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    Megawati Didn’t “Whine” Even Once, Jakarta Post Jerks! 

    In what way is this straightforward question a ‘whine?’

    What’s your contribution to the country?’: Megawati whines about Indonesian millennials 



     Megawati Soekarnoputri, President of Indonesia 2001-2004


    That disgraceful, derogatory headline is not merely a gratuitous insult to former President Megawati but actually misleads Jakarta Post readers about the content of what appears below it.

    She said to the President,”… don’t spoil them […] I want to ask a question: What’s the contribution of the millennial generation?” Megawati said in her speech broadcasted on the PDI-P’s YouTube channel.

    The PDI-P is her party, an important party, the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle…


    ….which played a major role in bringing democracy back to Indonesia two decades ago.

    So what did she say, to attract the slur of being a ‘whiner?’

    “What is your contribution to this nation and country?”

    I don’t care if I get bullied. Are protesting and destructing the only things you [millennials] can do?”

    Fair question, surely?

    After this month’s Jakarta riots?

    Portland Indonesia? Thugs Stone Cops! Black-Clad Louts! 

    Brits and Americans have also seen riotous mobs, BLM racists and Red Nazi Antifa, destroying public and private property.

    The JP writer adds that Megawati accepted that anyone has a right to engage in street protests  but that they should not result in destruction of public facilities.

    Quite right!

    For those who take to the streets, what are you doing? If you are against a rule, go to the House of Representatives. There is a thing called a public hearing for you to get your voices heard..”

    Use that link and read the whole piece.

    Nothing Ibu Mega said can be remotely construed as ‘whining.’  

    She simply points out the attitudes seen among certain millennials –  most of whom, BTW, IMHO, are nowhere near as awful as many of their deadbeat counterparts in the UK….



    …or the violent rabble amok in the USA…


    Nothing peaceful about murders, bashings, arson, looting and widespread property damage.
    Nothing peaceful about murders, bashings, arson, looting and widespread property damage. BLM protests are not peaceful

    …and calls into question things some of them say and do.

    So whose agenda are the JP jerks following, when they diss Megawati by describing her legitimate question as ‘whines?’?

    While we have the name of the person who wrote this ‘news’ story (who appears from her photo to be a millennial herself)  in normal newspapers, those who write the stories don’t get to create the headlines above them.

    So WHO composed that headline?

    Of course the JP is hardly a normal newspaper.

    It is run by leftists – we saw a particularly bad example of left nastiness recently –

    Trumpophobic Jakarta Post? Time To Pull The Plug! 

    but that’s nothing new….

    Jakarta Post – Never Miss a Chance to Re-Hab Reds


    However, there’s no obvious reason for the JP lefties to feel malevolent towards a former Indonesian head of state.

    Towards the end of the article, there’s a suggestion that infiltrators caused the riot trouble in town.

    So we’ve heard.

    It’s entirely possible, but in any case, without knowing the age of these ‘infiltrators,’ it does not exculpate every millennial in Jakarta.

    Nor did Ibu Mega criticise every millennial in Jakarta.

    Nor at any point did she ‘whine!’

    As I’ve said before, it would be no bad thing if the Jakarta Post sank without trace.

    If any expats or overseas readers have been ill-advised enough to subsidise it, don’t.

    Cancel your subscription.

    Tempo is much better, or even the Jakarta Globe. 


    • JazPen 22:13 on November 1, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Malam, Ross. You were quite right to call them out.
      You were quite right too, not to blame the girl who wrote the article. That rude headline is bound to be the work of the Jakarta Post’s very weird editorial team.
      I see they have another story on Mega today, without the ignorant insults.

      I am past caring about that newspaper, our office let the subscription lapse a year or two ago because of the ‘quality’ of their ‘journalism.’
      I agree, Tempo is a much better bet if you want to know what’s going on here in Indonesia.


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    God Bless America? This 4th July, God Save America! 

    When Trump went to the church next door to the White House, every leftist hound in America bayed for his blood.

    Unlike Obama, at least Trump never sat enthralled by the ‘Reverend’ Jeremiah Wright, the hate preacher he had, eventually, to disown.



    Just a random thought, this Fourth of July.

    You only have to look at the rabble to see it’s not a conflict between black and white.

    All the millennial white trash that have been churned out of the subverted ‘higher education’ system in the USA over the past decade or more…



    ….are out there on the streets, their little brains washed by ‘professors’ like that hideous Klick…

    The Walking Brain-Dead?- Sex-Obsessed Melissa ‘Muscle!


    …and others of similar ilk.

    Were YOUR Professors Racist Foul-Mouths? 


     ‘”f**k outta here with your white feminism. I said don’t at me b**ch. I’m a professor…”


    Gross ‘Professor’ ( Really! ) Savours Mrs. Bush’s Death 


    “I don’t agree with Trump!”


    They have produced a generation of morally and intellectually vacuous zombies, and their ‘students’ have been out on the streets before…



    …but not as bold as now, when the mobs are reinforced by street-scum bent on looting….


    I don't support BLM and neither should you | The Spectator


    …and psychos, bent on terrorising innocent Americans…

    BLM Terror – Defy The Thugs, Get Shot!

    Say ‘All Lives Matter’ And I’ll Stab You! 

    …whose words and actions we have noted

    My own view is that, while much of this mayhem is clearly coordinated, the situation is not irretrievable.

    While it has long been the goal of those evil academics to bring America down, they probably would have liked to poison at least a few more minds, get through a few more years of classes, before they’d unleash the cultural marxist revolution we are seeing on our tv screens daily.

    But the outbreak of the Chinese Virus, the panic and confusion, was just too golden an opportunity to pass up.

    A miscalculation?

    The insurrection has certainly flushed out most every traitor in the political/media class, and shown the honest working men and women of the USA that the big business elites too are their enemies.

    Were the White House tenanted by anyone other than Trump, the forces of evil would, methinks, win.

    But Trump, for all his faults, thinks of himself as an American.

    He talks like one too, not given to the PC garbage-speak of the in-crowd, because, like all the decent people in every single one of the fifty states, he genuinely doesn’t understand pinko gobble-de-gook.

    God save America, my headline hopes, but as my elders always told me, God helps those who help themselves!



    Trump can save America but it’s touch and go.

    If he exhorts that decent majority to act, to crush the insurrection, and by-passes rotten state and city authorities, rallying loyal citizens to join honest cops to put down the rabble…



    …he will be remembered much as Lincoln is remembered, as the President who preserved the republic.


  • ross1948 19:24 on January 2, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Hate-Brexit Site STILL Scraping The ‘Project Fear’ Barrel! 

    Some of you may know of ‘The New European’ website.

    It has been spewing out anti-Brexit propaganda for the past year or three, and while it is replete with Remainer rot, and frequently on the far-left bandwagon too…

    ….it is a professional-looking site, obviously well-funded, by whom I do not know – though it might be interesting to find out!

    Now that the result of the refendum has been reaffirmed by the general election, you’d think it might acquiesce gracefully in the democratic will, but not so.

    Even as the old year ended and the new one begins, TNE is still harping on.

    That would be almost tolerable if they could find a few sharp hooks to hang their arguments on, but it looks like they’re getting ever more desperate.

    Get this!

    Brexit Cited As A Reason For Increase In Loneliness For Over-50s’

    How odd does it get?

    Baffled, we read on.

    Research found many of those feeling lonely say it’s because they no longer work, live alone, or have children who have left home.

    OK! Those are self-explanatory reasons.

    Now get this!

    But 3% of those surveyed cited Brexit as a reason for loneliness, and one in four said it was because they had less money to spend.


    Having less money to spend may well limit social life, but, even if the numbers are insignificant, regarding that mere 3 out of 100 of those surveyed…

    IN WHAT POSSIBLE WAY can even one of that tiny fraction say that they’re lonely due to Brexit?

    Needless to say, TNE can’t or won’t tell us.

    We can naturally speculate about the sad 3%.

    Could it be that these poor folk of mature age have been the victims of the mean-spirited generational vendetta incited by rabid Remainiacs, who often sought to turn younger voters, addled by school indoctrination…



    …against their parents and grandparents by portraying their engrained decent patriotism as ‘inappropriate?’

    We heard that tripe even from senescent sad-sacks like Vince Cable. How dare Lib Dem Sir Vince Cable call Brexiteers old, white racists

    Millennial morons!


    …and the bitterness of the pro-Brussels faction did indeed divide families, and if that 3% of the lonely are casualties of the anti-democratic jihad then patriots should look out for them.

    Damn sure the recalcitrant Remainers won’t!

    • Hugo Manuel 21:07 on January 2, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I was lonely at Christmas since I am far from home.
      I can’t think how even a millennial moron could be lonely and blame Brexit, or Trump or Bernie Sanders or Jeremy Corbyn, or Climate Panic.
      Whoever responded like that to the survey must be mentally ill.
      Political issues do not make people lonely.


  • ross1948 16:36 on March 6, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    What Next – Britannia As Bearded Lady? 

    The parasitic ‘equality’ industry, droning bureaucrats perpetually leeching off tax-payers, upsetting normal people and delighting ‘diversity freaks, has been turning its guns on national anthems.

    Not content with their Canadian battalion meddling with ‘O Canada…’

    And Heaven Bless, The Maple Leaf Forever! 

    …a nonsense perpetrated, as ever, with no involvement of real Canadians, either by referendum or even one of those dissimulative ‘consultations’  elitists around the world like to talk about…

    EUSSR Ministers Desperate to Shut Out Citizens – A Tradition of Lies and Deceit 


     Ministers accused of ‘sham’ consultation over gay marriage – Telegraph

    the German government’s equality commissioner made headlines by suggesting that it was time to make the national anthem less macho.

    Should Germany get rid of the word ‘fatherland’ from its national anthem?

    oHasil gambar untuk Kristin Rose-Möhring

    Kamerad Kristin


    It’s important to note that the ‘commissioner,’ Kristin Rose-Möhring, is not some neutral civil servant – if that phrase is not oxymoronic these days – but a committed Socialist, from the same SPD that spawned anti-democratic intolerants like Heiko Maas.

    ‘Himmler’ Maas Calls On Secret Police to Undermine Patriots! 

    Please note, ‘discrimination’ is unspeakably awful if practiced against anyone, EXCEPT patriotic dissenters

    Hitler’s SPD Heirs – ‘Media Must Gag Critics of Crimmigration!’ 

    So scant surprise that she believes it is high time that Germany changes the wording of its national anthem to make it more gender equal..

    “It wouldn’t really hurt and it would befit the recent establishment of a ministry for building and the homeland.”

    The old saying, ‘if it ain’t broke, why fix it,’ comes to mind.

    Watching German soccer fans at the World Cup, I didn’t notice any frau or fraulein writhing with shame or humiliation as they sang the words of their national hymn.


    Gambar terkait


    …but of course neither they nor any other ordinary German citizen will ever get to vote on this inane proposal.

    Germany is so enchained by elitism that the people were never even given a vote on the Constitution imposed on them after WW2!

    How Dare German Patriots Offer The People Democracy!

    But meanwhile, if this dementia spreads, how about the UK?


    Rule Britannia?

    She’s a lady!

    Will we soon get British pinko nutjobs, local equivalents of Kamerad Kristin in Germany, porcine snouts gouging the public purse…



    …wasting time and tax-payers’ money, proposing that she get a brand-new transgender freak make-over?



    • I’m joking, of course, but in the bright millennial Brave New World, anything we say as satire today can become nightmarish reality tomorrow!

    • Noreen Paterson 20:10 on March 6, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I have to agree.
      Things we would never have imagined possible when we went to school are now taken as commonplace
      And I don;t mean space travel!


    • Pamela 21:53 on March 6, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      You forget, Ross, that the de-gender craze only works one way. Only men are offended by Britain’s personification being female, so who cares?
      Not the equality industry you refer to.
      The reality is that no sane British man has ever felt slighted by Britannia.
      But what sane people think about things doesn’t enter into ‘diversity’ strategies, does it?
      Any more than those happy young German girls were even vaguely discontented with their national anthem!


    • Marty Nagel 22:50 on March 6, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Kamerad Kristin reminds me of that Porkahontas we had who went on hunger strike but kept drinking soup all the way through it.
      I was reading what you said about her when I was going over some of your Canadian stories and that one made me laugh.
      What they did to our national anthem made me angry but Canada is the same as Germany, we get no vote on these things.
      I sure hope the Germans raise hell.


      • Arnold 18:25 on March 7, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        Sad but true, Marty.
        We Canadians been kicked around ever since Turdo Senior’s time. His ‘son’ or do we now got to say ‘non-gender-identifiable child,’ has taken great pains to finish the goddam job. ‘

        If we had referendums through the 60s and 70s and 80s and 90s we would would still had capital punishment, the old flag and anthem none of this censorship on anybody speaks against ‘gay’ rights or multicult migration.
        I personally believe Canada is passed the point of no return but I never give up hope.
        We owe that to the generations who made Canada so much better to live in than the mess it is today.


  • ross1948 00:02 on February 17, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Britain’s Moronic Millennials – Defunding Overdue! 

    Hasil gambar untuk gaudeamus igitur


    A frankly terrifying report on the incredibly retarded character of British university students makes me glad my undergraduate years occurred in the Sixties…


    Gambar terkait


    …when there was still serious, and often successful, resistance to the Red Nazis and their NUS overseers.

    Please use the link below, read all about it, then ask why tax-payers should be contributing a single sou to colleges that tolerate such morons on their campuses. .

    The Free Speech University Rankings 2018 makes for grim reading

    • Stefan J 13:00 on February 17, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I agree.
      People who work hard every day don’t expect to see these spoilt brats capering around like chimps on their ‘protest’ bandwagons when they should be in the college libraries studying to be useful members of society.


  • ross1948 00:01 on December 23, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Europhiliac Hydra, Courting Millennial Morons! 

    Droll piece in Conservative Home last week, about the sudden sprouting of new parties devoted to keeping the UK in servitude to the embryonic Fourth Reich.


    Seems they reckon that, if Macron can fool the French into voting for a Merkelite Muppet, why not try a similar exercise in Britain!?! 

    Hasil gambar untuk hydra nine headed monster

    Most entertaining are the names they’ve chosen to give themselves, viz.

    Spring The Party – launched by pro-EU barrister Jolyon Maugham in April, and vanished by August

    The Democrats – launched by pro-EU former SpAd James Chapman in August,

    The Radicals – launched by pro-EU journalist Jeremy Cliffe, only for him to quit as its leader within 24 hours…

    Forward Together – proposed in June by pro-EU ecologist Chris Formaggia,

    Renew – launched after the General Election by pro-EU former Foreign Office employee Chris Coghlan…and pro-EU accountant James Torrance,

    Advance launched…by pro-EU former police officer Annabel Mullin..


    Not exactly nine, but the author does say there may be others, so I still think my picture of the Nine-Headed Hydra from Heraklean legend is a nice illustration, since that monster was easily slain when the right hero came along!

    More seriously, the more anti-democracy parties the better, splitting the millennial moron vote…


    Hasil gambar untuk brexit millennials


    …though one wonders how many of those in the photo above can read what’s on a ballot paper – I bet they didn’t even compose the slogans on their signs!



    As to the names of those parties above, I leave it to you to explore the oxymoronic nature of parties dedicated to reversing the greatest democratic leap forward in the history of the Sceptred Isle –

    Radical? Democrat? Advance…?



    Having said that, there are various small parties on the side of British independence too.

    Since all three BIG parties are led by Remainiacs (now that Comrade Corbyn has sold out totally to the Enemy Within – no surprise!) it’s important that UKIP’s be the electoral banner behind which resistance fighters rally.

    Which brings me back to last week’s exhortation.

    The Silence Of The Sheep – Come Back Nigel!

  • ross1948 19:57 on October 27, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Anti-Brexit Brainwashing – Why So Many Disloyal Millennials? 

    Hasil gambar untuk brexit millennials


    Why are so many younger people so devoid of that loyalty to their own country that was evident in previous generations?


    Hasil gambar untuk empire day 1936

    Young Brits in 1936


    It’s a vexing question, and the answer has to be that something, somebody, has been spending much time and effort, and money, on poisoning their minds.

    Their time and effort is theirs, to do with as they please, but when they spend YOUR money…


    ….it’s high time somebody with a sense of responsibility –  of honour, for pity’s sakes –  stepped in to put a stop to this indoctrination, more proof of which has been published this week.




    Check out this shocking report on the war against British deliverance being waged on British campuses by arrogant Europhiliacs paid handsomely from YOUR taxes!

    Remainer universities: The extent of anti-Brexit bias is laid bare

    • Joseph B. Fox 23:15 on October 27, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Centre, not center.


      • ross1948 23:52 on October 28, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        I had to go back and pore over it, but it wasn’t me – it’s an illustration from my voluminous files. American, where ‘center’ is correct.
        Just take it as my nod to diversity!


    • Petra Malley 17:38 on October 29, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Indoctrination is the only explanation.
      Normal people in normal societies do not want to see their own people subjected to rule by others and their society’s values despised.


  • ross1948 19:19 on August 28, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Which of Canada’s Statues Will Be First To Go? 

    We’ve seen the whining nitwit Greens in Sydney who want to mess about with Captain Cook, and that marxist De Blasio in NYC pondering the toppling of Christopher Columbus.

    De Blasio To Cut American Core Out of Big Apple? 


    But what of Canada?



    Surely there must be targets galore for Antifa marxist goon-squads, statues of Englishmen, and Scots and Ulstermen, and Frenchmen – not to forget their sturdy pioneer womenfolk! – the Europeans who transformed the wilderness into a fine, prosperous country?

    I have one on my photo file.

    Empire Loyalists, in Hamilton, Ontario.

    Empire Loyalists!?!

    Good grief, I’m amazed Turdo himself has not been seen prowling the area with a hammer!

    Not only were these people descended from the wicked imperialist British, maybe even born in the monarchist Old Country, but they travelled from the rebellious American colonies to Canada, the better to ensure they could still live under the Crown and the Union Jack.



    Does that statue still stand in Hamilton, Ontario?

    The land on which those Empire Loyalists settled, indeed all of Hamilton, at one time, must have been the hunting grounds of some copper-skinned tribe!

    First Nations land plundered!?!

    So has that proud loyal family on their plinth been daubed with millennial grunt-words, or otherwise vandalised?

    Give it time – the Antifa vermin in Canada, just as much in the USA and Oz, are cultural marxists and are therefore dedicated to subversion of the Dominion’s Western heritage.



    A multicult cess-pool is their cherished goal!

    An update, please, since I’ve not been back to Canada for many years!


    • Arnold 02:47 on August 29, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      There was some vandalism in Nova Scotia last year on a statue but I think it was those Micmac Indians got blamed.


  • ross1948 09:00 on August 28, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    De Blasio To Cut American Core Out of Big Apple? 

    Whether NYC Mayor De Blasio is still the rotten red rat he was when he wandered off to the marxist gang in Nicaragua is a subject yet debated.


    Gambar terkait

    N.Y. Mayor de Blasio Active Supporter of Brutal Communist Regime

    Those who maintain he’s a leopard who lies about changing his spots will be strengthened in their argument by his latest subversive outburst, on the subject of Christopher Columbus.


    Hasil gambar untuk columbus statue

    NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio may take down Christopher Columbus statue

    There’s a similarity between the whining of New York nutjobs on this and the snivelling little Australian Green squirt whom I just saw on France24, all a-fret about the statue of Captain Cook ‘offending’ Aborigines.

    Big deal.

    If they don’t like it, they can heed the advice of Dionne Warwick…


    Gambar terkait


    …and just ‘Walk On By!’

    What almost all of the deranged communists, liberals and uncomplicated morons appear to overlook is that the straightforward, simple solution to these debates is the democratic one.

    I don’t mean action replays of the arrogance of the Charlottesville municipal councillors who voted 3-2 to dethrone the statue of Robert E Lee without giving the citizens a say by way of referendum.

    There are two arguments against the democratic method, one of which is that it’s up to the people’s superiors in the political elite to make up their minds for them…

    …because after all politicians know best. That’s much more ‘offensive’ than the sight of any piece of sculpture, so I’ll ignore it.

    The other, the same one Australian cultural marxists have deployed against the postal ballot on homo-weddings – that allowing the electorate a vote costs money.

    That too is outrageous – why not just abolish elections on grounds of expense?


    But it’s a problem easily resolved, because America and Australia are multi-layered democracies, federal, state and municipal.

    That means that elections are held at least every two years (in the USA, and it can’t be that different in Oz.)

    All that needs to be done is let the debate run until the next scheduled round of voting for candidates for public office…

    …then add the referendum question to the ballot paper!

    But there’s a BIG obstacle to that idea.


    The Left abhor people power!

    So Red De Blasio, who could easily put the Columbus Question to New Yorkers on the same ballot paper when he runs for re-election in just over two months, may choose to abhor democracy.

    Who’s surprised?

    • Pete Lipton 14:37 on August 28, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I wish he would go and be mayor of Managua, where his Sandinista communist friends are.
      My bet is he won’t touch Columbus. Too many Italian-American voters still around.
      Somebody might make him an offer he can’t refuse.


  • ross1948 00:32 on August 23, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , Louisiana Purchase, millennial contempt for democracy, New Orleans, ,   

    Who’s Next? Joan of Arc Statue Vandalised! 

    A most bizarre development in the war on statues being waged by BLM racists and red nazi Antifa thugs.

    Pj media reported last week that an equestrian statue in New Orleans was vandalised, sprayed with the bigot-left slogan “Tear It Down.”


    Jeanne d’Arc


    It’s Joan of Arc who was thus maltreated!

    I seem to recall seeing that statue when I visited the city many years ago and found it historically interesting but in no way objectionable..

    So why has it been defaced?

    PJ Media cannot find anyone to explain why Joan would be seen as objectionable, but although she is a feature of French history, not American – though New Orleans was once ruled by France, until the Louisiana Purchase in the early 19th century – she nevertheless exemplifies patriotism.

    And that’s something loathed by the cultural marxists behind the current campaign.

    Or there’s another explanation, touched on by a New Orleans local who runs the Joan of Arc carnival parade.

    “Surely, people realize she’s not related to American history.”


    Given the moronic demeanour and utterances of so many millennials, I rather think the ‘people’ we saw in Durham, North Carolina…


    Hasil gambar untuk durham statue confederate

    Communists Are The Traitors, NOT Confederates! 

    …and their counterparts in New Orleans, ARE unaware of Joan’s antecedents, as they are unaware of, because indifferent to, many aspects of history, except their own self-perceived importance therein.

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