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Roger Hallam, who looks, if you had never seen him before, exactly as you’d expect…except for the absence of fangs!

Roger Hallam “claimed that flying was bad for any ‘vaguely moral person in this society’ and also compared using planes to ‘eating meat…’ “


As a teen and 20-something, I used rail travel to see Europe.

Nowadays, everyone’s horizons have broadened and youngsters can see the world – if they can find cheap flights.


Some of Hallam’s gang have even demanded that the UK Government impose a totalitarian ‘rationing’ system, two flights a year max, or was it one flight per two years?


Frigging retards!


To deprive young folk,  or indeed the rest of us, of the joy of travel is outrageous.


I’m off to Oz next month, to see those most important to me, AND I intend to fly as often as I can afford to in the year ahead, AND to be as carniverous as I can…



One of my favourites!

…but then I’ve always done that!

Already I’m savouring those Aussie Meat Pies!


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    Another Brussels Cover-Up? Anti-Meat-Eater Report Suppressed! 

    EUSSR Europeans should eat less meat to help fight climate change, but the EU is wary about saying it out loud.


    EUObserver is fundamentally pro-EUSSR, but its focus on the monstrosity that is Brussels ensures that every so often there’s an info-nugget to be mined.

    Like this week’s coverage of how an official report – likely to herald a political war on meat-eaters – has been suppressed on the brink of publication.



    The document had actually gone to the printers when it was pulled, the EurocRats scared stiff of the inevitable outrage that it would have unleashed by millions of adults across the Continent who dare to believe that their chosen daily diet is their business.

    Naturally, the EC Commissars disagree with any such populist heresy. They envisage what EUObs calls a policy that addresses how to lower the environmental impact of food production.  

    And to this end, they gave their EurocRatic word that there’d be a report on sustainable food by 2013.

    That was in 2011. It’s now 2015.

    And EUObs obligingly tells us that the report was ready to be published – a leaked version was seen by this website – and according to MEPs had been agreed by three European commissioners. But somehow the report was…”buried.”




    And it looks like, unlike  the zombies of my favourite cable show, The Walking Dead, it will not arise to strike fear into the hearts of freedom-loving (and meat-loving!) citizens, even though, according to one MEP, “I heard it was already translated in 24 languages and is ready to be distributed!”

    That MEP is Anja Hazekamp, who fascinatingly is a spokes-lady for Holland’s Animals Party ( I’m tempted to make a joke here about their Australian affiliate being Sarah Hanson-Young, but I won’t)

    Anja is no friend of us carnivores. But there’s no reason to doubt her word.


     Anja Hazekamp


    She and her MEP pals asked for – “urgently requested” – publication, last October. “The European Commission should not shy away from sustainable food policies, out of fear of a eurosceptic backlash. Sustainable (food) policies are what the people want.” https://euobserver.com/environment/127407

    Well, sure, if you say to somebody, how’s about some sustainable food policies, he or she might well say yes.




    But if he or she understands what that means – an assault on their day-to-day of bacon, steak and kidney pies, wienerschnitzel, etc. – the backlash would not be confined to us ‘eurosceptics.’ Or rather, our ranks would swell, hugely.

    But poor Anja got a pretty shabby put-down, signed by Barroso and Co on their last day in office.

    “The work programme of the commission for 2014 included … no … commitment … to present a communication on sustainable food”, the commissioners wrote.

    So much for keeping promises.

    • 0d8e4-kingcameronarrogant
    • You can see why Cast-Iron Cameron is so keen on Brussels -his mendacity would be in perfect harmony with the pledge-breaking ethos that clearly prevails in the corridors of supranational power.

    Similar stone-walling was on display last week, when there was a debate at what the MEPs fondly imagine is a ‘Parliament.’

     “I have noted the plea to the commission to come forward with our communication”, said Michael Flueh, of the commission’s directorate-general for health and food safety.




    Pressed by MEPs for an honest answer as to why it was suppressed, Flueh ‘refrained from explaining’ last week, and told this website he could not comment on the reasons behind the delay.

    Course he could – he just wouldn’t. Arrogant little toe-rag forgets he’s simply a servant. He’s drawing a fat salary from the pockets of every voter in Europe, but thinks he has the right to keep them in the dark.


    Transparency is a swear-word among these stuck-up flunkeys.

    Be clear – the report is sure to be bad news for normal folk. These un-elected upstarts will be telling us what to eat and what not to eat. Anja and her comrades are no friends to freedom. But they deserve brief support in their fight for freedom of information.

    Or better still…

    Who needs The Walking Dead? Bring along a troupe of cannibals and set them loose in Brussels!



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