, Tim Akers! One UKIP Man Takes On Three Pinkos 

    Purely by chance, whilst pondering what to turn my hand to next, I tuned into France 24 yesterday, and caught part of their ‘Debate.’

    Hasil gambar untuk errol flynn fencing

    Like the dashing pirate captains played by Errol Flynn in one of those good old 1930s black and white movies, UKIP’s Tim Akers MEP was on heroic form, en garde on the Calais Crimmigrant Crisis, a lone battler for truth against a trio of pinkos!


    Hasil gambar untuk tim akers ukip

    Tim Akers MEP


    But we’ll get to that towards the bottom of the age.

    Firstly, let’s focus on how France 24 has little grasp of fair play.

    Its hourly news programme last night provided a platform for a pro-crimmigrant extremist named Caroline Gregory, who turns out to be…


    Gregory, whose stellar career as a ‘writer’ includes propaganda in the unrepentant communist 

    Morning  Star  http://www.morningstaronline.co.uk/a-8f67-Worse-than-after-WWII 

    communism tyranny

    NB The paper’s editorial line remains anchored in the political programme of the Communist Party of Britain but it offers a broad left perspective on political, industrial and international issues. The Daily Worker was renamed the Morning Star in 1966


    …part of something called ‘Calais Action.’

    This shrill creature not only blamed Britain and France for the Jungle  (true, but only in the sense that the French allowed illegal aliens to start and steadily expand their squalorous settlement, and Britain didn’t urge them to evict the brutes)

    -Are these ‘youngsters’ now part of Amber’s Army?’

    Most men in theCalais camp ‘aren’t refugees’


    But what Gregory meant was a lack of sufficient appeasement of the lying trouble-makers’ demand to go country-shopping across the Channel!

    She proceeded to tell a bare-faced lie.

    Eagerly incited by the news anchor’s invitation to ‘share some stories that touched you.’




     Gregory responded by saying that initially she’d ‘expected some refugees and some economic migrants,’ but that she soon discovered “they ARE refugees.”

    No fact-checking nonsense for France 24!

    Her sympathetic host said not a word to refute this ignorant drivel!

    And of course nobody with an opposing view had been invited  along to contradict her hogwash.

    Soon after that they had some leftist journo with an Irish accent talking more nonsense, about the plight of the Jungle horde, the position that they find themselves in, as if they hadn’t chosen to make the long trek to reach Calais through various safe countries, where, if they were REAL ‘refugees,’ they’d have stopped their triumphalist march.

    The Pravda-esque news host egged him on too, specifically echoing Red Gregory’s dismissal of the obvious fact that there were loads of economic migrants in Calais.

    “…they are refugees, and they’ve got the scars to prove it…,‘  he sighed, as if that were a statement of fact, rather than a gross misrepresentation of the realities, viz. –

    A lot of the males have indeed got scars  – from knife-fights, you turncoat twit! Or from criminal forays into the night, attacking motorists on the highways.

    And the females? How many of them carry scars, wounds and bruises, from being raped by savage male ‘refugees!’–Calais Women ‘Take Turns Staying Awake In Case Someone Attacks!’   

    Silhouette weeping



    It’s disgraceful, he rambled on, dissing protests by decent folk who don’t want their society blighted by aliens transported from the rape-zone to small French towns and villages !

    The leftist creepoid was so blatantly pro-crimmigrant I decided to check him out.

    He’s English!

    Hasil gambar untuk www.france24.france 23 mark owen

    Owen the Pro-Crimmigrant

    Name’s Mark Owen, a maestro of hypocrisy, witness what he boldly declared, when France 24 got started ten years ago –

    We’ll deal with the story impartially, give it straight and hopefully we’ll deliver a good product that people want to watch.”http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/6212138.stm

    When that yarn fell by the wayside, we don’t know, or if he ever meant a word of it. He clearly found it impossible to keep his personal left-lib prejudice out of any news programme.

    Nothing new about this, either.

    Hasil gambar untuk bataclan attack

    When Newt Gingrich made the unremarkable observation, after the Paris terror attacks in November last year, that, if enough of the victims had been packing heat, the Islamist vermin who committed the atrocity might have found their evil mission harder to complete, Owen sloughed off any pretence of objective journalism.

    Hasil gambar untuk gingrich

    “It’s funny how (sigh) people will very distastefully use this kind of situation to express their own political hobbyhorse. Newt Gingrich, shame on you.” 

    France 24 Host To Newt Gingrich: ‘Shame On You’ 

    For that outrageous selective indignation, Owen was lauded by leftists around the world – our quote comes from the rabid  www.liberalamerica.org/


    However, at least on their ‘Debate’ programme, France 24 had one voice representing normal people’s opinions, none other than the guy at the top of our page, no, not Errol Flynn, but UKIP’s Tim Akers, who did a fine job  =

    • despite the fact that France34 had rigged the show, usual F24 bias, three leftists to one patriot.
    • Tim easily parried the feeble thrusts from a bint in an appropriately red dress, who maintained that immigration and housing were not linked problems – like, duh, where do migrants live, in trees?

    K29-1416321 - © - Don Johnston

    • ————
    • But he got into truly fine form when an obnoxious French dork described Tim as ‘the racist guy.’
    • Since race and colour hadn’t even been mentioned, the UKIP champion requested an apology for the slur, which wasn’t forthcoming.
    • But his counter-punch, addressing Le Dorq as an ‘arrogant elitist,’ was brilliant!
    • ————.
    • Even France 24 must realise that it makes for better TV if there’s a genuinely fair selection of views around the table.
    • Let’s hope they shape up in future!
    • You can maybe find and enjoy the cut n thrust in the link.



    • Penny 22:37 on October 25, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      My cousins live in Tim Akers area that he has a council seat in and they tell me he’s a great councillor and a true gentleman too. I’m not surprised he did well on the French tv debate.


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