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  • ross1948 16:24 on January 14, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Aliens Ice-Cold In Serbia? Ship ‘Em To Ecuador! 

    So now we’re expected to feel sorry for a thousand Afghan and Pakistani men feeling the cold in Serbia…
    ….a country to which they were never invited and in which, according to the BBC News I just heard, they’re only squatting whilst planning how to gate-crash the sovereign borders of Hungary, or Croatia, or other unwilling host nations.
    out with them

    Sod those phoney ‘refugees!’ Refugee crisis: Afghanistan ruled safe enough

    Let them go home if they don’t like the weather.
    Or do they expect civilised countries not only to kow-tow culturally to aliens…
    devil destroyed
    ….but even alter their climates to suit crimmigrants?
    But wait!

    We have news of a country that has won words of praise from the pro-parasite UNHCR.

    First though, I need to explain how I got this information, lest I be accused of spreading CNN-style ‘fake-news.’
    Have a look at a familiar evil face, an SOB currently toasting in Hell, but honoured with this inspiring pic by a red rag-site called Telesur…
    …which, if you hadn’t heard, is a multi-state funded, pan-Latin-American terrestrial and satellite television network sponsored by the governments of Venezuela, Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Uruguay, and Bolivia.
    Telesur is a swamp of propaganda.
    It publishes tantrum-esque tirades from creeps who hate European people prepared to resist invasion…
    Gambar terkait
    I was trying to find an illustration of ‘red hate!’
    ….like last year’s demented diatribe demanding an end to Europe’s Racist and Murderous Migration Regime…
    No surprise, given the ghastly bigot reds who fund Telesur!

    Venezuela is run by a nasty far-left regime whose contempt for democracy we have covered recently.

    Venezuela Today, UK By Autumn? Europhiliac Treason! 

    • fidel2
    • ————–
    Cuba, of course, is Latin America’s last amd most long-lasting dictatorship –  Mendacious Michael Moore and the Heroic ‘Wimps’ He Slandered  –  and, while I don’t know much about Uruguay, I do know that the others are also far-left.
    A new Ecuadorean law provides a progressive and humanitarian example that Europe — and the world — could learn from.

    No, that’s not what the UNHCR said, – it’s an example of Telesur bias. But no worries, it does reflect assertions of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, who has singled out Ecuador’s newly-passed Human Mobility Law as a model for protecting the rights of migrants and refugees.

    It was passed unanimously in the National Assembly last week…

    So if nobody in Ecuador minds legislating insanity, I don’t feel bad about saying that everyone in the wretched socialist republic should suffer the consequences.

    “UNHCR, in particular, applauds the provision in the law which confers refugees a migratory status as residents, favoring their full integration and thus allowing them to contribute to Ecuador’s development.”


    Let’s tell UNHCR to round up all the ingrates in Serbia, and all across Europe, and let The Donald corral all Obama’s illegals, and start shipping them south.


    I gather it’s nice and warm down there.


    They ought to like it better than Serbia.








    • Diana 23:28 on January 14, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I am so glad you are out there saying what so many of us think about this.
      Isn’t it boring what we get every hour from the media, all the time, trying to make out that these ‘migrants’ have anyone but their own ungrateful selves to blame for being in an environment that doesn’t suit them.
      If Ecuador is stupid enough to open its doors to these then that’s where they should go. .


  • ross1948 09:57 on May 13, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Brussels’ Lackeys WILL Abuse Public Funds in the UK Referendum! 

    A very late start today, as it’s on the cards I’ll have a fairly late night tonight. Holiday here tomorrow, so fun is required.

    First, though, a glance at EUObserver, a piece about the ham-fisted way the PR people employed by the EUSSR don’t always seem to shine at their work.

    But it was the last sentence that made me smile quietly – no raucous laughter too early in the day!

    Faced with growing disillusionment with the European project across the continent and slick, well-funded propaganda from its opponents – whether the Russian government or Eurosceptic groups – it is time for the EU to up its game. https://euobserver.com/opinion/128619




    Slickness is in the eye of the beholder, but ‘well-funded?‘ It is a matter of public record that pro-independence parties and campaign groups have to raise their funds from memberships, donations and some sympathetic businesses.

    Our common enemies, however, the supranationalists, have no such limitations- they simply plunder the public purse, using taxes paid by Eurosceptic citizens to blast propaganda at them, and – much more sinisterly – at their children.

    A recent report gives chapter and verse of what is very clearly EUSSR propaganda – http://www.breitbart.com/london/2015/04/03/true-story-we-do-pay-for-children-to-be-given-pro-eu-propaganda/ -described as ‘free’ but of course paid for from every tax-payer’s pocket.

    And the Commissar’s flunkeys have no inhibitions about telling anyone who asks exactly what it’s for.





    Get this.

    The European Commission in the UK has defended these sorts of publications, saying they are needed to balance out the “robust positions” expressed daily in Britain in national newspapers. 

    Balance out? All three – or four, if you count the SNP – establishment party leaderships are pro-EUSSR, as are  much of the media, e.g. the Guardian, Independent – even some of those who criticise the EurocRat enemy’s excesses are not firmly on the side of sovereignty.

    And I reported the BBC’s “balance” last night!

    British media are quite ‘balanced’ enough, thanks. 

    It’s no part of a civil servant’s job to interfere in the political process. They are mere hirelings, servants, to do the people’s bidding, not muddy the waters with poisonous waffle aimed at innocent kids. 

    “If – and only if – schools contact us for information material, we supply it” a spokesman said.“It is for schools to make sure pupils are aware of the wide range of views on the EU expressed daily in Britain.”





    The EuroCrats don’t hesitate to funnel millions into class-rooms, where too many subversive Europhiliac teachers are slavishly serving the enemy agenda.

    So no hogwash, please, about how ‘well-funded’ are the freedom fighter movements. They are facing a juggernaut of lies financed by those who wish to subjugate all the historic nations of Europe, operating on a cultural marxist moral level, no better, worse, really, than the morality of a common cut-purse in a crowded market square.

  • ross1948 23:11 on February 1, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Twice in 24 Hours? How Many Brit Kids Brain-Washed Daily? 

    Only yesterday we urged that steps be taken with regard to how so-called ‘teachers’ in UK schools were abusing their positions to poison young minds.

    Red Teacher Smears UKIP? More Than One Lesson Here!

     Now today we read what?



                 ‘We were shown a slide of a multicultural society and told how

             great it was that pupils were from such diverse backgrounds’


    So says a pupil at Chellaston Academy, in Derby. 

    Since when have ‘teachers’ had the right to subject this child or any other to multi-cult propaganda? 



    But that’s just the background. The enormity of the anti-UKIP smear organised in that rats’ nest of a school is hard to believe. 


    Dr. Goebbels, Hitler’s Propaganda Minister, would make a grand Chellaston Headmaster.


    …the incident came to light after a pupil went home and told his parents that a slideshow – which featured Nazi death squads, Jewish ghettos and the rounding-up of millions of Slavs and Romany gypsies – had also featured a picture of Mr Farage.  




    The slide with his image is reported to have said: “There’s no way modern Britain could repeat Melita’s mistakes… right?” and displayed an image of Nigel Farage…

    Melita was apparently some 1930s nazi apparatchik, but no matter who she was, it would be hard for even the most brazen prevaricator to deny the marxist malice motivating the slide-show organisers – wouldn’t it?

    Derby school under fire from UKIP for using their photos in Holocaust slideshow

    Not if you’re Red Ray Ruszczynski, Head ‘Teacher, it wouldn’t!

    This arrogant commissar has the brass neck to deny the leftist lesson-plan was deliberate defamation of a patriotic party.  

    “It is absolute nonsense to suggest we implied Nigel Farage was some kind of grim reaper who would bring the next Holocaust.

    Get real, Red Ray. You’ve been caught red-handed! But no, the creep won’t own up. Almost, though. He admits it was an attempt to influence how the youngsters would vote.


    It was more about how our students should be careful in the run-up to the elections to think about what politicians say.” 

    This cocky comrade is due to retire soon. In view of his irresponsible – and unrepentant –  behaviour, that should be without any state-funded pension. 





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