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  • ross1948 20:35 on April 22, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Deport That Swedish Brat! 

    I have not included a photo of Greta Thunberg, the Swede-Brat, simply because I find her slightly cretinous fizzog annoying, such a contrast to that bright little Afghan Malala.

    One almost expects Gormless Greta to start dribbling.

    But much MORE annoying is that the arrogant minx has stormed into London to incite lawlessness…




    …urging Brit kids to go truant, quit classrooms and join the campaign’ waged by the anti-social louts and loutesses of  ‘Extinction Rebellion.’

    Attendance at school is a legal obligation in Britain.  To incite disregard of any legal obligation is unacceptable, ESPECIALLY when the incitement is committed by a non-British brat with a bloated ego.



    She should be deported.

    She is the archetypal undesirable alien.


    Far from  it.

    Instead she is, incredibly, being feted by the most powerful of the political ruling class, not, mark you, just by the likeliest culprits, like Comrade Corbyn and the Green Party, but by the ‘Conservative’ Environment Secretary, Michael Gove.




    The obnoxious tyke has no respect for her own country’s laws, but that’s  Sweden’s problem.

    The UK political establishment’s fawning, supine  response to her insolence is simply grotesque.

    PS – before anyone asks, I was an activist when I was 16 years old.

    I heckled a deputy PM at his own party’s May Day rally, I took part in debates, I showed up at my parliamentary candidate’s election meeting to challenge party policy – but I did not incite other teens, or anyone, to  disobey the law of the land.

    • Vanessa R 21:21 on April 22, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I am glad you too have noticed that “Gormless” does have a deficient look about her.
      No normal child would strut about telling other children to break the law.
      Teenagers who reject their responsibilities by deliberate truancy should be told their days of free education are over. Any parents found to be accomplces in truancy should be fined.


    • Todd McMillan 00:02 on April 23, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      She is not the daughter I would want but I brought my children up properly.
      To observe her rushing and ranting to and fro across Europe, at whose expense, I ask myself, reminds me of whatever deluded windbag it was who set out to whip up the ill-starred children’s crusade a thousand years ago.
      And didn’t that end well?


    • Hope Steadman 12:51 on April 23, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Deportation is what she needs, on grounds of incitement, and for being an all-round off-putting little madam. I agree with all you wrote about her.
      When I saw her on the news last night I paid close attention to her face and you are absolutely right.
      She does resemble one of those poor creatures who are, in our hyper-sensitive times, described as suffering from ‘learning difficulties.’
      But at least she was only babbling, not dribbling!


    • Alfie Tapper 08:19 on April 27, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Gove needs his head read.
      I quote what he says about Gibbery Dribbly.
      “Your voice – still, calm and clear – is like the voice of our conscience.”
      Not my conscience! Gove speaks for himself.
      What about her parents’ conscience?
      They must have none at all, bringing up a big-mouthed brat who needs not just school lessons that she’s missing through illegal truant behaviour but lessons in basic manners, like respect for elders.

      Very good article here that covers the case perfectly.https://www.spiked-online.com/2019/04/25/stop-scaring-children-witless-about-climate-change/


  • ross1948 12:07 on March 25, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Gutless Gove’s ‘Disappointment?’ Very Fishy! 

    The EU is prepared to allow the UK a say in the negotiations on setting the allowable catch for the EU fleet even after the formal departure date of 29 March 2019.



    Gambar terkait=

    Mr Gove said the government had pressed for the UK to be an equal partner in fishing negotiations during the 21-month “implementation period” – but the EU had blocked this. 


    What a wet!

     Has the Royal Navy been dismantled?

    “We were disappointed the EU would not move on this,” he told MPs, saying that the UK only had to wait a further year for complete control of its waters.

    Why the HELL should British fishermen wait a year to get their rightful haul of British fish?

    “It’s important that all of us, in every area, accept that the implementation period is a necessary step towards securing that prize.

    It is NOT ‘necessary’ – if Gove had any guts at all he would declare parliamentary war on Theresa The Appeaser and tell her to immediately authorise measures to stop and detain any continental fishing boats caught stealing fish within UK territorial waters.


    Gambar terkait


    Effective naval operations were undertaken in the famous ‘Cod Wars’ with Iceland in the Sixties and Seventies.

    After the entry of the Royal Navy into the contested waters, there were usually at any given time four frigates and an assortment of tugboats to protect the British trawling fleet…


    Imagine May showing backbone today, as she scuttles about Brussels currying favour with the Euro-Commissars?

    The Tory Brexiteers should be excoriating her treachery, not least Gove, who was a prominent figure in the Leave campaign.

    But then, even then, he showed little stomach for the fight, as when Nigel Farage produced one of the most effective patriotic posters seen in the final weeks before the referendum…


    Gambar terkait


    ..And all Gutless Gove could do was distance himself from the powerful message it delivered.

    Michael Gove ‘shuddered’ at UKIP migrants poster – BBC News


    • Fred L 16:49 on March 25, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      You could say the same about Boris Johnson.
      Like you, I was distrustful of the Brexit Tories and like you I kept my feelings about them low-key during the referendum campaign so as not to rock the boat.
      Now there they are, letting ReMAYner mess it all up with her almost weekly sell-outs.
      UKIP needs to be born again.
      Come back, Nigel – is what I say.


    • Penny 17:02 on March 25, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I never rated him.
      I suppose both sides had their stars and their drossier performers but with Gove there was never much I felt like clapping for.
      That artwork you put into this, the sea-battle?
      That’s how Britain should be negotiating with our enemies in Brussels..


    • Vanessa 18:49 on March 25, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      He was wobbly and weak all during the Brexit battle. .


    • Allen Rowe 20:34 on March 26, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I wouldn’t rely on any Tory, even Rees Mogg. When he rebels against May, and votes against her in the Commons, I will change my mind.


  • ross1948 18:49 on October 29, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Gove’s Joke? Time The Enemy Within Tried Apologising! 

    I see Michael Gove has ‘apologised’ for a joke he made on John Humphrey’s BBC show.


    “Well, I know what you mean. Sometimes I think that coming into the studio with you, John, is a bit like going into Harvey Weinstein’s bedroom.” https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2017/oct/28/michael-gove-apologises-clumsy-harvey-weinstein-joke-today-show

    A fair comment given that anyone labelled ‘conservative’ faces serious verbal molestation by most BBC hacks.

    And even the Europhiliac Lord Kinnock carried on the conversation without any sign of taking offence.


    Hasil gambar untuk kinnock eu

    The Kinnocks did very well out of their Brussels jaunts


    The former Labour leader Neil Kinnock, who was being interviewed along with Gove, then added: “John goes way past groping – way past groping.”

    Not hilarious, but harmless – jibes at the BBC, not women.

    But at once the shrills got into full indignation mode. That ghastly SNP shrew Sturgeon was among the first yelper to give voice.


    Women being abused and raped is not a laughing matter. And it doesn’t make us ‘humourless’ to say so…


    And she was fast followed by one Jo Swinson, who holds the ever-so-important position of  ‘deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats!’

    “No, Michael Gove it’s not like that. I have never once feared for my personal safety in a media studio. Don’t trivialise sexual assault.”


    Weinstein is a very unpleasant person and few of us would not deplore what we know of his behaviour.

    But the reaction to his gross predatory antics has itself become outrageous, to the extent that some daft bint in another Guardian story appears to have been offended by a man “would always comment on what I was wearing, he commented on my legs all the time…”


    For pity’s sakes.

    I am forever complimenting women on what they wear, how they look, etc.


    It’s called being pleasant. None of them have called the cops, or even the Guardian!

    However, back to Gove, who was not ‘trivialising’ it. He was making a humorous comment about his BBC host.

    Yet now he has been bullied by the mob into apologising.



    Funny how pinkos rarely apologise.

    Look at all the American celebrity scum who have expressed keen interest in murdering Donald Trump.


    Hasil gambar untuk trump caesar stabbed

    Look at all the British scum who celebrated the death of Mrs. Thatcher.


    Gambar terkait

    Filthy red scum in Britain


    Look at  the BBC’s failure to apologise for their refusal to call the Charlie Hebdo jihadist vermin ‘terrorists.’


    Je Suis Pravda? BBC Won’t Call Paris Savages ‘Terrorists!’ 

    Look at that CNN warthog’s failure to apologise for her blatant racism.


    Hasil gambar untuk symone sanders

    CNN’s race-baiter Symone Sanders – what a honker!

    CNN Guest Mocks White Trump Supporter Beaten By Black Mob:”Oh My Goodness! Poor White People!”

    CNN Racist Demands Limits On White Free Speech! 


    Look at the slimy William Clinton, who is known to be a sex predator from way back!

    He and his horrid wife are not much into apologies…




    ….but how about all those Democrats who knew all about his behaviour and yet welcomed him to campaign rallies.

    That’s a sick joke, at the expense of his various victims.

    And it’s GOVE who had to apologise? Oh, and there’s not much about Kinnock’s complicity in the joke.

    Double standards?

    A lot of people should grow up and get over the fact that their feelings are going to be hurt from time to time.

    Or actually DO something useful to extirpate bad behaviour and the things that cause it.

    If the separatist Sturgeon, for example, is so appalled at maltreatment of women, as one should be,,,



    …why hasn’t she introduced legislation in her Scottish Parliament to outlaw shariah law.

  • ross1948 12:54 on March 4, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Oxford’s College KGB? Informers Menace Free Speech! 


                         SomethingWickedbcweb                                                                                   oooooooo      

    A sorry story from Oxford University, where dreams of glittering prizes seem to have been replaced by a kind of cultural marxist nightmare…


    …slimy informers, authorised by college authorities to prowl the college greens, eaves-dropping on everyone from undergrads to distinguished dons.

    Surely not, I hear you say!?!

    When I was at university (not Oxford -I’ve only ever been there once, to address young student patriots during the Falklands War) any such police state tactics would have been unthinkable. My old Vice-Chancellor would have taken dirty delatores by the scruff of the neck and hurled them off the campus, into the gutter where totalitarian turds belong.

    A tempora, a mores…

    I am no great admirer of Michael Gove, as you can see by flicking back to June last year…

    Get A Grip, Gove! We Must HIGHLIGHT Migrant Menace! 

    ..but equally there’s no reason to doubt his word when he tells of a Festive Season visit to his alma mater.

    Gove is indeed an Oxford man, but he undermines an otherwise very useful revelation by not telling us in which one of the most academically distinguished Oxford colleges his experience occurred.  

    Maybe it’s his own, and he’s ashamed to admit it?

    However, those of you with more time to research the scandalous state of affairs he relates may be able to pinpoint the place where he was warned that he should be aware that the college had a diversity officer.

    That accursed word immediately alerts us to the essence of the evil that currently afflicts Oxford. ‘Diversity’ has become not so much as word as a war-cry, invoked anywhere for any purpose, as in Hollywood.. .The Accidentally Racist Oscars – The Federalist…where it’s in high demand at awards ceremonies to ensure that ethnic origin is of as much importance as talent in choosing winners.

    I wondered why a warning was felt necessary. I presumed that the job of the diversity officer was to help ensure that this ancient foundation did not become the academic equivalent of a gated community.

    Doubtful assertion!

    Gove’s been around the block often enough to suss out what gives these days in institutions of ‘higher’ (!) education, and not just in the UK…

    Hasil gambar untuk middlebury students



    …did you see that pack of braying asses at Middlebury College in America, ignoramuses out to stomp free speech? 

    But never mind.


    Hasil gambar untuk gove


    The job of the diversity officer, who was a fellow of the college, was to be alive to any comments in informal conversation or formal teaching that might be thought to be capable of giving offence to third parties.

    NB, not just in formal teaching situations, but ‘INFORMAL CONVERSATIONS!’

    Are we talking about modern Britain, or about Merkel’s former comrades in the Stasi…


    Gambar terkait


    …or Stalin’s USSR, where ordinary people had to watch what they said everywhere, except among their closest friends and families.

    Gove explains.

    So anything that seemed to stereotype, show disrespect towards minorities or create a climate in which an individual might feel their dignity infringed was to be recorded….

    THE TIMES: Michael Gove – Silencing dissent will blight our universities


    And if those spied on dare step out of line with the ruling ideology? 

    …the culprit would be warned to desist from such provocative speech and, if they persisted, they would be disciplined.


    Logic tells us that if ‘discipline‘ doesn’t work, dismissal will be the next step, until the entire ‘community of scholars’ is coerced into conformity…




    …dissent eradicated by Oxford’s Thought-Police.



     ‘Diversity officers,’ like ‘diversity courses,’ are a waste of space, a waste of money, a waste of time and a very real THREAT to all the freedoms for which Britannia once stood.

    • Hal Baines 08:11 on March 5, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      This kind of diversity sh-t has been going on for a long time in America. Free speech on campus is a dead duck.
      Uneducables like in Middlebury, in your photo, don’t deserve to enjoy the good life they’ve got on their campus.
      They can go get jobs in fast food drive-thru restaurants and make way for kids who appreciate the opportunity to study and learn.


  • ross1948 16:16 on July 11, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Sectarian Justice in UK? Sex Molester Imam Walks Free! 

    Amjad Nawaz

    Judge Amjad Nawaz


    A 69-YEAR-OLD Imam who lead prayers at a mosque in the Dudley area has been spared time behind bars after he carried out a sex attack on a vulnerable woman.


    Mohammed Habibullah of St George’s Road, Dudley, had denied sexually assaulting the woman but he was convicted by a jury at Wolverhampton Crown Court.  http://www.expressandstar.com/news/crime/2016/07/09/dudley-mosque-leader-69-found-guilty-of-sexual-assault/,

    This filthy savage should have been flogged, then deported. Scum like that should not be allowed to live in a civilised country.

    Instead, Judge Amjad Nawaz, despite telling the dirty pig – “You have not only let yourself down but you have let your community down.” And that the assault by this depraved ‘cleric’ had serious consequences for his victim who had been left “psychologically damaged”.

    …despite all that, the mangy cur had given more than 25 years service to the Muslim community as an Imam…. SO he got a six month jail term SUSPENDED for 18 months.

    Now the swine is a registered sex offender but after his 18 months’ suspension, will he feel free to molest innocent women and girls once more?

    Who knows?

    But that wigged and warped wally is somewhat selective in his mercy.

    I went to the trouble of checking his past sentencing, to see if he’s just one of those pathetic saps who let off sex-pests willynilly …




    …. if so, at least we’d not be left wondering if sectarian solidarity came into his latest outrageous decision.

    Last year he jailed an Englishman for over a year… 

    The accused claimed he did it to prove she snored. He sent the video to the woman’s mobile phone with the message, ‘Next stop Facebook’, Wolverhampton Crown Court was told. He pleaded guilty to voyeurism and was jailed for 15 months.

    Markland must also register as a sex offender for the next 10 years, said Judge Amjad Nawaz, who added it was clear his actions had left the woman in a state of considerable anxiety.  Man jailed for filming woman in state of undress – Black Country Radio

    Considerable anxiety – or worse – would certainly have been the condition of the victim of that pervert ‘imam.’

    But no jail-time for that sleazy pig?

    And only seven years on the sex offenders’ register, three less than the convicted English voyeur?

    Who appointed this ‘learned’ judge in 2008?

    Theresa May’s the Home Secretary. Should she not be initiating dismissal proceedings?

    Sadly she can’t –

    Circuit and District Judges can be removed by the Lord Chancellor. However, he can only do so if the Lord Chief Justice agrees.

    So over to Lord Chancellor Michael Gove!

    Michael Gove at Policy Exchange delivering his keynote speech 'The Importance of Teaching' (cropped).jpg

    But maybe the Lord Chief Justice won’t agree.

    However, it would be a tonic to hear Gove, and May, and Leadsom, and every British politician, condemn this sectarian sentence and demand that this joke of a ‘judge’ resign.




    • Penny 19:28 on July 11, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      People in religious positions deserve worse punishment than other people because they’re more trusted.
      If it had been a dirty old Catholic priest or C of E vicar who did this, would the judge have let them off.
      Either way, yes or no, he’s a disgrace and this kind of sentence just makes perverts think they can get away with it.


  • ross1948 00:03 on July 2, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    As T. May Starts with a U-Turn, UKIP Confirmed As Britain’s Only Hope! 

    It looks like Theresa May could be next Tory PM.

    And she’s kicked off her campaign with an act of betrayal, as could be expected of a Camoronette.


    • Cameron+and+Home+Secretary+Theresa+May+(L)+walk+through+Terminal+5+during+a+visit+to+UK+Border+Agency+staff
    • ——————————————–
    • Only a few months ago, she defined brilliantly all the excellent reasons why the UK should repudiate the robed rogues who interfere outrageously in British affairs via the European Convention on Human Rights.


    evil judge

    • You can read her admirable words on this link.


    But now she’s sold out, lock stock and barrel…


    …. abandoning her ‘principled’ stand and echoing the grovel mentality of the man she would like to replace in Number 10, Old Cast-Iron himself.

    As for Gove, I’ve no quarrel with his knife in back of Boris.

    But when it comes to the greatest threat faced by Brits, and every other civilised country, the migrant menace, he’s not to be trusted.

    He showed his true colours when he said he ‘shuddered’ at UKIP’s powerful poster, that photo of the ‘asylum’ horde stomping its arrogant way across Europe.


    ——–Nigel Farage with the poster


    If he’d said he was shuddering at the thought of that alien rabble approaching his country, okay.

    But what dismayed him was the warning Nigel Farage had displayed, that Brussels must be stopped from bullying member states into accepted these unwanted undesirables.

    The Conservative Party has a handful of true patriots still within its ranks. But it is beyond repair, witness the shuddering and surrendering alternatives for leadership..

    Some in the media have been saying that UKIP has, by its success in getting the referendum held, has rendered itself obsolete.

    Far from it.


    A healthy patriot party is exactly what Brits need, to fight the rotten liberalism that characterises both May and Gove.

  • ross1948 23:36 on June 19, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Get A Grip, Gove! We Must HIGHLIGHT Migrant Menace! 

    ..For pity’s sake, Gove, get a grip!
    • ooooooooooooooooooooo


    • When you are locked in what is, in truth, mortal combat- a life and death struggle for the freedom of the British people – you don’t go public with carping criticism of your allies.
    • ooooooooooooooooooo
    • I myself am occasionally scolded for my lack of diplomacy…
    • heavens-to-murgatroyd-hes-using-nitrous-peroxide-1-728
    • ….but even so I have enough commitment to the cause and adequate self-discipline to grasp that basic rule of political warfare.
    • Any readers of this blog of mine can easily read my former posts excoriating Boris Johnson.
    • —–
    • boris-johnson-yawn_667484n
    • But since he joined the liberation campaign, not a dickey-bird of hostile comment have you heard from me.
    • 0000000000000000
    • ————-
    • So what the HELL does Michael Gove think he’s playing at, with his televised yap about this brilliant UKIP poster. 
    • ooooooooooooooooooooooo
    • —–Nigel Farage with the poster
    • ooooooooooo
    • Mr Gove said: “When I saw that poster, I shuddered. I thought it was the wrong thing to do.
    • His pal Grayling is no smarter.
    • .Pro-Leave Commons Leader Chris Grayling said: “It’s the wrong poster, it was the wrong approach, it’s the wrong view.”
    •  http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-eu-referendum-36570759

     In what possible way is it WRONG?

    It’s perfectly accurate in its presentation of the migrant menace which Mama Stasi Merkel brought down on her own country…


    …and then at once got her EU Commissar Comrades in Brussels to sling round the necks of all the other countries who NEVER wanted rape-refugees on their soil.


    Last word to Nigel Farage, who said the scene depicted was “a direct result” of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to open her country’s doors to Syrian refugees, which he described as “one of the biggest political failures of modern times.”


    “Something that’s true can’t be a scare.”

    • Pamela 08:54 on June 20, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      All true! Gove should attack our enemies, not his allies.


    • Mike Normanton 23:12 on June 20, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      In general I agree with you on most things and most of all on Brexit.
      But are you not falling into the same trap you accuse Gove and Grayling?

      Gove was wrong, both about shuddering on seeing a very hard-hitting poster like Leave EU’s and for revealing his shudder on tv. Unwarranted disunity in public.

      But is not your public criticism of Gove another unwarranted show of disunity?
      Don’t get me wrong, you have been doing fantastic work for the campaign from so far away and I know a lot of people in Britain appreciate it.

      But bite your tongue just a little while longer, please.
      Restraint is not in your nature but try, for the three days till D-Day.



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