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    Patriot Women Targetted By Alien Predators? 

    While we know that sexual assault by primitive aliens has become commonplace in Europe, thanks largely to Mama Stasi Merkel..



    …but also to leaders like French presidents Hollande and Macron, who have failed to deport more than a handful of undesirables…



    ….most such outrages have hitherto seemed random….

    How Many Evil ‘Aid Workers’ Covered Up Calais Rape?

    Female Afghan interpreter ‘raped by armed migrants’ at CalaisJungle

    Calais Women ‘Take Turns Staying Awake In Case Someone Attack

    They were all asylum seekers!” Told You So!

    …any female, of any age, across so many European countries, considered fair game by many of the migrant savages.



    But now we must begin to  wonder..

    Thaïs d’Escufon, aged 22, had just returned to her home in Lyon after a workout session last week…

    Please note, young Thaïs is a known patriot activist.

    ..when a North African migrant claiming to be Tunisian forced his way into her house and sexually assaulted her, French daily newspaper Le Figaro reports


    Thaïs d’Escufon.


    Please note, young Thaïs is a known patriot activist.

    ..when a North African migrant claiming to be Tunisian forced his way into her house and sexually assaulted her, French daily newspaper Le Figaro reports.

    I won’t get into the full report, by the excellent Remix News, but here’s some of what the victim had to say. .

    This is what thousands of French women go through every day. What happened to me is what I denounce and what I’m being censored for,” said d’Escufon.



    After the assault took place, d’Escufon claimed that the man who had just attacked her said:

    “I know that in France, you think that all Arabs are evil, I am not like that, I swear before God….” .


    The Lyon prosecutors office has since opened an investigation into the counts of “sexual assault, home invasion, and sexual harassment.”

    I recommend you read the full story via the link below, especially the statistics, re ‘cases of sexual violence against women in France have been steadily climbing since the migrant crisis of 2015 and 2016…’

    France: Anti-migration activist sexually assaulted by North African migrant inside her home

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    Fourth Reich Fuhrerin Discards ‘Europe’s Way Of Life!’ 

    So the new Fuhrerin of the Fourth Reich has acted to disabuse anybody mug enough to have believed…




    …that the Brussels Empire had any serious interest in “Protecting our European Way of Life” – what a surprise!


    “….following criticism it had far-right connotations… 

     – well, of course any suggestion that Western civilisation deserves protection is outrageous, if not downright fascistic! –

    ….Ursula von der Leyen agreed to modify the title to “Promoting the European Way of Life….”

    so in addition to being the commissioner for migration, one of her flunkeys will be ‘promoting’ whatever the EUSSR regards as its cultural values?

    Those will likely include lying and frequent inebriation, since Leyen’s predecessor, Jean-Claude Juncker, seems to have had a key role in forcing the change, and those are both a way of life for him.

    The old EurocRat bleated in September that:

    “I don’t like the idea that the European way of life is opposed to migration.”  https://www.france24.com/en/20191113-eu-changes-title-for-migration-commissioner-after-outcry

    The Luxemburger Louse also takes a dim view of democracy…


    . ..


    …which is another non-surprise, since if any genuine democratic input were permitted by the EUSSR…

    We have written before of Brussels ‘European Citizens Initiative’ –

    EUSSR Ministers Desperate to Shut Out Citizens – A Tradition of Lies and Deceit 

    ….which denies citizens any role, except to approach the Euro-Commissars as supplicants, and denies them the right to present ANY proposal which does not accord with the Commissars’ ‘values.

    …which of course it isn’t, then the migrant tsunami would long since have been dammed and then rolled back.

    No chance of that, since the new commissioner welcomed onto the Fuhrerin’s Commission is a Greek named Margaritis Schinas, who is actually a bloke, despite the flowery name!




    Schinas has already shown what a gutless git he is – he has ‘avoided using the title!’

    Protecting Europe is clearly not a popular idea among the elite.

    That’s a pity, because faced with migrant rapine and violence…

    …the people of Europe could do with a lot more protection than they’ve been getting!

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    The Return of Red Renzi – Can’t Keep A Bad Man Down? 

    Aaah, it’s that Red Renzi again…


    Well, he walked into the party, like he was walkin’ aboard a yacht…?’

     Not quite Warren Beatty!


    …and contrast my headline, above, with EUObs’, below!

    Resurrected Renzi to regain leadership of Italy’s ruling party

    Breathless with excitement, we read that this demented drip hopes to rise and rise in time to lead the charge against the populist, anti-euro Five Star Movement (M5S) in a looming general election.

    Fingers crossed M5S gets its act together and allies with Liga Nord, as we wrote last month.

    Can Italy, Menaced By Crimmigrant Jihad, Break Free From Brussels? 


    The former leader returns to the EU capital in a combative mood, with fresh pledges to revive Italy’s sluggish economy…

    Oh yeah? Wasn’t Renzi’s total failure to do that one of the reasons he lost last year’s referendum and was forced to quit?

    The reporter has to admit that’s true.

    …a governing record marred by banking crises and a failure to address Italy’s chronic low-growth problems, have tarnished his reputation….he has also drawn criticism for breaking his solemn promise to withdraw from public life in case of a defeat in the referendum.



    But ya gotta hand it to him for brass neck!

    He’s now purporting to be concerned about terrorism – he’s aware, it seems, of sectarian cess-pools like Belgium’s Molenbeek, which he called “Europe’s terrorist capital.”



    But his solution is not to clean out the rats’ nest, detain and deport every disloyal Islamist that can be rounded up…



    …but instead to start EU-wide investment plans, including the redevelopment of such deprived urban areas…

    Sure, throw money at those whose allegiance lies overseas. Sorry, clown, but money can’t buy us love. Yet what else should we expect from a leftist freako who hand-cuffed Italian cops by decriminalising illegal immigration?



    Moreover, he’s an overt appeasement-addict!

    Who could forget how he abased himself to the Ayatollah despotism’s intolerance by his infamous cover-up of Rome’s historic heritage…


    • rome_statues

    ….all a-fret lest the primitive prudes get over-excited by a glimpse of a marble nipple!

    And listen to his hypocrisy, in a recent tv debate..

    “A Europe that is not attentive to what is happening among the people and relies on bureaucrats […] is a Europe that is finished..”

    …this from the man who NEVER consulted his own people on his ruinous policy of importing hundreds of thousands of crimmigrants!

    NO referendum on THAT, although the alien tsunami not only caused rapine and mayhem all over Italy but spread north into the rest of Europe too, thanks to his failure to have the crimmigrants detained on arrival.

    He looks likely to regain control over his own party, but don’t be down-hearted!

    Surely by now the long-suffering Italians have had enough!


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    A Good Laugh in Vienna! 

    Looking at the Austrian news, about Herr Hofer’s excellent speech on the Turkish Enemy Within, which I will go over tomorrow.

    However, my attention strayed to a separate item about a guy named Robert Lugar.




    He’s also an MP in Vienna, though not of the FPO patriot party. He belongs to a smaller fairly conservative faction called Team Stronach.

    But whilst I don’t know a lot about them, one idea that Lugar came up with merits serious consideration, given the frequent ordeals suffered by decent Austrian women at the hands of alien predators.

    …he demanded all male migrants over the age of 14 to undergo DNA tests as they cross the border.

    This move would allow to track down possible sex offenders among the refugees much faster. He argued that such practice would not be discriminatory as asylum seekers already have to give their fingerprints.

    Intrigued by this splendid idea, and curious to know why it has not been mooted – and adopted- across Europe, I delved back to February, when Lugar presented his proposal.
    The Reds and Greens were into frenzy-mode, demanding the guy be forced out of parliament for saying his piece.
    Funny notions of democracy, these pinkos.
    Not only had he put forward an effective idea that might curb alien sex-predators, but he dared suggest that a lot of the crimmigrants have a worldview like Neanderthals, which thank God in most places is now extinct.”
    I wish I could have been there when he said that – the paroxysms of spittle-flecked fury among the bad element must have been a delight to behold.
    But maybe Lugar was going too far. 
    We don’t know for sure if the extinct cave-dwellers actually shared the primitive so-called ‘culture’ of crimmigrants, the murder of apostates, polygamy and pedophilia.
    Until archaeological proof is unearthed, it might be fairer for Lugar to lay off bad-mouthing Neanderthal Man. 
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    Germans Face More Crimmigrant Amok-Runs! 

    So a pack of filthy alien brutes terrorises women and children, again, at a public pool in Gelden, North Rhine Westphalia...  

    Gang of young Muslims call nude bathers sluts and infidels

    Mein Gott im Himmel!




    … and instead of decent Germans getting together and beating the louts to a pulp, the deranged response is to have ‘charts displayed..in a bid to teach migrants to treat woman and children with respect?’

    And that inspirational idea has been topped up with a proposal to appoint ‘asylum’ creeps as LIFEGUARDS?



    Would you want them to be responsible for ‘ensuring the safety’ of your wife or daughter?

    Seriously! To give Mama Stasi’s horde ‘responsibilities for ensuring the safety and security of bathers!’

    The Federal Association of German Swimming Professionals (BDS) says this would be “an inclusive measure that would benefit everyone.”




    Silhouette weeping


    Except rape victims.

    The brains behind this insanity is a Deutscher dork named Peter Harzheim, BDS president..


    … but he’s garnered support from all the usual Enemy Within factions, the SPD, Greens and the Left Party in North Rhine-Westphalia.

    The article would be one big belly-laugh were it not so horrifying.

    But one sentence stands out..

    Police have said there would be zero-tolerance for sexual assaults.

    Oh yeah?

    Like in Cologne?

    With the rotten Lugenpresse desperate to cover up ‘refugee’ rapine?



    In view of the mockery of justice in German courts when such crimmigrant vermin have been found guilty and at once unleashed back onto the streets, any talk of ‘zero-tolerance’ is obscene. 

    •  It’s really high time that these scum were taught a lesson, rounded up at gun-point, then taken immediately to the nearest airport for deportation. They are unfit to live in any civilised country.  
    • =

    How much longer will Germans put up with pig-ignorant primitives making their lives a misery by means of bigoted, violent intolerance?


    again and again


    Our question needs to be repeated, because there’s been MORE migrant’ fun and games, this time in Bremen, where a 19-year-old Algerian refugee erupted into screams of ‘I’ll blow you up.’   http://www.reuters.com/article/us-europe-attacks-germany-bremen-id

    devil destroyed


    Police said that when the man was in custody this past weekend for several thefts, he had sympathized with Islamic State and a gunman who killed nine people at a shopping center in Munich last Friday.

    German police arrest Algerian suspect who yelled ‘I’ll blow you up’

    A known criminal?

    Why is he still in Germany?

    Mama Stasi’s primitive horde should be rounded up and kicked out, and if Algeria is reluctant to take the pig back, here’s how to get round that obstacle.



     And STOP calling them ‘refugees.’

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