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    No Matter Where You Are, This Sunday, Sign For Religious Liberty! 

    Having spoken for religious liberty since I began blogging, and having also gone along to the services, in downtown Jakarta, held by the victims of presidential indifference to high court rulings in favour of that liberty, I can only endorse the petition sent to me.

    • freedom-of-religion
    • My only additional input is a reminder that the cruel persecution meted out to the churches is mild compared to the ubiquitous discrimination perpetrated against the peaceful, totally blameless, Ahmadiyah Muslim minority – not a random vendetta, but state-sponsored, under the notorious Tri-Ministerial Decree – check my search box, and you’ll find plenty of info on that!




    Today, we want you to join with us as we call on the government to call on the President of Indonesia to re-open dozens of churches that have been forcibly closed.
    In Indonesia, hundreds of Christians from dozens of churches have been forced to worship on the streets after their buildings were sealed shut by local officials under pressure from radical Islamic groups.
    Those who attempt to still meet outside of their closed churches find themselves confronted by angry mobs hurling insults, rocks, and even bags of urine and excrement at the Christians. Churches that try relocating to new buildings often find themselves forced out again, only a few months later.  
    Please take just a moment and click on the link to sign our petition on behalf of persecuted Christians across Indonesia.
    Petition Calling for Immediate Re-opening of Churches in Indonesia
    During this intense persecution, two Indonesian churches, GKI Yasmin and HKBP Filadelfia, decided to make a stand, holding services on the streets and in front of the Presidential Palace in Jakarta for more than five years.
    In 2010, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of re-opening their churches, but local authorities refuse to comply.
    On September 27th, these two churches held their 100th joint protest service in front of the presidential palace.
    Today, we’re joining our voice with theirs to call on the President of Indonesia to re-open these churches. We believe no one should be kicked out of their church and forced to worship on the street in front of violent mobs simply because of their faith. Sign our petition, and let Christians in Indonesia know they’re not alone in this fight.
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    Why Apologise? Religion Minister’s ‘Sorry’ To IslamoNazi Thug Gangs 

    If a mob of bigot louts take exception to something you’ve done – especially if you see nothing wrong with it yourself – would you sit down with the nasty brutes and say how sorry you were that you hurt their feelings?




    Well, that’s what Lukman, Indonesia’s Minister of Religious Affairs, has just done with a couple of the most vicious hoodlum gangs in the archipelago, the Islam Defenders Front (FPI) and the Indonesian Mujahidin Council.


    • main-lukman-hakim4 Lukman


    All the sadder, since we only just praised him last week for his action, which was a breath of brave fresh air. Jokowi On Blasphemy Charge? Java Rhythm ‘Enflames’ Fanatics! 

    “Of course I’m sorry…I apologize for the incident,” said Lukman,

    Incredibly, this wretched climb-down took place in his own office!




    Why would a government minister allow fanatic gang-leaders into his ministerial headquarters? Any normally house-proud citizen wouldn’t let them past the garden-gate!

    If such anti-social undesirables somehow gained entry to any property of mine, I’d be tempted to have the premises fumigated. 

     But not Lukman.

    Despite the record of both the FPI….IslamoNazis V Freedom-Fighters? – Some Chicken, Some Neck! and the Majelis Mujahedin…..https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/02/16/islamonazi-thugs-attack-indonesian-artist-in-jogja/   – both infamous for cowardice and brutality – he not only let them in and sat them down – but went on to crave their forgiveness!

    Lukman insisted he never intended to disparage Islam with the Javanese style in the recitation of the Qur’an; it was an attempt to give new color in the propagation of Islam nuanced to the archipelago, with no intention of damaging Islam.

    Did they apologise in return for accusing both Lukman and President Jokowi of blasphemy and/or apostasy, over that trifling variation in the rhythms at the Jakarta Istiqlal Mosque??

    Who gives a damn?

    Apologies from the likes of these hate-gangs would be no more sincere than any other of their protestations.


    However the two hate-gangs above responded to Lukman’s sorry statements, there was one familiar voice spitting sectarian venom…yes, it was the inimitable AL K.


    Al KhatatAl Khathath

    Lively Hustings Likely in West/North Jakarta! 

    Al is a senior figure in the state-funded MUI, a former HizBut Tahrir notable and also no less than the Secretary General of the FUI. He’s the charmer we just can’t keep out of our reports.  

    Meanwhile, Secretary General of the Muslim Forum, Muhammad al Khaththath said he disagreed with Lukman Hakim, as Javanese styling of the Koran went beyond the limit of tolerance.


    This is the creature who wanted to have an atheist killed for speaking his mind on religion. https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/06/15/another-nail-in-freedoms-coffin-indonesian-atheist-jailed-for-blasphemy/

    Did you let him into your office too, Lukman? 

    I sometimes begin to understand those foreigners who despair of the future here.


    But I refuse to give up hope. Most Indonesians are nice.

    Sooner or later, Insh’Allah, their voices will be heard.


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    Hats Off To Lukman! IslamoNazis Rant At Rational Valentine Comment 




    Hats off to Lukman, Minister of Religious Affairs in 90% Muslim Indonesia!

    You know somebody’s said something sensible when he or she is condemned by the IslamoNazi FPI (self-styled ‘Defenders of Islam’) and today we have a splendid story in Merdeka.com – the Minister, Lukman Saifuddin, has expressed respect for those who celebrate Valentine’s Day.

    I said only this week that Lukman was light years better than his predecessor.


    fpi-menag-4FPI Fuhrer Rizieq with former Minister Ali


    But that in itself could be seen as damning the man with faint praise, because Suryadharma Ali was an international embarrassment. He was not only bigoted but ludicrously so, with asinine declarations that sought to elevate his own uptight horror at the sight of women’s knees into a universal criterion.  Good Indonesians Denounce ArchBigot Ali’s Latest Intolerant Outburst

    No, Lukman is not only an improvement but a breath of fresh air, all the more surprising, perhaps, in that he belongs to the PPP, a party noted for its ‘Islamic’ stance.

    But the fresh air of tolerance is anathema to IslamoNazis. 

    “Religion Minister, but doesn’t understand religious shariah,” shrilled FPI’s Twitter. http://www.merdeka.com/peristiwa/fpi-kecam-menag-lukman-saifuddin-karena-dukung-valentine.html

    The white-shirt vigilante gang reckons Lukman shouldn’t make such comments before seeking and finding the facts of Valentine’s Day.

    Which are?

    According to their notorious Habib Rizieq, it’s a ‘Free Sex Day.’


    • silhouetee
    • ——————————
    • His revelation may trigger a surge of visitors this evening to bars of ill-repute around Jakarta, but I fear they’ll be disappointed. I think what Rizieq means is that all those teens who exchange cards, flowers and chocolates will respond to such delights by going at it like demented rabbits.

    Lukman, unsurprisingly, takes a more rational view. “I never celebrate Valentine’s Day, but I respect those who, in a nice way, do so.”  In other words, he thinks young people are capable of having fun without throwing themselves into orgiastic sex.

    Habib is usually wrong but I went into town today (the rainy season had given way to lovely sunshine) and I kept an eye out for misuse of public parks, secluded doorways and alleys  – but alas, now I must report I was unable to spot, let alone join in, any untoward activity.  

    End of the intolerants’ anti-Valentine uproar, till next year!


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