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    Will Kiwis Endorse Key’s Disdain for Conservatism? 

    From time to time there are complaints that New Zealand rarely features on this blog.

    So, with a Jakarta overcast morning to fill, and a background of La Marseillaise booming out from You Tube, as it frequently has this week, here you go!


    In what possible way can some parts of the media describe NZ’s John Key as leader of a ‘conservative’ government?


    • 8514831 Key
    • —————-
    • Having dynamited marriage as a meaningful concept, bowing to the ‘gay’ agenda, he’s now bent on changing New Zealand’s flag, a process described inexplicably as ‘flag reform’ – subtle (?) bias, since ‘reform’ carries a positive note.

    ‘Change’ would be the impartial description.


    Hasil gambar untuk new zealand map


    Striking at the roots of a country, its values and its most important symbols, is the mark of an intensely radical mind-set, the very antithesis of conservatism. Classical conservatism is NOT synonymous with capitalism – laissez faire is an old-fashioned liberal idea, after all – any more than the corporate state reflects the conservative concept of the organic society. 

    Of course Kiwis have the right to do anything they want using democratic processes, but whatever Key’s agenda is, it’s not remotely ‘conservative.’ 

    He sees the current flag, which has the Union Jack in the corner, as an anachronism, arguing the country needs a standard “that screams New Zealand.”


    Screams? Flags are meant to embody a nation’s dignity.

    His own Deputy Prime Minister is entirely on board Key’s programme, yet appears unable to recognise the fundamentally illogical aspect of his recent exhortation to NZ’s electorate to select a flag they felt represented “New Zealand’s proud, pioneering past and its exciting, ambitious future.”

    Having the Union Jack on the flag precisely fulfils the first part of his call, and as for the second, ‘representing the future’ is about as odd a phrase as one might imagine.

    Not even conservative bloggers like me know what the future holds! So ‘representing’ it is surely a task better reserved for sci-fi geeks than referenda.

    Deciding such matters is important. The Deputy PM is therefore correct when he says “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

    Actually, according to polls, it’s apparently the case that New Zealanders are set to stick with what they’ve got.

    Hasil gambar untuk new zealand flag

    Are those any kind of improvement on this?

    • ———————————–

    They have to vote on an alternative first, then choose between the winner in that ‘beauty contest’ and the existing flag their armed services have served honourably for several generations.

    The main thing is ( unlike on marriage, where the ‘gay’ lobby successfully opposed allowing the people a vote) the people are getting to make the decision.

    “Very few governments around the world have ever asked their citizens for their views on the design of their national flags.”

    Fair point, and hurray for Kiwi democracy.

    Canadians were denied that right.

    Some of us will never forget the deep grief that gripped Canada’s majority fifty years ago, reflected in that memorable photograph of Dief the Chief turning his head away sadly during the ceremony in Ottawa, when what we called Pearson’s Pennant replaced the Red Ensign.


    • Hasil gambar untuk diefenbaker flag
    • —————-
    • Half a century has passed, and the new flag has been sanctified by sacrifices made by many brave men and women who have served Canada well under its colours.

    But there was never a case made for replacing its glorious predecessor.

    Most Canadians shared the view of my cousin ( by marriage -real marriage of course -there was no other kind in those days!) J W Monteith when he roared across the floor of the House of Commons ‘You must be nuts!’ after Lester Pearson exhorted the outraged Opposition to abandon their fight for the flag they loved.



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    Why Would UKIP WANT To Mince Along With ‘Anal Angels?’ 

    Outrage as Ukip joins gay pride march

    My immediate reaction when I saw that headline in a British newspaper was – About Bloody Time!  Farage and Co. have often enough let down the rank-and-file on this sort of thing.  

    I thought maybe the UKIP leadership were facing a revolt by people with values against what seems to be that leadership’s irresistible gaystapo cringe mentality.




    A revolt would be entirely in order, especially when I spotted this sentence –

    Ukip members will be marching alongside organisations such as the UK Lesbian & Gay Immigration Group, gay rights charity Stonewall and the Anal Angels. : http://www.theweek.co.uk/63868/outrage-among-lgbt-groups-as-ukip-joins-gay-pride-march#ixzz3cDVNpsJx

    Anal Angels? YUK!

    But then I focused back on the headline, which in fact read – 

    Outrage among LGBT groups as Ukip joins gay pride march




    It turns out that the angry protests over a bunch of UKIP homos aiming to ‘represent’ the party on a ‘gay’ day out were being heard not from the UKIP’s mass-membership but from querulous queers, who no more wanted UKIP there than UKIP should want to be there.

    In fact, in something of a ‘first’ for this blog, I was about to append a link to a  petition  which emanated from ‘gaystapo’ sympathisers, demanding there be no UKIP presence on the perv parade. The petition organisers actually listed (disapprovingly, needless to say) a number of UKIP activists who have talked sense on the issue of sodomite rights.

    And then today, I read that UKIP has in fact been banned from the mince-along march. On ‘safety’ grounds! And the UKIP leadership is complaining?  They should be rejoicing, though it’s all now down to damage limitation.


    • gay_inquisition_500_web_001
    • —————–
    • The organised ‘gay’ movement has done more to subvert traditional Britain than almost anyone else. The war on religious liberty goes on, and the war for free speech is more or less lost, and although Farage seemed at one point ready to roll back the ‘discrimination’ diktats, he was quick to eat his words when the enemy within snarled at him.
    • Even when it comes to protecting the public purse, there are some UKIP grandees who cavil at even a modicum of sense.

    Anti-UKIP Queers’ Dirty Demo – “Let Diseased Aliens Sponge on Brits!” 

    Regardless of whether Nigel Farage or whoever is at the helm of UKIP, he or she needs to clean up the party’s act. Pandering to PC elements more often than not, disowning decent candidates, now boo-hooing because a handful of UKIP homos can’t flaunt their maladjustment alongside ‘Anal Angels?’ 

    Is this what the millions who voted UKIP last month expect?

    Those voters included enormous numbers of people disgusted at the establishment parties’ betrayal of decency, exemplified by the legalisation of ‘gay’ so-called ‘marriage.’ Yet top brass in the ‘People‘s Army’ have U-turned on formerly principled positions..

    The Real Risk to UKIP – PC Pusillanimity 

    …or else shown quite shameful support for witch-hunts against good party loyalists who’ve upset the shrills of the queer lobby.

    Now, UKIP, Apologise and Invite Him Back! 

    This is a major problem which has to be addressed, and a first step in the right direction would be the expulsion of this queer clique that wants to mince through London cheek-to-cheek with the ‘Anal Angels.’

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    Bule2 Gila Want Wina – But Will She Be Burkified? 

    Tribunnews.com follows up that weird story of the single mum whose bid to sell her house was boosted by the inclusion of her hand in marriage as a bonus. Now Wina Lia is backing off, saying the two deals are not linked unless personalities are well-matched.


    beli rumah wina lia_19g1rbb2d1raisr1o53sq4n84a Wina Lia


    A wise caveat, surely, considering the unusual marketing scheme has attracted interest from the USA, Australia and also, inevitably, Saudi Arabia!

    Wow! All those bule gila (crazy whiteys) must have seen  the nice photo above!  And Aussies and Yanks, albeit only calling her estate agent from foreign parts, may be worthwhile prospects.

    But if Wina were to wed some denizen of the backward desert land, she’d not only get the scarfing she inexplicably craves but also might find herself sharing the house with a few other bag-headed wives too.



    And if she went to her potential husband’s homeland, she’d have to forget all this permissive modern nonsense of being allowed to drive a car, let alone act like a grown-up capable of deciding things for herself! 

    “Whoever were to buy the house wouldn’t necessarily become my husband!”


    Smart gal, Wina!

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