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    Filthy Savages! 3 Guilty – Only 2 Identified? 

    We are told, no doubt accurately, that a 13-year-old was subjected to an “unprovoked and callous” attack.


    And two of the scum found guilty are depicted in the media, as below.


     Diago Anderson and Zidann Edwards who have been found guilty of shooting and paralysing a 13-year-old boy
    Diago Anderson and Zidann Edwards – no info on the third savage?

    I could go on about how the scum should be shipped off to a handy abattoir…


    …because keeping such creatures alive is folly.

    But we all know that, as we also know there is no chance of that, when sentences get handed down in October.

    Instead, let’s ask why the third scumbag is not named…

    …and when we read the words ‘two men and a teenager…’


    …we have our answer.

    The third scumbag is 17, so – by the absurd definitions enshrined in British law – the status of a ‘minor’ is conferred upon the savage.

    The thing is classified as a ‘child!’

    My usual question follows – when YOU were 17, or 16,  or indeed 15…



    …were you unable to distinguish between right and wrong?

    Neither Liz nor Rishi has been asked about the need for reform.

    So no Tory response likely.

    But what about all those Labour, LibDem and SNP MPs who wish to elevate teens to adult status for electoral purposes?

    Scots Teeny-Bopper Braveheart-Throbs? 

    Indeed, the SNP has pressed ahead, as we predicted, and declared 16-year-olds are entitled to vote.

    Such opposition MPs are plentiful, and often energetic.

    Why are they not pushing parallel reform, so that teen brat hoodlums are treated as adults?


    And there are other aspects to this ‘age’ nonsense..

    Calais Kiddies? Teddy-Clutching Tots? NOT! 

    .Another ‘Child?’ Enough Inexcusable Excuses for Evil! 

    …but we can return to that another day.

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    Nutjob News – Adult Criminals Are Actually Children! 


    …a new California bill would prohibit prosecutors from charging anyone under the age of 20 as an adult.

    How can even California Democrats proffer such hogwash as a serious change to the way grown men (and women, and transfreaks, presumably) who commit crimes are treated by the legal system?

    Will these newly-rebranded ‘children’ be stripped of the right to vote? Or to marry, or join the armed forces?

    No sign of that, not yet, but it would surely be entirely logical, in the circumstances.

    Anyway, it’s not been passed yet…



    …but here’s a pinko buffoon, Democrat Senator Nancy Skinner, defending it.

    “When teenagers make serious mistakes and commit crimes, state prison is not the answer,” Skinner said in a press release.

    One might say, yes, alternative answers are worth considering.

    Perhaps a weekly appearance in the town square, attached to the stocks, with a sturdy person beating the tar out of them with a cat-o-nine-tails….

    ….would indeed be an alternative worthy of consideration.

    But that’s regrettably not what Sappy Senator Skinner has in mind.

    “Processing teenagers through the juvenile justice system will help ensure they receive the appropriate education, counseling, treatment, and rehabilitation services necessary to achieve real public safety outcomes.”

    Worryingly, even a public defender, which clearly does not equate in California into somebody out to defend the public, is echoing Skinner’s bleeding-heart bilge!

    Skinner was backed by a public defender, Brendon Woods, in California’s Alameda County, who said, “Kids should be treated as kids.”

    “When a young person gets in trouble, they need our help,” Woods said. “They don’t need to be locked in a cage. “

    What friggin’ codswallop!



    A cage is exactly what most of the filthy young mutts DO need.

    By sheer coincidence, I chanced upon a UK media story, about a singer called Katherine Jenkins.

    Last month, a  15-year-old schoolgirl admitted mugging Katherine for her £500 iPhone after the star bravely tried to stop her attacker snatching an elderly woman’s handbag on the King’s Road.

    The evil bitch, described as a ‘Grade A’ student who cannot be named because of her age…

    Image result for evil bitch"

    also pleaded guilty to assaulting a police officer at the hearing at Highbury Magistrates’ Court on January 6.

    Unfortunately, the report doesn’t say what sentence was imposed but you can be 100% certain it will not involve appropriate punishment for ‘the Grade A student,’ who ( yes, seriously) told the juge she was now ‘ashamed.’ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-7958027/Katherine-Jenkins-enjoys-lunch-date-husband-Andrew-Levitas.html

    Yes, and the band played ‘Believe It if You Like!’

    That Daily Mail report sums up what’s wrong with criminal justice, well, one of many things wrong with it, in the UK and the USA.

    Firstly, treating a vicious teenage sow as a ‘child,’ denying the public even the right to know its name, sparing it whatever obloquy it might incur in its neighbourhood, is BLOODY ridiculous.

    The label ‘child’ should be attached to human beings not yet at the age of puberty, which is well below 15, and anyone old enough to know what’s right and wrong, as you and I damned will did by the time we moved from elementary to high school…



    ….should be punished in draconian fashion for doing wrong on the scale described in the UK report.


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    Filthy ‘Child’ Savages – Guardian Skips Key Facts! 

    While it’s useful for media to cover the clash between sensible German police and wet, weak-kneed bureaucrats, on the issue of the age of criminal responsibility…



    …is it not remarkable that the Guardian, after the brutal rape of a young German woman, which we noted.. .What’s BBC NOT Saying About The ‘Rapist Children?’ …has reported another shocking attack ‘IN THE SAME CITY’ on Monday this week…

    …with a German girl, aged 15, ‘allegedly surrounded by five boys aged between 11 and 17, and subsequently harassed and touched inappropriately’ WITHOUT revealing the origins of the alleged molestors?

    Touched inappropriately?’

    Is that snowflake-speak for indecent assault?

    Does the Guardian not know if the ‘boys’ are German or in fact more ‘migrant’ brats?   But perhaps that important information is being covered up by German authorities.

    Yet the very same Guardian report continues without even a semi-colon break…



    …about how ‘in January, a regional court in Wuppertal found eight teenagers guilty of raping a 13-year-old girl near a swimming pool in the town of Velbert…’ https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/jul/10/germany-muhlheim-case-sparks-debate-on-age-of-criminal-responsibility

    AGAIN, the Guardian fails to identify the origins of the ‘child’ scumbags!

    And again, the same report carries on, about another rape trial in Freiburg, ‘11 men between the ages of 18 and 30…


    …and NOT A WORD about where the accused come from!

    I suppose there’s a case to be made that so many Germans have been raped, robbed and otherwise made the victims of ingrate alien beasts…

    ‘The Notion That All Immigrants Feel Gratitude? Something of a Myth!’ 

    ‘Asylum’ Savages Have “Deep Disdain For Our Nation’

    …that it’s no longer ‘news’ when it happens, but why don’t more people…

    • Petra Mally 20:17 on July 11, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      By hiding the fact that the sex predators are fake-refugees, leftwing media like the Guardian and BBC may think we will forget the dangers that they bring to Europe.
      It won’t work with most of us, but there are dozy people around and blogs like yours play a valued part in reminding them that mass deportation is essential.
      Keep it up!


    • Fiona 20:30 on July 11, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      The media should be required to report every crime committed by illegal aliens, whether they are called ‘refugees,’ or ‘asylum-seekers.’
      The government should be required to expel any of them convicted of any crime.


    • Ben B 07:04 on July 14, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Hey, Ross, there seems to be a technical problem getting through to the blog.
      If you get this,please try to check it out,


      • ross1948 08:00 on July 14, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        Yes, Ben. I am travelling at present and have noticed readership stats inexplicably fallen – my apologies, but if folks follow your example of determination, they should find the blog.
        By mid-week, all should be back to normal.


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    Mr. Mohamed, The Moroccan, Tells The Truth! 

    We recently made mention of a good migrant named Toni, of Nigerian origins but a keen active member of the Italian patriot party, the Lega Nord.

    ‘Migrant’ Riots – Black Italian Patriot Exposes Lying Media! 

    He said he had a low opinion of the Italian media, which, from his description, seems to be as lousy and leftist as CNN, the BBC the ABC and the CBC in our English-speaking countries.



    But at least one Italian newspaper is way more honest than at least one part of the English-language European media.

    Read on….then contact The Local…and…



    On Monday this week, that interesting medium The Leftal, sorry, The Local, reported on the rape-gang suspects detained in Northern Italy.

    Two other members of the gang, who are brothers aged 15 and 17, handed themselves into police in connection with the rapes on Saturday. Their father told the local paper Il Resto del Carlino he had recognized his sons in CCTV images shared by police, and told them to report themselves.


    Shortly afterwards, a third suspect aged 16 was detained in a nearby town.

    The three minors were previously known to police, but due to their age they are being held in a juvenile detention centre and their names have not been released.



    Stupid rules, but not unique to Italy. One hopes if they are duly convicted, they will be named and shamed.

    At least we know we’re dealing with scumbags, clearly, known to the cops and now facing justice – but NOT A WORD about whether or not they’re Italian or…SOMETHING ELSE! else.

    It’s not till the very end of that ‘Local’ report that the reporter feels obliged to record a highly pertinent detail about one of those arrested.

    The 20-year-old arrested on Sunday has been identified as a Congolese national who arrived in Italy as an asylum seeker in 2015. Following the rejection of his request for asylum, he was granted permission to stay in Italy until 2018 on humanitarian grounds, according to Italian media reports.

    Yes, we have mentioned this before – Shut The Door, They’re Coming In The Windows! Suicidal Italy!  – but bad as it is, the guilt of the Italian Government, allowing savages to blight the landscape for no good reason…

    …what are we to make of The Local’s shameless omission of the information that was revealed in the Italian media.

    And not just ANY Italian media, but the very paper –  Il Resto del Carlino  – which The Local hacks themselves used as their source for the story.

    Il Resto del Carlino gives us the full story, with photos…



    …AND quotes the father of two of the ratbags, a Mr. Mohamed, from Morocco!

    “He told me he was with his brother, the other my 15-year-old son, and two other friends, a Nigerian and a Congolese, in Rimini.”

    One 20-year-0ld Congolese, one Nigerian and two Moroccans. Undesirable alien ‘minors!’

    I’m sure Amber Rudd would have let them into Britain, had they been in Calais and not in Northern Italy.



    Arrest Amber Rudd? Calais Crimmigrant “Age Checks Not Carried Out! “ 

    Mind you, in fairness to ‘Orrible Amber, these poor little desperate undesirables WERE – so they claim- young enough to qualify for her free pass, albeit, so they admit, in the Italian newspaper…



    …old enough to participate in grave sexual assaults on their victims.


    PS – The Italian newspaper provides an automatic translation service if you use that link

    • Abe Dillern 23:03 on September 8, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      You see this kind of black-out of I.D. in a lot of media. Sweden’s the worst, where the journalists work hand in glove with the state to hide the high level of crime among non-Swedes. German media are bad too as you have reported this week.
      But this one you have exposed is really bad, hiding the fact that it was ALL aliens that were arrested.
      I Ilke that alternative name The Leftal that you call it.
      You are right.


    • Rosana 14:15 on September 9, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Appalling, both the newspaper’s omissions and the sort of ‘minors’ the governments of Europe have decided make a useful contribution to society.
      When will Italy’s ‘humanitarian’ concerns ever extend to Italian women?


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