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    Will Czechs Replace Good Milos Wth Pinko Petr? 

    Discouraging news from Prague, where…



    …Petr Pavel is reportedly leadizng in polls, despite being less than transparent about what he did in the Communist military.

    He is also a freak-show fan – the leftist Euronews says he favours ‘progressive policies such as gay marriage…’

    Although we may not regard Euronews as always reliable…

    Murdered Pole – EuroNews Smears Brexiteers!

    EuroNews Pinko Hackette Drops All Pretence of Objectivity! 

    ‘Perhaps Understandably?’ Anti-Europe EuroNews Spews

    …nevertheless, this seems to be true, as also is their assertion…


    …that Pavel ‘favours adoption of the euro currency..’ https://www.euronews.com/2023/01/25/czech-election-pavel

    The only alternative is Mr.  Babis, of whom we have written before.

    He may not be perfect but has often talked sense

    Czech Talks Sense – Kick Out Crimmigrants! 

    “They need to go home,” he said. “They have their culture, we have our culture … they have their values, but we want to keep [our] values,” he said.



    Andrei Babis


    EU states should expel the 618,780 migrants said by the European Commission to be “illegally” present in Europe…https://euobserver.com/tickers/143223

    …so surely he has to be better than a Europhiliac pro-queer.

    However, my purpose in writing tonight is not so much to debate these men’s merits…



    …but to pay tribute to the excellent head of state that one of them will replace as Czech President

    Milos Zeman’s unpopularity among decadent intellectuals…

    ‘Vulgar?’ Will Czechs Elect A Man Loathed By Pinko Snobs? 

    An election poster of Czech president Miloš Zeman. Photograph: Martin Divisek/EPA


    …was clear proof he was on the right side.

    Most normal Czechs identified with his decent values and plain-spoken ways…

    Czech president Miloš Zeman called transgender people “disgusting” in an interview on CNN Prima News… Czech President Tells Trans-Freak Truth! 

    So I offer a final salute to a grand old man –  more than he’ll get from UK Pravda!

    Congratulations, Mr. Zeman – And BOO to BBC!

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    Three Cheers For President Zeman! 

    We have applauded the Czech President Miloš Zeman before….

    Get Well Soon, President Zeman! 

    …and while I may not always agree with him, I usually do..

    Congratulations, Mr. Zeman – And BOO to BBC!

    …and now we cheer him on again, for his firm resistance to the gaystapo agenda, his vow to veto a law that would see homo-weddings introduced into his country.

    Read more about how he said he would veto the sicko legislation.

    “I would like to announce that if I really get such a law on my desk, I will veto it,” Zeman, who is directly elected, said last week. He noted that the Czech state already allows civil unions for same-sex couples, “but a family is a union of a man and a woman. Full stop”, he said.

    The veto can be over-ridden, but let’s hope that decent Czechs will put enough pressure on parliament to stop the so-called ‘gay’ so-called ‘marriage’ nonsense.

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    Get Well Soon, President Zeman! 

    I see that the Czech Republic’s President Zeman is in intensive care, so let’s send him ‘Get Well Soon!’ wishes.

    brzy se uzdrav… did I get that right? 

    He has said some things I don’t agree with, but the hatred he evokes among decadent intellectuals…

    ‘Vulgar?’ Will Czechs Elect A Man Loathed By Pinko Snobs? 

    An election poster of Czech president Miloš Zeman. Photograph: Martin Divisek/EPA


    …has long indicated that basically he’s on the side of normal decent Czechs.

    As a BBC report said about his election victory three years ago, ‘he promised to be the president of the “bottom 10 million”. The Czech population is currently about 10.6 million.

    It was a clear snub to the country’s urban elite. The feeling is mutual. Virtually every one of the Zeman posters tied to the lampposts in my district of Prague has now been torn or defaced

    That says a lot about the BBC’s Rob Cameron, who evidently chose to reside among intolerant uppities, with whom UK Pravda will naturally feel at home.

    Congratulations, Mr. Zeman – And BOO to BBC!

    But those Czechs who have to make a living by honest toil seem to like Zeman’s refreshing candour, which we have noted more than once.

    Czech president Miloš Zeman called transgender people “disgusting” in an interview on CNN Prima News…

    Czech President Tells Trans-Freak Truth! 



  • ross1948 09:45 on January 28, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Congratulations, Mr. Zeman – And BOO to BBC! 

    Prior to the election which the anti-crimmigrant Milos Zeman has just won, we wrote about the snobbery on which much of the Europhiliac elite’s animosity towards the patriot president was based..


    Gambar terkait

    Prague, Europe’s loveliest capital, Hradcany Palace towering above


    Happily, Zeman was not brought down by their supercilious, sneering arrogance. He is back in the Hradcany Palace for another four years.

    Today the BBC had no choice but to report his victory, but who did they invite to offer ‘informed’ comment on the result?

    “Zeman is vulgar and low – it’s unfortunate but also true!”

    Hasil gambar untuk Jiri Pehe, New York University in Prague.

    Jiri Pehe – What a friggin snob!


    ‘Vulgar?’ Will Czechs Elect A Man Loathed By Pinko Snobs? 

    The very ivory-tower ‘intellectual’ from Prague’s “New York University” whose stuck-up condescension we described in our previous piece!

    This habit of bringing in ‘guests’ with an axe to grind without clearly identifying them as partisan hacks is nothing new for the tax-funded ratbags of Broadcasting House…

    ……but needs constantly to be exposed.



    m we spotlightlah. a piec

    • Jiri 13:03 on January 28, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I have the same first name as Pehe but no more in common with him.
      We have this MidAtlantic elite here like the ‘European Values’ you identify as Sorosoid and they are more faithful to Brussels than to our country.
      They use their foreign money against us. .
      President Zeman is a man we trust against the EU plan to force migrants onto us. .


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    EU Observer Escalates Bias, Quoting Soros-Funded ‘NGO!’ 

    Casting any pretence of fair play to the winds, the Europhiliac EU Observer gave us this headline last night.

    Knife-edge Czech poll could put ‘Kremlin troll’ back as president


    A less objective headline would be hard to concoct, on the eve of the presidential election where patriot Milos Zeman is indeed locked in a hard-fought struggle with a liberal, pro-EU ‘intellectual.’


    An election poster of Czech president Miloš Zeman. Photograph: Martin Divisek/EPA


    It’s all the more disgraceful because the insult within those inverted commas is a quote from the foreign-funded so-called “NGO” which we covered two days ago, the Sorosoid ‘European Values’ agitprop gang.

    Czechs Vote, But May And Sorosoids Meddle! 



    Not only from Soros does the ‘non-governmental’  organisation get its cash, but also from the supranational government in Brussels.


    Hasil gambar untuk meddling


    And as we reported, both the US and UK embassies collaborate too with the subversives, thus blatantly meddling in Czech internal politics.

    By the time you read this, the result will soon be out, or fairly clear at least.

    But it’s important to note that anything emerging from EUObs needs to be taken with a large pinch of salt.

    • John Waltner 08:15 on January 27, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Our (USA) embassy is involved?
      I know Trump is busy but he has to investigate this.
      Today I have a lot of time on my hands so I will be emailing a number of men and women who can stir things up.


    • Lee 19:00 on January 27, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      These phoney NGOs, always on the take from governments. There’s a big article on how they’re in on a ‘fact-check gang in Prague that’s ‘exposing’ Zeman but their fans have the nerve to say it just happens that the fact-check backers are all pro-Eu.
      And the Easter Bunny is due in a few months, yes.


  • ross1948 23:52 on January 25, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Czechs Vote, But May And Sorosoids Meddle! 

    Typical of The Guardian’s inability even to try for an even-handed approach to the imminent second round of the Czech Republic’s presidential election.


    A huge headline, about alleged ‘dirty tricks’ deployed against the Europhiliac Jiří Drahoš, who’s ranting that he’s been smeared as a paedophile, communist collaborator and pro-immigrant elitist with ties to Angela Merkel.

    A fairly foul smear, if smear it is, but the fact is that he IS pro-crimmigrant.

    Moreover, it’s fair to call him an elitist given that he’s a former head of the Czech Academy of Science – in most European countries, academics are notorious elitists..



    …who pontificate on all kinds of issues outside their area of expertise…

    Parents laugh off ‘nonsense’ academics‘ claims that Lego is sexist

    Haying “Not Welcome” Violates Alien Intruders’ Rights! 

    …’intellectuals’ who basically, and indefensibly, look down on normal people.


    Accusations of pedophilia and ties to Mama Stasi Merkel are extremely unpleasant, of course, and should not be made without clear evidence.

    But it’s not till we get way down the page that we learn that an agitprop outfit called Kremlin Watch has been making equally nasty accusations against the patriot candidate…


    An election poster of Czech president Miloš Zeman. Photograph: Martin Divisek/EPA

     ….a proud smoker and drinker who disdains political correctness and revels in the liberal outrage he often provokes…Czech president’s ‘vulgar’ populism faces a tough test   

    ‘Vulgar?’ Will Czechs Elect A Man Loathed By Pinko Snobs? 

    …notably that Milos Zeman is a “Kremlin trojan horse!”

    They witter about mysterious, pro-Putin websites galore. But after mentioning this slur, The Guardian is obliged to quote one of that gang’s flunkeys, who confesses that –

    “We don’t have any clear evidence of financial links [showing] somebody in Russia is sending money to these websites, but I can imagine that if they wanted to, it would be pretty easy…

    WOW – real powerful stuff – .”..if they wanted to, it would be pretty easy…

    But not a shred of proof!

    More interesting, however, is who’s behind Kremlin Watch?


     …let’s be clear about who pays for the activities of “European Values” and whose interests this faux-academic concern serves. In 2015, its biggest single source of private funding was the veteran billionaire vulture-capitalist George Soros (around 25% in total via two Open Society Foundation agencies)


    And for British readers, this next revelation must be cause for concern.

    … aside from Soros, the other big donors to the “European Values” lobby group are the European Commission and Parliament and the embassies of the United States and the United Kingdom.

    ‘Useful idiots?’ George Soros’ Prague lobbyists direct their fire at RT 

    The EUSSR’s meddling in Czech internal affairs should be no surprise.

    ENAR – Another ‘Non-Government’ Snout In The Public Purse! 


    They’re up their necks in funding subversives.

    The Americans?

    Trump is unlikely to be aware of this, and our US readers should take action to alert him to the sinister activities of the Deep State. Deep State Arrogance Exemplified On Aljazeerah 


    But Theresa May?

    Either she takes immediate steps to investigate and recall any UK diplomats up to no good in Prague or she stands exposed as a malignant meddler herself.

    • Mort 00:28 on January 26, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      You really do a good job with no real back-up or staff or funding.
      These facts were already out there but you took time and made an effort to tie it all together..

      Our embassies do little enough work compared to how they used to.
      I’m sure their time-wasting, money-wasting games with subversives like ‘European Values’ must have something to do with their relative indolence when it comes to helping citizens in trouble.

      I will ask my Congressman to look into the role of the US Embassy. He’s quite good and if there are Obama hold-overs making trouble in Prague, we hopefully will see them dislodged.


    • Natalie Hirst 13:49 on January 27, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      It’s unbelievable after all the outcry about meddling in America’s elections that America and Britain are meddling in the Czech Republic.


  • ross1948 16:18 on January 13, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Vulgar?’ Will Czechs Elect A Man Loathed By Pinko Snobs? 

    We know somebody’s probably got something useful to say when the media start on about how crude or ‘vulgar’ he is. Just cast a glance at the White House!

    But today I’m looking at Central Europe!

    Most of the creeps who write in pinko papers like the Guardian are stuck-ups, whose obnoxious opinions are made even more unreadable by their addiction to fancy-pants vocabulary, similar to the cr-p used by Ghastly Guy…

    “…a binary, old-fashioned and reductionist understanding of identity.” 

    “Europe?” What’s Ghastly Guy On About Now? 

    Do such people use that kinda guff to show off, or simply to baffle us normals?


    • They tend to reckon the rest of us poor common folk are ‘vulgar.’

    • Hence the headline in the Irish Times this week…

    Czech president’s ‘vulgar’ populism faces a tough test

    …,referring to Czech President Miloš Zeman, the Eurosceptic, anti-immigration incumbent who enjoys close ties with the Kremlin, requires some attention.

    ——–An election poster of Czech president Miloš Zeman. Photograph: Martin Divisek/EPA

     ….a proud smoker and drinker who disdains political correctness and revels in the liberal outrage he often provokes…Czech president’s ‘vulgar’ populism faces a tough test         

     Got to be a good guy!


    It’s basically a two-man fight, with other candidates trailing behind the good guy and an academic named Draho

    But what’s interesting is that headline.

    Read the whole article and it’s not till we approach its end that we find the word ‘vulgar’ that catches the eye at the top of the page. Drahos holds unpleasantly liberal and Europhiliac views, but HE doesn’t call Zeman vulgar.

    The Irish Times media hack, Daniel McLaughlin…

    …had to go trawling all around Prague till he got a snob called Jiri Pehe, who lurks in the – wait for it – ‘New York University there.

    Given the Pinko Paddy made no effort to find a pro-Zeman quote, from anyone at all, he was obviously looking for a lefty stuck-up, and OMG did he strike gold!

    “Zeman is vulgar and low – it’s unfortunate but also true!”

    Hasil gambar untuk Jiri Pehe, New York University in Prague.

    Jiri Pehe – What a friggin snob!


    If that’s what he thinks of Zeman, presumably he thinks the majority of Czechs, who after all elected Zeman, are just as ‘vulgar and low’ – the same sort of supercilious, arrogant attitude we find in the UK…


    ….among the plutocrats and elitists who sneer at the majority of Brits for choosing freedom in the Brexit referendum!

    BTW, Zeman’s ‘pro-Russian’ stance has to be seen in the context of the childish ostracism he’s faced from the EUSSR stalwarts prowling the corridors of power in Berlin, Paris, Rome etc.

    Mr Zeman has received few invitations to western capitals during four years in Prague Castle.

    So if Russia invites him there instead, why the heck shouldn’t he go!

    We’ve had cause over the past few years to applaud this patriot.

    ‘Cowardice, Appeasement’- A Reality Czech, As UN Sticky-Beaks Rant! 

    Glad Tidings – Czech Out A REAL Xmas Message! 

    Now we offer him best wishes for his re-election bid. Votes are being cast this very weekend.

    • Janos 21:18 on January 13, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      We vulgar voters outnumber the snobs in Prague.
      We will see who wins! Thanks!


    • Tom Butcher 23:44 on January 15, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Has he won


  • ross1948 10:35 on December 29, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Glad Tidings – Czech Out A REAL Xmas Message! 

    Milo Zeman


    HM told us in her Christmas Message that she felt the forces of light would quell the forces of darkness.

    But as a constitutional monarch, she’s constrained from speaking more clearly on the menace posed to what’s left of Christendom by the hordes of savages still pouring in to top up the million brought to Europe by Mama Stasi Merkel’s evil open-door appeal earlier this year.

    Luckier the Czech Republic, where their head of state, President Milos Zeman, spelt out a crystal-clear Christmas message to his countrymen and women yesterday.

    He described what’s been happening as “an organized invasion.”  

    And he didn’t stop there. All those young men from Syria and Iraq should “take up arms” against the Islamic State (IS) group.  http://www.timesofisrael.com/czech-president-migrant-wave-an-organized-invasion/

    “I am profoundly convinced that we are facing an organized invasion and not a spontaneous movement of refugees!” 

    Spot on, Mr. President.

    “A large majority of the illegal migrants are young men in good health, and single. I wonder why these men are not taking up arms to go fight for the freedom of their countries against the Islamic State.”

    We’ve discussed this idea before, and I doubt it would work in practice.


    ‘Migrant Liberation Army?’ Hellish Legion, More Like! 

    Fact is, these strapping brutes seem not to shirk physical violence against the border security forces of civilised countries which they want to colonise. And Mr. Zeman certainly knows that.

    So methinks he was making a point in delphic manner, and we can extrapolate two potential policies ways therefrom – both useful means of reversing the tsunami.

    A Young men in good health should be ordered to report for duty, shipped out to the war-zone and trained in combat against ISIS, paid and fed like other soldiers.

    B Failure to comply would be interpreted as disqualifying them for residence anywhere in Europe. That should result in detention on bread and water rations, until proper deportation transport has been arranged.


    • send-them-back
    • —————————
    • But as ever, Czechs face an enemy within, manifested in Prague as in Berlin and London, by the head of government. Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka is made of very different stuff from Zeman.

    Like Cameron, he talks the talk –

    “Germany sent a signal that was seen and heard in many parts of the Middle East and North Africa. That has spurred illegal migration toward Europe.”   http://www.dw.com/en/czech-prime-minister-chastises-merkel-over-refugee-crisis/a-18935902




    Quite so! But though he admits it was Merkel to blame, he then declares ‘solidarity’ with Brussels and bad-mouths his President!

    Sobotka sprang to the defence of crimmigrants, saying  Zeman’s Christmas message was based “on prejudices and his habitual simplification of things.”

    Sobotka is entitled to his opinion. Thus the country’s two leading politicians are in total disagreement?

    Only one way to see who REALLY speaks for Czechs.

    referndmlet peole vote

    A referendum!

    That should also be the democratic solution to the similar debates in every nation. The arrogant EurocRats abhor the very notion of taking into account, much less consulting, their people.

    Right now it would behoove us to ignore opinion polls, and just do what has to be done.“  Merkel’s Manikin Manfred – ‘Ignore What Voters Think!’ 

    I’d be confident common sense would win hands down – a recent survey showed that nearly 70 percent of Czechs oppose the arrival of migrants and refugees in their country.


    • M Vallerne 18:50 on December 30, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I think you and Zeman and anyone else who hopes this army can be used for any purpose other than what it’s designed for must be deluded.
      Didnt you hear their Allahu Akbars when they were at the gates of one Balkan country after another?.
      Only the Hungarians stood up to them..
      Saladin must be taking the P out of Richard the Lionheart in Valhalla or wherever else dead warriors go. ..


  • ross1948 16:16 on December 1, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    “We Can’t Take More Refugees…” As His Boss Admits 30,000! 

    France’s prime minister Manuel Valls told several newspapers Tuesday (24 November) he wants Europe to completely halt the influx of migrants from the Middle East…,“We cannot receive more refugees in Europe. It is not possible”, Valls said.  .https://euobserver.com/migration/131262,   adding that Europe must control its external borders.


    • Valls
    • ————

    “If we do not do that, then the people will say: it’s over with Europe”, noted the centre-left politician…..

    Too right they will. But what cares he for what ‘the people’ want?

    All his pre-election rhetoric (Hollande U-Turns – Press On, Marine!  ) represents arrant hypocrisy, for he knows full well what the people of France have said – a clear no to his boss Hollande’s welcome mat to 30,000 more.  Most French citizens oppose softer rules on refugee status  

    And he knows full well what, or rather who, caused the crimmigrant crisis. 

    “It was not France that said ‘Come!’”, he added.

    Yet will he name the traitor? Not a chance. 


      • Hasil gambar untuk merkel hijab
      • ————————–———————

    Valls was careful not to criticise the German chancellor’s welcoming policy towards refugees directly, calling it an “honourable choice.”…President Francois Hollande is receiving Angela Merkel Wednesday.


    When you think of genuinely honourable Germans in times past…

    …Vall’s choice of words, as my old Latin teacher was wont to say, when grammar errors obtruded, would make a cat laugh!

    • cat -Snow…-By-lenazlair-150x214
    • Valls is leftwing, but in the past has shown himself capable of talking sense, notably on the issue of Roma parasites.

    Manuel Valls stated openly that he wants to send tens of thousands more home, since the Roma ‘do not want to integrate.’  https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2013/08/04/hey-uk-dont-abhor-romanians-roma-rogues-are-the-problem/

    But this latest double-talk disgraces himself, his government and his country. France, long considered an international king-pin, is put to shame by little Denmark, which almost at the same time Valls was speaking, declared enough was enough.

    • Danish terror arrests Danes learn from experience

    Little Mermaid To Stupid Swedes – You Made Your Bed, So Lie In It!

    “it would no longer take part in the relocation scheme. Prime Minister Lars Loekke Rasmussen explained that “when we made the offer it was because we needed to solve what was viewed in Europe as the ultimate solution: that if you could distribute those 160,000, the problem would be gone. It is not.”

    Bravo, Lars.

    But Valls? And Hollande?

    Sure, it’s right to hammer ISIS as ferociously as can be done. But meanwhile the Macedonians are facing a swarm of savages, their doughty guards standing alone like Leonidas’ 300 against an alien horde.

    French PM Valls in the interview noted that “public opinion is aware” that at least two of the Paris attackers “entered Europe by mixing in with the refugees.”.


    …two of almost 860,000 people who have arrived in Europe this year came with malevolent intent may be no statistical surprise…



    • Why stick this specious editorialising into what’s billed as a news report? Malevolent intent?  

    One In Eight Syrian ‘Refugees’ Are ISIS Rape-Gang Fans! 

    The violent, sectarian, indeed murderous character of the ‘refugees’ has been reported even before they reached Europe, Christians thrown overboard on the Med, subjected to persecution by migrant swine in Germany and Sweden…



    ….the Paris pair are merely the tip of an enemy ice-berg. 

    And we know that ‘vetting’ the swarm is an exercise in futility.So UKIP’s An EVIL Force? Howzabout Labour’s Treason?

    How about a French battalion to reinforce the Macedonian ranks?

    A message of solidarite, and a refutation of Liar Juncker’s latest mendacious exhortation, not to mix terrorists and migrants.

    Hollande knows, or OUGHT to know, what Czech President Milos Zeman has the guts to say out loud.



    That the “danger has come close to our borders…It is naive to think there is no link between the migrant wave and terrorism…” 


  • ross1948 19:49 on July 5, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Cowardice, Appeasement’- A Reality Czech, As UN Sticky-Beaks Rant! 

    The pro-crimmigrant ‘asylum’ agitprop groups were shrilling just last month against Hungary. Viktor Orban’s government had posted warnings on alien immigrants’ arrogant refusal to adapt, their ingrate insistence that the civilised peoples they impose themselves upon should instead adapt to their primitive ways.

    Pick-N-Choose Parasites V Hungary – Pro-Crimmigrant Vandalism! 

    Clear proof of that threat erupted in Germany, where girls unlucky enough to attend a high-school in close proximity to a brand-new batch of imported aliens got orders to dress like primitives themselves, for fear of molestation. 

    German Girls Forced Into Shariah Dress-Code By Sex-Pest Syrian Ingrates! 

    Now Hungary is again be-shrilled by supranational sticky-beaks, for stepping up self-defence measures – the UNHCR is going NUTS.

    Not for the first time! UN To Brussels- ‘FORCE Brits To Share Sweden’s ‘Asylum’ Tsunami!’ 

    But God Bless Hungary!

    Parliament voted Friday to fast-track amendments proposed by the Interior Ministry which, for example, would allow authorities to detain asylum seekers for prolonged periods and speed up the assessment of asylum claims…

    • congratters

    Bravo, Budapest!

    Anyone who gate-crashes a sovereign state should expect detention, or worse! Nobody invited these undesirables. Illegal, no attempt on their part to seek visas, they have no right to complain if they’re locked up until thoroughly investigated.

    But they’re being denied…due process…

    So says UNHCR, just like some whining crim in one of those American TV police series! Big deal. If crimmigrants want due process, let ’em go home and see how they’re processed there!

    Hungarians are operating in the real world, and they love their country!

    Amnesty International and the Council of Europe also spoke out against Hungary’s policies..

    Which should confirm Orban’s on the right track.

    • ————————-
    • Viktor-Orban-006
    • ————————

    “We can either prepare for the tasks awaiting us or we can be afraid…The way I see it, these international organizations are more afraid of the future. Bad policies can increase and induce this mass migration manifold,” Orban said.

    And the Magyars are not alone in their grasp of the migrant menace.

    As if to underline our recent observation, that East/Central Europeans are a cut above the flabby fatuous appeasement of their Western neighbours  Why Is Eastern Europe So Much Smarter Than The West?  Czech President Milos Zeman has spoken out clearly and courageously. 

    “If European countries accept a wave of migrants, there will be terrorist groups among them, of which also a Libyan minister has warned. By accepting the migrants, we strongly facilitate Islamic State’s expansion to Europe…




    And as if to illustrate the words cowardice and stupidity, Cameron is turning loose a pack of ‘asylum’ savages, including an Egyptian member of the Muslim Brotherhood (the ones who say Jews are descended from apes and pigs!  Morsi brands Jews pigs and apes‘: 2010 interview comments …) from detention, bowing to an anti-democratic court ruling.

    Needless to say, not a word of even insincere ‘thanks,’ for all the free food, medical care, etc., these swine got while detained! 

    Instead, hundreds of ‘asylum’ ingrates are aiming to screw damages from the British tax-payer for not affording their noisome presence the welcome they reckon uninvited aliens deserve.

    Legal lice will be falling over themselves  to latch onto this latest leeching exercise. Since the crimmigrants don’t, apparently, have lotsa cash, guess who will pay for the court actions?  Damages for asylum cases that were fast-tracked

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