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  • ross1948 20:02 on November 12, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Poor Canada – Turdistan Seeks Californication? 

    After the exposure of so many Syrian so-called ‘refugees’ as nasty sectarian ingrates…


    devil destroyed

    Faith Goldy investigates Syrian migrants in New Brunswick schools


    …now decent Canadians are waiting to see what new horrors Turdo’s folly will visit upon them.

    Canadian officials preparing for potential flood of Mexican migrants after Trump wins…




    as Canada prepares to loosen rules for Mexicans to enter the country by lifting a visa requirement on Dec. 1. That restriction has been in place since 2009..

    Yes, and it was imposed for good reason.

    Stephen Harper showed good sense back then, and while the current crop of wannabe Conservative leaders are not exactly stellar…


    Hasil gambar untuk michele rempel MP

    Michelle Rempel MP


    ….one MP, Michelle Rempel is talking sense, reminding citizens that Harper imposed the restriction in 2009 after ballooning numbers of bogus refugee claims from Mexico.


    She accused the Liberals of making an “arbitrary” decision to lift the restriction without doing a formal study of the potential impact, or establishing new measures to prevent abuse.

    “You don’t impose a visa on a nation that’s close to us in terms of trade unless there’s a serious, discernible problem. And there was!

    Yes, there was. And Harper’s reform worked.

    in 2008, nearly 10,000 Mexicans claimed to be refugees and asked Canada for asylum. About 90% of those asylum claimants from were eventually found to be bogus, requiring deportations on Canada’s dime.  http://www.torontosun.com/2015/06/26/mexican-visa-requirement-a-must .

    But we have noted how Turdo Junior announced that if elected prime minister he would allow travellers from Mexico to come to Canada without a visa.



    Turdo Junior


    As a bright gal named Candice Malcolm observed in the Sun, if Canada were to scrap the visa requirement for Mexican visitors, anyone from Mexico could simply show up at our doorstep without prior warning.

    Mexigration – Canada’s Turdo Outdoing Obama? 

     One shudders again – and again – over the purblind stupidity of the electorate who put the swine into office.
    Just take a look at the red nazi hoodlums who attacked Trump supporters in California, brandishing Mexican flags, to see what sort of citizens the likely ‘refugee’ intake would turn out to be.
    Or this horrible heifer, thirsting for ‘casualties.’  https://pjmedia.com/trending/2016/11/10/watch-anti-trump-rioter-people-have-to-die/
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    The Bitter Bias of France24 – Lies To the Bitter End! 

    I see that the pathetic Merkel-Puppet in Paris, Francoise Hollande, has been displaying crass coarseness uncharacteristic of his country…


    Hasil gambar untuk hollande traitor

    …with a uniquely intellectual contribution to the discussion of the American presidential election, telling anyone bored enough to listen that Donald Trump makes him ‘retch.’

    Female Afghan interpreter ‘raped by armed migrants’ at CalaisJungle

    Silhouette weeping

    Paris migrants gang rape and gag teen at Eiffel Tower

    I imagine all the women in France raped by alien crimmigrants who were able to rape because Hollande A let them in


    B failed to deport them, reacted to his merde with something not dissimilar to a ‘retch.’

    The pompous ass in the Elysee Palace is a disgrace to France.

    But as a bitter campaign drew to an end, his hostility to the Republican candidate was echoed faithfully by the leftist propaganda outfit calling itself France 24.


    • trump
    • I only yesterday listened to their correspondent, walkabout in the USA, in a Hispanic neighbourhood, blatantly LIE about Trump.
    • The sleazy hack said that Hispanics didn’t like Trump, who had ( and I quote verbatim)

    ‘labelled them rapists.’

    Trump didn”t use the word Hispanic in that speech.

    He said, and you have probably heard the speech, that SOME Mexican illegal immigrants were rapists. And murderers!

    Not all Mexicans, not even all illegals, but some.

    Maybe like the one who killed that poor girl in California.

    Was he Mexican? Who cares? Obama didn’t, at least!


    ‘She Doesn’t Look Like MY Daughters’ – The Silence of the Swine Obama! 

    My French readers need to get the tax-fund tap turned off, so mendacious media mud-slingers like those on the France24 pay-roll no longer dig their dirty lying snouts into France’s public purse.

  • ross1948 23:53 on August 31, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    France 24 Lies About Trump’s ‘Mexican Rapists’ Speech! 

    Hasil gambar untuk france 24liberal-media-bias


    I was just typing up the last little item I posted a few hours ago, and listening to the news on France24, when the pert little hackette announcer remarked on Trump’s surprise visit to Mexico.


    • trump
    • —————–
    • The silly cow said this was surprising because the Republican candidate had called Mexicans ‘criminals and rapists.’

    Anyone who listened to that famous Trump speech knows full well that he was NOT referring to all or even most Mexicans, but to lawless ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS from Mexico…




    …and he was of course telling the truth

    Mexican Rapists – United States Illegal Alien Crime Report

    Trump could have expanded his comments to include not just Mexicans but Honduran illegals too. Obama’s Pricey Plague-Dogs and Philadelphia’s Shame! 

    Or better still, giving figures showing how many serious crimes are committed against Americans by crimmigrants from each and every country, naming which country’s crimmigrants are the most frequent offenders.

    Even honest left-libs have recognised the defamation for what it is. 


    Stop telling this lie about Donald Trump. I’m a Sanders supporter — and value honesty

    Trump’s words on Mexicans have been misconstrued by all sides. This liberal, Puerto Rican professor says enough


    But the media will still lie…


     …truth matters not at all to these leftist hacks. 

    • Jeanne 14:14 on September 2, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      France 24 does never speak for France, but truly against France.


  • ross1948 19:16 on May 28, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘American’ Red Nazis, Waving Mexican Flags? 

    A pleasant day, a welcome guest, a good cheap late lunch at the warteg, and now just back from a twilit stroll to the minimart to stock up cigarettes and coffee for tomorrow, another guest due, so no outings planned.

    In any case, I’m out and about at least three days in the week ahead, so a spot of relaxation suits my needs.

    But I’ve switched on CNN and the news is not conducive to relaxation.

    Disgusting but revealing, the tv reports of these thugs aiming violently to disrupt Trump rallies.

    A week ago, the ‘protesters’ in Albuquerque threw burning T-shirts, plastic bottles and other items at police officers, injuring several, and toppled trash cans and barricades.  


    And as we saw, the hoodlum gangs were waving not the Stars and Stripes but MEXICAN flags!

    Similarly today, in San Diego, those alien banners were prominently flaunted at the real Americans in the pro-Trump crowd.

    Who the hell waves Mexican flags at a ‘protest’ (aka riot) in America?


    • illegalimmigrationimage
    • If the violent leftist storm-troops, those thugs we saw a week ago, were indeed Mexican, then they have no right whatsoever to intervene in United States elections, neither violently nor non-violently.
    • They should sod off back across the border, or be bull-dozed thence.
    • ——————-


    If, on the other hand,  they were US citizens, these revelations of their true allegiance, to a foreign country, should disqualify them from citizenship status.


    out with them


  • ross1948 17:52 on April 30, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    America’s (and Mexico’s) Red Nazis Amok in California 

    A very odd piece of journalism in the Jakarta Post today, not, to be fair, down to the poor quality of the JP’s English language skills, as often happens, but rather to the skewed perspective of the Associated Press hacks who produced it in the USA. 


     Trump himself noted AP’s anti-American stance, in 2013


    • Again, to be fair, the hacks might lose their jobs if they get too close to the truth about crimmigrants. The Associated Press some time ago decreed that their staff are forbidden to identify illegals as the lawless intruders they are.  PC Watch: Associated Press Drops “Illegal Immigrant”



    British readers will know that much the same sort of hoodlum tactics are deployed against UKIP in the UK, so may not be surprised that the left is responsible for the thuggery…Snake Cameron – Red Nazi UAF’s Founding Fan?

     …but in case anyone didn’t see the scenes on tv last night, with louts leaping on a cop car and screaming hate at the Trump people, let’s continue through the AP ‘report.’

    First, please note the Trump rally was held in Orange County.

    Back when California was sane and had a largely American population, electing excellent representatives like Governor Ronald Reagan, I was in touch with some sound people there. Orange County was the epicentre of the counter-revolutionary movement, a wholesome area full of true conservatives.

    The AP story suggests little has altered, describing it as ‘conservative Orange County.’

    So it seems like the mob was imported from outside the area where the rally was being held.

    There are now hordes of illegals all over the state, notably in LA, encouraged by the left-liberal state authorities.

    Again, readers will recall that various big cities there have designated themselves as treason centres…


    1800 Illegal Immigrant Criminals Re-offended After Sanctuary Cities Let Them Go   http://www.vdare.com/posts/1800-illegal-immigrant-criminals-reoffended-after-sanctuarycities-let-them-go


    …though they formally describe themselves as ‘sanctuary cities. The local law enforcement agencies are under strict orders to aid and abet illegal immigrants, by refusing to cooperate with  federal authorities.

    The reason decent American people despise Barack Husein’s pet project –Obama’s Pricey Plague-Dogs and Philadelphia’s Shame! – aka illegals…




    ….is much more than just their criminality but their brazen disloyalty, and that was on display yesterday…. several hundred demonstrators blocked the road, waved Mexican flags and posed for selfies.’


    It would have been entirely reasonable if the Americans at the rally had responded with all kinds of force to this deliberate display of hatred and ingratitude…



    …but the only reaction reported by the AP was a group of patriots chanting ‘Build That Wall’ at one of the alien slugs brandishing that foreign flag.

    Hardly violent! I’d say it was a very restrained retort to deplorable behaviour.


    And apart from that… One Trump supporter had his face bloodied in a scuffle as he tried to drive out of the arena. One man jumped on a police car, leaving its front and rear windows smashed and the top dented in and other protests sprayed graffiti on a police car and the Pacific Amphitheatre’s marquee.

    So a man on his way home is assaulted for no reason at all, by a rabble, aliens attack police cars, and morons vandalise private and public property.

    Were ANY of these crimes committed by Trump supporters, who were exercising their democratic right to attend a peaceful rally to hear the candidate they prefer?

    I doubt it.



    • Jerry Jerman 21:28 on April 30, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Now if you can watch your news you will see the antifa red nazis in Germany attacking the AfD who only want to have their congress in peace. German police have arrested hundreds of antifa for violent attacks.


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