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  • ross1948 20:51 on July 21, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Loony Tunes Deafen The Western World! 

    My sincere thanks to Linda Harvey for her recent reference to the sheer lunacy of Home Depot…


    .The Home Depot | Image Gallery

    …which ‘has announced they will only sell pre-cut lengths of rope after someone allegedly made a noose out of a rope spool, reminiscent of black lynchings.’



    Friggin’ idiots.

    Ms Harvey writes for Mission America, which applies a Christian approach to the news.



    In contrast, I don’t tend to write from any specific religious approach and there are millions of not very religious people in her country, the USA, and all over the world, who nevertheless share values of common decency, and patriotism, who detest the imbecilities of the cultural revolution.


    A good example of the latter is a weird woman decribed too in the above article, a leader of the main American teachers’ union, the National Education Association’s nation-bashing far-left President Lily Eskelsen Garcia…


    NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garcia speaking at the DNC in ...

    …who told her nutjob outfit’s virtual convention that “exclusion” in America “continues to be intentional,” but started 400 years ago when “white male Protestants with money” built systems to intentionally oppress others.


    Parents in America who care about their children must be terrified to contemplate the fact that such vile drivel represents high-level ‘thought’ in the teaching ‘profession!’

    But wherever you are, the threat is about as bad.

    Be ready.

    Fight BACK!

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    Calling All My Readers in Ohio! RINO Hunt! 

    Okay, I may have only about 10 or 11 readers in Ohio – no idea, although there are quite a lot across the USA.

    But every single Ohio voter who rings up this dimwit dork ‘Republican’ legislator, who’s been spouting drivel about how ‘Drag Queens’ Deserve Civil Rights’ can hammer the message home.

    It’s late at night here and Linda Harvey, of Mission America, knows what she’s talking about.

    She’s a veteran in the wars against decadence, so I let her tell the story.


    Image result for brett hillyer state rep
    Call his office and object (614-466-8035) and then call your own Ohio House representative and urge him/her to avoid sponsoring this discriminatory, anti-family bill. Go HERE to look up your lawmaker.

    What in the world is Brett Hillyer, Ohio GOP representative from Tuscarawas/Holmes County, thinking? He will co-sponsor the Ohio House version of the “Equality Act,” which they call the “Fairness Act,” which would give special and unnecessary privileges to those identifying as homosexual or who are gender confused.

    There’s nothing “fair” about this atrocious bill. It will be the same as Senate Bill 11, and Mission America has talking points (see below) to oppose this bill. Hillyer and his Democrat partner in crime, Mike Skindell, are looking for other House members to co-sponsor this bill.

    Why is Hillyer so compromised? Doesn’t he know that this bill will silence Christians, allow government- sponsored- and- protected immorality and give parents who don’t want their kids corrupted virtually no recourse?

    Call his office and object (614-466-8035) and then call your own Ohio House representative and urge him/her to avoid sponsoring this discriminatory, anti-family bill. Go HERE to look up your lawmaker.

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    American Action – Don’t Let Gaystapo Sway Congress! 

    Helping out the good folks at Mission America. 

    Hearings on So-Called ‘Equality Act’ TODAY! Call now!

    ‘LGBTQ” Behavior is NOT a Civil Right

    The U.S. House Judiciary Committee is holding hearings today on the so-called “Equality Act,” HR 5, which would make homosexuality and gender confusion part of the U.S. Civil Rights Code, treating this deviant conduct as if it’s like race.

    Please CALL today the Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee. Here’s what you might say:

    “Hello, I am _______ and I am calling to urge you to NOT support the ‘Equality Act.’ This measure is very extreme and would violate religious and conscience rights of many Americans, and parental rights as well. However, a religious exemption will NOT fix this because the ‘LGBT’ community has already said they do not believe there are any such rights, so they will ignore this. This does not belong in our civl rights code. Thank you very much.”

    Republican members of the House Judiciary committee:

    Sensenbrenner (202) 225-5101 
    Chabot (202) 225-2216 
    Gohmert (202) 225-3035 
    Jordan (202) 225-2676
    Buck (202) 225-4676
    Ratcliffe (202) 225-6673
    Roby (202) 225-2901
    Gaetz (202) 225-4136 
    Johnson (202) 225-2777 
    Biggs (202) 225-2635 
    Reschenthaler (202) 225-2065 
    Cline (202) 225-5431
    Armstrong (202) 225-2611
    Steube (202) 225-5792
    McClintock (202) 225-2511
    Lesko (202) 225-4576


    • Cherie Hale 21:11 on April 2, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Mission America is very brave to speak up.
      Anyone who tells the truth, that ‘gay sex’ is a perversion, is in real danger of persecution in modern America.
      If the Democrats get away with this, they will soon put pedophilia and bestiality on the same protected list.


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