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  • ross1948 8:28 pm on March 19, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Fresh Off The Boat, Upstart Aliens Sue Italy! 

    Last week we reported on how many so-called ‘conservative’ lawyers in the USA bottled out when requested to provide representation for little Marquitta, persecuted by police on behalf of the pro-pervert authorities.

    Victory For Justice In Georgia – Despite ‘Pro-Bono’ Yellow-Bellies! 

    Although one honourable attorney did step up, many of you probably felt as I did, another flash-back to that anecdote told by the late Robin Williams, how –

    • He was talking about the reasons why research laboratories were allegedly contemplating using lawyers instead of rats.


    •  The lab assistants were becoming very attached to their little rats. This emotional involvement was interfering with the research being conducted.
    • No such attachment could form for a lawyer…AND   …. There are some things even a rat won’t do!

    But is it not vexing how alien intruders, allegedly without means, can almost always find fancy-pants lawyers ready and willing to leap to their defence, not just when they’re being corralled for illegal incursions…




    …but even when the arrogant upstarts are trying to extort money from patriot politicians! My observation is perhaps not novel but arises again when I read that ‘a law firm in Rome’ has filed a grasping suit from dozens of people held aboard an Italian coastguard ship for more than a week…

    The greedy slugs are claiming tens of thousands of euros in damages from Interior Minister Matteo Salvini and Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. 

    Some 41 aliens regrettably allowed ashore last year are apparently trying to squeeze  between €42,000 and €71,000 out of the Italian ministers.

    And one of them is a ‘minor,’ whatever that might mean – could be a babe in arms or a muscular young lout like the sort Amber Rudd imported into Britain from Calais…


    What a Calais Cur ‘child’ looks like, according to T May!

    Arrest Amber Rudd? Calais Crimmigrant “Age Checks Not Carried Out! “ 

    … even refusing basic easy-to-apply age-checks on the so-called ‘minors!’


    Good grief!


    I bet all of them are already soaking up largesse, snouts deep in the troughs that they came in search of!


    Adults or children, the question needs to be asked, where’s the money coming from?

    Are those Rome lawyers so rich, and so pro-crimmigrant, that they are digging into their own pockets to pay for this law-fare?

    Is some money-bags ‘NGO’ stumping up the big bucks?

    One certainly has to hope that no public funds are being made available for this outrageous attempt at cash-grab!


    • Jacko 5:09 pm on March 20, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Never trust a lawyer.

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    Italian Far-Leftess Slurs Millions Of Patriots, Then Whines To A Lawyer! 

    “Better to be a do-gooder and a whore than a fascist and Salvinist!”


    That was the banner flaunted by a far-left pro-crimmigrant in a Milan demo this month.

    All too typical of the hate spewed by such intolerants.

    hate media

    It was a nasty, vicious insult to all the five plus million Italians who voted for Matteo Salvini’s Lega party, and to the many millions more who, according to polling, have since added their intended electoral support.

    The bearer of that banner, a pinko shrew named Giulia Viola Pacilli, to be fair, is probably no more consumed by partisan hatred than many others of her ilk…


    Image result for Giulia Viola Pacilli,

    …but you can see from the photo that she takes great delight in likening fellow-citizens who hold views different from her own to whores, or rather worse than whores.

    We who support patriot parties can give as good as we get, but Signor Salvini, who noticed the photo, is a nice guy, and often takes the view that a mild touch of irony is just as good a riposte as bite-back.




    Unlike me, he hasn’t been censored by Zuckwit’s geekstapo, so he used his Facebook page to display Pukey Pacilli’s picture with the words “What a nice woman” followed by a laughing emoji.

    Other Italians who naturally dislike being compared by a callow ranter to ‘whores and fascists’ were not so forgiving, so she has been getting some rough words online, words that I for my part would not use.

    But poor little “Giulia’s been very hurt” by all the attention.


    Her lawyer – of course, there’s always a lawyer – is demanding police prosecution of around 300 rude message- senders.

    Admitting that Salvini’s comment was ‘harmless and not defamatory,’ the same lawyer immediatelyt spouts hogwash about how the Minister

    unleashed hate speech...’


    WHO ‘unleashed hate speech?’

    Had Pukey Pacilli not chosen to frame her opinions quite so obnoxiously, using such gutter hate speech, she might not have gained fame, or rather infamy.


    Image result for obnoxious

    But she went out of her way to smear, to affront decent patriots, and she has not, so far as the report indicates, offered apologies for even ONE word of her pig-ignorant sloganising.

    A ‘student?’ Of what, one wonders. ‘Abuse 101?

    • Trent Tarlen 2:08 pm on March 12, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      A ‘student?’
      It’s like she’s been taking classes with those leftist professors you keep writing about so Italy must have as many of them as we have.
      She likes to run off at the mouth and say horrible things about people who don’t think like she does but she runs off to a lawyer if her mouthy darts ricochet.
      My advice to her is if you cannot stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

    • Tony F 2:43 pm on March 12, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      She has provoked millions by insulting them so she has a nerve now to squeal like a stuck pig.
      Her hate has rebounded on her.
      If there are threats of violence then the police must start looking into it, but hard to feel sorry for an adult who behaves like a rude little child then starts crying when she reaps a little of what she sowed.
      Please amend my grammar and vocabulary because English is not my native language.

    • Vinnie Fiorr 4:13 pm on March 12, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Poor little thing, compares patriots to whores then is upset when people take offence.
      What did she expect? Is she retarded?

    • Ned A 5:20 pm on March 12, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      What a dismal cow!

    • Vanessa Reilly 6:17 pm on March 12, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Her parents must be thoroughly ashamed of her.
      Imagine having a sweet little girl, then see her turn into an abusive horror like that.
      On the other hand, she may have been spoiled early, brought up by rich leftwingers to be disrespectful to other people that their snotty class looks down on.

      It would be interesting to have her examined by a psychologist but that is not a realistic option. So we just have to draw our own conclusions about where she went wrong.

  • ross1948 8:01 pm on January 29, 2019 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , Italian Terrorists, , Matteo Salvini, Mitterand Doctrine, Red Brigades, unvetted 'migrants'   

    Memo To Le Muppet Macron – Stop Harbouring Red Terrorists! 

    Having got something useful from EuroNews a few days ago – Outrage! Austrians March Against Migrant Murders! – I dropped by their usually noisome news pages again and lo, another handy hammer to bash Muppet Macron, always a pleasant pastime on a weekend.

    While most French people loathe Macron’s policy of importing unvetted aliens…


    France’s Macron vows a battle for open border migration in 2019

    …just as his leftist predecessor Le Retch Hollande liked to do, there must be many who were as unaware as I was, till recently, of the Mitterand Doctrine, a bizarre and VERY un-neighbourly policy instituted by leftist French president who ran France in the 1980s and 90s and – as Brits may remember – gleefully exported the deadly Exocet missiles to the Argies during the Falklands War.


    Image result for bad neighbour

    Mitterand was not only a bad neighbour to Britain!

    The old rotter deliberately sheltered marxist terrorists from extradition to Italy, as an act of socialist solidarity…


    Related image

    Two dead reds – Mitterand was infamously fond of the Cuban tyrant


    …masquerading as ‘concerns’ that the Italian justice system was stacked against them…

    Yeah, right! In other words, the swine got convicted for their evil deeds!

    EuroNews asserts that this policy ‘was abandoned in the early 2000s.

    But was it?

    Clearly that question is going to be put to the test soon, because Italy’s excellent Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, has updated a list of 30 Italians — 27 of them leftists — wanted on terrorist offences and who are living abroad. and more than HALF of the leftists – 14 –  are believed to be in France.



    AND, something that’s highly relevant because of the capture of the Italian communist killer earlier this month…

    A Red Rat Re-Caged – Well Done, Bolsonaro! 

    At least three of them were convicted for their role in the 1978 kidnapping and murder of former Italian prime minister Aldo Moro…

    Now Matteo Salvini has said he’s up for a meeting with Le Muppet to discuss steps to arrest and expatriate Italians living in France but wanted in their native country on charges of terrorism.

    “If needed I’m ready to leave for Paris to meet Macron, it it helps bring back to Italy these assassins,” Salvini said on Twitter.



    Macron, with his usual arrogance, has ignored the proposal leaving it to his Justice Ministry bureaucrats to respond with weasel words, that they do not keep a detailed list of Italian fugitives living in the country.

    That is simply not credible!

    What is credible is that Macron is as indifferent to the presence of Italian terrorists on French streets as he is to the presence of known jihadists there…


    Jihadists Known To Police ‘A Common Element?’ Outrageous! 

    …thousands of such disloyal sectarians on his police watch-list, yet undetained, a constant menace to decent people in every town and city, as we saw in Strasbourg just a few weeks ago.

    To be fair, collaboration with red terror has not been something unique to leftist presidents. The same report confirms that ‘centre-right’ President Nicolas Sarkozy refused to extradite Marina Petrella, a former member of the Italian terrorist Red Brigades organisation, sentenced in 1992 for the killing of a police officer.

    Again, there was piffle about “humanitarian grounds” but even EuroNews reminds us that Sarkozy was under the Svengali-like influence of his leftist Italian wife, a nasty piece of work. “My family have always voted to the left. It’s tradition. I’ll never vote right wing.”

    I believe the American phrase is something about being flogged by a cat!

    See also  http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/7668064.stm




    • Pascal D 9:54 pm on January 29, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      All true but what about failure by other European nations to send Islamist terrorists to places they might be punished?

  • ross1948 9:00 pm on January 19, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Lousy Loiseau, Hypocrite Macron’s Snarling Lap-Dog, Lashes Out! 

    Muppet Macron’s “Minister for European Affairs” aka Nasty Nat, given-name Nathalie Loiseau, has been ranting, again.

    We gave her a modicum of attention late last year, but had hoped she would slither back into well-deserved obscurity.


    But Italian patriot leader Matteo Salvini and his coalition colleague Di Maio last month had the temerity to show sympathy with the Yellow Vest  protesters who have been telling off Le Muppet for his arrogance.


    Such impertinence was too much for Nasty Nat!

    She lashed out wildly, furious that they were ‘commenting on her nation’s state of affairs’ –

    “France refrains from giving lessons to Italy,” she tweeted. “Salvini and Di Maio should learn to sweep their own door”



    Only last October Salvini was conscientiously doing just that, devoting himself to keeping his country neat, clean and civilised, when the mangy madame started shrilling…



    Her verbal aggro on Signor Salvini was entirely based on his position on migrants.. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/french-minister-likens-italy-apos-073134533.html

    Lousy Leftist Loiseau was ranting back then on French state radio RTL, a hissy-fit about the bludger-boat Aquarius.

    “Mr Salvini today, he’s like Pontius Pilate. It’s obscene,” she railed.

    If it’s obscenity that upsets this obnoxious bint, there’s been enough obscene offences carried out by crimmigrants, on the high seas…

    Muslim migrants threw Christians overboard 

    …and also in Salvini’s country.

    AND in Lousy Loiseau’s’s own country!

    How Many Evil ‘Aid Workers’ Covered Up Calais Rape

    Female Afghan interpreter ‘raped by armed migrants’ at CalaisJungle

    Calais Women ‘Take Turns Staying Awake In Case Someone Attacks!’ 


    But you all know what kind of atrocities occur when ‘migrants’ are admitted without vetting and are not detained but allowed to run wild.

    The point is that the hypocritical middle-aged battle-axe DARES to complain about decent Italians showing solidarity with angry French people having…




    …only a few months ago, herself waded in with grossly offensive jibes when Salvini was doing his best to do what her one-day sneering, next-day snarling boss..


    macron bankerUntitled-23


    …has so significantly failed to do – defend the people he’s there to look after –  from savages who should never have been allowed into his country in the first place.

    Is it not sickening that Loiseau’s master takes draconian measures against French protestors…-

    French police under fire as ‘yellow vests‘ casualty toll mounts

    …yet prevents police dispersing and detaining those primitive packs who prowl the environs of Calais and other communities along the French side of the Channel, whose anti-social mayhem makes the lives of French citizens wretched and who have no right whatsoever to be there.

    What the French need is somebody as patriotic and energetic as Salvini.


    And that somebody is waiting to be called.

    • Jeanne 10:19 pm on January 19, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      If Macron can order the police to use such very strong violence against the Yellow Vests, yes, you are timely to ask, why Calais cannot be cleaned of illegal immigrants who cause trouble again and again.
      This president is now becoming hated all over France.

  • ross1948 9:50 pm on January 14, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    More ‘Migrant’ Madness In Malta! 

    More Snouts In The Trough – Needlessly!


    Appalling resolution of that situation in Malta, where two ‘NGO’ bludger-boats have dumped even more aliens on Europe.

    Insanely, although the wannabe parasites were apparently picked up nearer Libya than any other country, the illegals collected by the ‘Seawatch’ trouble-makers…



    …have been permitted not only to land on Maltese shores but also, instead of being detained for deportation, to move on from the island republic to no less than EIGHT different countries on the Continental mainland…


    …whence, going on past experience, they will not be corralled but allowed to roam as they wish, the likely result being that they will abscond, heading northwards, to God knows where, quite possibly to Calais, once more to seek a berth on another bludger-boat.


    No Surrender, TUV OK!    - But UKIP on Mainland Britain


    Obviously, these Seawatch ratbags should be put out of action before they import more unwanted aliens to sling round the necks of Europe’s unhappy tax-payers.

    But far from it, judging from the weasel words of Malta’s head of government.

    Asked if legal action will be taken against the NGOs, he said that Malta’s choice was for the transfer to take place in Maltese waters and that the two vessels will be asked to leave immediately.

    But then what else should we expect of that Maltese leader?


    Malta’s Muscat And A Mockery Of Democracy! 

    Yet what caused me most concern is that, with regard to the crimmigrant cargo discussed in this Maltese media report, among the nations agreeing to accept the intruders, Italy is named.

    What is going on?

    That was my question, till I heard that patriot Interior Minister Matteo Salvini was NOT consulted by his own Prime Minister!



    We must hope he will put his foot down.

    Please read the whole report – it is long-winded but seems to be perfectly factual

    • Ian Osborne 1:04 pm on January 15, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Malta was once famous for its steadfastness.
      We even gave Malta a collective George Cross!
      Today there seems to be a complete erosion of that quality.

  • ross1948 6:11 pm on January 14, 2019 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , Cesare Battisti, Communist murderer, , , , Matteo Salvini   

    A Red Rat Re-Caged – Well Done, Bolsonaro! 

    Well done, President Jair Bolsonaro!



    Jair Bolsonaro


    Nothing could illustrate the moral depravity of the communist-sympathising former leadership in Brazil more starkly than the way they sheltered this vicious marxist murderer on the run from justice.


    Image result for cesare battisti communist

    Marxist murderer Cesare Battisti, who belonged to the Armed Proletarians for Communism guerrilla group.


    And here’s a photo of the other guilty party!


    Image result for cesare battisti communist

    Leftist Lula

    Brazilian president ‘will not extradite Cesare Battisti’ https://www.theguardian.com/world/2010/dec/29/brazilian-president-extradite-cesare-battisti

    That quote from a Guardian report nearly a decade ago acknowledged the truth, that Battisti was convicted in absentia of killing two police officers, taking part in the murder of a butcher and helping to plan the killing of a jeweller…

    Vicious crimes, which also left that murdered jeweller’s son confined to a wheel-chair, but that hardly mattered to the vermin element in Brazil, among whom, we heard on the BBC news this morning, the terrorist killer was ‘popular.’




    As reported again by the BBC just last week, Battisti spent years in Brazil as a refugee, with the support of former left-wing President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

    ‘A REFUGEE?’



    Most people in most European countries have a fair idea nowadays what that word means to the Left!


    Now Jair Bolsonaro has redeemed Brazil’s good name!

    And his action for justice was a result of cooperation between himself and another good man, Italy’s patriot leader Matteo Salvini!

    Shortly after Bolsonaro was elected in October, he promised Salvini he would send Battisti back to Italy in order to serve his prison term. He also said the extradition of Battisti, whom he described as a figure “adored by the Brazilian left”, would reflect to the world his government’s commitment to fighting terrorism…


    The only regrettable aspect of the situation is that, when the Communist terrorist arrives back in Italy, about the time we are posting this comment, he will only be put back behind bars, and not strung up or be facing a firing squad…


    shoot terrs

    …but until Italy frees itself from the Brussels Empire and the ECHR, a full measure of proper justice is not available.

    BTW, let’s not forget the disgraceful role of France in allowing the red swine to escape justice for so long.

    The Communist SOB spent quite some time there too, protected by the Mitterrand doctrine


    Related image

    French leftist president Francois Mitterand


    ….a 1985 law that offered asylum to about 100 former Italian guerrillas “on the condition that they withdrew from politics…”


    • Vanessa Reilly 8:03 pm on January 14, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      That’s good news and I never hear anything but good about Bolsonaro.
      Why is it that in places like Italy and Brazil the best kind of leaders can rise so high while we in the UK get stuck with dross?

    • Annelie Neumann 10:46 pm on January 14, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      A fake refugee sent back to where he came from.
      I wish that Merkel would send all the fake refugees in Germany back to where they came from.
      Instead Merkel gives them an appointment to come along for deportation and she is surprised when they do not keep the appointment? And she does not order that they be searched for and arrested so that they can be deported. I read in your blog that over 10000 fake refugees have disappeared in Germany when they should be already deported.
      Germany is better to have a Bolsonaro than to have a Merkel.

  • ross1948 7:43 pm on December 17, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Italy‘s Uppities – Time To Kick Out Arrogant Aliens! 

    I suppose you saw the news, a demo in Rome against Salvini’s sensible reforms which make it easier to get rid of aliens who don’t belong in Italy.

    A few thousand people have taken to the streets in Rome, some donning French-style yellow vests, to march for migrant rights.

    A bit of an insult to the French Yellow Vests, who may be many things – but for the most part seem to be patriotic.


    People demonstrate in Rome: "Get Up! Stand Up! Stand Up for your rights!" against racism and the government's immigration policies was the slogan of protesters against the so-called "Salvini decree", that aims to reduce the number of migrants granted humanitarian protection.


    The demonstration today, organised by the USB union and the far-left Potere al Popolo (Power to the People) party, saw people, including many migrants, chanting slogans such as “Stop Racism” and “No Salvini”

    .Thousands protest in streets of Rome against anti-migrant policies

    Okay, no country is without its unwholesome elements. America has Un-Americans, Britain has its Un-British…




    …and France has some too, like that foul creaure Herrou, whom we shall be mentioning again soon.

    But they are home-grown pestilences, who have to be dealt with accordingly.

    What are we to make of arrogant aliens, like those ‘many migrants‘ who dare make demands on a country not their own.

    There are good black people in Italy…

    ‘Migrant’ Riots – Black Italian Patriot Exposes Lying Media! 

    ….but they have taken the proper route to become Italian citizens, and, like the Salvini supporter in that report we published a year or more ago, are on Italy’s side.

    The creeps  in the demo at the weekend are not onItaly’s side, are clearly described as ‘migrants’ and we have to ask if they are illegals or not.

    Certainly the far-left would see crimmigrant status as no bar to participation in their red rabble demo in Rome.



    But if they entered Italy illegally, they have no right to be out on Italian streets interfering in Italian decisions.

    If I had joined any of Jakarta’s many demos, at any time over the 20 years I have been here, I would have been picked up by Indonesian authorities and would soon have been on my way out of the country.

    It is not for foreigners to meddle in the affairs of countries, whether they are legally resident foreigners or foul ingrates like these pictured below.


    Image result for rome protest migrants bbc


    ‘Give us more money or we will kill you’ Migrants kidnap refugee centre workers in Italy


    What a prudent Italian government, and Italy is fortunate to have one of those, should be doing is sifting through all those media pictures of last weekend’s demo, to identify which of those rabble are illegals and which are not.

    out with them

    Any found not to have citizenship should be rounded up and allotted priority places on deportation planes.


    • Fiona 8:01 pm on December 17, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      This is a good point you are making and it makes me wonder if the clever Mr. Salvini did have immigration officers taking photographs of the ‘uppities.’
      It’s also worth saying that the more real Italians see such photos in their newspapers or tv, the more Salvini’s popularity will continue to rocket.

    • Chrissie Miles 10:04 pm on December 17, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Those filthy ‘migrants’ in the lower picture did their stuff before Salvini and his friends won the election.
      I doubt Red Renzi would have treated them as they deserve but we must hope the new government is going to be loading them aboard a plane soon, if it’s not been done already.

  • ross1948 2:14 am on November 15, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 16 November, Matteo Salvini, stop illegal immigration   

    Viva Salvini -16 November! 

    Let’s all counter-celebrate!


    Anti Salvini protestors in Milan march in support of Domenico Lucano, a mayor in southern Italy jailed for allegedly helping illegal immigration


    The red rat-pack in Italy seem to have declared 16th November as ‘No Salvini Day!’

    Salvini is a hero to everyone who cares about the future of the civilised world.




    Let’s all ‘Like’ his Facebook Page that day, with a brief message saying why!


  • ross1948 7:28 pm on October 29, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , Desiree Mariottini, , , Matteo Salvini   

    BBC Muddies The Waters On Migrant Rapists! 

    Three migrants from Senegal and Nigeria have been arrested by police investigating the rape and killing of a girl…




    …and that ought to be an adequate summary of what’s news-worthy about the latest atrocious crime evidently due to the unvetted importation of aliens and subsequent failure to deport those who are unsuited to life among civilised human beings.

    But wait!

    The capture of the alien suspects in this brutal gang-rape case  is not enough to sustain a BBC news report, which seeks to mystify its audience with rubbish about the ‘complexity’ of how a girl was violated by savages.

    ‘…in populist Italy there is no time for complexities…



    Stuff your psycho-babble about ‘complexity!’

    There’s nothing that complex about the connection between crimmigration and sexual brutality.

    Rome – Somali Pig Sexually Assaults Woman Giving Birth! 


    The Bias Broadcasting Clique feels obliged to complete their initial sentence with politically-slanted words about the atrocity committed against little Desirée Mariottini, 16, whose…

    …death has been seized upon by the populist right.


    So those who voice the outrage of millions of Italians horrified by what was done to a defenceless teenage girl are ‘seizing upon’ her death?

    That’s typical Beeb-Boob talk  – what it means in real-people-talk is that there are at least some elected representatives in Italy who care about the way their cities have been blighted by crimmigrants.

    In fact it would be near criminally irresponsible if voices were NOT raised in dismayed concern that somebody’s daughter was ‘drugged and gang raped’ by savages.


    Right-wing Interior Minister Matteo Salvini hailed the arrests, condemning those behind the murder as “worms”.

    It would not go unpunished, he said.

    Presentational grey line

    What a refreshing change from Red Renzi and the rest of the pinko pack who preceded the current coalition in Rome.

    The truth, though, cannot go untold, even by the pro-crimmigrant BBC’ subheading…

    Teenager’s death feeds anti-migrant message…

    Damn right!

    The Italian people took long enough to wake up to the plague visited on them by feckless, slack or downright malevolent politicians who let hundreds of thousands of primitive aliens invade their country.

    Now they have leaders who care, not ‘seizing on’ the nightmare situation but doing their democratic duty, to REPRESENT the people.

    Avanti Popolo!

  • ross1948 11:22 am on October 12, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , Matteo Salvini, , popularity   

    Ask A Silly Question,France24! 

    Sycophantically serving Le Muppet’s Europhiliac and pro-crimmigrant agenda, and perhaps unwilling to ask one easy-to-answer question, namely…

    ‘The Macron effect: What explains French president’s unpopularity?’




    …the inimitable France24, the state broadcaster which depends on public funding to maintain its propaganda output…


    …instead asks another, even easier-to answer…

    ‘The Salvini effect: What explains Italian interior minister’s popularity?’

    I have chosen not to delve into whatever snide drivel F24 dishes up, since the obvious answer to the Salvini question is another question, viz.

    What’s not to like?



    Salvini makes speeches before elections and then, after the votes are counted, he does his best to fulfil the promises therein.

    He represents the will of the people, the majority of Italians who were never asked if they wanted a horde of alien primitives let into their country.

    He talks straight, no mealy-mouthed mincing of his words, as when this week, referring to the sorry sack of wine who runs the EUSSR, he said he ‘only talks to sober people.’



    Can you imagine Theresa the Appeaser describing Britain’s arch-enemy in such forthright terms?

    Not a chance!

    She seems instead to embrace The Drunkard’s hostile arrogance.


    theresa junkcer judas

    So no wonder Salvini’s popular!

    Wait till tomorrow or the next day, for –

    Ask A Silly Question II….

    • Pamela 9:33 pm on October 12, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      All commendable, Ross, but I do like how you use the May photos to make our day here in England.
      She is such an embarrassment.

    • Jeanne 10:05 pm on October 12, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Not many people I know will trust the state media here.
      It is in the hands of the left.

    • Ruby Cedini 4:01 pm on October 13, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Do these propaganda people truly have to ask why Salvini is popular?

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