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  • ross1948 19:07 on July 4, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Surprise! Blood-Beast’s Got A Sense Of Humour! 

    One aspect of Blood-Beast Adams, whose words are not often entertaining…



    …which we have never noticed before, is his ability to turn in an instant from being a sickening apologist for evil to displaying a stunning capacity for humour, a stand-up comic…



    ….in fact, but we saw it this week at the garbage disposal event in Belfast!


    Mr Adams praised the former IRA chief as “caring”, “selfless”, “gentle” and “kind”; ” always ready to help, always prepared to give freely of his time and his great positive energy“.


    What a pity Blood-Beast was unable to deliver the eulogies at the not so long ago interments of Ian Brady or Myra Hindley!

    How Much Did Brady Cost British Tax-Payers? Bring Back Hanging! 

    Ian Brady

    • =
    • Gambar terkait

    Blood-Beast would undoubtedly have been able to provide hitherto unheard insights and perspectives on their caring, selfless, kind and gentle characters.

    Fred West!
    • Billy King 22:36 on July 4, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Glorious, Ross.
      Storey was worse than the Moors Murderers, for were they not clinically insane, while Storey was just doing his crimes because he hated British people.


  • ross1948 13:37 on May 26, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    New European ‘Human-Right’ – To Masturbate At Nazis’ Victims! 

    And isn’t it grand to know that the robed scum on the European Court of Human Rights are not only adamant in their determination to save the skins of terrorists, mass murderers and scum who rape children…


    Brussels V India! Euro-Commissars Eager To Save Child-Rapists? 

    ….but that their omniscience has also emboldened them to assume the role of drama critics too.

    They have awarded some creeps a tidy sum in damages against Malta because, a few years ago, the government in Valetta took action to ban a ‘play,’

    “Human Rights?”

    Since when is it somebody’s “human right” to affront every possible standard of public decency by putting on a play which is accurately described as glorifying sexual perversion.”

    Unlike the un-elected Strasbourg elitists, who were unanimous in their approval…


    Nuts – is there ANY kind of decadent drivel that sovereign nations may proscribe, in the robed rogues’ view?

    …it’s fascinating to read that the stench on stage was so overpowering that even a significant number of Scots trendies were disgusted enough to walk out, when it was on at the Edinburgh Festival


    ECHR’s ‘freedom of expression?’


    The Guardian is quite informative about the sicko’s “work of literature,” explaining how the Maltese censors justified the ban in 2008, viz. –

    … the play was blasphemous, showed contempt for the victims of the Holocaust, portrayed dangerous sexual perversions and referred to the sexual assault of children.

    More than enough reasons for a ban, in any healthy country, you’d think.

    Blasphemy is no big deal -God Almighty doesn’t need us to protect Him – but the other aspects mentioned?


    Here’s an extract from another Guardian report to enlighten you on the ‘intellect’ of the “playwright,” a freaky Scot named Anthony Neilson…


    Hasil gambar untuk anthony neilson

    Neilson, one very loathsome sicko


    …and EXACTLY why the Maltese in healthier times outlawed his ‘play,’ which describes a man masturbating over pictures of women being herded into a gas chamber in Auschwitz.

    A character fantasises about re-enacting the Moors murders, filming her partner sexually abusing the victims’ mothers and putting the footage on the web.

    She mutilates and stitches up her vagina to the strains of “We will stitch it” from the soundtrack to the children’s TV programme Bagpuss….

     protest walkouts by some of the audience at the Edinburgh festival in 2002.

    There’s more as well, but read it for yourselves via that link – I don’t want my blog further tainted by descriptions of the Scots sicko’s stuff.


    Article 10 of that bad joke, the European Convention on Human Rights, guarantees ‘freedom of expression,’ even for sleazy creeps, evidently.

    The saddest part of the report has to be the braying of Malta’s current “ justice and culture minister,” Owen Bonnici, who, rather than take a stand for decency, completely sold out, –

    “I welcome ECHR decision ….”


    Gambar terkait


    ..” once in government we radically reformed existing laws to increase artistic freedom, despite criticism from the opposition.” 

    Artistic freedom?

    …masturbating over pictures of women being herded into a gas chamber in Auschwitz. A character fantasises about re-enacting the Moors murders, filming her partner sexually abusing the victims’ mothers and putting the footage on the web…?



    He’s a Socialist, of course!

    But even if he thinks degenerate filth is an ‘artistic freedom’ worth fighting for, he should have told the robed rats to get stuffed.



    What Maltese get to see on stage is their business, in accordance with their laws, and no bloody alien ‘court’ should be sticking its arrogant nose in.

    PS before you ask if I have seen the play, NO, I haven’t.

    I have absolutely no inclination to see it.


    Hasil gambar untuk dog-shit


    ….any more than I’d feel a need to step on a dog-turd to see what it felt like.

    • Paul Packham 13:56 on May 26, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      This is sick beyond anythinhg I have ever heard of.
      That man Neilson defies description and the ‘theater company’ that promotes his ‘play’ is as bad, but those judges on that court should all be impeached or fired or whatever the European way happens to be, of getting rid of them.
      Whatever kind of college did they get their law degrees from? Mail-order degree-mills?
      Whoever gave them a law degree should rescind it.
      Europe is on the high road to hell if this verdict is allowed to stand.


    • Mort 15:03 on May 26, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      This is a desperately ill individual who needs to be monitored by mental health professionals but as to what ails these judges, God only knows.
      Who appointed such unfit lawyers to such powerful positions? In the United States it is a transparent political process, the President names his choices and the Senate has to vote on them. Do law-makers in each country have the opportunity to review and decide if these judges are fit and proper people to make such direly sweeping rulings?
      I have never heard of any such process in the UK or other countries so I am left to assume signatory governments keep parliamentarians away from their choice of nominees.
      Therefore it is to them that Europeans have to turn their attention. In view of what you have written about Mrs. May, anything she does to undermine the moral compass of society should not surprise us.
      Are there no MPs in the House of Commons trying to democratize the system?


    • Pamela 18:17 on May 26, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I distinctly experienced physical nausea on reading what this man included in his play, if we can call it a play.
      What did the distinguished jurists on the European Court of Human Rights feel while they were poring over its literary gems?
      Not nausea, certainly.
      Were they impressed with his talent for describing self-abuse? Were they inspired by his use of Auschwitz prisoners as props for his fantasies?
      We can only surmise but whatever our suppositions, they can only lead us towards one conclusion, that they should not be in any position to decide on any issues of right and wrong.
      You did well to give us the explicit details. Without them, we could never have imagined how vile Neilson and his fans in Strasbourg are.


    • Sher Steele 21:19 on May 26, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I can’t fathom why anyone would even think about composing a play like that and I can’t fathom why anyone would pay to see it and I can’t fathom why anyone who sat through part of it wouldn’t walk out, like those Scottish people did. Why only some of that audience? Why not all of them?
      There is no excuse for anyone who condones it by sitting through it without walking out or shouting down the actors or storming the stage.
      Most of all there is no excuse for those judges who brought freedom of speech as a principle into disrepute by confusing it with the ravings of a man with a mind like a blocked toilet.


  • ross1948 19:54 on October 10, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    What Next, Guardian? Posthumous Column By Ian Brady? 

     ‘Here’s what they must do…’

    Our experience…..is that no conflict is intractable.


    You can read the Sinn Fin/IRA swine’s yammering on the Spanish situation if you wish, but I’m just curious.

    If the Guardian is going to give an unrepentant terrorist gang leader a platform to instruct us on how the international community, including the US and EU, made very positive and constructive contributions…



    …to the development and success of the Irish peace process – and therefore on what the sovereign Government of Spain ‘MUST’ do…

    • ==
    • Ian Brady

    • Ian Brady, Moors Murderer
    • ======

    …why did it never give the Moors Murderers similar space to share their insights on child care?

    Why, when the Kray Brothers were still alive, were they not invited to discuss London’s social problems?

    If the ISIS rape-gang’s caliph is, after all, still alive…


    ….will he soon get a large space on a Guardian page to contribute his wisdom on women’s rights?

    In terms of moral equivalence, there may be some degrees of variation between leaving an innocent girl to drown, strangling helpless children, carving up victims of gang violence…


    ….and the monstrous evil perpetrated by Adams’ fiendish pack.

    How does the Guardian draw its distinctions these days?Is there ANYONE so foul that the Guardian won’t provide them a platform?

  • ross1948 09:13 on May 16, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    How Much Did Brady Cost British Tax-Payers? Bring Back Hanging! 

    It’s a bright sunny day, so I’m going out and won’t be blogging till late arvo, but before I go forth…


    Ian Brady

    Ian Brady, The Moors Murderer, Dies Aged 79

    That’s the headline in The Guardian, and the story below the headline gives enough information to remind us how demonically evil Brady was.

    It’s good news that this vile creature is dead.

    If most religions have it right, he’ll be down there in a fiery furnace, and perhaps, hopefully between agonised wails, comparing notes with Martin McGuinness and other Sinn Fein/IRA fiends and many more satanic monsters paying for their crimes against innocents.


    Murderer McGuinness


    • It does not, however, offer any clue as to how much Brady’s incarceration for half a century has cost UK tax-payers, never mind the cost of the health care he received in recent years.

    • Millions?

    • ==
    • Gambar terkait
    • His partner-in-crime, Myra Hindley, also spent decades in prison, not as many as Brady, but again at enormous cost.

    • All that money, down the drain, surely a seven-figure-sum, when a couple of lengths of rope would have delivered fairer, faster and MUCH more economical justice.



    I don’t remember seeing any news of efforts by Amnesty or any other ‘human rights’ agitprop gangs to get either of them early release.

    That suggests that even leftist pressure groups realise there’s a limit to what public opinion would tolerate in respect of what even the Guardian describes as a child murderer who described his crimes as ‘petty’ and expressed no remorse for his action..  . https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/may/15/ian-brady-obituary.

    When Brits go to the polls next month, they should ask each candidate in their constituency where they stand on the restoration of capital punishment.

    At the very least, support for a democratic decision on the issue, by referendum, should be the minimum demand made of wannabe legislators.

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