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    Despise Democracy, Win A Prize – Nauseating Nobel Nonsense! 

    It was fairly nauseating to watch the European elite fawning on on that Colombian creep Santos…

    Hasil gambar untuk colombia nobel prize


    ….who did a dirty deal with Communist terrorists, had it rejected by his own people in a free and fair vote, then went ahead and implemented it anyway, refusing point-blank to respect the democratic decision.

    Colombian Sell-Out Santos Crawls To Reds, Betrays Democracy 

    The narco-reds of FARC were delighted, as well they should be – they were losing the war, which had reduced the FARC from a peak of 20,000 troops to 5,800. Three of the guerrillas’ top commanders were killed in targeted attacks; the others could no longer feel safe…


    Hasil gambar untuk colombia marxist farc


    ….and now they will be rewarded with seats in Congress rather than face any serious punishment for their atrocities.

    That Nobel Peace Prize award, with all its pomp and circumstance last week, cheapened the trophy even more than when it was bestown on Obama, for merely being a pinko pin-up, eight years ago.

    nobel peace prize 2009 joke barack obama international diplomacy cooperation peoples motivational posters


    But let’s face it, the subliminal reason for the ‘honour’ given to Santos was not so much for ‘peace’ but for his public contempt for basic democratic principle.


    Hasil gambar untuk juncker democracy

    The left-liberal elitists who gave Santos what he called a ‘gift from Heaven‘ – evidently confusing the un-elected clique in Oslo with God Almighty – are in ideological lock-step with the left-liberal commissars in Brussels.


    Don’t forget – just four years ago, the Nobel Peace Prize was handed not to a person but to the EUSSR itself!

    Another lucky winner was the terrorist Yasser Arafat, big buddy of the unrepentant red wretch Mogherini…



    Arafat and Mogherini


    …the ‘EU High Representative’ whose public assurance that no crimmigrant would ever be removed from Europe helped unleash the tsunami still on-going on the Med.

    Democracy is a stench in their sneering nostrils.

    So who’s next?

    How about Rutte, the Dutch weasel, wriggling like the worm he is to thwart the result of that Dutch referendum, buoyed in his quest by in-put from the establishment in-crowd.

    His government’s main advisory body on foreign affairs. The Advisory Council on International Affairs (AIV) said a rejection of the treaty could damage the Netherlands’ standing and European unity, pointing out that the referendum on April 6 was advisory and not binding.


    Well, of COURSE Rutte should diss his own people in favour of an unelected gang of insider elitists, the ‘great and good’ who always know better than we do about what’s best for us.


    •  Rutte
    • —————
    • But no.

    Rutte may well concoct a ‘compromise’ –‘Many not happy’ with Dutch limits of Ukraine pact – between the Dutch people’s democratic decision and the submission that HMV in Brussels is demanding,
    But there are many stronger contenders for the discredited trophy next time round.

    How abut that malignant minx Gill Miller…

    Gambar terkait

    Miller the Minx


    …who launched the court action to block Britain’s June 23rd declaration of independence?

    Or even more so, the robed rogues in the British courts who are being cheered on by the chorus of deplorables…




    ….after they ruled that the majority of British voters may be over-ruled by ermine-trimmed upstarts in the House of Lords.

    Should we worry?

    Hell, no!

    They’re welcome to a tawdry trophy that’s been emptied of meaning.

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    ‘Local’ Goes Loco – Media Bias Against AfD Patriots! 

    I’ve been giving German internal politics closer than usual attention, largely because German patriots are waking up the populace to the extent of Mama Stasi Merkel’s evil. But the democratic resistance will get precious little help from much of the media, which still seems content to ride shot-gun for the pro-crimmigrant establishment parties.

    Even The Local, a trans-European website, has jumped on the bias bandwagon, flagrant failure to observe impartial reporting of Beatrix von Storch’s excellent suggestion that Mama the Malevolent might feel it prudent to flee Germany for fear of the people’s righteous anger.


    • ———————–
    • Beatrix is one of the AfD patriot party’s MEPs. She posted her advice to Merkel on Facebook. On a recent talk-show, she was ‘confronted’ with her wise words, which accused the Fuhrerin of “ruining our country like no one since 1945.  I’m taking bets that Merkel will leave the country when she steps down – for security reasons.”

    Asked about that, Beatrix made what The Local called ‘a pointed reference to the fact that many Nazi war criminals, such as Holocaust mastermind Adolf Eichmann, fled to South America following the defeat of the Hitler regime in 1945 and escaped prosecution for decades. 


     Red Quisling Honecker

    Chile was also the final destination for East German Socialist Unity Party (SED) leader Erich Honecker following the reunification of Germany in 1990.’

    The Honecker reference is even more apposite than the Hitler one, given that Merkel served the East German quisling regime as volunteer/informer for its Stasi (red gestapo) outfit..


    Honecker even had a friend in common with Merkel’s Brussels comrade Mogherini

    But then The Local’s anonymous hack leaps into guilt by association, talking of furthest-gone conspiracy theorists say leaders plan to “replace” the German population with Muslim immigrants – which neither Beatrix nor any AfD leaders have ever suggested, as far as I’m aware.


    • LIBERAL-MEDIA-e1315327567357-300x211
    • ———-
    • Having got the bias bit between his or her teeth, The Local rants on, that her speculations about Merkel’s future were hardly the “return to the facts” she had promised.

    She no doubt wanted to debate the facts, something state media in Germany often won’t allow –“Zusammengebissenen Zähnen?” Goebbels Grins In His Grave!  – but ’twas the host of the show who’d diverted talk to Facebook posts.

    Never mind that fact – The Local escalated the attack on the lady – Von Storch’s wild imagination was a hard act to follow for the mainstream politicians  – as if there’s no outrageous and outlandish in-put from THEM! 


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    Another Greek Tragedy, in Kos – Crimmigrant Ingrates Amok! 

    The arrogant ingratitude of the crimmigrant aliens invading Europe was once more on stark display yesterday, on what was once, I believe, a popular destination for British tourists, the Aegean island of Kos.

    I offer a Greek media link, in case, unlikely, you haven’t heard the news.


    • kos_refugees_web6-thumb-large

    Migrants, police clash on Kos island

    Greek Police used fire extinguishers and batons against migrants on the island of Kos on Tuesday as tensions boiled over in a sports stadium..
    I earlier today watched the morning news on BBC international, with one uppity oaf shrilling at the camera, ‘If this is Europe, we’ll go back to Syria..’ .
    One could say, go back, you’ll not be missed.
    Nor would my advice flout the Mogherini Doctrine, which the EUSSR’s ‘high representative,’ the Italian communist Breaking News – Arafat-Fan’s Triumph At EU ‘Anti-Terror’ Summit? issued on behalf of Brussels, saying undesirable aliens may not be removed from civilised countries ‘against their will.’
    But one’s immediate response?
    NO respect for the country they gate-crashed, no shame at their riotous mayhem. ASTOUNDING, breath-taking arrogance.
    Whose country do they think they’ve brought their overweening sense of entitlement to?
    (Oh, and whose country’s watching gleefully over the swine as they set out on their bludger-boats? Erdogan’s Turkey, of course!)
     Greece has already suffered misery and humiliation at the hands of Brussels, and now these savages, presumptuous as pre-Revolution French aristos, reckon they can make demands  on their hosts.
    As I warned only last month, Greeks should not be fooled by their leaders’ carefully calculated nationalist rhetoric.   https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2015/07/05/thermopylae-day-victory-to-the-greeks/ 
    The Tsipras government is leftist to the marrow, cultural marxist to the bone, closing detention centres, encouraging more parasites with the prospect of new accommodation in central Athens where it says migrants will be free to come and go as they please: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3193541/
    Nor is it equipping the otherwise perfectly adequate security forces with effective weaponry to subdue that mob and drive back the swine still invading Greece.
    Instead the regime turns on the beleaguered cops, suspending one officer who, faced with a madding crowd of crimmigrants, was seen brandishing a knife and slapping a man identified by Greek media as a Pakistani migrant..
    OMG, a slapping!
    These policemen should be authorised to draw their guns and use them!
    civilised man v savage
    Tourism is one of the few remaining resources left to keep the Greek economy afloat, and that’s being devastated by the tsunami of savages marauding around the land.
    Even a public park in Athens has been colonised by the rabble, according to the BBC news. In Kos, the bludger bridge-head numbers 7000 and rising, as against a mere 20,000 Greek men, women and children.
    Hell, if Brits on holiday want to see undesirable aliens, they need only spend a few quid and cross the Channel – why travel to Kos?
    Indeed, why leave London?
    The Mayor of Kos is warning that blood will be shed.
    My heart goes out to the poor islanders.
    Greeks are warm and friendly people, among whom I once spent many happy summers.
    It should be recognised that helping them would be not just an act of solidarity but a sensible act of self-interest. Crimmigration menaces everyone in Europe.
    out with them
    Round them up and kick them out! 
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    In Juncker’s Brussels Bunker, ‘Mandatory’ Madness Festers! 

    jean-claude-juncker-2006- Commissar Liar tells European leaders to ignore the people.


    European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has indicated he will
    revisit ideas for a mandatory distribution of asylum seekers among member
    states, while urging governments not to succumb to “populist” thinking on
    immigration.  https://euobserver.com/justice/129840

    Populism merely means responding to the will of the people, not by telling the people what their will SHOULD be, but by listening to them and following their clear democractic directives – which of course ought to be ascertained clearly, by referenda.

    referndmlet peole vote

    That is anathema to Juncker, whose condescending chorus goes something like this – ‘yes, we’ll let you do what you want, but if you don’t want what we want, drop dead!’


    Jackboot Quote – 

    “If we don’t get there on a voluntary basis, we will have to reconsider the Commission’s proposals.

    ‘VE Haf Vays of Making You Import Bludgers!’


    nazi-eu-hitler The Spirit of Brussels


    So what IS ‘populism?’ Here’s a clue – 

    The British and German governments have called for a new crackdown on
    economic migrants, in statements denounced as populist rhetoric by
    left-wing politicians. https://euobserver.com/justice/129859

    That EUObs report doesn’t actually quote any pinko using the word ‘populist’ – but it does quote two UK ministers talking sense (cautionary note- that doesn’t mean they’ll actually DO much) namely –


    • Philip-Hammond-shadow-chi-001 Hammond
    • ———————-
    • Philip Hammond, who said the EU must “resolve the problem” by deporting more people…there will always be millions of Africans with the economic motivation to try to get to Europe..Europe can’t protect itself, preserve its standard of living and social infrastructure, if it has to absorb millions of migrants from Africa..”

    Hammond also implicitly condemned the communist traitor Mogherini, when he added that EU asylum laws make people “pretty confident” that if they enter EU territory, they will get the right to stay…


    Now THAT must have got right up Juncker’s lying nose. His ‘High Representative’ Mogherini has not been fired, nor even suspended, nor even disciplined, since she made her infamous assertion that not one single crimmigrant cur would be expelled unless the cur concurred with its expulsion. –


    arafat Europe’s Public Enemy Number One – Red Mogherini

    Juncker’s inertia on the red vixen’s irresponsible parasite pronunciamento speaks volumes on where his loyalty lies – with the cultural marxists dead set on dismantling what’s left of Christendom.

    Another British minister also talks a good talk. James Brokenshire – 

    “Rogue employers who give jobs to illegal migrants are denying work to UK citizens and legal migrants and helping drive down wages”, he said.


    • Empty Threats, But Cameron Will Cower From Crim-Loving Court
    • ———————–
    • All well and good.
    • But he’s Immigration Minister- why’s he not directing mass deportation of the refused ‘asylum’ wasters – scared of the robed clowns in Strasbourg?

    The Luxembourg liar may yet do Brits a favour, however.

    His comrade, Commissar Avramopoloulos, is underlining Brussels’ readiness to exploit the Calais crisis to bully Britain into taking evem more alien spongers

    “… Avramopoulos has repeatedly stressed the commission expects all member states to take part in the relocation mechanism that we have proposed and to put solidarity into practice…”


    Some of the savages Juncker wants Britain to take in – Ain’t We Got Enough Already?


    …the EU has said it can provide aid to France as it struggles to deal with
    the growing number of migrants around the northern port city of Calais but
    has shown little sympathy for UK complaints. https://euobserver.com/justice/129826

    It’s important to make this clearly and widely understood from Land’s End to John O’ Groats.

    Nobody likes to be put under pressure, not least when that pressure is aimed at saturating UK communities with undesirables.


    If Brits grasp the evil that Juncker and his Commissars encapsulate, supranational intimidation of sovereign nations, then surely that will do more than anything else to sink the Europhiliacs  in next year’s In-Out Referendum. 

    • Stuart J Mac 15:40 on August 11, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Of course you are right to say the people should know what Brussels is doing but I think too many of the people of the British Isles have lost the will to fight back.
      I’ve been away for years now and won’t go back, just too sickened with what you see wherever you go, most of all in Londistan. That would not be the case if British people had backbone enough to say no.

      Trust me, Ross, you’d be better off enjoying your sunny days and nice visitors you write about here and forgetting the ‘old country’ as you call it.


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    Solidarietà Italiana! “We’re Afraid For Our Daughters” Risorgimento Against Crimmigrants? 

    The Risorgimento was the movement 150 years ago that planted the seeds of national pride and created the modern Italian state. Looks like we could be in for an action replay!

    Betrayed by their government, Italians, with no referendum in sight to let them decide democratically on the migrant menace, are taking direct action to resist the unwanted imposition of thousands of aliens on their communities. 


    The common folk of Italy have read the news and know about the outbreak of crimmigrant kidnap and robbery in their own country only last week …

    Robbery and Kidnap Now? Ingrate ‘Asylum’ Savages Amok in Sicily! 

    ….and the warnings given to German parents about the danger of molestation by primitives..

    German Girls Forced Into Shariah Dress-Code By Sex-Pest Syrian Ingrates! 

    They are likely not unaware of how so many crimmigrants in Sweden repay the hospitality bestown on them by a country seemingly so debased that it will sacrifice its children to the rapacity of imported predators.

    Now, in two geographically-distant ( and apparently not coordinated ) outbreaks of resistance, ordinary Italians have resorted to desperate measures to protect their families from the sort of savages we’ve reported on above.  

    Amid shouts of  “We are afraid for our daughters” in Rome, police shamefully sided with crimmigrants against their fellow-citizens, arresting two protestors, and even more dramatic direct action in the northern village of Quito, where angry locals set fire to facilities made ready to accommodate uninvited aliens, the true Italy has begun to make her voice heard.

    Luca Zaia  –  opposing the alien tsunami

    Although patriot politicians, like Luca Zaia, the President of  the Veneto region, have spoken up in solidariy with the resistance movement…-

    “This is a declaration of war for those who don’t understand what it means to put (migrants) alongside families with young children…”  Italy residents set fire to beds in anti-migrant protest – The Straits Times

    …the Renzi regime is a willing running-dog for the Commissars in Brussels.


    • arafat

    • Mogherini –  fan of one of the world’s most notable terrorists.


    Brussels’ highly Un-Italian High Representative, the unrepentant communist Federica Mogherini,has made it very clear that crimmigrant colonisation will not be reversed if the EUSSR has any say in the matter.

    “No refugee or migrant intercepted at sea will be sent back against their will!”                                           EU’s Mogherini: No Forcible Repatriation for Migrants

    Until Italy has a government that puts Italians first, that gives them a referendum to afford them a direct democratic choice, nobody should blame the victims of invasion for taking direct action, fighting back by every means available.

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    Unlike Moron Moon, The Devil’s Disciples Say Something Sensible, Occasionally! 

    The South Korean diplomat told press in Brussels on Wednesday (27 May) that sinking boats will deprive local communities in north Africa of ways to earn a living.



    It’s hard to beat Bang Ki Moon for crass stupidity, but I am foregoing the temptation to lash the Korean cretin again. Instead, my attention was captured by something said by the satanists! 

    ISIS sympathisers online have called on Rohingya fleeing persecution in Myanmar to go to Syria. http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2015/05/29/isis-backers-set-sights-singapore-targets.html

    Best place for them!

    At least Indonesia’s and Malaysia’s hard-pressed public purses would not have all those Rohingya snouts dug in deep!



    . ooooooooooooooooo

    And perhaps the ISIS rape-gang’ affiliates in North Africa could similarly direct all those other crimmigrant cargo vessels to change course, away from Europe, head towards Syria too?

    Then Moon could relax, and give us all a break from his pitiful bleating.



    How would ISIS otherwise get the man-power required to launch the terrorist offences they’re planning against France, or Germany, or Italy…Italy arrests Moroccan man accused in Tunisia Bardo attack, says he arrived on migrant boat


    devil destroyed ISIS


    …aah, not to worry, the EU High Representative ( and big fan of Yasser Arafat) Federica Mogherini has given a cast-iron guarantee that not one single illegal undesirable will be expelled unless he really, really, swear by satan, wants to pull his snout out of European tax-payers’ pockets!

    So even without the top-up expected during the summer sailing season, there will be enough savages securely ashore to carry out further assaults on civilised peoples.


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    ASEAN Nations Resist Illegal Influx – A Lesson Europe Should Learn! 

    In our post last night, we tail-ended it with a quote from a smart Malaysian Minister. Vive Les Calais Cops – ‘Brutality?’ No, Just Common-Sense Crimmigrant Control! 

    “We cannot welcome them here,” Malaysian Deputy Home Minister Wan Junaidi Jaafar.”If we continue to welcome them, then hundreds of thousands will come from Myanmar and Bangladesh.”      We will send Rohingya back, says Malaysia,



    illegalimmigrationimage The Arrogance of Europe’s Enemies


    Readers will wonder why a Malaysian can talk patriotic sense while European leaders can’t!

    Now we have back-up for that ban on bludgers from another Asian notable, Indonesia’s senior military officer, General Moeldoko.

    The media is ranting about ‘Islamophobia,’ yet many of the crimmigrants come from Bangladesh, a country with a 90% plus Muslim population!  What’s with these Rohingnya that nobody is keen to take them?

    Those idiots in Brussels should pin back their ears and listen to what Muslim leaders who care about their countries have to say!




    Indonesia will prevent boats carrying migrants from entering its maritime territory to avert a flood of others following behind causing “social issues,” the military chief said on Friday.

    He’s obviously aware of the lawlessness, ingratitude and arrogance that characterise so-called ‘asylum’ seekers in Australia, Britain, Sweden and just about every land dim-witted enough to let the parasites in.

    When’s the Vigil for “Asylum” Savages’ Victims? 


    out with them

    Meanwhile the Marxist Mogherini has not yet been forced to retract her irresponsible outburst last week. She told the world that every single crimmigrant who manages to weasel into the countries unwise enough to be subordinate to her EUSSR is there to stay.

    • ==================
    • The High Representative with her friend Yasser Arafat
    • oooooo


    “No refugee or migrant intercepted at sea will be sent back against their will!”

    EU’s Mogherini: No Forcible Repatriation for Migrants

    That’s not some brain-dead ‘mis-spoken’ ad lib, as the current phrase has it.

    She knows what she’s doing. She quite clearly sees nothing amiss if the historic nations of Europe are inundated by primitives – her old pal Arafat would doubtless have cheered her words.

    This communist vixen is deliberately inciting invasion. She needs to be slapped down and removed from her job ASAP!

    • Glenda 10:13 on May 18, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I’m sorry for Europe, but its their own fault, governments that dont care.
      Closer to home, those ASEAN countries are not exactly well-wishers for Australia.
      I just worry they might be pushing the Rohingya southwards.


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    Juncker's Jackboot – Brussels Bullies Hungary, Again! 

    A disgusting display by Jackboot Juncker on tv last night, telling Hungarians they don’t dare decide for themselves on the death penalty.  


    jean-claude-juncker-2006- Jackboot Juncker

    Viktor Orban Viktor-Orban-006

    Jean-Claude Juncker slaps down Hungary’s plans for death penalty

    In actual fact, PM Viktor Orban only said the issue should be discussed, and that, after all, is what democracy is all about. 

    After all the ado over the Indonesian executions, it would be remiss of any country not to consider whether and when and how capital punishment ought to be administered.


    EUSSR red


    The EUSSR, however, doesn’t care for democracy, nor for sovereignty.

    Its arrogance is such that it even seeks to interfere in the internal affairs of nations outwith its own subjugated membership.



    • UK’s Jakarta Rep Frantic to Save Terrorist Skins -A Neo-Colonialist Par Excellence! 

    • ============
    • Regrettably, Orban has not responded as he should to this notorious liar’s intrusion into Hungary’s democratic debate. – “The Hungarian government has no plans to take any steps to introduce the death penalty,” so it seems.
    • That’s a pity, because the current concerns arose after a 21-year-old clerk was brutally murdered in southwestern Hungary, causing wide public condemnation.   
    •  http://sputniknews.com/politics/20150501/1021589506.html#ixzz3YrQbWkL8
    • ————-
    • That’s exactly why we need to get the issue discussed clearly – there are obviously crimes which merit death.
    • I have more than once wished President Jokowi had substituted the word jihadists for drug-dealers when he asked those high school students his famous question.
    • ———
    • Do you all agree that drug dealers must be executed?” The students replied in unison: “Agree!”
    • ———
    • There’s no doubt at all that Indonesians favour the principle of the death penalty.
    • Jokowi, alas, has been playing pick’n’mix in applying it.
    • ========
      • jokowi
      • ——————–
    • It would have been much better for his country, and the world at large, if the terrorists in prisons here had been taken out and shot dead this week, rather than those men in the news.
    • =================================================
    • ===========bali_bombers Bali Pigs
    • ====================================================-
    • Just as when Indonesia executed the Bali Bomb Pigs, everyone would have cheered, and the hand-wringing hypocrites in Brussels would have maintained an embarrassed silence.  
    • Well, maybe not all of them!
    • ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    • Today’s ‘EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs,’ that ex?-communist, Federica Mogherini, had she been in office then, might well have spoken up for the terrorists.
    • She’s a big fan – remember?
    • -=======================
    • The High Representative with one of the lowest of the lowlifesooooooooooo
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