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  • ross1948 17:30 on June 15, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Bojo’s Last Chance? Seek ‘Stop Soros Asylumers’ Mandate! 

    Last night, around midnight, Jakarta time, I watched BBC’s Oily, a familiar figure to RRA readers….

    ‘Shocking’ BBC Bias On Haitian Rabble!

    …that’s Oily Amrolliwolli, Bias Berk Extraordinaire….

    Why Does UK Pravda Welcome Race-Obsessed Freakos? 

    Image result for matthew amroliwala bbc

    ‘White Supremacism On Display,’ Says BBC’s Oily To BLM Red? Where? 

    ….interviewing two people, one of whom, Michael Portillo, a defender of Jellyfish Johnson, Oily openly treated with animosity, frankly rude and barracking…

    ..while the other was fed a smarmy diet of leading questions, Oily utterly sycophantic towards the leftist Bishop of Manchester.

    Today 7am, also Jakarta time,  I woke to the news that the Sorosoid ECHR….



    ….had ordered Jellyfish Johnson to stop the departure of that plane, and…


    ..the UK PM had crawled to their diktat.


    Again at 8am, we had to listen to an un-elected leftist shrew named Karen Doyle, of the agitprop ‘Movement for Justice,’ as she ranted, unchallenged by another namby-pamby Beeby-Boy.

    Her far-left politics were undisguised.

    Pure political theatre for a failing government…’

    Later the BBC let an unidentified crimmigrant moan at us.

    Incidentally, UK Pravda reported a poll, 44% of Brits for the Rwanda policy, 40% against.

    I’d say a lot more in favour than that, but even so,  the BBC is knowingly opposed to the majority view..


    Anne Soy, BBC Africa Editor

    ..their Africa Editor dishonestly declaring at 1.25pm that the flights plan was…

    ‘…quite unpopular in the UK.”



    Hey, Comrade Soy, when even your own bias channel makes it 44% to 40%, why not tell rhe truth and say ‘Quite Popular?’

    Sure, we heard Truss today, but BBC has been allowing one un-elected diatriber after another to soil their channel, not just the above shrew but also a pro-crimmigrant QC named Jessica Parker and, as I enjoyed a sweet-tasting orange or two at lunch-time…


    …UK Pravda thrust the sour face of Gillian Trigg into my living-room – a leftist sticky beak last heard shrilling in Australia…

    Gambar terkait

    Triggs remains opaque about her politics  I’ll bet she does…

    The Real ‘Shock?’ Brandis Offered Trigg ANY OTHER Job! 

      .and now wallowing in a cushy job with the UNHCR.

    Sod off, ya old leftist bat!

    It’s gone on all day…

    We have warned of the ECHR over and over again.

    It is aggressively hostile to any patriotic views and voices.

    So I offer advice to Johnson.

    Go to the country!

    Redeem your honour..

    Fight an election – on this crimmigrant issue!

    Yes, I know, we can’t trust him.

    But he likes to win and a campaign on a platform of securing borders, push-backs…



    ..and mass deportations would, I predict, be a winner.

    Yeah, dream on  but…


  • ross1948 12:30 on September 24, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Shocking’ BBC Bias On Haitian Rabble! 

    Shocking‘ images!

    That was Oily Amrolliwolli, Bias Berk Extraordinaire, as we have seen so often….

    Why Does UK Pravda Welcome Race-Obsessed Freakos? 

    Image result for matthew amroliwala bbc

    ‘White Supremacism On Display,’ Says BBC’s Oily To BLM Red? Where? 

    ….on those wonderful pix of US border defenders..


    A United States border patrol agent on horseback tries to stop a Haitian migrant from entering an encampment on the banks of the Rio Grande near the international bridge in Del Rio, Texas, on Sunday.

    Pity they didn’t use fire-arms!


    …trying to corral a crimmigrant rabble, mostly from Haiti.

    There was also an interview with an arrogant illegal, ranting about his “dream’ of gate-crashing the USA, and another illegal, a fat woman saying how ‘mean’ America had been to her!

    The UK Pravda Wally then had a telcon with Nicole Phillips, an uppity from the ‘Haitian Bridge Alliance. ..’

    – who might benefit from a serious scolding  – phone: (949) 295.1253


    ..yelping from the far-left song-sheets.

    It’s America’s fault!

    She whined that US foreign policy ‘destabilises’ –  and therefore obliges a lot of these undesirables to migrate!



    A real pro-crimmigrant hate-USA fest!

    Amrolly The Wally egged her on, quoting Senator ‘Yucky Chucky’ Schumer, who says those grand photos of the Texan mounties were-



    Needless to say, NO American patriot was given a chance to do what we should all want to do, cheer the admirable men on horseback who defended their nation’s sovereign frontier.



    Now the good guys have been deprived of their horses by the craven old clown in The White House.

    The senescent creep is a disgrace to America.


    Pity the illegal alien swine weren’t sent packing by a few salvos of live ammo!



  • ross1948 20:00 on July 15, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Who’s BBC’s Pro-Begum Yank Galbraith? 

    Did anyone else see UK Pravda on Wednesday (10.15PM Jakarta time) , Matthew Amrolliwally, known for having amiable chats with disagreeable persons….

    Why Does UK Pravda Welcome Race-Obsessed Freakos? 

    Image result for matthew amroliwala bbc

    ‘White Supremacism On Display,’ Says BBC’s Oily To BLM Red? Where? 

    ….this time with a guest he identified as a ‘former US diplomat,’ some geezer named Peter Galbraith.

    Peter Galbraith Wikipedia.jpg

    As even a few minutes research revealed, he is a former Democrat state senator, and a former Democrat candidate for the governorship of Vermont.

    God only knows, I mused, why BBC World News thought this lefty Yank was the most suitable choice to discuss bringing ISIS teen ratbags out of the Middle East and into civilised countries.


    God didn’t supervene to tell us, so I looked the dork up via Google Search.

    Turns out he’s been sticking his nose into this issue and BBC must have read about his nauseating opinions in a Daily Mail piece published last month, in which he talked absolute rot. viz.

    Shamima Begum poses no threat and should be allowed home to live in the UK because she has disowned ISIS says diplomat


    The man’s got no small opinion of himself, one quickly notes, reading the DM report.

    Curiously ( NOT! ) even though Amrollywallow – who kept quiet about his guest’s leftist background – even though Oily himself felt obliged to say that ‘there are people who’d disagree’ with this puffed-up pinko…



    …BBC didn’t invite any!

    • Edward Lamont 21:51 on July 15, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      So they read the newspaper story, knew he was on Begum’s side, did a quick check, knew he was a leftwing-Democrar?
      How could they not invite him to appear unopposed by anybody from the British majority who want her kept out?
      It’s standard BBC practice!


    • Keith Milner 11:51 on July 16, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      That’s pretty bad, even by BBC standards.


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