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  • ross1948 16:05 on November 25, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Italy Imports Evil? An Arrest Just Made! 

    It’s International Day Against Violence Against Women, so a suitable time to demand that civilised governments intern all illegals/’asylum seekers’ on arrival until a decision on deportation is reached.

    Latest reason?

    Some regular readers may remember a report we covered, a couple of years ago….

    ….about a filthy migrant savage, whom the spineless Austrian government refused to deport! 

    Now we have learned of a similar outrage, in Italy, this time…

    …for which another migrant, not a Somali this time but a Moroccan, has been detained as a suspect in connection with the rape of an EIGHTY-year-old Italian lady. 



    The crime was committed in August but only this week did diligent police work result in an arrest…


    Following the sexual assault, the 28-year-old migrant is said to have fled the scene with gold, cash, and other valuables that had been in the victim’s home….

    Reassuringly, this outrage is not bring covered up!

    “It was a complex investigation that touched the soul of every police officer involved,” Giancarlo Conticchio, the police commissioner in charge of the case, said.

    Good work, cops!

    Deportation looming?

    Who knows?

    Italian policies are despicably pro-crimmigrant.

    Italy’s ‘soft-on-undesirable-aliens’ political in-crowd, that is, not the long-suffering Italian people.…

    Italy’s ‘Poor Desperate Migrants’ Inflict Torture, Sexual Assault!

    Rome – Somali Pig Sexually Assaults Woman Giving Birth!

    Retired Couple ‘Slaughtered Like Goats!’  

    Muslim migrants threw Christians overboard 

    Truth Told – Threatening, Thieving…Migrant Molestation!

    If the coalition of elitists in Rome had an ounce of conscience, they’d be expelling aliens by the thousand…


    Migrants rescued by Sea-Watch wait to disembark in Pozzallo, Italy, on October 23, 2021 | Photo: Picture-alliance/ANSA/FRANCESCO RUTA
    Migrants rescued by Sea-Watch wait to disembark in Pozzallo, Italy, on October 23 MIGRANTS IN ITALY  More than 59,000 migrants landed on Italian coasts in 2021

    ….not allowing ‘NGO’ crimmigrant cargo vessels to unload more and more undesirables in Italian ports.


    • Fiona 16:47 on November 25, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      It’s more than appropriate to mark this day with that demand.
      All this red alert by Johnson about the Channel deaths only makes me ask why he has not got off his backside before now, perhaps when ‘asylum’ seekers’ committed all kinds of crimes against British people.
      He has to go.


    • Vanessa Reilly 21:37 on November 25, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Good to see somebody’s still focused. So much attention to illegals who came to grief all because if their voluntary choice of illegality.
      Johnson and Patel are to blame for not taking the steps you have suggested to make Britain a less attractive destination, and Macron for not clearing the French beaches.


  • ross1948 23:31 on October 9, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    C’mon, Canada, Kick The Foul-Mouth Ingrate Out! 

    Hasil gambar untuk ungrateful bitch


    So the question is – should an alien ingrate get a slap-on-the wrist 6-month sentence when a real Canadian would face five years behind bars…


    Kenza Belakziz, 22, worked at a Calgary BMO when she provided her boyfriend confidential bank information so he and his friends could rob the bank. Belakziz pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit robbery for being part of the inside job.

    Belakziz ‘pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit robbery..’


    …PURELY to ensure that she doesn’t reap the right and proper reward that all anti-social crimmigrants surely deserve.

    Kenza Belakziz enjoyed all the good things Canada has to offer for years and years, never cared enough for Canada even to apply for citizenship, then displayed her gratitude to her host nation by complicity in armed robbery.

    THEN, when faced with the reality that she might just get the sort of sentence that real Canadians might expect, Belakziz offered this insightful observation.

    ‘Five years – What The F–K!’




    It’s tempting to speculate if she perhaps felt slighted, if she’d been reflecting that, had she committed a different crime, say..shot dead an allied country’s soldier…Justin Turdo might well have handed her ten million dollars as a token of a grateful nation’s esteem.

    But no, that’s fanciful.

    What’s not fanciful is the fact that the judge in the case, who sounds like a sound fellow, is allegedly being badgered by attorneys to go easy on the rotten little bint.

    And His Honour sees clearly what they’re up to!


    Hasil gambar untuk justice david gates

    “You are asking me to impose a sentence that is, I believe, unfit,” said Court of Queen’s Bench Justice David Gates. “This sentence appears to be tailored for immigration factors.”

    “I am not a rubber stamp…

    If you read the linked story, you’ll see that, despite subsequent bleating about how she had second thoughts, she deserves all she gets. 


    Naturally, her defence lawyer is pushing hard on her behalf.

    That’s his job.

    But what is quite nauseating to read is that he asked the judge –

    ….to respect the negotiations between himself and prosecutors Vicki Faulkner and Ryan Jenkins, which brought both parties to arrive at a joint submission of a six-month sentence plus two years probation.



    That’s a damn disgrace.


    Canada, like any country, has plenty of home-grown criminals, who should be hammered when they break the law.

    One can’t deport them, after all.

    But when the chance is there to expel a worthless crimmigrant, it should be seized!



    For prosecutors, whose duty is to the decent citizens who pay their handsome salaries, to collaborate in a brazen strategy designed to let this whining whelp avoid the consequences of her bad choices…


    ….fire them!




    Belakziz will be back in court next month for a continuation of her sentencing hearing.

    • Arnold 00:01 on October 10, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      If she had taken out citizenship, then she would not have this problem.
      She decided not to, so why should we care if she has to return to her roots in North Africa now.
      After all is said and done, though?
      I think with Turdo in power, it won’t happen.


    • Miles Erner 11:53 on October 11, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I hope the judge stands his ground.
      Those prosecutors should be prosecuted themselves.


    • Hugo 07:49 on September 25, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      In the end she got 18 months. Who wants to bet she never gets deported? As one of the prime movers she should have got 6 years like the others. It was only good fortune they never killed anyone.


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