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  • ross1948 5:37 pm on October 7, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Mama Stasi – Am I Unfair To Merkel? 

    After the way she threw open the gates to the crimmigrant tsunami, few would disagree that Germany’s Chancellor is a rank traitor, not only to her own country but to every nation in Europe.




    However, some readers have said that, although it’s clear the woman is following a cultural marxist agenda, it’s not fair of me to picture Mama Stasi Merkel in that Hitlerian uniform.


    • Hasil gambar untuk merkel hijab
    • ……

    So I decided to dig out the basis for the other picture, below, and found an article in the New Yorker, another source not remotely conservative, from which I offer this extract.

    Merkel studied physics at Leipzig University and earned a doctorate in quantum chemistry in Berlin. She was allowed to pursue graduate studies, in no small part because she never ran afoul of the ruling party.

    The Astonishing Rise of Angela Merkel – The New Yorker

    Geschichte / Deutschland / 20. Jh. / West-Berlin 1949-1990 / Ereignisse / 1953 / 17.Juni / Panzer, Polizei

    Young East Germans with principles, fighting Communism in 1953


    Ulrich Schoeneich, who became Templin’s mayor after reunification, expressed bitterness to me that Merkel hasn’t been challenged much on her accommodation with the East German system.

    • communism tyranny

    …Ulrich Schoeneich refused to join the Free German Youth, the blue-shirted “fighting reserve” of the ruling party which the vast majority of East German teen-agers joined, including Angela Kasner, who participated well into adulthood.

    That’s the Red equivalent of the Hitler Youth, BTW.


    •  Ulrich Schoeneich


    “Not just as a dead person in the files but as the officer responsible for agitation and propaganda…I’m convinced that she could get her doctorate only because she was active in the Free German Youth, even in her postgraduate days.”


    • Hasil gambar untuk FDJ DDR Merkel the Collaborationist

    In Norway, Quisling was hanged


    “Most people say it was forced, but I demonstrated you didn’t have to join it.” 


    • communism_by_rapierwitt2
    • =============

    Schoeneich wasn’t permitted to finish high school, and he spent much of his early life in the shadow cast by his family’s principled opposition. Angela Kasner had other ideas for her future, and became, at most, a passive opponent of the regime….

    There are of course other views one can take of collaboration –

    Rainer Eppelmann, a courageous dissident clergyman…refuses to criticize her…. “In order to be true to your hopes, your ambitions, your beliefs, your dreams, you had to be a hero twenty-four hours a day. And nobody can do this.”  http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2014/12/01/quiet-german

    Foto Clint Starbuck.
    Reverend Rainer is being very fair. 
    Not every citizen in a slave state has the grit to resist, and it’s not for us to say what we’d do, if we haven’t been there.
    And it’s true that not everyone who collaborated with the DDR quisling communists truly believed in communism. It’s hard to figure out how anyone with a brain could believe in marxist ideology, given the evil it has always produced.

    It’s also true that some who participated in communist movements have seen the light and done good work, exposing that evil, heroes like Whitaker Chambers and Elizabeth Bentley, for example.

    Whitaker Chambers – A Hero Insufficiently Honoured 

    Before we move on, it’s also fair to say that some who served the communist cause claim to have quit but have dismally failed in their duty to denounce marxism.
    Mandelson, for one, Barroso for another, and, most alarming example at present, Mogherini! 
    Focus on Merkel, shall we?
    One does have to think back to 1945, after the very similar NSDAP totalitarian ideology was overthrown and a relentless de-nazification campaign was undertaken, aimed at purging those who held office under Hitler.
    Rank-and-filers were often, but not always over-looked, even then.
    Morally, the same should have happened 25 years ago when East Germany was freed from the marxist despotism. Those who resisted totalitarian evil should have been exalted, those who collaborated, cast into political outer darkness.
    Let’s face it, Merkel was no rank-and-filer.
    On the contrary, as Herr Schoenicher tells us, she was an officer responsible for agitation and propaganda in the Red equivalent of the Hitler Youth.
    And like Hitler, like the DDR, she has come very much out into the open about her dream, to change Germany foreverSo, Zahraa, All You Want’s A Safe Haven? Why Keep Passing Them By? 
    • Maria 6:20 am on October 8, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      This is what more people out of Germany must know and then they will understand better why she has been doing so much to destroy our country.
      In the eastern parts we are resisting harder because we know what it was like and she was a part of it. The DDR even made my city change to a new and terrible name, Karl Marx City but now it is changed again to the real name.
      Impossible to forgive for all that the DDR and FDJ made then then and for what Merkel is doing now, shaming our country with her bullying of Czechos and Slovaks and Poles, just as Hitler did too.
      Reunification Germany to what good if the country is no longer German.

    • Brendan Gray 12:16 pm on October 21, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Maria, you state your case well. It is shameful to watch this woman who created the flood with her open-ended invitation to all and sundry now acting as enforcer against smaller nations that never wanted the illegals but are now being forced to take their ‘quotas.’
      Worse, they get insulted if they say they want acceptable migrants instead of the jihad trouble-makers who turn violent if anywhere near migrants of other religions.
      You are right, Ross, kick them out.

  • ross1948 8:27 pm on August 12, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Labour Leadership – Love That Lenin Hat! 

    Labour veterans and young activists in the mix at ‘Team Corbyn
    Financial Times19 jam yang lalu



    Frankly, although I detest much of what Jeremy Corbyn says, it’s a case of the devil you know.

    The man makes no bones about his marxism, never has. Better that, surely, than men like Cameron, who has elevated cultural marxist  hatred of traditional values into the law of the land. 

    Corbyn’s lovely Lenin hat is a dead give-away, but who needs a give-away when you’re so upfront?

    Better a man who thirty years ago was frolicking with traitors than a man who witters about abhorrence of terrorism, yet welcomes a blood beast like Adams.

    Corbyn Invited the Blood Beast to London? So Did Tony B.Liar! 


    labour  Corbyn rules okay?


    I love that Lenin hat!

    It reminded me of how, after travelling across the Atlantic on a Russian passenger ship, the Aleksandr Lermontov, many years ago, I picked up some souvenir badges on board.

    Then, on dry land again, when I entered my tutor’s room on the first day of my post-grad course (in Soviet Studies – know your enemy, right?) I was sporting a Lenin badge on the lapel of my leather jacket.



    The academic staff back then were a most uneasy mix of East European exiles, who actually knew what they were talking about, and young, trendy-lefties, who didn’t.

    The latter were grand on the theory of dialectical materialism (aaah, yes, I remember the jargon well!) but just couldn’t bring themselves to synthesise the contradictions ( yes, that jargon sure lingers!) between the bright promise of the cr#p ideology and the nightmare it produced everywhere it was imposed.


    I got one of the latter as my tutor, and he knew my reputation as a campus counter-revolutionary. “Good morning.” He peered incredulously at my badge, then asked, “So you’re now a Leninist?”

    • I reciprocated his morning greeting, in the rudimentary Russian I’d picked up on the boat, and explained, with a grin, that whatever Vladimir Ilyich may have done, he knew how to get it done, and I could see merit in emulating his tactics!
    • This visibly shook him.
    • But I did get the diploma at the end of the year!




    • Shirl 11:15 am on August 13, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      He looks very like Lenin, doesn’t he?
      But he might take us out of the EU(SSR)
      Maybe he’s not all bad.

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