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    Gambir Station, Like July, Fading Away… 

    When I arrived in Jakarta, not quite a quarter century ago, I’d done my swotting with a ‘Rough Guide to Indonesia,’ so I knew there were buses from Soekarno Hatta Airport….


    The big statue at the airport

    …into the heart of the capital.

    My research also told me that Gambir Station was their destination.

    It was very late that January night, but, having a fine familiarity with UK railways, I was confident that, as with every major British city station, there’d be an hotel built in, or on, thereto.


    Not at Gambir.

    So it’s fair to say that the first emotion Gambir caused me to experience was disappointment.

    Yet even that first night, the view of Monas was more than impressive.

    Monas after dark

    …though I knew almost nothing of its history.

    After almost 24 hours OTW ( a long delay at Brunei) I was exhausted but sharp enough to use my book again, the ‘cheap hotels’ part of which suggested a street named Jalan Jaksa…


    Jalan Jaksa, in its glory days


    ….and the map to help me get there.

    Boldly ( foolishly, some might say!) I set out to walk there, using the map location of Monas and Gambir to guide me vaguely southwards.

    A long and weird night ensued, but I woke up the next day seriously contemplating an immediate return to the airport!

    But I didn’t, and by my second night in Indonesia, was lodged in the Hotel Tator…



    …which had no TV, nor AC, but did have a bed, and a shower, two vast improvements on the previous night’s abode.

    The Tator was okay!

    And it’s still there.

    And I’m still here in Indonesia.

    I have often been back to Gambir, at times on my own, at other times with pleasant company, catching trains to Bandung, Semarang and Jogja…



    ….but probably not again, if it’s now only serving local trains.

    Yet thanks to that first night, I’ll not forget it.


    I was moved to write the above after reading this little memoir.

    3 Hal yang Akan Saya Rindukan dari Stasiun Gambir

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    Jakarta ‘Prayer’ Demo – Cops Alert To ISIS Terror Threat! 

    So another day of misery for decent Jakartans tomorrow, as the police have approved this Friday’s hate-rally.

    But at least the sectarian fanatics, the National Movement to Safeguard the Indonesian Ulema Council’s Fatwa (GNPF-MUI) – whose advisory chairman, Habib Rizieq of the IslamoNazi FPI…




    …. has publicly called for the death of the capital’s Governor Ahok – will not be allowed to implement their original anti-social plan to hold mass-prayers on the main streets.

    Commuters will have a hellish time but the ‘prayer’ scheme would have brought much of the city to  stand-still.

    • monas4
    • However, the popular public park around Monas, the National Monument, will be something of a no-go area for normal folk. The bigots are to stage their ‘pray-in’ there instead.
    • But if there really are a hundred thousand plus fanatics out and about, they’re almost bound to spill onto the normally busy roads.
    • The thought of what IslamoNazis might pray for makes me shudder!

    But I draw consolation from what I was told as a tiny lad, when I was heard asking God for “a hundred dollars, please.”

    “Prayers are answered, but sometimes the answer is ‘NO!’ ” 

    Ludicrously, the Jakarta Post describes the groups behind this unwholesome event as conservative Islamic groups


    We’ve been through this before, but again – Indonesian Muslims have had a long tradition of easy-going tolerance.

    Actual conservatives would uphold traditions, whereas the sort on the streets tomorrow – at least their organisers – are radical fanatics, many of them being of Yemeni origins, who aim to impose a sort of throw-back Arabisation on this lovely archipelago.  Palmyra! Besok Borobudur? Islamist Barbarians Amok Again 


    I still fail to see why the cops didn’t order the hate-fest organisers to do their thing on Sunday, when most citizens don’t have to get to and from work.

    Sensible people will think twice about going into town, after the last such ‘peace action’ ended with vicious Islamist louts attacking the police, with many officers injured and numerous arrests, at least some of whom have since been identified as likely sympathisers with the ISIS rape-gang.


    Jakarta Riot Detainees – ISIS Rape-Gang Fans? 

    And the cops have once more warned that fans of that satanic rat-pack in Mosul may be mingling with the mob on the streets tomorrow.


    Stay home. I will.

    Plenty to do indoors, and it’s just common sense.


  • ross1948 21:38 on April 6, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Another Weekend Walk – Menteng to Monas! 

    My blog stats indicate readers like my Jakarta walkabouts, so here’s another!




    What a fine day it was yesterday, Easter Sunday in Jakarta!

    Got outa bed quite early – 8.30am, driven by the thought of a proper Sunday breakfast!


    But I had the previous night determined to get out of the house and into town, my first goal being that bazaar advertised last month, in the Kunstkring Paleis. No particular purpose, except an inclination to go back and appreciate the amazing interior of that 100-year-old building in Menteng.


    • SAM_9060
    • ================
    • The event was nice enough, but the prices were…well, pricey. It was Menteng, after all! So I contented myself with window-shopping.

    After an hour or more there, the sun was still shining outside – off I went, heading out the gate and sharp right, then across what is probably, on weekdays, a very busy road.

     Almost at once Gongandia Railway Station hove into view – and THAT, BTW, clued me into the best way to reach Kunstkring the next time.



    Yesterday, I’d travelled by Busway, disembarking at Latuharihari, then walking up through those leafy streets again.

    My walk took me along Jalan Imam Bonjol, past the Proklamasi Museum, the very spot where Indonesia’s Declaration of Independence was written out and signed by Soekarno and Hatta…



    – that’ll be another excellent excuse to go back there some other weekend!

    But thanks to not retracing my steps southwards when I left the bazaar, I now realise there’s an even easier way to get to Kunstkring – if you don’t fancy the enjoyable twenty minute walk from that Busway stop!

    Just take the Kopaja 20 – if you’re too posh for the Rp.4000 ordinary version, remember there is now an Executive variety – used to be Rp.5K but will have gone up since last I used it.




    The 2o runs all the way up from Lebak Bulus, along Simatupang, then through Mampang and up Rasuna Said, so you’re almost bound to have somewhere you can get on board. Anyway, it stops at Gondangdia – and indeed just about anywhere you tell the conductor you want it to!

    Once within sight of the station, no further orienteering effort was required of me – straight down Jl. Johar! I knew exactly which way to go, past the splendid Austrian cuisine of Ya Udah.


    yaudah bistro jakarta Ya Udah


    But before that, on the opposite side of the road, it came as a surprise to see a branch of Gang Kelinci, an eatery I’d rather liked when a new kid on the Jakarta block. There was once a big branch on Jalan Sabang, and it was one of the very first places I had a meal in this city.


    It had a second floor window, which gave a great view of the ebb and flow of the street below. Alas, it closed about 7 or 8 years ago, I guess; there’s still a branch at Blok M Square, but finding another was a nice surprise.

    Had my mind succumbed to the soaring temperatures – it was a scorcher! – I might have pressed on to Jalan Jaksa, but that once-proud entertainment hub is a shadow of its former self. Few people I like to meet go there any more, so I don’t either.


    •  Monumen Nasional
    • ———————————————————————–
    • No, a thought had struck me – Monas!
    • Always fun on Sundays, if the rain stays away….crowds of happy Jakartans. And indeed it was. A huge queue was visible around its pedestal, eager to gaze on the capital from on high.

    Not me! Four or five times I was dragged up there, by friendly natives, when I was still new. Quite enough, thanks!

    Because I had not crossed a church doorstep this Easter, my fingers were crossed, and sure enough, there, opposite the palace, the GKI Yasmin Christians were just getting started on Amazing Grace, as I arrived! 


    Easter in Jakarta – No ‘Islamophobia’ Among Persecuted Christians! 


    • Arifin 11:49 on April 7, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I like these walking stories.
      But how can you do this long walking in the afternoon when it is better to be inside buildings away far from the hot sunshine.
      Sunday afternoon for me is sleeping time.


  • ross1948 18:00 on October 25, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    JKT 48 – At Monas? Sunday? 26th October? 

    A lot of question marks, because I’m only going on the many big banners I saw on the roadsides as I toddled around Jakarta today!

    So no guarantees!
    But they definitely did say that lively gang of lovelies would be commencing a performance at 5pm on Sunday, so if we get another brilliant sunny day, I may try to make it there.





    The publicity indicates it’s in connection with the Festival City Marathon.

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    Gantung Diri? Give Anas Enough Rope…? 

    An honest man’s the noblest work of God!

    So said Rabbie Burns, Scotland’s Bard, and I just saw one on tv, an ordinary citizen who’s walked all the way from Indramayu, a long way indeed, carrying a rope.


    •   Masnun with his peripatetic rope
    • ============================================
    • Why? There are plenty of ropes here.

    Well, a prominent politician, Anas Urbaningrum, a former leading light in President SBY’s Democrat Party, was reported a while ago as pledging to hang himself from Monas, the National Monument, if he were convicted of corruption.

    Perhaps, or perhaps not, swayed by this promise, the court duly found him guilty!

    But so far, no sign of any such  improvement to the famous Jakarta landmark!



    ‘Having requested to be hanged at Monas, Anas starts panicking’


    Now Masnun of Indramayu has become something of a media star – I just saw him on TVOne, half an hour ago, still hopeful that his rope will be put to good use in enhancing the appeal of Monas to tourists and locals alike. 

    Actually, Monas and its surrounding park is a pleasant place to hang out on a Sunday arvo.

    But it gets hot.


    • ===========================
    • If Anas, who is currently disowning the undertaking imputed to him in the nation’s media ( ‘mis-spoke,’ as Obama’s PR team might say?) were to be hung from the golden flame at the top of the column, it could only be a short-term improvement.
    • The stench would become noisome within 48 hours. 
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