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  • ross1948 13:53 on December 31, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Keeping Unhealthy Things Out of Hospitals! 

    And it doesn’t get much unhealthier than a ‘Pride’ display!

    Gosh, some of us can remember when displaying pride was a respectable thing to do, pride in one’s lineage, one’s offspring and of course…

    ….one’s country.

    Now ‘Pride’ – as a word- has become as tainted by deliberate bastardisation as that other poor debauched word, ‘gay!’

    But here’s a happy story!

    Just posted on the MassResistance website:
    New Jersey MassResistance causes major hospital to shut down its “Pride” display.
    Rather than face big protest from the community, the hospital caved in! More


    The Monmouth Medical Center Southern Campus is the major medical complex in the Lakewood, NJ area.
  • ross1948 18:09 on November 5, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Is All Massachusetts Maladjusted? 

    We’ll find out on election day, when the state’s voters have a chance to erase a blot on their good name, namely a law that lets freaks use any toilet they feel like.




    Trannie male maladjusts can simply claim to be female, then stride in the ladies’ restroom in any premises statewide.

    In a more civilised age, such obnoxious creatures would have got the bum’s rush…


    … and a boot in the bum for good measure!

    But now even the ‘Republican’ governor, that pinko klutz Charles Baker, whom we have looked at already this election year…

    Can People-Power Bring Boston Back To Decency? 

    …has lined up with ‘NGO’ creeps, ‘business leaders,’ and of course the Media -Democrat Party, to browbeat voters into retaining this measure, which obviously puts women at risk from predators.

    Massachusetts was founded by good, brave people.


    It will be interesting to gauge how sick the heirs of the Pilgrim Fathers turn out to be.

    Only very sick people could possibly endorse the freak-show statute that endangers innocents.

    PS – my headline was deliberately hyperbolic. Of course not all those who dwell in the state are rotten.

    Some are splendid, as for example the heroes and heroines of Mass Resistance, and here’s a good example of their heroic fightback against decadence.



    ..transgender bathroom pink

    Are sickos now a majority in Massachusetts?

    • Janusz 20:15 on November 5, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Ciekawy masz ten blog. Lubię tu wracać bo wszystkie wpisy czytam z uwagą. Twoje notki czyta się z przyjemnością co sprawia że człowiek się nie męczy siedząc tutaj. Oby tak dalej.

      You have an interesting blog. I like to come back here because I read all entries with attention. Your notes are read with pleasure which makes you not tired when sitting here. Keep it up


      • ross1948 10:30 on November 6, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks, Janusz.
        I had to take translation time before publishing your comments first, as my Polish is not as good as my French, or my Italian!
        And I am not notably fluent in either of those languages.


    • Kyle Cotten 10:23 on November 7, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Not all of Massachusetts is maladjusted but a majority seems to be.
      More than half the voters there have just rejected the chance to keep shemales out ladies’ restrooms.
      What a sorry state to be in.
      But then they elected Teddy Chappaquiddick Kennedy for years, so the safety of women has never been anything people in Massachusetts cared about.


  • ross1948 23:24 on May 23, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Can People-Power Bring Boston Back To Decency? 


    After our brief look at the late and unlamented Girl-Drowner some weeks ago…  …it’s encouraging to read that some citizens of the state he so foully misrepresented over too many years are organising a fightback against the ‘LGBT’ gaystapo…

    =Gambar terkait

    Pro-homo Governor Baker


    …which, in Massachusetts, currently has not only the Media-Democrat Party but also the Republican Governor, a klutz named Baker, in its pink pocket.

    Baker, remember, is the creepy character whom Scott Lively is taking on…Nemesis? Pro-Homo RINO In Lively Massachusetts Fight! …in a David V Goliath contest later this year.

    There’s to be a referendum in November and the issue is simple – whether to keep or repeal the 2016 law which, as one campaigner explained, allows biological men to use the women’s restrooms…


    .transgender bathroom pink


    …and the law actually even allows sex offenders at all levels to use women’s restrooms, and they don’t have to have undergone gender transition surgery…”

    You’d think it would be a slam-dunk, because, after all…

    …who wants their wives or daughters to risk encountering a hirsute pervert in a public toilet?

    But the rotten RINO Republicans and their Dem collaborators have much of the media backing the degenerate cause, like the notorious Boston Globe.

    However, what matters is the ballot box.

    Let’s hope there’s still a decent majority in the state, who want to…

    Keep MA Safe (petition drive)


  • ross1948 09:19 on May 13, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Nemesis? Pinko RINO Faces Lively Massachusetts Foe! 

    Scott Lively


    That’s the man who upset the USA’s gaystapo apple-cart  last month, at the Massachusetts State Republican Convention on April 28.

    In a state infamous not only for liberalism but also for its  dirty politicians…


    Good! Girl-Drowner Teddy’s Cover-Up Ain’t Forgotten! 

    …this combative pastor got nearly 30% of the delegates, forcing the ultra-liberal RINO ‘Republican’ Governor into a full-scale primary battle in September.

    As Mass Resistance reports, Lively’s success was in spite of a massive effort by the GOP establishment to keep him from getting on the ballot.

    While Charlie Baker would seem unremarkable as a Democrat, his ‘Republican’ label ill-suits somebody with these ‘achievements’ to his discredit –

    • He released a campaign video supporting “gay marriage”.

    • He filled much of his administration with liberal Democrats.

    • He signed the transgender “bathroom bill” into law..

    • His state budget included $1.4 billion to fight “climate change.”

    • AND…

    • He refused to meet with Vice President Pence when he was recently in town.

    • That’s just churlish.

    • =
    • Gambar terkait
    • ‘Rude? Who, me?’ Bugger-wedding champion Baker

      Gov. Baker to dodge visit tomorrow by VP Mike Pence | Boston Herald

    • No surprise then, that we read how the Republican in-crowd is known for using sleazy tactics to keep conservatives off.

    • Four years ago Mark Fisher barely squeaked by after the establishment tried to cheat him out of votes, but MassResistance videoed the count proving he actually made it. (Our video ended up costing the GOP $240,000 to settle Fisher’s subsequent lawsuit over it….

    • Fast forward to Scott Lively’s campaign, and the Baker campaign embarked on a large, expensive campaign to persuade delegates to vote for him – or at least reject Lively by simply “blanking out” the ballot….We have rarely seen anything like it.

    • Despite his doing so well, the usual media suspects have dug in their bigot-left heels, with the Boston Globe’s State House reporter insisting on describing Lively as a “fringe candidate.”

    • There were other good wins too, but you can read all about this fine fightback at MR’s website, which includes a confident assertion that people are tired of mealy-mouthed pro-family groups – and are looking for real culture-war fighters!   http://www.massresistance.org/docs/gen3/18b/Lively-GOP-Convention/index.html


  • ross1948 00:54 on March 19, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Today’s Boston Gaystapo Triumph- Due To Cowering Cops? 

    I have often lamented the way IslamoNazi hoodlums do not get hammered by Indonesian Police when they run  amok.

    So fairness demands that I cover this news from Massachusetts.

    …Boston Police have a history of allowing violent left-wing and LGBT activists to terrorize the public while standing nearby and just watching. In none of these cases did the mainstream media make a peep…


    That excerpt from a report by Mass Resistance tail-ends a shameful story of a veterans’ group in Boston coerced into allowing militant queers to participate in their St. Patrick’s Day Parade today, Sunday.

     The link will take you to the whole sick story –  http://www.massresistance.org/docs/gen3/17a/St-Patricks-Day-Parade/index.html – but I suppose it’s no surprise that those blamed are not just pusillanimous police but the Massachusetts Governor and Boston’s Mayor Marty Walsh.

    That state has been a moral midden for decades, going at least as far back as the era of Chappaquiddick’s infamous girl-drowner Teddy ‘Bare’ Kennedy…


    …but it’s a lot worse nowadays.

    Briefly, the Allied War Veterans Council had stood up for decency, refusing to let the mincers march, despite intense pressure from the decadent political class and  the left-liberal media.

    And please note, big business, including Budweiser, whose political activism we covered not that long ago…



    Another Item For Your Boycott List – Dud Bud! 


    … joined in the pro-‘gay’ bullying too!

    But the good guys held firm, until the Boston Police Commissioner told the organisers that busses of activists would be coming to converge on the parade – similar to other recent organized riots around the country – and this needed to be taken seriously.

    There seemed to be the implication that the police would not be able to contain it.

    Hasil gambar untuk St-Patricks Day

    As one of the organisers concluded “If anybody got hurt because of this, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.”

    Police in any city, in any country, have a clear duty to protect lawful events from marauding malignants.



    In the absence of any guarantee the Boston cops would do their duty, the decent people, coerced and harassed, hectored and intimidated,decided to give in. 

    Read the whole story. 

    Green may be the ‘in’ color this Sunday, but it is most certainly        A BLACK DAY FOR BOSTON!


    • Paro Juston 01:51 on March 19, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      It’s a Kennedy legacy, this.
      No morality in public life, and it is not just Democrats in Massachusetts.
      Standards? Who gives a sh-t in Massachusetts?
      Senator Elizabeth Warren caught out lying about her phoney Indian ancestor and her star just keeps rising.
      Take a little look at Google. Search under ‘Massachusetts corruption’
      You can find plenty of no-goods in Boston and all over the state.
      It’s a lousy place and it wont ever change. …


    • Hughie Lester 16:29 on March 19, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      This has put me right off Paddy’s Day.
      Most Americans like to take their kids along to these parades. It sounds like it wont be safe to do that if there is perverts on the march.
      We have to take back our country from these people. Boycotts of businesses like Bud are a good idea but we have to let everyone know whats going on. I suppose you have read about that Omaha School Board?
      Sending you information about how the parents there are resisting the ‘gaystapo.’.


    • Lilah Petroni 17:27 on March 19, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you for publishing on this.
      The big media are all pro-pervert and are covering up how this was done.


  • ross1948 22:42 on November 13, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Gay’ Mob Justice In Massachusetts? 



    This concerns a court case in America, but should concern all decent people.

    It should, moreover, be a wake-up call to those unaware of the menace to freedom that the gaystapo represents.

    Over a hundred LGBT activists converged on the US Federal Courthouse in Springfield, Mass., on Wednesday, Nov. 9.

    Inside, lawyers representing Pastor Scott Lively, an internationally known pro-family author, advocate, and lecturer, were presenting arguments to dismiss a bizarre and hideous lawsuit brought against him by the international LGBT movement.


    Activists demonstrated outside, completely filled the courtroom, and spilled out into an overflow room.


    Lively is being sued for alleged “international crimes against humanity” by the George Soros-funded Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR, based in Manhattan…

    That last fact alone should make people realise the subversive nature of what’s going on.

    Read the whole story here and understand that anyone who stands up for decency is equally at risk.



  • ross1948 18:44 on November 6, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    If You’re Voting In Massacusetts… 

    Here’s an excellent candidate for the Massachusetts State Senate.

    Mass. State Senate candidate Ted Busiek. This is what the future of the GOP should be!

    Read all about him here.  http://www.massresistance.org/docs/gen3/16d/Ted-Busiek-state-senate/index.html

  • ross1948 17:50 on August 24, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    In Sleazy Massachusetts, What Does One Expect? 


     The proband – is that the correct word?
    An 18-year-old accused of sexually assaulting two high school classmates is facing two years of probation despite the district attorney’s office’s recommendation of two years in jail….
    Scott Berkowitz, President of RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), was disappointed in the judge’s decision.
    Silhouette weeping
    • “It’s really discouraging when everyone in the process does their job and … then you see a sentence like this,” Berkowitz told ABC News today.
    • He said the judge’s decision in this case is likely “discouraging for the victims” and also likely “deters other people from reporting their crimes” and “putting themselves through this entire criminal justice process,” because they will wonder, “is it worth it?….”


    “I don’t think it would ever occur to a judge or lawyer that after someone [was] convicted of a murder, that they [would] just get probation because they deserve a second chance,” Berkowitz said.

    “There would be a universal understanding that there are consequences for committing a crime that bad.”

    Oh Yeah?

    We should sympathise with Mr. Berkowitz’s indignation, but deplore his failure to recognise that, in Massachusetts, there’s a history of an absence of “consequences for committing a crime that bad.” 

  • ross1948 18:39 on August 10, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Mad-House Massachusetts, Where Men Are Men..Or Maybe Women! 


    New transgender “bathroom” law, signed by GOP Governor, already changing life in Massachusetts

    Male prison guard can use female locker rooms despite objections from women

    Employees who disagree forced to take diversity training

    “I’m transgendering and they’re coming along for the ride”


    Massachusetts is a mad-house, perhaps predictably, given the sort of foul creatures it has elected to high office in the not so distant past.



    But this latest freak-show nonsense, with the decent staff ordered to re-education centres..




    … just as decent Vietnamese were, after their country fell to red despotism, is frightful.

    And if you read the whole linked story, it’s plain that the tranny involved is no common weirdo but a high-level activist.

    Stand by for similar assaults on civilised values all over the USA.

    • Leo Cozijn 18:54 on August 10, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      *These so-called transgender freak-shows one only finds in the US and in backward minds.*


    • Hugh Peterson 21:50 on August 10, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Nobody has given any serious reason why people with male genitalia should be allowed to prowl in and out of ladies’ lavatories.
      I feel sorry for parents of daughters in Boston or anywhere in that sad state. It must be terrifying to take them to a museum or even just shopping.
      Twilight of America?
      Darker than that, I would suggest..


  • ross1948 20:26 on March 1, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Asylum’-Seeker Bomb Suspect Loses Latest U.S Court Dodge 



    The ‘asylum’-seeker accused of the Boston Bomb mass-murder atrocity has lost his latest legal manoeuvre to change the venue of his trial.

    That’s neither good news nor bad news, I suppose, but a timely moment to remind people that he’s being tried under US federal, not Massachusetts law.  http://edition.cnn.com/2015/02/28/us/tsarnaev-trial-venue/

    What’s the diff? Simple.


    rolling-stone-magazine-Jahar-Tsarnaev-boston-bomber-cover Tsarnaev


    Massachusetts is one of those states where decadents managed to abolish proper punishment for criminal monsters – there’s no death penalty.

    Of course we can’t predict whether Dzhokhar Tsarnaev will be convicted or acquitted of the terrorist bombing. But if he is, then there should be no delays in putting him down.

    Anyone proven guilty of such a heinous crime deserves death, of course. But all the more so if it turns out the perp is somebody who came to America for sanctuary and so shamelessly showed the vilest ingratitude for the ‘asylum’ he sought and was granted.

    And of course, all this should be a constant reminder to everyone who cares about America (which of course excludes the current occupant of the White House) that affording ‘asylum’ to people who simply want to leech off US tax-payers is insane. In and of itself, yes, but also…


    • Because, embedded in the massive moocher migration, there will undoubtedly be plenty of evil undesirables, driven, not like most of them, by the urge to get snouts in the trough...


    …but to put honest American citizens in the ground.

    With Obama planning to import thousands of Syrians, it goes without saying that jihadists galore will soon be on the way to the USA.

    Obama To Welcome Syrian Terrorists to USA? 

     Australia’s Tony Abbott seems to have woken up to the enormity of the problem of phoney ‘asylumers.’

    ‘Asylum’ Interview? “Just Make It Up!” 

    Let’s hope Americans – and Canucks and Brits – do so too.


    • Ian Innes 09:50 on March 2, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Fair warning has been issued. But it looks as if Obama just goes ahead regardless, congress, courts, people, nobody gets in the way of his plans to ruin the USA


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