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    Today’s International Day of Zero Tolerance For FGM! 

    Bedtime in Jakarta, but first, just a late reminder of how backward some people can be.



    Clitoral Clip? No, ‘Scraping’ Suffices! TELL Us, Islamist ‘Scholars!’ WHY Do It? 

    “Circumcision hopefully will make her less amorous…” Islamist Ignorance Targets Tots 


    Women Fight ‘Scholar’-Blessed FGM In Indonesia! 

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    Bravo, Borneo – Cops Order ‘Kill-Kill’ Cleric, ‘Get Outa Here!’ 

    A little fatigued this morning, after two good nights out in a row, but I am buoyed by black coffee..


    …AND by exhilirating news from that huge island known to English-speakers as Borneo, where armed security forces blocked the intrusion of infamous hate-preacher Sobri Lubis into West Kalimantan Province.


    Sobri Lubis told he’s not welcome – now watch and listen – this video was made a few years ago, when he shrieked his monstrous call for a jihadist mob to ‘Bunuh, Bunuh, Bunuh’ (KILL KILL KILL!)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7RLCXNdKF4  – 


    Lubis arrived with another Islamist fanatic, Bachtiar Nasir, Chairman of the National Movement for the Defense of the Indonesian Ulema Council (GNPF-MUI)…


    Gambar terkait

    Bachtiar belly-aching beside Islamist flag in Jakarta


    ….that’s the bunch who have orchestrated the fanatic campaign against Jakarta’s Christian Governor Ahok over the bizarre ‘blasphemy’ allegations.

    Kalimantan has lots of very sensible people. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard from them.

    Bravo Dayaks – Mass Airport Rally to Block IslamoNazis 

    ..and this ..

    Lubis, of the self-styled ‘Islam Defenders’ Front,’ (FPI) has long been notorious throughout Indonesia, since his revolting harangue before a mob of savages…


    Hasil gambar untuk sobri kalimantan


    …when he screamed at them to ‘KILL, KILL, KILL’ members of the Ahmadi religious minority.  No charges were ever brought against him for this blatant incitement to murder innocent people.

    So it was incredibly refreshing to see him forced to turn tail and scuttle back to Jakarta, after he and his equally intolerant companion were confronted by ‘hundreds’ of police and army personnel at the local Supadio airport.

    The deployment of so many was required because not only were there two nasties flying in but a large IslamoNazi mob were organising a convoy towards Supadio to welcome them. That rabble too was successfully prevented from any such sectarian display.

    In a related issue of Pojoksatu, we learn that the bigots (I won’t use the word in the original report – ‘scholars!’) had planned their trip to to join in the inauguration of a new FPI branch.

    But I give pride of place to this one sentence –

    Finally Ustaz Sobri Lubis and his entourage were forced to leave the airport and fly back to Jakarta at 20:02 pm

    http://pojoksatu.id/news/berita-nasional/2017/05/06/mencekam-ketua-umum-fpi-dihadang-di-bandara-supadio-lihat-videonya/ .

    What a joy, to see how responsible law enforcement can make a difference!

    And what a difference between the police in West Kalimantan, who recognise sectarian menace when they see it, and Indonesia’s National Police Chief, Tito Karnavian, the man entrusted with nationwide prevention of malignant thuggery.

    “… I have long talked with FPI friends  and had many conversations with their high imam (Rizieq).” said Karnavian….

    —-Oh, yes, THAT Rizieq…

    Rizieq, with his rabid hero, Ba’asyir, who’s currently doing time for terror-links


    Habib Rizieq, FPI ‘high imam’ who thinks our nice Jakarta Governor deserves to be KILLED for quoting a Koranic verse?

    “We encourage the government to process the death penalty for Ahok as soon as possible,” said Rizieq.  http://www.suara.com/news/2016/10/14/134313/


    “He was very tolerant actually… FPI is an Islamic organization so very tolerant of other religions,” he added. Video Viral, Tito Karnavian: FPI Ormas Islam yang Sangat Toleran

    It was so depressing when we read those words of his, regarding the notorious vigilante gang as a –


    Hasil gambar untuk tito karnavian

    National Police Chief Tito Karnavian


    Many of you won’t have the Indonesian language skills to follow what the country’s senior policeman says on the video, so here are a few more – 

    Tito Karnavian declared that FPI is a community organization that is tolerant.

    According to Tito, their activities like that he attended will get rid of the ugly stigma of the FPI as “radical and militant synonymous with violence and intolerance.”

    Karnavian added that this stigma is maybe applied as a label by the mass media and then influences the public….

    Yeah, right.



    Indonesia’s Top Cop Calls IslamoNazi Gang ‘Very Tolerant!’ 

    Look back at our January post in which we first covered Tito’s comments and be reminded of the true nature of the FPI.


    http://pojoksatu.id/news/berita-nasional/2017/05/06/mencekam-ketua-umum-fpi-dihadang-di-bandara-supadio-lihat-videonya/ .

     uas II.



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      I wish all our provinces could be so wise.


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      Yes, the Kalimantan police do well against the FPI .
      Today I pray Pak Tito will wake up and tell all police to make Indonesia clean again.


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    Indonesian Press Day,’ 9th Feb – Fake News? If Only! 

    So the MUI are issuing a fatwa against ‘fake news?’

    Since it’s National Press Day here today, I’m focusing, yes, again, on the Indonesian Council of ‘Scholars’ – that’s the state-sponsored body which produces one bizarre dogma-diktat after another…


    fatwa mui sholeh


    …really bright stuff, like telling women how to ride, or NOT to ride, their motor-bikes… 


    =Bike And Girl Wallpaper (14)

    She’s probably not enjoying her bike in an MUI-approved way!


    and warning against the menace of yoga.

    Now they’ve got ‘fake news’ in their sights.

    Whatever that means.

    I doubt the Indonesian press is any worse than the American mainstream media, or the British, vast sectors of which deliberately distort realities, by calling parasitic hordes ‘refugees’, or describing illegal immigrants as ‘undocumented.’  


    But I do sometimes wish that some of the local media reports on the MUI’s output might turn out to be fake news.


    • ma'arruf amin

    • Ma’aruf
    • ——-

    It was MUI’s Deputy Chair, Ma’aruf, who kindly advised everyone that FGM is a ‘human right!’  


    And here’s another of their ‘scholars’ talking. 


    Syamsul Maarif,  General Secretary of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Jakarta

    “If the act of adultery is by a married person, then stoning is the sentence, while if unmarried, then it’s whipping,” he said.

    • stoning
    • One day I may wake up and find all the awful stuff emanating from the MUI was just a bad dream.

    Now it’s time for bed. 


    • EurythmicsSweetDreams2007EletronicMixes2007
    • If only…


    MUI Plans Edict on Fake News

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    Muhammadiyah Doesn’t Like Extremism? Avoid Mirrors, Pak! 

    Indonesia’s second-largest Islamic organization, Muhammadiyah, has said extremism is becoming more common around the world.




    Well, yes, the Green Party-– Daniel Cohn-Bendit and the German Greens’ pedophile problem ..is a growing menace in Germany…

    green party red[


    …along with the Left Party, heirs to the Communist quisling regime.  A large percentage of the party’s politicians are known or suspected agents of the former East German secret police…One of Ulbricht’s Heirs, Complicit in Crimmigration! 


    • And extremism is not just a danger to Germany. Racist gangs like BLM in America are a serious concern.

    Booed By Racist Mob For Saying “White Lives Matter,” Democrat U-Turns ASAP 


    But Muhammadiyah is an Indonesian Muslim outfit, so right here should be their focus, if they want to help.

    And Pak Haedar told the Jakarta Post that he does...

    He further said Muhammadiyah was ready to cooperate with other societal elements to eliminate all forms of extremism in Indonesia.

    They could make a retrospective start by condemning Nazi-style book-burning, like that carried out by Gramedia, which owns the Jakarta Post. 

    Grovelling Gramedia’s BookBurning Bonanza – Appeasing Fanatics 

    • burning booksGramedia’s Hitlerite book-burning

    • …………………..

    More recently, who was it joined in the fanatic chorus demanding that our good Jakarta Governor, Ahok, be prosecuted for the ludicrous offence of ‘blasphemy?’

     The Muhammadiyah Youth Wing!

    “I have come here to be questioned as a filer of the report,” the youth wing organization chairman Khairul Sakti Lubis said…. 

    Hasil gambar untuk khairul sakti lubis

    The organization is one of several groups that reported Ahok for alleged blasphemy after he mentioned Al Maidah 51, a verse in the Quran, at an event in Thousand Islands regency. 

    Khairul said Ahok, a Christian, could not interpret verses in the Quran, because Islam was not his religion….

    Police summon Muhammadiyah youth leaders in Ahok case

    Perhaps Bapak Haedar could have a quiet word with young Khairul, reminding him that stomping free speech, on matters of religion as anything else, is clearly a manifestation of extremism.

    As to the absurd arrogance of claiming that only followers of any particular creed are capable of interpreting that creed’s dogmas – go figure!


    However, maybe the Boy Wonder’s extremism can be better understood when we remind ourselves of the MUI’s fanatical extremism.

    The Indonesian Council of (self-styled) Scholars has long been the source of incredibly outlandish extremist outbursts, which we have featured here before and now do so again.


    • ma'arruf amin

    • Ma’aruf Amin

    • ———-

    It was MUI’s Deputy Chair, Ma’aruf, who kindly advised everyone that FGM is a ‘human right!’  


    And here’s another of their ‘scholars’ talking. 


    Syamsul Maarif,  General Secretary of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Jakarta

    “If the act of adultery is by a married person, then stoning is the sentence, while if unmarried, then it’s whipping,” he said.



    And who is currently the leading light of the MUI?




    None other than Din Syamsuddin, who also just happens to be top man in Muhammadiyah!

    Is he ever going to take steps to root out the extremists from their positions of power and influence in MUI?

    Until he does, ponder that old English adage…

    Hasil gambar untuk glass houses stones meaning


    A phrase one can say meaning people should not criticize others for faults that they have themselves.

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    Jakarta Fanatic Rally – Traffic Havoc – Top Cop Speaks Up! 

    Good to hear Indonesia’s top cop has pledged to prevent the Islamist fanatics implementing their nasty anti-social scheme to create traffic havoc.

    General Tito Karnavian denounced the notorious sectarian extremist Habib Rizieq’s statement, which said the Dec. 2 protesters would carry out Friday prayers across the capital’s two main roads, namely Jl. MH Thamrin and Jl. Sudirman.


    Curiously, the Jakarta Post reporter didn’t explain to JP readers about Rizieq, whom they described merely as a ‘spokesman’ for the GNPF-MUI  – that’s the recently organised ‘National Movement to Save the Indonesian Ulema Council’s Edicts…

    Oh, and –

    Edicts, BTW,should have been left in its original, untranslated form, FATWAS

    fatwa mui sholeh

    Cops – “Islamist ‘Scholars’ Can Veto Religious Liberty” 

    If you want to know more about the Indonesian Ulema Council’s fatwas,then you can flick through our search box and chortle at the absurd yoga ban, and shudder at their awful habit of running to the police to back up their dogmatic intolerance.


    FPI_13Sejumlah massa dari Front Pembela Islam (FPI) melakukan aksi di depan Gedung Mahkaman Konstitusi (MK), Jakarta, Rabu (27/1).

    FPI in action


    But the JP should have said that Rizieq is in fact the ‘high priest’ of the IslamoNazi thug-gang, the FPI, self-styled ‘Islam Defenders Front.’

    Again, check out our search box for their horrid habits.

    • ooooooooooooooooooooo
    • habib_rizieq_temui_hasyim_muzadi
    • Rizieq


    Of course here in Indonesia, everyone knows that, but overseas readers should not be left in the dark about the true nature of the forces of darkness! 

    Tito said if demonstrators insisted on holding their rally on those roads, the police would disperse them and act firmly to anyone who opposed the police.


    Muslims can like everyone else, pray at any time, and in any place. I had a very nice Muslim colleague in London, who would pray in our staff smoking room. No problem.

    But we have seen both here…Jakarta – Top Cop Slams Traff-Islamic-Jams   … and in Western countries…Paris ban on Muslim street prayers comes into effect – BBC News… examples of irresponsible crowds brazenly and needlessly obstructing  public roads and footpaths. 

    • macetsemanggi1

    ‘normal’ Jakarta traffic jam

    • This should be outlawed and stern action taken.


    General Tito talks sense too about how to handle amok-runs, like that seen in Jakarta on 4th November.  

    Breaking News – Jakarta Cops Tear-Gas Islamist Louts! 

    Violent protesters would be charged with articles 212 to 218 of the Criminal Code (KUHP) on attacks against public officials.


    That will be widely applauded, if it happens.


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    Jakarta Nightmare – Another Anti-Ahok Hate-Fest? 

    After the march on November 4th, which ended with vicious Islamist thugs running amok…

    Breaking News – Jakarta Cops Tear-Gas Islamist Louts! 

    ….with 20 or more police injured, Jakartans are now facing rumours of an action replay.





    We have had that strange decision by the police to declare Governor Ahok a ‘blasphemy’ suspect – Despite Islamist Intimidation , Ahok Campaigns On!  –  as if ‘blasphemy’ should be a criminal offence anywhere!

    Unfortunately, here in Indonesia, it is.

    And unfortunately, the police have more than a few times responded to the bleating of the state-sponsored MUI, the self-styled ‘Scholars’ Bali Hindu King – Don’t Kill Our Cows! Muslim ‘Scholars’ – Get Lost!!  whose intolerance is infamous  Islamist ‘Scholars’ – “Don’t Complain if You’re Attacked!”  by descending on anyone whose religious views the MUI dislikes.

    Adam Created By Angel?” Islamist ‘ScholarsCall the Cops

    fatwa mui sholeh

    Cops – “Islamist ‘Scholars’ Can Veto Religious Liberty” 

    It’s the MUI who have been leading calls for Ahok’s arrest!

    But whatever.

    The cops’ decision should logically have meant that even the nasty sectarians who organised the hate-fest (a fair description, since many of the sectarian rabble were heard chanting ‘Burn Ahok’) ought to await progress (a somewhat unsuitable word, surely)

    After all, it is a common  saying here among all creeds that orang sabar disayang sama Tuhan.

    The patient man is dear to God.

    Yet maybe nasties get bored with behaving themselves. Maybe they weary of staying home – as we saw that black day (a Friday, a working day here in Indonesia) a lot of them don’t tend to waste precious time by going to work when there’s a hate parade to join! 



    I can’t imagine God thinks highly of the sort of bigotry we saw on 4th November, but unlike the ranting IslamoNazis, I don’t pretend to know what God actually thinks.

    Interestingly, tellingly, BTW, none of the unpleasant gangs behind the ‘blasphemy ‘ hate-parade have seen fit to organise a similar protest against REAL blasphemy, the murderous assault by satanic terrorists on that Indonesian church last week.

    Hasil gambar untuk samarinda church

    In Indonesia – Time To Re-Start Terrorist Executions! 

    Anyway, as Jakarta’s working population struggles through the usual awful Friday traffic this cloudy afternoon…

    • macetsemanggi1
    • Semanggi Junction, Jakarta
    • ——————

    …many of them will be even more stressed out than usual, because, among many other media, the Jakarta Globe reports that more massive anti-Ahok protests by Muslim hardliners are planned for next week.  http://jakartaglobe.id/news/calls-mount-muslims-avoid-another-anti-ahok-protest/

    Good to kow that sane Muslim groups are telling their members to have nothing to do with any such jihadist jerk nonsense.

    But who knows?

    At least there’s a small bit of good news further down the page.  

    A peaceful rally aimed at showing Indonesia’s religious and ethnic diversity is planned for Saturday, taking the familiar theme of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (Unity in Diversity).

    How many will turn out?


    On that, and the determination of decent folks of all religions, depends this lovely country’s future.

    The organisers hope for 100,000

    Alas, the Jakarta Globe doesn’t tell readers when and where.

    But I made the effort and here’s the info, if you are in Jakarta tomorrow.

    Starts 8am till noon, at the Hotel Indonesia Roundabout. Originally, they wanted to march to Monas, the National Monument, which would have been a perfect good-guy mirror image of the bad-guy parade on the 4th November.

    They changed it ‘after coordination with police!


    • Santi 15:13 on November 18, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Hello, Ross. I just read this too about more bad fanatic marching and I read it not in here only but in other newspaper. This is bad idea and police better to stop it before it happen.
      Iya, sabar but why good people in Indonesia must be patient with bad people who want to burn Ahok.


    • JazPen 15:41 on November 18, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I havent ever been in the habit of going to demos but this time I think I will, tomorrow.
      The timing shows that the normal people are more considerate than the abnormals. A Saturday demo is a lot less disrupting to the working population than making it on a Friday afternoon when everybodys trying to get home.


    • Tyas Tasik 20:19 on November 18, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      We must all be there tomorrow, so world knows Indonesia people are not same like MUi and FPI.
      We do not hate each other for the religion they have.
      Thanks to you for telling us the time and place.


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    Islamist ‘Scholar’ – Red/Jew Plot Behind Jakarta Demo? 

    Oh Wow!

    I’d forgotten all about Pak Rafani Achyar, West Java chief of the MUI, the Indonesian Ulema Council – that’s the Council of Indonesian ‘Scholars.’


    • fatwa mui sholeh
    • —————-
    • He’s saying his members shouldn’t join the fanatic parade in Jakarta this Friday, at least not if they’re wearing MUI paraphernalia.

    Half-Million Fanatics Descending On Jakarta? Peacefully!?! 

    Good, I hear you say?

    Well, it might be, if we weren’t aware of his loathing for religious tolerance, exemplified by comments he made a while back about the inoffensive Ahmadi minority, citing the case of the Ahmadiyah, who are not dealt with even when their offense is very real and clear.

    Rafani Rants Again – Islamist Witch-Hunts in West Java 


    • Rafani MUI’s Rafani

    But we’ve not heard much about him since his famous rage against a VERY sexy woman – whom I wrongly identified as Miss World, when in fact she was Miss Universe!

    In fact he expanded his rant then to encompass a whole lot of very sexy women!


    Not Sharia-Compliant?


    ‘Ban Miss World!’ say Kill-Joy Clerics. Why? ‘She Ain’t Sharia Compliant!’

    Besides Inul, Dewi and Jupe, MUI West Java branch secretary general Rafani Achyar said he wanted to ban Anisa Bahar, Uut Permatasari, Ira Swara, Nita Thalia and the group Trio Macan. Trio Macan

    Trio Macan, yummy dangdut singers, like the others named above


    • One might feel sorry for the poor geezer, abhorring gorgeous girls, but now he’s zooming down loopy lane at high speed.
    • He suspects that Communists and even Jews were confusing and provoking Muslims to lead then into excessive actions.
    • Pihaknya menduga kelompok komunis hingga yahudi terus memperkeruh dan memprofokasi umat islam agar terpancing hingga berujung aksi berlebihan


    • Communism_by_the_creator_of_life



    • Mark Elstone 23:31 on November 1, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Is this guy going to republish ‘The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion?’

      I am really intrigued by the goings-on in the place you live.
      I did spend some time in South East Asia but must of led a sheltered life or where I was just didn’t have all the nutty characters you write about.
      SInce reading this an hour ago, I have been trying to find any other English language coverage of Mr. Ranfani’s stunning Zionist-Bolshevik conspiracy theory but so far not been able to.
      However, I looked at the link and used Google Translate to see what it said so I know you’re not making it up. Are ALL these ‘scholars’ as downright peculiar as him?
      Please keep this stuff coming. It’s an eye-opener.


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    Outlaw Girl-Friends? Latest Fanatic Foolery! 

    Thanks to OkTerus.com for revealing a hitherto unheard of demand by frothing fanatics – that young love be outlawed.

    … there is a movement that is asking the MUI to issue a fatwa against courting couples -unclean!

    Heboh! Gerakan #IndonesiaTanpaPacaran desak MUI Keluarkan …

    Okterus.com26 Jul 2016
    • fatwa mui sholeh


    Pacaran is the Indonesian word for a lad having a girl-friend – or, if you happen to be a girl, having a boy-friend.

    This brand new backward brigade even have their own hashtag


    Indonesia Without Courting!

    What wretched little bores these people must be, sticking their stickybeak noses into normal people’s personal relationships.

    At first I imagined this might be some sort of displaced Indonesian April Fool story, but there’s even a photo of some sad little thing deploring what she’s likely never sampled.


    Fatwa Pacaran Haram.

    Reading on, we learn that the dark-agers think going steady has proved damaging to their generation, presumably the younger generation, since we oldsters won’t give such nonsense the time of day…




    Their propaganda makes your flesh creep.

    .Therefore, O people of Indonesia, wherever located, let’s take part in the historic struggle to eliminate courting  in Indonesia. 

    With your support, inshaAllah, the MUI will eventually issue a fatwa making pacaran haram.



    • Well, next week I shall make good use of this story, regaling my fellow guests at the little party I’m attending with cautionary words about the evils of behaving like normal folks.  

    PS The scary thing is, the MUI might just do what these uptights are asking!

    Clitoral Clip? No, ‘Scraping’ Suffices! TELL Us, Islamist ‘Scholars!’ WHY Do It? 

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    Ramadhan Begins! Sectarian Reminders Issued! 

    “Based on all the input we received, we decided that the first day of Ramadhan will fall on Monday, June 6,” Lukman Hakim told reporters at a press conference.  http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2016/06/05/indonesia-declares-ramadhan-beginsmonday.html

    I do wish my Muslim friends and neighbours a Happy Ramadhan.

    But off we go again, those silly little curtains erected across the front of street food stalls, like my little warteg where I usually go for a filling two-dollar lunch…



    ...a peculiar fanatic folly, as if passing Muslims will forget their fasting if they catch sight of me tucking into perkadel, tempe, tahu pare, etc.

    In fact, it will enhance their virtuous self-denial if they see me eating, because what sort of commitment to abstinence is it, what sort of will-power do they need to muster, if alternatives are hidden from their gaze?

    The same point arises in respect of Lukman’s further words.

    The minister also called on owners of entertainment businesses, especially nightclubs, to temporarily close or adjust the running of their businesses during Ramadhan to respect the fasting month.

    Why on earth should they close?

    That’s not ‘respect’ but a kow-tow!

    Not every Muslim feels like experiencing a month of tedium. And Jakarta has large minorities of Christians, Buddhists etc. who are not fasting at all!

    As mentioned in past posts, the late President Gus Dur, a noted Islamic scholar, had a healthier perspective, viz.


    • gus dur fasting

    ‘If we fasting Muslims want respect, let us also respect those who aren’t fasting.’


    In other words, live and let live!

    If you don’t want to eat and drink and have fun, fine, but it’s outrageous to tell others, who do want to carry on as normal, that they may not.


    • main-lukman-hakim4

    Minister of Religion Lukman


    • Lukman is a fairly sensible minister, a huge improvement on his predecessor, the notorious Suryadharma Ali, whom we used to report on all too often.

    Ali1 Ali  

    Good Indonesians Denounce ArchBigot Ali’s Latest Intolerant Outburst


    But whatever Lukman thinks himself, he has many intolerants to reckon with, not merely the IslamoNazi hoodlum gangs like the FPI…



    IslamoNazi FPI louts practicing devout introspection at a previous Ramadhan


    …but also the state-sponsored self-styled ‘scholars’ of the MUI, whose leaders talk against violence but can then engage in verbal diarrhoea like this. .

    Islamist ‘Scholars’ – “Don’t Complain if You’re Attacked!” 

    So we just have to put up with the sectarian shut-downs, though not without complaint – I’ll be recording some of the antics in the weeks ahead.

    But here’s what’s most disturbing about Lukman’s statement.

    “I also remind the media to support the government’s mission to preserve harmony during the holy month,” he added.

    Well, some of the media are under year-round censorship here. Even the film ‘Noah’ was outlawed…

    Noah’ Banned – Who’s Next? State Censors or Sectarian Enforcers? 

    … and in the past, the MUI have used the state censor board as a cypher to apply their prudery.

    Dimana Bokong2nya? – Where Are Our Buttocks? 

    But exactly what does the Minister means about the media’s role?

    That merits further study. I’ll be back. 

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    Indonesian Victims of IslamoNazi Thuggery ‘Apologise!’ 

    I wish I could call this story ‘shocking’ but I personally am running out of ‘shockability.’ Indeed, the more time that passes under President (‘Pluralist’) Jokowi, the less shocking this kind of appalling new report becomes.

    What happened in Pekanbaru seemed so outlandish that I used three different media sources to make my account as accurate as possible. But one phrase, from Riau Online, sums up the frail state of religious freedom in Indonesia today.


    After Attacked by FPI, HMI Pekanbaru Apologize


    FPI, as regular readers know, is the violent vigilante gangster group which styles itself the ‘Islam Defenders Front.’ Their victimisation of minority creeds here is infamous..
    …but their latest target, HMI, is the Muslim Students Association, a nationwide organisation..

    What happened was that the Pekanbaru branch of HMI, along with another group,  Activist Network Islamic Philosophy (JAKFI) decided to hold a discussion forum last Friday.

    As their coordinator, Diman, later explained in a statement to situsriau.com, the IslamoNazi thugs not only broke up the meeting but kidnapped one of the speakers, a man from Jogjakarta named Safman.

    Diman says the actual theme of the talk was “Identity of Women in Indonesia, Progressive Historical and Spiritual.” Dikait-kaitkan dengan Syiah, Ini Kronologis Pembubaran …

    Well, that would catch the attention of IslamoNazis, who think women should know their place – which is somewhere way down below that of men.

    As one of their Jakarta jerks once put it….

    IslamoNazi Gauleiter – “Women Already Have Limitations, Let Alone Non-Muslims!” 

    But even so, while using stormtroop tactics on meetings, or even against inoffensive food-stalls…


    • FPI_13
    • ———-

    …is nothing new for these jihadist hoodlums, unlawfully carrying people off for ‘interrogation’ is certainly an expanded interpretation of their vindictive vision and mission!

    Diman –“We greatly regret the dissolution, with even our speaker forcibly taken away without the consent of those who invited him.”

    It seems that when Safwan arrived at 8pm, FPI louts were already on the scene, and he tried to have a ‘dialogue’ with the gang. Then ‘about 50 FPI members came in and immediately took action, and Safwan.’


    Safwan – the middle-aged scholar seized by 50 IslamoNazi hooligans

    “We did not know where our speaker was taken. He could not be contacted, but around 23:00 pm, online media announced he was at the FPI headquarters in Tanjung Rhu and was being interrogated.”

    Diman sensibly reported this astonishing news to Pekanbaru Police and requested help.  

    Two hours later he got word Safwan was going back to Yogyakarta by plane..

    “Safwan advised, for the sake of our mutual safety, not to accompany him to the airport,” said Diman, who concluded that his guest was being forced by the hoodlums to leave town. 

    “Most importantly, he was okay,” said Diman.We deeply regret this incident occurred...we are open if the parties seek a dialogical approach.”

    Poor Diman, if he’s really naive enough to think that the FPI’s vile thugs are either willing or even able to engage in rational dialogue. It is not in the nature of Islamists to debate, if the option of intimidation is available.

    We have seen that often enough, not only with these white-shirt bullies but also with the state-sponsored Indonesian ‘Scholars’ Council –


    Cops – “Islamist ‘Scholars’ Can Veto Religious Liberty” 


     ‘Adam Created By Angel?” Islamist ‘Scholars’Call the Cops


    Islamists cower from critical thinking. Rather than defend their dogmas in honest argument, they suppress those who’d argue back! And the Government has not disowned the ‘scholars’ – nor subdued the thugs.

    “Moreover, we are disappointed that this incident occurred one day after President Joko Widodo ordered the Chief of Police to crack down on intolerants who disperse discussions in the name of religion; we also ask that media reports are balanced, “pleaded Diman. http://www.situsriau.com/read-1-22829–dikaitkaitkan-dengan-syiah-ini-kronologis-pembubaran-diskusi-jakfi-oleh-fpi-versi-hmi.html(Rls)

    Another media source says the kidnap victim was ‘beaten’ by the gang. http: //www.riauonline.co.id/2016/04/02/usai-diserang-fpi-hmi-pekanbaru-minta-maaf



    And another source,GoRiau.com, says that along with the victim, the perps grabbed several books and a laptop that allegedly contained material to be presented to the participants of the meeting.
    “He admitted he was Shia…” said Ustad Ade Hasibuan, the local IslamoNazi gang-leader. “Inevitably we were forced to stop that…”
    pejan ade Anti-tolerance Ade
     http://www.goriau.com/berita/peristiwa/breaking-news-massa-fpi-riau-hentikan-kegiatan-berbau-suatu-aliran-1-orang-diamankan.htmlkepentingannya,” that report adds that ‘the action was led by the Regional Army Commander (FPI) Ustad Muhammad Zein.’
    Please understand, Zein is no more an ‘Army Commander’ any more than I am a tee-totaller! These IslamoNazis just love to give themselves fancy titles and prance about up in Arabesque fancy-dress.
    Sejumlah massa dari Front Pembela Islam (FPI) melakukan aksi di depan Gedung Mahkaman Konstitusi (MK), Jakarta, Rabu (27/1).
    FPI ‘warriors,’ clowns hiding behind masks!

    Their ‘warrior’ prowess we’ve noted before, as in Sukorejo when the yellow-bellies had to seek sanctuary in a mosque prior to scuttling out of town after dark under police escort.

    But speaking of police…where were they?



    Kidnap, theft, violence and vandalism!

    A lot of sectarian brutes should be under lock and key by now, but none of the reports refers to this obvious consequence of lawless barbarity.: http://www.goriau.com/berita/peristiwa/breaking-news-massa-fpi-riau-hentikan-kegiatan-berbau-suatu-aliran-1-orang-diamankan.html#sthash.U0VgtQ1F.dpuf

     And what about the HMI?
    Did they at once call the cops, demand hot pursuit of the cowardly white-shirt criminals?

    After Attacked by FPI, HMI Pekanbaru Apologize

    The pathetic little wets said sorry!

    The Chairman HMI Pekanbaru Branch, Syuib, said that what happened Friday night was a misunderstanding between the FPI mob and the HMI members who wanted to hold discussions in the building.




    “The discussions yesterday evening were just on the role and position of women in the context of Indonesia. There were absolutely no plans to spread false teachings here…” said Syuib .

    The student of government at the University of Riau apologized if there was a misunderstanding occurred between HMI with FPI and the community.“We apologize…”


    God help Indonesia if this ‘student of government’ ever makes it into government. What he SHOULD have said is that they’ll discuss whatever they like, and invite dissidents, infidels and heretics, if they feel like it.

    • freedom-of-religion
    • AND they’ll call out every member to confront ignoramus interference.

    But if they were outnumbered?

    Could the Pekanbaru Police be counted on to safeguard citizens’ rights?







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