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  • ross1948 14:17 on February 1, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Walks Like A Wummin And He Werrs A Bra!’ 

    A weepy, woeful, woko-loco news-flash on UK Pravda today, 10.15am today, all about outrage…


    ( if only in BBC World News HQ!)

    …over ‘homophobic chanting’ at football matches.

    That old familiar BBC bias boob, Eades….

    David ‘Some’ Eades – BBC Bigot! 

    So NOBODY Objects To Toppling Robert E Lee? BBC Censorship! )


    ….adopted an absurdly serious, almost sepulchral, tone, as he introduced the report on Mexican soccer as impartially as we might expect..

    …’not such a beautiful game..’

    It seems queers in that country..

    (or maybe not in that country but in BBC HQ!)

    …are fretting about footie fans’ creative input into crowd noise….

    ..’ALL IS NOT WELL..’ said Eades!

    Then over to BBC’s Tim Allman, who told us that FIFA had got involved!

    That invites the observation..

    Have They Nothing Better To Do?

    FIFA logo without slogan.svg

    World Map FIFA.svg

    But then FIFA seems to have loads of time to waste on wokish trivial pursuits!

    Frankly, I’d forgotten this previous post…

    “Ehhhh…..Puto!” Hey, FIFA, Lay Off The Mexicans! 


    Gambar terkait


    ..so those damn bureaucrats have been hounding Mexico at least since 2018!

    Allman told us that ‘homophobic chanting’ had led to a game between Mexico and Canada being suspended!

    But Allman today d didn’tidn’t let us hear the chants, or give us examples, and who cares anyway?

    Were the Canadian players all known to be sexually maladjusted…

    …or wearing rainbow sashes?

    If not, then the fans were simply irrationally goading them, which has been perfectly acceptable in UK football since Scots chorused at the late, great Bobby Moore, that he…

    Bobby Moore statue.jpg
    Statue of Bobby Moore at Wembley


    Walks Like A Wummin And He Werrs A Bra…!

    Nobody believed Bobby was other than a healthy, normal man.

    It was all part of the fun.

    But fans nowadays, fun in the 21st century, must not impinge on the delicate feelings of deviants.

    Hence, we learn ‘new measures’ are due, in order to make sure the game can be ‘inclusive!’

    But what will FIFA do about the racist BLM kneeling that now blights so many games.

    Will FIFA issue a long overdue rule to make such kneelers stand up straight, like honest men, and make a non-racist declaration…

    …that All Lives Matter!


    • Tam Birnie 14:46 on February 1, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      You must be joking.


    • Jock Tamson 16:37 on February 1, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Golden Age, when we could have a laugh without some torn-face scowling at ye!


    • Ned A 19:12 on February 1, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Oh My God!!
      What is wrong with these people? Is humour dead?


  • ross1948 11:29 on September 21, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Bravo! Texas Mounties Herd Illegals Back! 

    ‘I can’t imagine how that could be acceptable! ‘

    That was Biden’s tiresome lackey Psaki, on the inspirational footage screened by the BBC World News at 11am Jakarta time today.

    So what did we see?

    What did she see, that evoked such dismay in her leftist soul?


    A United States border patrol agent on horseback tries to stop a Haitian migrant from entering an encampment on the banks of the Rio Grande near the international bridge in Del Rio, Texas, on Sunday.

    Pity they didn’t have lassos!

    White House criticizes border agents who rounded up migrants on horseback  – Guardian today

    United States border guards doing their best to stop illegal immigrants getting into the USA! .

    BBC’s Will ‘Gay’ Grant droned predictably…

     (we’ve noticed him before!)

    BBC’s Pro-Queer Hack Now Shrills Against Gitmo

    Will Grant on Muck Rack

    ‘Gay’ Will Grant

    Honduras Horde – BBC Hack Can’t ‘Present Any Evidence

    …far from gaily, in the background, as UK Pravda had us watch excellent scenes, which must have had millions cheering….


    …the guards on horse-back doing their job, herding packs of crimmigrants back across the frontier which the arrogant swine had breached.



    Betcha millions of Brits were envious, as they pondered the effete UK “Border Force’s” contemptible behaviour…

    Priti’s Legalice Stab Brits In The Back 

    Migrants crossing Channel to claim asylum in UK ‘will no longer be prosecuted’

    Official portrait of Rt Hon Priti Patel MP crop 2.jpg

    Priti Useless Patel


    …serving as a pick-up service for lawless aliens engaged in incursions from the French side of the English Channel!

    • Jim Ex Jakarta 17:39 on September 21, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      These men were doing what they get paid to do and well done too.
      Psaki should be ashamed of herself. We need more good Americans who are ready to do their duty and defend our country.


  • ross1948 17:58 on October 19, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Mexico Tackles The Migrant Menace! 

    Mexica is not a highly developed country like France or Germany, but what an outstanding example it has set to the laggard regimes of Mama Stasi and Le Muppet…



    …as reported in the Daily Star this week!

    Escorted by immigration officers and Mexican National Guards, over 390 crimmigrants, scooped up all over the country, were loaded onto a plane and dumped back in India, their place of origin.

    American readers will be interested that the story notes how some of the illegals had been apprehended near the southern border “where many Indian migrants enter the country, hoping to transit to the U.S. border.”

    One hopes equally diligent attention is being to the Honduran horde and similar savage gangs…




    …who have been seen violently assaulting borders down that way, aiming to break through and advance on the USA.

    Nevertheless, excellent work!


    “It is  unprecedented…in either form or the number of people – for a transatlantic air transport like the one carried out on this day,” the Mexican authorities felt, rightly, able to boast.



  • ross1948 14:07 on August 19, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Proven Again – Trump’s Grasp Of The Migrant Menace! 

    Skulking in a crimmigrant detention centre in Mexico, a wanted jihadist…


    devil destroyed


    ….a US citizen described by the FBI as a supporter of Islamic extremism was found among a group of migrants at a temporary detention facility in the southern border state of Chiapas, the Mexican Attorney General”s Office said. https://www.outlookindia.com/newsscroll/mexico-detains-us-man-suspected-of-ties-to-jihadists/

    Mohammed A. is exactly what a lot of the Open Borders fanatics want to welcome into America.

    Marxists, anarchists, Red Nazi Antifa, all the Un-American swine we will be seeing on the news from Portland this weekend..


    antiflenin (1)

    Huh: Portland’s Mayor Is Taking A ‘Tough On Crime’ Approach To Antifa?   

    …are unabashed in their readiness to use violence against anyone who dissents from their ideologies.

    Of course they see nothing amiss if savage aliens bent on mayhem get into their country. Hell, they are – a lot of them – cheer-leaders for their own murderous terrorists, like the unlamented Willem Van Spronsen!

    The Evil Within

    The Evil Within

       One Less Red Nazi Antifa – Burn In Hell, S.O.B! 

    All that hogwash about bubbling brats deprived of toothpaste fades away when this sort of ‘poor desperate migrant seeking a better life’ is unearthed among the illegals plotting incursions.

    But d’you think for a nano-second that the Media-Democrat party will finally admit Trump’s analysis is correct.





    • Dennis Cozelle 16:33 on August 19, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      And that, you can rest assured, is just one of many.
      As Trump said in 2016, “What the Hell is going on?”


  • ross1948 22:24 on July 17, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    USA Faces ‘Fake-Queer’ Crimmigrant Tsunami! 

    Abolutely disgusting!

    Asylum-seekers who arrive at the southern border and claim to be LGBT are exempt from the U.S.-Mexico “Remain in Mexico” policy and will not be returned to Mexico to await decisions by U.S. immigration judges, several U.S. border officials…LGBT asylum-seekers exempt from ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy and can stay in US

    You can bet your bottom dollar – oops, ill-chosen word, in this context: perhaps top dollar might be more apt! – that the immediate consequence of this imbecilic pro-homo exemption….


    ( as if America doesn’t have more than enough perverts of its very own)


    …is that every illegal alien with more than iota of malign guile –  most of them, in other words – will immediately start flouncing, shimmying and mincing to and fro, vigorously enough to convince the authorities of their bona fide bumboy status.

    Such a grisly sight, or at least such an abominable consequence, is, as the linked report confirms, being adduced to justify having kept the exemption secret from ordinary decent American citizens…

    ….who will quite rightly be furious.

    And not just at being kept in the dark,

    They know exactly the kind of intolerance and intimidation that the gaystapo manifests..


    Gaystapo Hate Rules USA – An Honest Doctor Faces Final Inquisition! 

    Hate Crimes – Vicious ‘Gay Rights’ Vixen Must Face Charges! 

    Crucified by ACLU Gaystapo, Christian Gran

    ….wherever they are and from wherever they may emanate.

    The last thing Trump should be overseeing is the recruitment of undesirable aliens to their triumphalist ranks.

    The Donald needs to step in boldly and END this exemption, not because it will be abused by thousands of pretend-perverts ( although it will be!) but because ‘gay’ aliens will bring no benefit to the USA.

    If they are finding it tough going in their homelands, then all they need to do is cut the crap and take the cure. If it worked for NYC Mayor Blasio’s wife…


    From NYC – Proof Positive, ‘Gays’ Can Be Cured!

    …there’s no reason whatsoever it won’t work on other people too.


    • Herman Diggs 12:14 on July 18, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Why would anybody want to let a bunch of Latin American ( or any other) queers onto US welfare?
      Same goes for for non-queers who lie to get into free food and housing.
      Trump should strike down that exemption.


    • Lorne Marzio 14:02 on July 18, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Send them back!


  • ross1948 16:34 on March 29, 2019 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Conquistadores, Mexico, , Potato Famine Blair,   

    Uppity Mexican Gets Slap On The Snout! 

    Much as it pains me to do so, I must applaud the otherwise utterly awful Prime Minister of Spain, Senor Pedro Sanchez –


    Related image


    “The arrival of the Spanish on Mexican soil 500 years ago cannot be judged in the light of contemporary considerations…”


    Isn’t it a shame that other western leaders don’t have the cojones of this socialist Europhiliac, who is at least smart enough to see that the Mexican President’s ridiculous whine, calling on the King of Spain to issue an apology…

    Related image


    …for the behaviour ( ‘crimes’) of the conquistadores centuries ago is just that – ridiculous.

    What a contrast to Pretty Boy Turdo in Canada, grovelling to almost everybody for things that happened long before he, or his equally vile father, was born..

    Is Canada apologising too much? | Linda Besner | Opinion | The …https://www.theguardian.com/…/2018/may/…/canada-justin-trudeau-apologising-too-mu

    Related image

    …and that mean-spirited mayor in Victoria, British Columbia, who refused to consult the people of her city when the statue of Canada’s founder was hauled down and dumped…Victoria, BC – Pinko Mayor Scorns Democracy! …and to that New York Mayor, the one who married a cured lesbian…De Blasio To Cut American Core Out of Big Apple? ..who wants to disown Columbus…

    …ah, and to Tony B.Liar, who made such an oily ass of himself in 1997…


    …with his inane apology for the ‘Irish Potato Famine’ – which befell the Emerald Isle a hundred years or more before he was (regrettably) born.


    Countries, or at least leaders on behalf of countries, for example Blair, should apologise if it’s for something done by that leader – for example for Blair’s sell-out to Sinn Fein/IRA aka the Bad Friday Deal.-

    Posturing like ninnies over events lifetimes ago is just embarrassing to observe.

    And meaningless.

    • Sid Carey 20:39 on March 29, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Nothing like damning the ‘utterly awful’ Spaniard with faint praise, Ross.

      He is quite within his rights to tell Mexico to buzz off.
      War and conquest have been part of the human condition for tens of thousands of years, or more.
      If everyone started apologising for everything, we’d have no time to even say ‘good morning’ to each other.’
      All the more so because the apologies just start more arguments, and make more bad feeling.
      I wish that BLIAR had kept his mouth shut instead of apologising for a potato problem that happened a hundred and fifty years ago.
      I wish Cameron had not made that shameful apology over so-called ‘Bloody Sunday’ – or he could at least have waited till Sinn Fein-IRA apologised for the years of treason and terror and violence they single-handedy inflicted on all parts of our United Kingdom. That’s one apology we will not be hearing.


    • Grant Gairy 04:26 on March 30, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Mexico needs a slap-down. I just been reading they are refusing to do anything about the illegals using the country as a launch pad to break into the USA.
      Mexico is a rogue state. Treat it like one!
      Sanction Mexico!


  • ross1948 20:01 on January 11, 2019 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , Mexican government's refusla to control border crimmigrants, Mexico, Tonatuih Guillen, USA borders   

    Why NOT Take Back Your Trash, Mexico? 

    A person jumps a border fence to get into San Diego, California from Tijuana, Mexico on 1 January.

    If the men and women responsible for securing that international frontier had been given authority to use their fire-arms to take the swine out, how many more do you think would risk getting shot?



    End of border crisis!

    But we all know that, and we all know that the Media-Democrats and their RINO Republican collaborators would go nuts, and so the crisis will continue.

    Meanwhile, we hear that the Mexican Government is whining about the Trump Administration’s plan, by which tens of thousands of asylum seekers would be returned to Mexico while their cases are considered.

    But Mexican officials who would in theory implement the policy say they have been kept in the dark over the change – and some have explicitly opposed it….

    Image result for Tonatiuh Guillén

     Tonatiuh Guillén, head of Mexico’s national immigration authority, told the Guardian.

    “The US can’t just dump people into Mexico – they have to knock…”

    Oh yeah?

    If the crimmigrants had crossed into the USA via the Canadian border, or arrived on bludger-boats via the Pacific Ocean, or across the Bering Strait from Russia to Alaska, I’d entirely agree with Senor Guillen.

    Related image

    But they didn’t, did they?


    ‘Si se pudo!’ 5000 migrants march past Mexican forces toward US border

    A GROWING THRONG of Central American migrants resumed their advance toward the US border in southern Mexico today, overwhelming Mexican government attempts to stop them at the border.

    That was published on October 21, 2018, making it crystal clear that Mexico failed to defend its own border with Guatemala!

    I’m not dissing the Mexican border security forces, who could without a doubt have driven the crimmigrants back, guns blazing, and saved everyone from a great deal of trouble..

    The Good Mexicans Trump Talked About! .

    …including their own fellow-citizens who now know from unpleasant proximity to the horde why decent Americans don’t want the parasitic rabble in the USA.

    No, it was not cowardice among the Mexicans in uniform, but deliberate malevolent connivance by the Mexican government which cleared the way for the swarm.


    Honduran migrants, part of a caravan trying to reach the U.S., gesture while arriving to the border between Honduras and Guatemala, in Agua Caliente, Guatemala October 15, 2018. 

    Honduras Hoodlums Warn – ‘Get In Our Way, You’ll Get “Problems!” ‘ 

    So Senor Guillen doesn’t have a leg to stand on, when he complains about America expecting his country to serve as trash-can for the very same garbage which his government allowed to march triumphantly in and which then went on, to seep or burst across that US-Mexico border.

    His government let them into Mexico, when it had no need to – time to pay the price!


    The Obama appointee who oversaw U.S. Border Patrol in 2016 made a rare public comment Thursday that those illegally entering the U.S. from Mexico have previously committed heinous crimes. Mark Morgan, stealing a line from President Trump’s presidential campaign announcement in June 2015, said his agents were “apprehending and interdicting pedophiles, rapists, murderers, gang members every single day.”



    • Vinnie F 21:45 on January 11, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      The Mexican government could have stopped them if they had wanted to, so it is the Mexican government to blame.
      Thanks for confirming that, because too many people forget facts too quickly.
      If both parties in the USA cared about Americans, what a wonderful world it would be, but the Democrats prefer to put American lives at risk. You are right, if three or four invaders were shot, the rest would lose interest in illegal entry.


    • Ben Baniek 22:41 on January 11, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Trump is doing the right thing up to now. I would like to see him do what you are talking about doing.
      If anybody invades America, Americans have the right to fight back.


    • Ken Kasic 00:00 on January 12, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Very good, Ross.
      Very many Americans will applaud what you have written.
      We want those illegals beaten back, and beaten so memorably that they will never dare try again,


    • Nelson Linnertz 23:10 on January 12, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Vinnie, the news now is that another mob is being assembled in Honduras.
      President Trump should draw a line in the sand, tell Mexico that if they let more illegals march into their territory on the way to the USA, then it will be considered a deliberately hostile act and all possible retaliatory measures will be taken.


  • ross1948 05:49 on November 20, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , Honduras horde. Good Mexicans, , , Mexico,   

    The Good Mexicans Trump Talked About! 

    One of the most oft-repeated canards that the Media-Democrat Party likes to spew up  when they run out of fresh spittle-flaked spite is the bare-faced lie that President Trump called ‘Mexicans’ (or sometimes ‘Mexican migrants’ ) either ‘rapists’ and/or ‘criminals.’



    Anyone with access to the internet can easily find the actual speech, which clearly shows the GOP candidate saying that ‘some’ matched his description while ‘some were good people.’

    And now we get proof positive that The Donald was, is, correct.

    The good Mexicans are making themselves heard!

    Last week we had reports that the decent citizens of the Mexican city of Tijuana turned out to show the vile illegal aliens who constitute the Honduras Horde that crimmigrants are NOT welcome there.



    …anti-migrant groups have sprung up on social media calling on their followers to oppose the “invasion.”

    The virtual opposition turned real Wednesday night when residents of Playas de Tijuana confronted the Central American migrants, demanding that they leave as they “represent a risk to the community.”


    And yesterday we heard more voices were joining the anti-horde protests.

    Smart people!

    And no slouches at showing their distaste for the parasitic gang. There are reports that patriotic Tijuana folks have hurled stones at the illegals…

    out with them

    ….whom the city’s mayor perceptively classifiedas as ‘bums!’


    But yesterday we saw the other side of Mexico, not criminal but pro-crimmigrant, their President, mouthing fatuous UN slogans about how the scumbags ‘rights’ had to be ‘respected…’




    …whether or not they were deliberately and aggressively violating any sovereign border that got in their way.



    Good Mexicans, like good Americans, and good people around the world, are sick and tired of hearing hogwash about the ‘human rights’ of vicious hoodlums, whether on the borders of Hungary…

    ….or Spain…

    …or Guatemala.

    Honduran migrants, part of a caravan trying to reach the U.S., gesture while arriving to the border between Honduras and Guatemala, in Agua Caliente, Guatemala October 15, 2018. 

    Honduras Hoodlums Warn – ‘Get In Our Way, You’ll Get “Problems!” ‘ 

    All those savages deserve is a well-aimed border guard’s bullet.

    PS now check this out, on the subject of…

    …lies, the fake news, if you will, that the mainstream media is trying to propagate is the fact that this is all this weird, this organic thing and all the water and the food and the medicine all dropped from – manna from heaven.

    It’s baloney.

    It’s all highly organized…

    • Ken Kasic 11:38 on November 20, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      We never had any problems with good Mexicans and those demonstrators are very good Mexicans.
      Young foreign thugs of military age, gangsters by their behavior, like those in that picture, are not wanted in any civilized community or country.


  • ross1948 07:12 on October 22, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Trump’s Right! Use Troops Against Honduras Horde! 

    ‘All Honduras Wants To Come!’

    That’s the headline in Al Jazeera, a quote from one of the horde of arrogant crimmigrants whose violent thuggery we saw as they took aim at Mexico’s border, or was it Guatemala’s, limbering up for their ultimate battle, ‘Gate-Crash USA.’


    It’s impossible not to despise their swaggering, the brazen contempt for every country’s laws making it clear that no country should ever let them in.

    Who the hell do they think they are?

    I have no time for Al Jazeera..

    Al Jazeera Pumps Out Pro-Crimmigrant Propaganda! 

    ‘I AM NOT CHARLIE!’ Leaked Emails Expose AlJazeera’s Intolerant A-Hole! 


    …which is very much an enemy outpost.

    But that quote sums up the folly of the far-left, the fake ‘NGOs’ and others who tell us that America should swallow every unproven sob story and admit the story-tellers.


    If that were to happen, then every beggar, bludger and gang-banger in Latin America would be beating a path to the Rio Grande, beckoned forward by the Media-Democrat Party, ever-eager to top up the 12 million aliens already residing illegally in the USA!



    Honduran security forces, as Al J reports, used watered-down tear-gas to deter the rabble, which clearly didn’t work.

    If Mexican authorities lack the guts to open fire with live ammo, the very least they should do is use REAL tear-gas to drive the bums back across the frontier, then live rounds against any who launch further assaults on their sovereign border.

    With maybe a week to go before this invasion force may reach the US border, and a week or two more till America’s mid-term elections…


    …one hopes that President Trump will not step back from his declared readiness to use troops to defend his country.

    Such a clash would not only be justified in principle, and effective in  practice when the ratpack turns and scuttles back southwards…


    …but could also serve as a defining moment for America’s future.

    Voters would either give a whole-hearted thumbs-up to such an assertion of sovereignty, with the GOP triumphant from sea to sea…



    ….or ( and one fervently hopes not! ) run up the white flag by electing appeasement ratbags of the Pelosi/ Waters/Booker brand, signalling an urge to national suicide to rival Sweden’s or Spain’s.



    • Ben Baniek 15:47 on October 22, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I hope Trump does use our armed forces to drive this violent mob back..


    • Chrissie Miles 16:13 on October 22, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      And so say all of us!
      That includes millions of Canadians who are waiting in dread that if that illegal army gets pushed back fom the US border, Justin Pretty Boy Turdo will invite them up to our country.
      Turdo is doing everything he can to bankrupt Canada by letting in every parasite from everywhere.
      He is dedicated to his unlamented father’s mission, making our beautiful dominion a multicult dump with no national identity.
      Trump should give the order, one warning shot and if they keep coming, let ‘em have it


    • Toby Platt 21:46 on October 23, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Every citizen has the right to bear arms and the duty to defend our country.
      The President should ask for volunteers to man the border, and stand side by side with our solidiers.
      It’s time to teach these illegals a lesson they will never forget.


    • Ernie Hutzmann 23:22 on October 27, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I hope you have been reading that volunteers are getting organized to repel these illegals.
      Any American readers interested in helping out, in any way, should make contact with the Texas Minutemen.
      Google them and volunteer. I did.


  • ross1948 23:30 on February 13, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , Mexico, President Enrique Peña Nieto,   

    The Arrogance Of The Illegals! 

    President Enrique Peña Nieto recently budgeted about $50 million to the country’s 50 consulates to help pay the costs of defending migrants who are in the U.S. illegally and facing deportation.


    This is no less than a declaration of war.

    Gambar terkait

    This arrogant Mexican president doesn’t even bother to deny his citizens are in violation of America’s sovereign borders.




    Instead he’s splurging millions of dollars – despite the levels of deprivation all over his country – on defending illegality in America.

    I’ve often used the illustration below to accompany things I’ve written about crimmigrants…

    • illegalimmigrationimage
    • …but this news seems the perfect storm in which to use it again! 

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