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  • ross1948 04:20 on June 24, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Gretch The Wretch Abhors ‘The W-Word!’ 

    We’ve discussed The Mad Woman  of Michigan more than once….

    Gretch the Wretch? Now It’s More Like ‘HEIL WHITMER!’ 

    More On USA Rat-Bags – Gretch The Wretch Exposed! 

    …but while we criticised her harshly, deservedly, we had not previously felt she was slipping, much earlier than The Dotard…



    Dotard Forgets How To Say ‘Sorry For Your Loss!’ 

    …into mental decay.

    But what else are we to assume from her latest imbecilic outburst?

    So I brought a lawsuit on behalf of all the menstruating people in Michigan — 2.2 million..”


    She evidently can’t bring herself to use ‘The W-Word!’


    I append another brief extract and the link by which you can read more.

    Apparently, Whitmer is doing one of two things here:

    Either she’s insinuating that men can also menstruate, or she doesn’t like the word “women” and prefers to call females “menstruating people.”

    Either way, it’s ruffling plenty of feathers on the other side of the aisle



    She isn’t the only leftess who abhors the word women.

    It seems Lady Obama has suggested replacing it with ‘womxn!’

    • Barb Cassain 06:43 on June 24, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      That is just so offensive, that she won”t even use the word ‘woman’ as ifit’s some kind of obscenity.


  • ross1948 13:12 on January 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    What Next – Obama's Wife For SCOTUS? 



    The BBC can generally be counted on to take an anti-British stance…

    Will the BBC EVER Be Pro-British

    ..and a pro-Obama stance…

    BBC’s All-American Anti-Cop Lynch-Mob – Round Two? 

    Dateline BBC and Obama – Leading Questions, Slanted Panel 

    ..but having just switched channels to see what new nadir of bias they’ve reached today, I was horrified but not surprised to see them provide a platform for a little black leftist girl, named Jamila, I think…




    …to declare that Michelle would make an excellent candidate for any vacancies that might arise on the US Supreme Court!

    At least it’s less ludicrous than the absurd fake news  that went the rounds recently, that ‘Everyone’ wants Michelle to run for POTUS –Everyone now wants Michelle Obama to run for president in 2020  – but given her grotesque record of partisan politics…

    Hasil gambar untuk everyne wants micelle to run

    Confirmed! Michelle Obama Copied DNC Speech

    …it’s hard to imagine anyone LESS qualified to make objective rulings on matters of controversy.

    The occasion for this was M. Ob’s farewell speech, surrounded by a mob of sycophantic sob-sisters – yes, tiresome dorks dramatically dabbing their eyes!…

    Hasil gambar untuk michelle obama final speech

    That silly cow on the bottom left was the funniest to watch

    …and yes, I can see why the BBC would use this in their news programme.

    But if they MUST have a postscript of American comment, SURELY at least a ‘for’ and ‘against?’

    Instead we had that pinko nonentity named something like Jamila SINGING her praises.

    Chuck it, Beeb!

    We’re wise to your anti-American, as well as your anti-British, agenda.


    PS -they just had their ‘news’ item on again – the little girl’s name is Jamia Wilson!

    • Mort 16:10 on January 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Good, Ross, as far as it goes.
      However, if you had taken your investigation further, you might have found that Jamila was no random ‘nonentity’ that the BBC stumbled on but a radical left activist.that the BBC obviously selected very carefully to echo their own anti-conservativism.

      .A leading next-generation voice on feminism and gender justice, her work and words have appeared in and on outlets such as New York Magazine, The Today Show, CNN...http://www.womenactionmedia.org/staff/
      As soon as we read those words ‘gender justice’ we know she’s up to no good. ,


    • Penny 17:48 on January 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I noticed that ‘silly cow’ too when I saw this on the news, the one who looks like she’s praying to Saint Michelle.
      Mentally deficient?.


  • ross1948 10:05 on December 28, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Yahoo – And The Sun – Brazenly Propagate Fake News! 

    There’s been a lot of chatter-box nattering about ‘fake news,’ even though the exact definition of the fashionable phrase remains tantalisingly unclear.


    • Hasil gambar untuk fake news
    • ———
    • To publish a selection of tweets from immature nit-wits and then claim it represents the unanimous opinion of a nation, however, surely fits the bill.

    As soon as everyone heard about a ‘clean Brexit’, they all thought exactly the same thing



    A majority of Britons voted for Brexit and they did NOT, and do NOT, think it means what the nitwits think it means.


    Nor is there ANY evidence to suggest most, never mind all, British people think ‘Clean Brexit‘ means what the nitwits purport to think it means.


    Come off it, lying media! 

    But such adolescent tweetery pales into insignificance beside the blatant LIE published by The Sun!


    Gambar terkait


    Everyone now wants Michelle Obama to run for president in 2020

    Beg pardon, but have these media clowns got a SHRED of evidence that their claim is true….
    Gambar terkait
    … that everyone wants this ghastly woman, who openly admitted that it was only her rotten husband’s election that allowed her finally to feel pride in America, to run for America’s highest office?
    Let’s not kid ourselves – a lot of people want to be ‘in with the in-crowd.’ If people read that ‘everyone’ thinks this or that, they’ll wonder if they dare be the odd ones out.
    It’s hardly a novel idea – the advertising industry has been using the strategy for years.
    Hasil gambar untuk old adverts everybody loves this
    Trivialising the British people’s fight for self-determination?Promoting the chances of a self-important, self-righteous shrew on the make? 
    If people are truly concerned about the deployment of fake news for political advantage,  then let them peruse sources other than us conservative bloggers. 
  • ross1948 10:30 on October 28, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Michelle Obama – The Politics of Shrill Distraction! 

    What on earth is all this junk about Michelle Obama?

    Some dumb bint on CNN just told us that Obama’s wife is not a politician – since when?

    CBS once offered a more mature insight! 

    …Michelle, is notoriously less circumspect than her careful husband about where she’s coming from. Her college thesis, which Princeton tried to keep under lock and key, testifies to a race-obsessed worldview. She may have refined it, but she’s never grown out of it.


    • After four years at one of America’s most esteemed academic institutions, Michelle recoiled at the thought of “further integration and/or assimilation into a white cultural and social structure that will only allow me to remain on the periphery of society; never becoming a full participant.”

    The Bad Company Of Barack Obama – CBS News

    Since her rich and powerful place in American society shows what nonsense that is, and she’s not stupid, clearly she’s malevolent in her racist drivel. 



    The only thing she has ever actually done that impressed me was more or less involuntary – to have her hand shaken by an Indonesian government minister, Titaful, a leading member of the Islamist fanatic PKS party.

    He was then plunged into controversy for the ‘offence’ of treating a woman with respect, TOUCHING HER, for pity’s sakes.

    Michele’s Islamist Hand-Shaker – ‘Not a Big Sin’ to Exploit Floods! 

    There are a lot of black ladies I like to see on tv, not least the splendid Alexx Woods…


    Hasil gambar untuk alexx csi miami


    …who starts as the medical examiner on CSI Miami. I have no idea of her politics, if any, but always a visual joy. 

    But Madame Michelle?

    Her hysterical shrilling against Donald Trump, a blatant bid to distract amnesiac voters from her own Democrat Party luminaries’ record of contempt and exploitation of women…




    …simply stands out as a mere exercise in hypocrisy.




    • Jay LeMarc 11:38 on October 28, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Mrs. Obama has always been into politics, as you would logically expect from Obama’s wife..
      She is as leftist and as racist as he is.
      The media is trying to set her up as some kind of Joan of Arc, but Joan was fighting for her country.
      Michelle Obama is fighting for her cause, the one she shared with William Ayers the communist terrorist when they got together to launch her husband’s rise to power. . ,


  • ross1948 10:15 on January 29, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Michelle, Marvel – A Rare ‘Hats Off!’ to Mrs. Obama! 

    Having just congratulated some judges (in Australia) it seems today is shaping up to be extraordinary at RRA HQ, because now I applaud Obama’s missus, Michelle!


    For showing up in Saudi with her fine head of hair uncovered.

    Apparently a lot of primitives there are upset (Reasons to be Cheerful 101) but apart from being a good thing in itself, Michelle’s move has had the spin-off benefit of causing even pinko papers, like the Sydney Morning Herald, to remind their readers of the iniquities that backward codes of law inflict on women, simply for being women!

    . Genders are strictly segregated. Women are banned from driving, although there have been campaigns in recent years to lift that ban. Guardianship laws also require women to get permission from a male relative to travel, get married, enroll in higher education or undergo certain surgical procedures. http://www.smh.com.au/world/michelle-obama-forgoes-a-headscarf-and-sparks-a-backlash-in-saudi-arabia-20150128-130j5h.html

    A mediaeval midden, that place. 

    But I note too that the SMH mentions Indonesia. 

    Some users pointed out that, on a recent trip to Indonesia, Mrs Obama had worn a headscarf. Why not in Saudi Arabia?


    tifatul-michelle%20obama Michelle meets fanatic Indonesian minister


    Well, she didn’t on her most famous visit to Indonesia, when the Islamist PKS Tifatul Islamist Minister Demands Google Ban on Teen Dancers Video!  was captured on camera actually TOUCHING a woman’s hand – shock horror among fanatic freakos!

    As to other visits she’s made, I don’t know what she wore – only she can answer that.

    But if she wore the scarf of subjugation here in Jakarta, she’d not have resembled the majority of Muslim ladies here, who do NOT cover their lovely locks. Only in the hell-hole province of Aceh are they forced to.


    • Aceh's Sharia Gestapo in Action

    Acehnese shariah goons ensure ‘sinners’ are scarfed!’


    • Indeed, when we had a lady President, Megawati, in Jakarta, she went everywhere, except to worship, unscarfed. Nor did President SBY’s wife hide her nice hair, nor, to her great credit, does President Jokowi’s.

    Jakarta – Fanatics Froth At First Lady’s Non-Sectarian Style! 

    Since he won the election last year, his First Lady has shown a good example to Indonesian womanhood by appearing in public dressed very presentably – and the IslamoNazis DON’T like it!  


    • Lina 13:32 on January 29, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you for explanation to foreign people that we Indonesia people are nothing same like Arabs.
      All our first ladies wear no hijab, civilised modern woman in civilised modern country. Yes except for Aceh that always shames us,


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