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  • ross1948 08:24 on November 18, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Jakarta Fanatic’s “Death-Prayers” Condemned! 

    Praying for people to die quickly, with a bad tone and sneering, is bad morals not in accordance with the wisdom and purpose of holding the Maulid event,” said the Chairman of the PDI-P DPP.



    That’s the party of President Jokowi…



    …and of former President Megawati…




    ….who were targetted in a ‘prayer’ offered up by a sectarian fanatic named Idrus Jamalullail, at a recent mass-gathering ( don’t ask about the virus ‘distancing’ rules!) at the HQ of  the self-styled ‘Islam Defenders Front’ -the FPI….



    …who, as the murderous banner pictured above indicates, have a history of blood-thirsty outbursts.

    Ever since the FPI’s high priest, Rizieq, returned earlier this month from Saudi Arabia…


    • FPI ‘grand imam’ Habib Rizieq who suggested the Christian Governor Ahok be slain for unacceptably quoting some Koranic verse –.We encourage the government to process the death penalty for Ahok as soon as possible,” said Rizieq
    •  http://www.suara.com/news/2016/10/14/134313


    The Fanatic Returns! Indonesian “Scholar” Offers Warm Welcome!

    …there has been uproar here in Indonesia.

    Rizieq himself was caught on camera chortling, evidently entertained by the ‘prayer.’

    Good people are making their voices heard, and being abused for doing so.


    Nifty Nikita, Foe Of Fanatics – And Has Good English, Too!

    The situation IMHO is best described as more saddenng than alarming but we will continue to monitor developments.

    All patriotic Indonesians, and we foreigners who have lived here for years and love the country…



    …need to keep on top of the news.


    • Jim Ex Jakarta 10:53 on November 18, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      And that guy is a ‘holy’ man?
      Praying that people die?


    • Santi 13:02 on November 18, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I like that you now writing more for Indonesia.
      Always we agree eye to eye!


    • Budi Cililitan 14:05 on November 18, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      No man should ask God to make another mans life short.
      God knows best.
      Let Him decide.


    • JazPen 16:08 on November 18, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Rizieq has a very high opinion of himself.
      It needs more than Nikita to put him in his place, alrhough she is doing a great job.


  • ross1948 10:25 on November 1, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Megawati Didn’t “Whine” Even Once, Jakarta Post Jerks! 

    In what way is this straightforward question a ‘whine?’

    What’s your contribution to the country?’: Megawati whines about Indonesian millennials 



     Megawati Soekarnoputri, President of Indonesia 2001-2004


    That disgraceful, derogatory headline is not merely a gratuitous insult to former President Megawati but actually misleads Jakarta Post readers about the content of what appears below it.

    She said to the President,”… don’t spoil them […] I want to ask a question: What’s the contribution of the millennial generation?” Megawati said in her speech broadcasted on the PDI-P’s YouTube channel.

    The PDI-P is her party, an important party, the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle…


    ….which played a major role in bringing democracy back to Indonesia two decades ago.

    So what did she say, to attract the slur of being a ‘whiner?’

    “What is your contribution to this nation and country?”

    I don’t care if I get bullied. Are protesting and destructing the only things you [millennials] can do?”

    Fair question, surely?

    After this month’s Jakarta riots?

    Portland Indonesia? Thugs Stone Cops! Black-Clad Louts! 

    Brits and Americans have also seen riotous mobs, BLM racists and Red Nazi Antifa, destroying public and private property.

    The JP writer adds that Megawati accepted that anyone has a right to engage in street protests  but that they should not result in destruction of public facilities.

    Quite right!

    For those who take to the streets, what are you doing? If you are against a rule, go to the House of Representatives. There is a thing called a public hearing for you to get your voices heard..”

    Use that link and read the whole piece.

    Nothing Ibu Mega said can be remotely construed as ‘whining.’  

    She simply points out the attitudes seen among certain millennials –  most of whom, BTW, IMHO, are nowhere near as awful as many of their deadbeat counterparts in the UK….



    …or the violent rabble amok in the USA…


    Nothing peaceful about murders, bashings, arson, looting and widespread property damage.
    Nothing peaceful about murders, bashings, arson, looting and widespread property damage. BLM protests are not peaceful

    …and calls into question things some of them say and do.

    So whose agenda are the JP jerks following, when they diss Megawati by describing her legitimate question as ‘whines?’?

    While we have the name of the person who wrote this ‘news’ story (who appears from her photo to be a millennial herself)  in normal newspapers, those who write the stories don’t get to create the headlines above them.

    So WHO composed that headline?

    Of course the JP is hardly a normal newspaper.

    It is run by leftists – we saw a particularly bad example of left nastiness recently –

    Trumpophobic Jakarta Post? Time To Pull The Plug! 

    but that’s nothing new….

    Jakarta Post – Never Miss a Chance to Re-Hab Reds


    However, there’s no obvious reason for the JP lefties to feel malevolent towards a former Indonesian head of state.

    Towards the end of the article, there’s a suggestion that infiltrators caused the riot trouble in town.

    So we’ve heard.

    It’s entirely possible, but in any case, without knowing the age of these ‘infiltrators,’ it does not exculpate every millennial in Jakarta.

    Nor did Ibu Mega criticise every millennial in Jakarta.

    Nor at any point did she ‘whine!’

    As I’ve said before, it would be no bad thing if the Jakarta Post sank without trace.

    If any expats or overseas readers have been ill-advised enough to subsidise it, don’t.

    Cancel your subscription.

    Tempo is much better, or even the Jakarta Globe. 


    • JazPen 22:13 on November 1, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Malam, Ross. You were quite right to call them out.
      You were quite right too, not to blame the girl who wrote the article. That rude headline is bound to be the work of the Jakarta Post’s very weird editorial team.
      I see they have another story on Mega today, without the ignorant insults.

      I am past caring about that newspaper, our office let the subscription lapse a year or two ago because of the ‘quality’ of their ‘journalism.’
      I agree, Tempo is a much better bet if you want to know what’s going on here in Indonesia.


  • ross1948 09:22 on July 9, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Will Jokowi Disown PDI-P Wannabe’s Intolerance? 

    Indonesia’s President Jokowi, as Governor of Jakarta, showed an inspirational example when he stood firm against IslamoNazi bigotry.

    But now the party whose support put him in the Presidential Palace, the PDI-P, looks set to endorse a man who has openly espoused religious intolerance for a prominent position right next door to Jakarta.

    Will Jokowi disown Rudi Samin, the wannabe Mayor of Depok?.


    • rudisaminpdip Rudi Samin
    • habib-fpi-rizieq Habib Rizieq
    • ======================
    • Rudi Samin showed no hesitation this week about getting together with a rabid jihadist, the IslamoNazi FPI’s former fuhrer and current ‘high priest,’ the notorious Habib Rizieq.

    But it’s not just Rudi’s poor judgement in matters of the company he keeps. He went on to declare that he would uphold the vicious Islamist persecution of the inoffensive Ahmadi minority in that unspeakable city.


    Moreover, Rudi also promised to eradicate liquor and all deviant teachings if he wins the upcoming election.
    “If my party makes it, I would go with regulations to ban alcohol and the Ahmadiyah. Obviously both are misguidance for the people,” said Rudi to Habib Rizieq Shihab, who was accompanied by Habib K. Al Gadri, Depol FPI.


    He sure said a mouthful! The push for prohibition is one thing, folly about which we’ve written more than once. Breaking Bali News – Non-Prohibition Zones Announced! 

    But to bracket alcohol with a peaceful minority creed which harms nobody at all?

    That’s not only outlandish, absurd, but downright alarming – Samin’s sectarian outburst is an affront to the pluralist Pancasila principles on which Indonesia was founded. 


    • freedom-of-religion
    • =====================
    • No wonder Wartakota.com records how Samin’s guarantee to suppress minority rights was ‘rather appreciated by Habib Rizieq!

    http://wartakota.tribunnews.com/2015/07/07/balon-walkot-depok-dari-pdip-sowan-ke-habib-rizieq (there’s a good photo of Samin delighting in chat with the two leading IslamoNazis)

    Depok is run – in religious matters – much as if the evil PKI, the Indonesian Communist Party, had taken power back in the day, instead of being crushed and outlawed.

    Just like the Communists, the Islamist fanatics despise religious liberty. Emulating the Reds’ time-honoured tactics, the bigot-run city supervised the take-over (aka theft) of the Ahmadiyah mosque.


    Rizieq’s local Gauleiter, Habib Idrus Gadri, was last heard of trying to get himself nominated for the mayoral election.


     Idrus, Gauleiter of Depok FPI Idrus

    Shariah City? Some 12,000 Reasons To Steer Clear of Depok! 

    But Idrus has never been likely to win.

    Maybe Samin is grubbing about for spare IslamoNazi votes? Or maybe he really is just as fanatical in his loathing of other citizens’ right to worship as they see fit.

    Whatever, it is surely incumbent on President Jokowi, and the PDI-P’s big boss, ex-President Megawati, to speak up.

    Do they disown Samin’s sectarianism?

    • garuda pancasila (lambang negara Indonesia)

    Or Indonesian Pancasila?


    • Elang 10:16 on July 9, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I do not think Jokowi or Megawati will say any word about this Samin intolerance. They do not care.
      We voted for Jokowi for his pluralism but now we are getting no pluralism.
      Maybe mistake for us, at least Prabowo might be strong.
      And also. Yes, Depok is terrible place.


    • Santi 12:33 on July 9, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      How sad for us if the Presiden has people like this Samin who do not believe in religion freedom.
      But we are all getting to be dissapointed now.


  • ross1948 10:15 on January 29, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Michelle, Marvel – A Rare ‘Hats Off!’ to Mrs. Obama! 

    Having just congratulated some judges (in Australia) it seems today is shaping up to be extraordinary at RRA HQ, because now I applaud Obama’s missus, Michelle!


    For showing up in Saudi with her fine head of hair uncovered.

    Apparently a lot of primitives there are upset (Reasons to be Cheerful 101) but apart from being a good thing in itself, Michelle’s move has had the spin-off benefit of causing even pinko papers, like the Sydney Morning Herald, to remind their readers of the iniquities that backward codes of law inflict on women, simply for being women!

    . Genders are strictly segregated. Women are banned from driving, although there have been campaigns in recent years to lift that ban. Guardianship laws also require women to get permission from a male relative to travel, get married, enroll in higher education or undergo certain surgical procedures. http://www.smh.com.au/world/michelle-obama-forgoes-a-headscarf-and-sparks-a-backlash-in-saudi-arabia-20150128-130j5h.html

    A mediaeval midden, that place. 

    But I note too that the SMH mentions Indonesia. 

    Some users pointed out that, on a recent trip to Indonesia, Mrs Obama had worn a headscarf. Why not in Saudi Arabia?


    tifatul-michelle%20obama Michelle meets fanatic Indonesian minister


    Well, she didn’t on her most famous visit to Indonesia, when the Islamist PKS Tifatul Islamist Minister Demands Google Ban on Teen Dancers Video!  was captured on camera actually TOUCHING a woman’s hand – shock horror among fanatic freakos!

    As to other visits she’s made, I don’t know what she wore – only she can answer that.

    But if she wore the scarf of subjugation here in Jakarta, she’d not have resembled the majority of Muslim ladies here, who do NOT cover their lovely locks. Only in the hell-hole province of Aceh are they forced to.


    • Aceh's Sharia Gestapo in Action

    Acehnese shariah goons ensure ‘sinners’ are scarfed!’


    • Indeed, when we had a lady President, Megawati, in Jakarta, she went everywhere, except to worship, unscarfed. Nor did President SBY’s wife hide her nice hair, nor, to her great credit, does President Jokowi’s.

    Jakarta – Fanatics Froth At First Lady’s Non-Sectarian Style! 

    Since he won the election last year, his First Lady has shown a good example to Indonesian womanhood by appearing in public dressed very presentably – and the IslamoNazis DON’T like it!  


    • Lina 13:32 on January 29, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you for explanation to foreign people that we Indonesia people are nothing same like Arabs.
      All our first ladies wear no hijab, civilised modern woman in civilised modern country. Yes except for Aceh that always shames us,


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