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  • ross1948 10:24 on February 16, 2022 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: MEPs Strasbourg Slugs, vendettas against Poland and Hungary   

    From Within The Enemy Ranks, A ‘Liberal’ Revelation! 

    I offer you only the link below, because it covers perfectly the story of how the Strasbourg Slugs, whom we’ve railed against time and again…

    The difference here is that it’s one of those MEPs who’s providing the revelations.


    Spanish press reports of conscious political attack on Hungary and Poland


  • ross1948 16:28 on September 18, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: co-habiting queers, MEPs Strasbourg Slugs   

    Strasbourg Slugs Exude Homophilia 

    One of the sleaziest assemblies in the world…


    ….the ‘European Parliament,’ aka the Strasbourg Slugs…

    …has passed a resolution of solidarity with the EUSSR’s sodomite ‘communities,”

    It seems terrible persecution of shirt-lifters is rife!


    Burnt at the stake?


    Thrown off high buildings?


    as many as 12 member states have been found granting the right of residence to a same-sex spouse but without attaching the name “spouse”




    A dozen countries still retain enough basic decency to reject homo-weddings.

    But they are gracious enough to allow co-habiting queers from countries with less respect for decency nevertheless to reside within their borders.

    Naturally, since they do not sanction homo-weddings, they will not afford aberrants the privilege of using the word ‘spouse.’

    What else would one expect? .

    Yet the leftist warthogs in Strasbourg are so affronted that they take their dirty snouts out the trough…



    …long enough to vote through a declaration of their delight in deviancy?


    • Ned A 20:59 on September 18, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Have they nothing better to do?


  • ross1948 16:04 on July 22, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Seehofer, Like Pontius Pilate, Disowns All Guilt! 

    ‘Flood warnings are up to local authorities because they require local knowledge,” said Germany’s interior minister, Horst Seehofer.. 

    And that’s that.

    Mama Stasi Merkel’s mouth-piece has spoken.

    To use the English slang ‘wet’ meaning wimpy and useless might seem incongruous, given the context, but he is worthless.

    Once upon a time, long before the recent dire flooding,



     …but in the wake of the crimmigrant tsunami, he strutted his stuff as a conservative.

    . ..


    I am first to admit, he once had quite a few of us fooled.

    Fighting Talk On Alien Horde Riles Mama Stasi’s Rat-Pack

    But not for all that long, a least in my case.


    ‘Cutting EU funds could be one way to punish Hungary for its recent anti-LGBTI laws..’

    One expects such strident shrilling from Fourth Reich degenerates…

    …in Strasbourg, and in Brussels, who hate Hungary –  not only because Hungary wants to prevent children’s minds being soiled by gaystapo poison…

    Hungary’s Clause 28 – “Hands Off Kids! “ 

    … but also because Hungary, under Viktor Orban’s courageous leadership, has, to the best of its ability…


    Primitive savages trying to gatecrash Hungary.

    ….sturdily striven to safeguard Europe from primitive invasion.

    But who was it spat out that intimidatory rhetoric a few weeks ago?


    . ..

    “.The Hungarian law “violates central values of the European Union. We must not and will not accept this,” he added.

    German minister proposes EU funds cut for Hungary


    None other than the Bavarian ‘elder statesman’ who evidently has now abandoned every claim to be considered ‘conservative.’



    He has attained high office under Mama Stasi Merkel, but at a price, abandoning whatever sound instincts he once possessed.

    “.The Hungarian law “violates central values of the European Union. We must not and will not accept this,” he added.

    German minister proposes EU funds cut for Hungary

    • Hannelor 16:10 on July 22, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Once on a time we trusted Seehofer but not ever now.
      He has joined himself to Mama and become a friend to The Enemy.


  • ross1948 16:20 on April 2, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , Eurovision Song, MEPs Strasbourg Slugs, Tomorrow Belongs To Me   

    ‘Cabaret’ Re-Make? Tomorrow Belongs To Euro-Slugs? 

    EU institutions have put forward a first-ever, controversial entry into the Eurovision Song Contest to be held in the Netherlands, in May. Read on »


    Read on if you will, but my first thought was of that chilling scene in ‘Cabaret! ‘


    Tomorrow belongs to me! (With Lyrics) - YouTube



  • ross1948 15:41 on February 5, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , MEPs Strasbourg Slugs   

    Exposed! Strasbourg Slugs’ Latest Arrogance! 

    Even the rabidly Europhiliac EU Observer seems shaken by the latest display of hubristic arrogance on the part of the Strasbourg Slugs…


    …and if you read what follows, you may be too…..

    EU parliament snubs anti-corruption researchers

    TodayTransparency International carried out three separate studies on integrity, of the European Parliament, the European Commission, and the Council (representing member states). The European Parliament refused to cooperate.

    Read on »

    …although, frankly, I’m NOT, after reporting on their slimy self-indulgence and profligate waste for some years!

    Dirty Strasbourg Slugs! What Are They Hiding? 

    The European Parliament questions whether the ombudsman had the right to criticise the institution’s “margin of discretion” in deciding on publication of confidential papers about the controversial monthly €4,513 expenses lump sum for MEPs. Read

    Strasbourg Slugs – Loud Against Brexit, Silent On Expenses

    Read This As Polls Open – Report Slams Sly MEP Swine!

    Time To Badger Big-Nose Brok

    Jobs For Brussel Boys…Gongs For Strasbourg Slugs! 

    Strasbourg Slug – Bail-Out Cash Must Enforce Gender-Bender Pact 


    • Noreen Paterson 18:20 on February 5, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Good Lord!
      How can they be so bare-faced?
      Thank God Britannia has extricated herself from rhat slough of corruption!


  • ross1948 16:06 on January 29, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 'Renew Europe', deviants, gaystapo mind-set, Lithuanian MEP, MEPs Strasbourg Slugs, , Viktor Uspaskich   

    One And A Half Cheers For Mr. Uspaskich! 

    According to EUObserver, the ‘liberal’ group of Strasbourg Slugs, which styles itself ‘Renew Europe,’ has kicked out a Lithuanian MEP named Viktor Uspaskich with “immediate effect!”


    Viktor Uspaskich 1205.jpg

    Why, what’s he done?

    Well, as we know, telling the truth these days can land a man, or woman, in TONS of trouble, even, in the UK, prosecution…

    Pro-Freak English Judge Rules -Truth Is ‘Offensive, Exclusionary!’ .

    ….and telling the truth about queers is a particularly heinous crime.

    Defy The Fury Of The Freaks! Buy J K Rowling’s New Book! 

    Sure enough, all the MEP did was display a video clip on Facebook this month, in which he accurately described queers as “perverts … deviants.

    Last week his Renew colleagues expelled him!

    Renew is an infamous den of pro-freak fanatics, as we have noticed…

    Dutch MEP Samira Rafaela

    Strasbourg Slug – Bail-Out Cash Must Enforce Gender-Bender Pact 

    …so he shouldn’t have been surprised. 

    I would be inclined to propose three cheers and urge him to join one of the sensible groups in the ‘European Parliament.’

    But then I read that he has apologised.

    “I apologise … sincerely, that my words, though perhaps too rude or used not carefully enough, but taken out of context, caused misunderstanding, grief and uproar…”

    NEVER back down when you’re in the right!

    But then he confuses us – and makes us think he’s confused himself.

    He also insisted he had a right to criticise people who “lead a perverted way of life.”

    Lithuanian MEP apologises in homophobia row

    Which is absolutely fair comment- so why apologise?

    Reading a bit about his record, I’m not so sure other groups would welcome him aboard.

    But whatever, he’s better off out of the aberrant admiration club which is Renew.


  • ross1948 13:18 on October 31, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Communism = Nazism, Hitler = Stalin, MEPs Strasbourg Slugs, Putin to criminalise comparison,   

    Putin Errs – Stalin Was Only Exceeded In Evil By Mao! 

    Very regrettable reading…



    ….that President Putin has plans to criminalise comparisons of Stalinism with Nazism…’

    There’s no doubt at all that – while Hitler did not have the same amount of time to murder as many as Stalin –

    ….the two totalitarian tyrants were as bad as each other.

    But the only despot to be compared unfavourably with Stalin has to be the Beast of Beijing….



    ….the blood-drenched, universally unlamented, Mao Tse Tung.


    One doesn’t know what to make of ‘Russian MP Elena Yampolskaya, who proposed it at a cultural event.


    What does that even mean? Sloppy reporting in EUObserver?

    “It” refers to what – the criminalisation of a fair comparison!?

    EU Observer mentions that ‘the European Parliament has declared 23 August as a “European Day of Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism said Nazism,’ but fails to mention the double standard operated by many of its member states, whereby any glorification of Nazism is outlawed and can be punished by serious jail-time…



    ….yet similarly honouring evil marxist monsters goes unpunished, with the gutless German Government under Mama Stasi Merkel…

    ….even allowing a statue to be erected last year to the satanic old swine who invented the poisonous creed.


    Trier Today – The Liar Leads The Left In Tributes To Evil! 

    It was fitting that the orchestrated demonic howl in Trier, glorifying the founder of the most evil ideology in history had, as its conductor, none other than the Brussels Beelzebub, Liar Juncker.



    Aaah, the collabo politicians and media fellow-travellers will riposte, the Strasbourg Slugs did not mention Marx or Marxism….only Stalinism.

    Which is true, and another reason to despise the Slugs who wouldn’t condemn the disease, only one of the symptoms?

    • Dougias Orr 17:04 on October 31, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      A change of topic, not that your regular reports on BBC bias are unwelcome, but it is important to record the way rhe EU ruling class is not even-handed on this issue.
      Juncker was a drunkard, but not that day and he knew very well he was honouring a devil.
      The swastika is displayed at risk of prosecution but in many countries the hammer and sickle is often seen and that is wrong.


  • ross1948 15:52 on October 24, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , MEPs Strasbourg Slugs, , vegetarians   

    “When’s A ‘Veggie Burger’ NOT A ‘Veggie Burger?’ “ 


    That headline above is taken verbatim from an opinion piece in EUObs, and I’m not going to get into the nitty-gritty of the legislation the lady who wrote the article is on about.

    I’d prefer to challenge her on why she would be concerned if the reputation of MEPs suffered for doing what they’re best at…

    Strasbourg Slug – Bail-Out Cash Must Enforce Gender-Bender Pact 

    ….lavishing time and money on questionable (to say the least) causes!



    For a start, this gratuitous discussion on meat denominations risks exposing legislators to ridicule and is fodder for Euroscepticism.

    She’s got a point, for sure, but…


    I suspect she wouldn’t welcome my endorsement anyway, because to my way of thinking, as far as Strasbourg Slugs are concerned…



    …the more those pathetic, bombastic and enormously over-paid MEP clowns are exposed to ridicule the better.

    Yet she seems to think that would be an undesirable outcome.


    ….doesn’t it make you British readers feel a little bit better…

    ….even as we all worry about the Chinese Virus and the threat from Big Tech to democracy worldwide, and the crimmigrant tsunami not only on the Channel beaches but to all of Christendom…

    …to know that at least the UK is no longer subject to the blathering of those Strasbourg Slugs?


  • ross1948 15:50 on October 23, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , MEPs Strasbourg Slugs,   

    It’s not often I praise the Guardian…. 

    It’s not often I praise the Guardian, but their uniquely definitive photo of MEPs in action caught my eye!

    Young pigs piled in a stall on a battery farm in Lamballe, France

    Greta Thunberg accuses MEPs of ‘surrender on climate and environment


    Alas, while The Addled Brat may be suffering vexation at the hands of the MEPs pictured above the headline,  that’s about the only useful thing they’ve done in recent years.


    Am I harsh?

    Think back…

    ….on what we know about the Strasbourg Slugs…

    Dirty Strasbourg Slugs! What Are They Hiding? 

    The European Parliament questions whether the ombudsman had the right to criticise the institution’s “margin of discretion” in deciding on publication of confidential papers about the controversial monthly €4,513 expenses lump sum for MEPs. Read

    Strasbourg Slugs – Loud Against Brexit, Silent On Expenses

    Read This As Polls Open – Report Slams Sly MEP Swine!

    Time To Badger Big-Nose Brok


  • ross1948 17:06 on October 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , , , gaystapo witch-hunt, MEPs Strasbourg Slugs, Nikolaj Nielsen, Paval Sievaryniec   

    Why Have I Not Commented On Belarus? 

    Recently I took a side-swipe at the notoriously Europhiliac EUObserver, a reference to its ‘witch-hunting.’



    One of my commenters had to ask what I meant, and he was quite right to ask, because with a plethora of issues requiring my attention, I had neglected to cover the witch-hunt concerned.

    So now I do so, again with apologies for having had too much on my plate when an EUObs scribbler put the boot in.

    Belarus is in a dreadful situation.



    The regime is as bad as any of the old marxist dictatorships that once ruled all of East/Central Europe.

    I will write more soon but let’s just say that I admire the way a range of resistance leaders are refusing to knuckle under.

    My admiration, it seemed, was shared by a large number of MEPs.

    The centre-right European People’s Party (EPP), centre-left Socialists and Democrats (S&D), and liberal Renew Europe have all nominated the democratic opposition in Belarus, represented by the coordination council.

    Well, one would hope so!

    But just as briefly as those Strasbourg Slugs’ support for the brave Belarus leadership materialised, so too did it vanish – almost overnight!

    And WHY?

    Because an EUObs hack named Nikolaj Nielsen…









    ….got his pinko knickers in a twist over one member of the Belarus democratic opposition’s “coordination council,” who happens to be antipathetic to one of EUObs’ pet causes, the advancement of the gaystapo agenda.

    Get this, from Nasty Nik!

    The three major political groups in the European Parliament have included a homophobe in their collective candidacy list for the prestigious annual Sakharov Prize.

    Oh, no!

    One of the resistance heroes is not only ready to resist the presidential goon-squad but also to speak out against perversion?

    Not nice, thinks Nasty Nik! 

    The European Parliament usually defends LGBTI rights – but appears to have overlooked Paval Sieviaryniec’s record…


    Sieviaryniec Paval.jpg
    Paval Sievaryniec  

    Sievaryniec is a real hero, and has been imprisoned by the regime, even deemed a ‘prisoner of conscience’ by Amnesty!

    He has also been busy trying to get a Christian Democrat Party started in Belarus.

    He (unsurprisingly) supports moral standards that match Christian values ( values shared by most Jews and Muslims, BTW!)

    A quick glance at Wikipedia tells us more about this Christian patriot, including how the self-styled ‘freedom campaigners’ of Belarus PEN expelled him for defending traditional morality.

    We read that on June 4, 2016, Sieviaryniec told Radio Free Europe that homosexuality as a social norm will destroy the Belarusian nation..


    Good for him!

    He pin-pointed the very idea of gender, just as dangerous as racist propaganda or provoking class warfare…

    It was a leftist agitprop outfit called ‘Make Out’ that took umbrage in 2014, raging that Sieviaryniec was “one of the first people who stated that gays should be ‘treated’, and that “gender is an ideology…’

    Basically, he’s an all-round good guy, who in 2019 was involved with a petition seeking government action ‘to criminalise LGBTI ‘propaganda.’


    Nasty Nik is of course correct about the EUSSR.

    Brussels Boosts Trans-Freak Agenda! 



    EUSSR Splurges YOUR Money for Perverts to Lobby EUSSR! 

    The ruling political elite in the Brussels Empire is positively besotted with sexual aberrants.

    Clearly when they chose to honour the Belarus good guys and gals, they hadn’t realised that one of those guys was not just good but committed to the values of Christendom. 

    Once they got THAT message from Nasty Nik, snow off a dry stane dyke in springtime couldn’t have melted away faster.


    • Chris Collins 08:29 on October 9, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      They deserve that nickname Strabourg Slugs you have given them.


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