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  • ross1948 15:57 on July 28, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Dirty Strasbourg Slugs! What Are They Hiding? 

    The European Parliament questions whether the ombudsman had the right to criticise the institution’s “margin of discretion” in deciding on publication of confidential papers about the controversial monthly €4,513 expenses lump sum for MEPs. Read


    Do read on, and tell as many people as you can about how these foul Strasbourg Slugs are scared stiff  of exposure to even deeper loathing and contempt than that in which the public already holds them.




    • Edward Lamont 16:09 on July 28, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Amen to that!


    • Mel Henderson 16:13 on July 28, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I like this better, when you let the story speak for itself.
      It’s not that I don’t appreciate your rage, but when you produce half a dozen a day, I can’t devote that much time to reading everything.


    • Petra Malley 19:13 on July 28, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I will pass this on but most, if not all British people know that the European ‘Parliament’ is riddled with self-seeking grubs. They see their ‘jobs’ as a means to enrich themselves at the expense of the people they are there to represent.
      If there were any justice in their ‘Europe,’ they would be put on trial for corruption, then put up against a wall and shot.


      • Vanessa Reilly 21:53 on July 28, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        Petra, if you are proposing a firing squad for the Strasbourg Slugs, I would like to volunteer!


  • ross1948 19:55 on July 9, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Strasbourg Slug Mafia Breaks The Rules – Dirty Tricks, Again! 

    Not unexpectedly, no fair dealing in Strasbourg, where the patriot bloc is set to be denied its fair share of committee chairmanships by the in-crowd.

    Dirty tricks deployed to defeat democracy


    As Euractiv puts it, the bloc, the Identity and Democracy (ID) group, which includes Matteo Salvini’s Lega party and Marine Le Pen’s National Rally, ‘are being kept away from taking key positions in the Parliament…’

    The perpetrators’ hypocrisy is clearly illustrated, since no such “cordon sanitaire” is applied to far left parties like the Greens…



    …or the Leftist gang known as the ‘European United Left / Nordic Green Left,’ despite their inclusion of Sinn Fein fans of the IRA murder-gang.

    France 24’s “Debate” Features Jew-Bashing Convicted Terrorist! 


    ….no, there’s no ‘cordon sanitaire against Sinn Fein scum.

    Only against ‘anti-European and populist parties!

    Curiously, Euractiv tells us that there have been doubts that the anti-democratic practice would continue, as ‘some MEPs believe it to be difficult to justify from a democratic perspective.’

    In fact it’s impossible to justify from any democratic perspective, but is seemingly being repeated as an act of pure political malice.

    I am divided on this ‘cordon sanitaire’ issue,” admitted a French MEP. “However, when I saw the attitude of Rassemblement National MEPs during the opening session… it was a sad spectacle. These people do not want to play by the institution’s rules,” he added.

    Really? Did patriot members run wild, throwing punches at the ruling class’s henchmen? Did  they even seek to prevent debate by shouting down opponents?



    Image result for brexit party anthem


    The ID patriot offence was nearly identical to the dignified protest when the Brexit Party’s Brits turned their backs when that ‘European anthem,’ was played last week.


    Marine’s members declined to stand.

    If I’m at an event here in Jakarta, where Indonesia’s national anthem is played, of course I stand to attention. It’s common courtesy, as Indonesians do for God Save The Queen, or O Canada – a sign of respect for each other’s national hymn, of the country to which one belongs.

    The EUSSR is no country.

    Nor is it respected.


    But according to the report on the anti-democratic manoeuvres. The patriot members’ refusal to render obeisance to the anthem of oppression, ‘has helped convince some of those who are sceptical’ that the vendetta against fair play must be pursued, even though Identity and Democracy has 73 MEPs, just one less than the extremist Greens.

    The rule by which positions among the Strasbourg Slugs are apportioned is called the  ‘d’Hondt rule.’ Since Euractiv explains it, I quote rather than try to explain it myself, as I might get it wrong.

    Having such ‘figures would give their group’s MEPs access to a certain number of posts. This rule ensures the distribution of key positions among the different political families according to a complex calculation that aims to ensure everyone is represented.’




    ‘Everyone is represented?

    But that’s democratic!

    And that’s unacceptable to the ruling class rat-pack!


    The d’Hondt rule has given rise to certain monstrosities…’

    That’s how Sylvie Guillaume, the leader of the French MEPs of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats (S&D) …


    Image result for sylvie guillaume socialist


    … describes playing fair, because by doing so the EU Parliament should have placed an MEP from the Rassemblement National at the head of one of these two committees.

    And Red Ranter Sylvie is not on her own!

    The four main groups in the European Parliament are now all in agreement to keep the ‘cordon sanitaire’ around the ID group, which is now unlikely to obtain any committee chairmanships.


    Related image


    When the Vice-Presidents of the European Parliament were elected on Wednesday (3 July), the populists and eurosceptics of the European Conservatives and Reformists Group (ECR) were kept away from the 12 available posts, which were divided between the pro-European groups.


    • Noreen P 20:21 on July 9, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      They truly are totalitarian in the way they grind down the only real opposition. The EUSSR is the correct terminology. They are devoid of conscience.
      Brexit has got to be!


    • Pamela 20:49 on July 9, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Good one, Ross.
      Long enough to lay out the facts and short enough to make sure the readers don’t lose the thread.
      The Eurocrats are so base, so amoral, so audaciously dirty in the tactics they stoop to.
      I can almost taste the anger.


    • Lyn Cobb 22:16 on July 9, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      What a scandalous situation, this deliberate defiance, when it suits their federalist ambitions, of rules they agreed themselves.
      Truly another USSR!


  • ross1948 21:55 on December 7, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Strasbourg Slugs Offered Hugs…And Kisses…And…? 

    Members of the European Parliament have received in their letter boxes a copy of a magazine which on the back cover featured an advertisement for an escort service.


    Big Bloody Deal!


    Unless, of course, some of the avaricious swine who are so shy about their expenses…

    “I’m Interested In…”“Oh No You’re Not,” Say Strasbourg Slugs! 

    …have been using your taxes to avail themselves of the escort services.

    But the ‘news’ story in EUObserver does not suggest that’s the case.

    Instead, the report focuses on a couple of uptight pinkos getting all hot and bothered!


    Prissy Pascal Durand

    Greens MEP Pascal Durand and left-wing MEP Malin Bjork have asked parliament president Antonio Tajani and secretary-general Klaus Welle for an investigation.

    “It is unacceptable that this kind of extremely sexist material is being distributed in the parliament,” they wrote

    Image result for malin bjork

    Left Party Misery-Guts Malin Bjork – we’ve heard of her before! Fake Swede Feminism – Can’t France24’s Left Oz-Bint Get It Right? 



    On one of the few occasions that MEPs might be seen by the rest of us as normal human beings, these two kill-joy clowns can only bleat like degendered sheep!?!

    Related image





  • ross1948 17:50 on November 3, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Strasbourg Gropers – YOU Have No Right To KNOW! 


    European Parliament secretary general Klaus Welle refuses to publish papers…


    Image result for klaus welle

    …discussing what has been done with MEPs’ requests for measures to prevent sexual harassment.

    Unelected EU parliament official blocks release of #Metoo papers

    Who does this klutz think he is?

    Not a single voter of any European nationality voted him into the ivory tower from which he talks down to commoners.

    Time for a spot of defenestration?

  • ross1948 18:04 on October 22, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Green Garbage – Showering Support On Calais Curs! 


    Members of the European Parliament have shared photos of themselves showering fully clothed to urge the French government to improve sanitation facilities for immigrants at Calais.   French MEPs shower while clothed…

    I won’t use the photos of the Enemy Within showering clothed, nor would I affront you – even if I could, which I can’t – with pics of them showering naked!



    But do these Green Party dolts not understand that nobody is forcing the illegals to colonise Calais?

    That they have not only travelled through safe countries before reaching France, and that they have crossed much of France to reach Calais…


    • ============

    …so they are NOT remotely ‘refugees,’ merely crimmigrants dead-set on illegal incursions against the UK?


    These Green gits of course know that, so they stand condemned by their own misdeeds as collaborators, seeking to give aid and comfort to undesirable aliens.

    And the curs in Calais are among the most undesirable in all Europe…

    …who’d be better served with a splattering from AK47s than creature comforts like showers.

    No doubt the Old Argie Dope will be pleased with the far-left Greens…


    ‘Si, si, you getta dem washed while I whitewash da criminality!’ 

    Argie Dope, Uppity Arab, Team Up Against Trump 


    ….for adding their weight to a campaign launched by Catholic Aid – Caritas France,…stating: “Rather than showers at the European Parliament, I would rather see them in Calais.”

    I think Brits already have made up their minds on that shower in the ‘European Parliament’ – After Khadr, Now Khaled – More Exaltation Of Evil!  –  a total washout!



    It seems the stunt arose as a result of those lousy UN sticky-beaks intruded into France’s internal affairs…



    …a diktat that Macron should implement long-term measures that would bring drinkable water and bathing facilities to migrant camps in northern France.

    Long term?

    I just watched Euronew, interviewing a Calais shop-keeper, recounting the plight of the people there, multiple break-ins as pack of aliens prowl the streets,

    How long do illegals get to prey on defenceless folks before they are removed?

    If they were in detention camps, as they should be, as illegals…



    ….then yes, they’d get free food and water and daily opportunities to clean themselves up, pending deportation.

    But clearly these swine freely chose to descend on the Channel port city, the easier to pursue their criminal goal, gate-crashing British borders.



    If they had, at any point in their lengthy trek, applied for ‘asylum,’ then they’d be getting all the soap and water they need, plus all the freebies, including that infamous ‘pocket-money!’

    They are in a situation of their own creation, and deserve neither help nor an iota of sympathy.



    A boot in the backside, to speed them home, surely, would be a grand alternative.

    • Franz 23:52 on October 22, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      This is all the truth that you have written.
      They are not refuges and it is very wrong that the police do not collect them for deportation,
      Macron is like Merkel, who pretends to be strong now but was not strong when Germany needed her to be.
      I wish our countries had leaders who care for our people.
      Always they care more for these illegals who are bad people and cause crime and trouble wherever they go. I feel sorry for the Calais people

      It is also true that the Pope is also bad so I think it is a nice dream to put all the trouble-makers in Vatican City where his Swiss Guards can be busy protecting the nuns from rape and the priests from robbery.


  • ross1948 22:30 on September 29, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    EU Assembly Of Asses Demands Brits Fund Their Follies! 

    Thanks to the Freedom Association for telling us about the good-for-nothing wasters in Strasbourg….

    …aka the EU Parliament’s Budget Committee, which has approved €12 million of spending on free trains for teens; €2 million to send teens to Africa; €1.3 million to teach teens about the sea; €800,000 trees for Africa; €800,000 butterfly watching; and €750,000 for bee watching.

    Big deal?

    Who cares what the nutjobs do to pander to millennial moochers?

    Not Liar Juncker, who despises democracy…



    …but Brits SHOULD care, for Brits, despite that clear majority in the Brexit referendum, will still be paying part of it from the so-called Brexit divorce bill. 


    • Lettling 16:10 on September 30, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      The British must be mad if they are thinking about unbrexiting,
      All this money that Eurocrats love to throw away is never from the Eurocrats own bank accounts and they never ask the tax-payers they take it from,
      UK should make an end to their pockets being fleeced for what you are right to call follies. .


  • ross1948 23:11 on February 5, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Never Heard of Ted Malloch – Seems Like A Good Guy! 

    Just out, this week’s EUObserver  and a fascinating little piece on the US ambassador -designate to the EUSSR.

    It is reported that Trump’s envoy, Ted Malloch, said in recent interviews that the euro could collapse soon, and that the EU “needs a little taming”, seemingly comparing it to the Soviet Union.   


    Heck, that’s nothing new.

    • EUSSR-Flag


    One of the best-known Soviet dissidents told us years ago that the Euro-Commissars and their supranational structure were VERY reminiscent of the cruel Kremlin regime. 


    Hasil gambar untuk bukovsky Brussels

    Former Soviet Dissident Warns Of EU Dictatorship



    But back then, Vladimir Bukovsky was a voice in the wilderness.

    Ted Malloch, on the other hand, represents the forces of awakening democracy, and is seen as so much of a threat to the arrogant clowns in Strasbourg that they now talk of refusing to accept the American.

    Two outstandingly fanatic EurocRats, Manfred Weber, notable Merkel flunkey, and the ghastly Belgian, Guy Verhofstadt-A War-Mongering Guy – Thank God For Brexit! accused Mr Malloch of outrageous malevolence” towards “the values that define the EU.”   http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/donald-trump-eu-ambassador-ted-malloch-european-parliament-reject-a7560466.html

    But my fave Malloch quote has to be what he said about Liar Juncker, Commissar-in-Chief….


    Hasil gambar untuk juncker democracy

     Liar Juncker And ‘EU Rule Number One’ – Down With Democracy! 


    …viz. that he’d be a “very adequate mayor of some city in Luxembourg.”


    But c’mon, EUSSR ‘values?’

    No such thing!

    Unless they mean being soft on crimmigrants and against democratic participation in government, as Weber once made clear…Merkel’s Manikin Manfred – ‘Ignore What Voters Think!’ 


    Hasil gambar untuk ted malloch

    Ted Malloch


    Tough, twits! Strasbourg MEPs have no say in acceptance or rejection of ambassadors.


    • Mort 23:28 on February 5, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Britain and America should be friends, and after Obama tried to bully the British with his back of the queue rant, the British people mostly understand it, except for the street-mons we have seen out there having fun instead of looking for jobs.
      Ted Malloch is like you of partly Scottish ancestry, and has a coat of arms approved by the Scots heraldry boss, the Lord Lyon.
      He is also a professor who has written some very heavy stuff. He’s due to speak in the UK soon, this month but I’m not sure where. You should find out and promote the event.


  • ross1948 18:35 on September 26, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    MEPs’ Latest Scheme – Plunder YOUR Money For Millennials’ Freebies! 

    Giving a free train pass to each European turning 18 would reconnect young people to the EU and each other.https://euobserver.com/opinion/135160?

    Oh Yeah?



    • I went a-wandering all over Europe when I was 16, and 17, and for a few more summers after that, hitch-hiking.
    • Later I did buy a rail pass, because I wanted to see as much as I could in a limited amount of time between university and the world of work.
    • I did all that travelling because I loved seeing Europe and meeting its people, and not for one instant did I come to favour seeing Britain subjugated to liars and multicultists of the sort who run the EUSSR.
    • ——————
    • The yaplings in EUObserver appear oblivious to the truth, that Brits voted Leave NOT because they dislike the other peoples under Brussels rule but because they value one of the rights enshrined in the UN Charter –  SELF-DETERMINATION! 
    • DEMOCRACY and the EUSSR are incompatible, as Liar Juncker made clear recently.
    •  Liar Juncker And ‘EU Rule Number One’ – Down With Democracy! Hasil gambar untuk juncker democracy
    • ——–——–.
    • But who’s going to pay for these ‘free’ train passes?

    Who else, but you Brits, if Tardy Theresa hasn’t pressed button 50.

    And all the other peoples currently subjugated to the supranational commissars. These impudent upstarts are quite bare-faced in their call for more abuse of tax-payers’ money, something for which EurocRats are already infamous.



    They came up with an idea: why doesn’t the European Commission hand out Interrail passes to all EU youth for free?

    They are grossly offensive clowns, too.

    Get this!  S/he who travels does not set fire to refugee homes or vote for (semi-) fascist parties.

     Note they are too gutless to specify which parties they slur as ‘fascist.’

    I travelled as a teen, and didn’t burn anyone’s lodgings, but the crimmigrants sure do travel, and more than a few commit arson, rape and murder..

    REPORT: Migrants Burn Down Asylum Centre After Not Receiving Ramadan Wake Up Call

    “Attacks Now A Daily Routine..:” SoDyeThat Blonde Hair! 




    Moreover, I seem to have read about leftist lay-abouts travelling around Europe giving aid and comfort to crimmigrants, most recently in Ventimiglia. 

    The Ventimiglia Connection? And Where’s Da Media? 

    So does travelling define who’s right and wrong, good and bad, smart or dimwitted? Hardly – simplistic propagandists, these two, a nasty pair of leftists, smearing by implication, then urging a huge gouge from the public purse!. 


    And guess who’s on board with this prospective rip-off, which the dissing duo ,Vincent Immanuel Herr and Martin Speer, both aged 30 or pushing it, admit would cost billions?

     Just recently, the head of the EPP group Manfred Weber proposed it on the floor of the European Parliament. 

    Wonderful. We know all about that ‘European Parliament.’  

    EU states must take many more refugees, warn MEPs



    Naked Truth? Renzi Belly-Crawls To Islamist Intolerance! 


     Shortly after, Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi voiced his support for the idea.


    Red Renzi!

    The man who daily ships into Italy thousands of crimmigrants, and who decriminalised illegal immigration. That’s the sort of endorsement which will endear the scheme to working folk, Italians especially, whose economy is a mess – €2.6 billion a year on freebie joy-riding. 

    • Justine K 00:21 on September 28, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      What a cheek!
      I used to travel around Europe too when I was a student and it never even occurred to me to expect other people to pay for my travels. It’s people like these young spongers who voted Remain.and this begging bowl mentality that has been dragging us down for years.


  • ross1948 00:11 on March 17, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Schulz? Scheisse! Enoch Was Right! Strasbourg Is NO Parliament! 

    Having sat – and stood for standing ovations – among audiences which heard Enoch Powell in person, back in the day, I distinctly recall him denouncing the talking-shop in Strasbourg as being anything BUT a parliament.


    But since then, it has become not so much a talking-shop as a shrine, to oligarchy, the citadel of the elite, where contempt for the common people is dogma.

    And now its current commissar-in-chief has issued an authoritarian edict, to suppress those brave patriots elected to its ranks who seek to reassure those common people that not everyone within those opulent walls will sit silent where treason reigns.



    The president of the European Parliament wants an effective broadcasting ban on MEPs who wave placards in debates, amid fears that the Strasbourg assembly is becoming a “circus.”

    Every circus needs a contingent of clowns and we’ve seen and heard the cultural marxist variety time and again.  But Martin Schulz’s latest diktat is no laughing matter. 


    European Commission's President Jean-Claude Juncker (L) kisses the forehead of President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz, before his State of the Union address to the European Parliament in Strasbourg, eastern France, on September 9, 2015. Juncker urged European Union (EU) states on September 9 to take "bold" action, as he unveiled a major plan for dealing with Europe's worst refugee crisis since World War II. "Now is not the time to take fright, it is time for bold determined action for the European Union," Juncker said. AFP PHOTO / FREDERICK FLORINFREDERICK FLORIN/AFP/Getty Images

    No wonder Liar Juncker made  such a slobbering show of his approval for the babbling Commissar Schulz!

    More honest people might express another view…

    Hasil gambar untuk insults


    This German Socialist, in keeping wih his SPD comrades back in the Berlin Bundestag –   Hitlers SPD Heirs – ‘Media Must Gag Critics of Crimmigration!  –  has shown his true autocratic colours, having ordered the chamber’s in-house television crews to cut away from MEPs who brandish signs or wear t-shirts as visual props, claiming that they “encourage” the 750 elected members to “misbehave…”




    Better to have honest MEPs wearing t-shirts getting the truth across to citizens, I’d say, than have a pack of corrupt hypocrites wearing thousand-euro suits soaking up public funds.




    EU Misspent Almost $9 Billion From Budget, Audit Finds – WSJ

    But I’ll let you guess which – the t-shirts or the rancid corruption – prompted this outburst from Herr Scheisse. 

    “This is being financed by the European tax payer!” Mr Schulz complained.     










  • ross1948 21:21 on May 5, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Witch-Hunt Escalates, As Strasbourg Badgers Magyars! 

     budapest3 Hungary 1956


    Yeah, Magyars is pronounced to rhyme, roughly, with ‘badgers.’ 

    Some readers must wonder why I’m so into Hungary. I have been there, post-liberation, and liked the place, but my sympathy with Magyars stems from my childhood.


    • communism tyranny
    • ——————————
    • I was just old enough to understand the horrible news, 1956, the Red invasion which placed a quisling regime in power and forced 100,000 people to seek sanctuary in the West – real ‘asylum’ seekers!

    Now they face invasion once more, and another USSR, the EUSSR, would dearly love to put a quisling Europhile regime into power there.


      Yesterday we showed you this story.  



                                                                                                                                         MEPs challenge Orban’s ‘horrible’ migration survey


    The poor little babblers got all upset with the Hungarian PM because he puts his own people first, before the bludger hordes.

    • ——————————
      “We shall not allow economic migrants to jeopardise the jobs and livelihoods of Hungarians” says Viktor Orban 
    • ———————–

    Liberal members of the European Parliament on Tuesday (April 28) urged the European Commission and fellow members states to verify that a public consultation on migration launched in Hungary complies with EU values and laws.

    Stuff their laws.

    Self-respecting nations make their own laws.


    • And as for their values, those that are discernible are not European at all, except insofar as Frankfurt is in Europe, and it’s the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism that spawned the vile ‘values’ by which these charlatans operate.

    Budapest’s consultation questionnaire, despatched to 8 million citizens , poses a perceptive question or two, like whether “the mismanagement of the immigration question by Brussels may have something to do with increased terrorism.”


    EUSSR redarafat

    EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs with terrorist hero


    Skip the known association of a current senior EU apparatchik with an infamous terrorist. Just don’t forget it.

    The same MEPs ( malignant extremist parasites?) are further incensed that the consultation asks if Hungarians support the idea of ‘detaining illegal migrants.‘ Aaah, that brings us to the word ‘horrible.’

    What’s truly ‘horrible’ is that these crimmigrants are NOT currently detained, just prodded benignly towards the nearest trough pumped chock-full of goodies…





    …paid for from the public purse, whether in Hungary, UK, France or Germany – or any other victim country.

    Orban had the audacity to suggest the wasters “themselves should cover the costs” of staying in Hungary. OMG – ease the burden on honest citizens? The blighter!

    ‘Twas these straightforward cri de couer that sent Dutch MEP Sophie Veld into paroxyms of indignation. Orban’s questionnaire was “HORRIBLE,” she shrilled, her rage amplified by Cecilia Wikstrom, a Swedish liberal MEP, who abandoned all attachment to reality. The nutter ranted that Orban was “transforming Hungary into a mini-Russia!”

    And there’s more! 

    Juncker’s Jackboot – Brussels Bullies Hungary, Again! 

    As we mentioned a week ago, https://euobserver.com/beyond-brussels/128513Orban thinks his people should decide for themselves on capital punishment.


    Martin-Schulz Schulz- ‘Ve haf vays of making you be kind to criminals!’

    Schulz announced he and Orban had “an open and frank phone conversation” – terminology often used to indicate disagreement.


    Parliament president Martin Schulz, and the heads of the EP’s seven political groups, convened on Thursday morning to urge the parliament’s civil liberties committee to “address the situation in Hungary as a matter of urgency.”




    So now the witch-hunt is to be escalated.

    The EuroSwine have been out to get Hungary ever since it established legal safeguards for real marriage.  Hungary Under Attack – EUSSR Pushes Perv Power, US Frets for Red Graft ‘Suspect’ 

    Basically, anything Orban’s Fidesz Party says or does is an affront to the enemy within Europe. Not a lot I can do far away in Jakarta, except blog fiercely.

    Nor can even those nearer do much, in the EUSSR’s other subjugated provinces – except RESIST!



    • Just as those brave Magyars did in 1956!



    • Audrey 13:11 on May 6, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I like Hungary too, was there five years ago, friendly people, interesting places, and I would love to go there once again.
      If Mr. Orban gets things done as promised in his questionaire, maybe I’ll migrate there.


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