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    Sweden’s Last Chance? 

    What the ‘far-right anti-immigrant’ party is quoted as offering to Swedish voters – a plan to ‘spend 25 billion Swedish kronor ($2.3 billion) on strengthening the justice system and withdraw grants for immigrants who do not adopt the country’s culture,’ is surely the Scandinavian country’s last chance…

    Hasil gambar untuk sweden democrats

    …and I wish Jimmie Akesson’s Sweden Democrats well in the election on Sunday.

    But the problem is that, even if, as some polls predict, the SD get more votes than any other party, and more seats, their proportion is unlikely to be more than 25%, if that.
    There have been false dawns before…

    Jimmie Akesson
    Jimmie Akesson wants to set up ‘Sweden Centres’
    – “There you can let the Swedish way of being and Swedish heritage become very accessible in a part of the country where it is currently very inaccessible…”

    the rise and rise of his SD freedom fighters mentioned here more than once…

    Does Hope Truly Hover, As Swede Patriots Surge! 

    …but the political realities are harsh…

    A Million ‘Swedes?’ Lost, Beyond Redemption. 


    ….as we have previously contemplated, and yet….

    It is incredible that, with their home and native land increasingly under alien occupation, and their country’s political, judicial, media –

    God Rest Ye Merry Freaky Swedes? 

     …and even the ecclesiastical establishment!


    – in thrall to the disastrous diversity / multicult experiment…

    …most Swedes are not prepared to fight back against the treasonous elite.

    But that’s a baffling question that has to be asked all over the civilised world, including the UK.

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    Migrants? None Dare Call It Conspiracy? 

    It was only a day or so ago that I took readers back to the heinous era when the major UK political parties conspired against democracy…

    Sunak’s Clueless Coin? Stuff The Tories! 

    ..refusing to make immigration an election issue.

    Now we find mention of the same grandly treasonous design in a part of the media with a vastly wider readership than mine…

    ….conspiracy of silence about the impact of mass migration has cost Britain dear

    …but the introductory sentence in the Telegraph article may seem a little anaemic, as if the way the realm has been blighted might be dismissed as a mere planning problem…

    Failure to plan for the extra millions of people coming to Britain is behind many of our current woes… https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2022/08/09/conspiracy-silence-impact-mass-migration-has-cost-britain-dear/

    …as if, had governments devised administrative procedures to absorb those millions, assimilate them, rather than impose multicult…

    …all might have worked out well.
    Well, yes, it might.

    A far more accurate assessment might surely be that..

    Failure to BAN the extra millions of people coming to Britain is behind many of our current woes..

    The level of intimidation faced by Brits who spoke up, the oppressive anti-free speech laws…

    …enforced by an increasingly politicised police…

    Police-State UK? Don’t Dare Say It’s OK To Be White! 

    London Fallen Indeed? Cur Cops Crawl Before The Rabble! 

    …and the sheer uppity arrogance of too many – not all but too many – among the ‘minority communities’  – as if, for pity’s sakes, there should be any such ‘communities…’













    …when they should ALL see themselves as ONE community, the realm – loyal subjects of Her Britannic Majesty!

    What a fearsome price Brits have paid!

    Nevertheless, the article is well worth reading, not least because it makes honourable mention of Migration Watch UK, and that excellent organisation’s warning 20 years ago.

    If only warnings issued over FIFTY years ago….

    ….or more, had not been shouted down by Britain’s Enemy Within!

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      And so say all of us, who can remember when Britain was a free country.


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    Compulsory School Dances? A Cure For Pig-Ignorant Sexism? 

    One of my fondest high school memories revolves around the annual school dance.

    The first my class was involved in must have been when we were about 14 or 15 – in those days young teens did not attend discos!


    Related image

    Not my school-dance, but not  dissimilar


    There was a perceived need to teach us to dance waltzes and foxtrots and so maths teacher ‘Dolly’ and gym teacher ‘Desperate Dan’ clasped each other closely to demonstrate, evoking ribald comment and adolescent glee.

    After weekly lessons, we boys were allowed to get to grips with the girls – few Astaires or Gingers to be seen, but it was fun.

    Perhaps making school dances a COMPULSORY part of the curriculum might be a solution to, or at least a step towards, the eradication of the ridiculous PDA mentality which hampers certain communities’ proper integration into civilised society.

    We have looked at PDA before, in the context of where I live, some time ago…

    Indonesia – Deadly Invasion by PDA! 

    …and while the letters stand for ‘Public Displays of Affection,’ the sort of creepoids whom such displays make uneasy are undoubtedly the same kind of retards who think schoolboys should be prevented from enjoying a noonday bite to eat alongside schoolgirls.


    Image result for lunch silhouette

    Normal people eating


    My thoughts were turned in this direction by a report on a good-for-nothing ‘school’ in Birmingham, where the primitive sexists in charge have apparently been coercing girls ‘not to eat their lunch until the boys have finished theirs…’


    The arrogance of ‘Al-Hijrah school’ is such that this pig-ignorant behaviour is still going on despite an order ‘to end the unlawful practice by the Court of Appeal in 2017. ‘

    If it were a private school, bad enough, but it’s funded by Birmingham City Council, which means decent English local tax-payers are subsidising the imposition of barbaric sexist rules designed to poison young minds, teaching from “very discriminatory texts… encouraging violence against women.”

    This situation was reported by Ofsted but instead of shutting the Dark Age dump down ( and deporting the brutes who run it) the authorities afforded the slugs a ‘transition period’ to fix things, as if benighted savages would voluntarily advance into the modern world of their own accord.


    Read it all, but read especially the final sentence.

    ”The government’s education body reported in 2018 that British values were being “actively undermined” by Islamic extremists using schools as a means of “indoctrinating impressionable minds.”   https://www.rt.com/uk/450647-muslim-school-eating-lunch/


    • Tom Ballan 18:40 on February 15, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      That last sentence or two says it all.
      A belief system based on sharia can never be allowed to influence what is taught in British schools.
      Real British values should be brought back in place of EU liberal values. As for the type of foreign school like that in Birmingham, if parents have migrated from uncivilised countries, like Pakistan, the children’s minds need to be lifted out of the swamp.
      For examples.
      It should be taught in every school that polygamy is an immoral abomination, and that both men and women have the same rights, including to dress as they please. Any teacher heard talking rubbish about hurting heretics and apostates has to be fired


    • Penny 09:29 on February 17, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Yes what an unreasonable waste of local taxes if these fanatical islamists are getting money from Birmingham to run their jihadist indoct centre.
      They should be closed down and investigated by the anti-terrorist police units.


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    From Oslo – More Daft Droning ‘Diversity’ Drivel! 

    Here’s a photo, from The Leftal…sorry, The Local…of Norway’s new coalition government.


    • Norway's new government criticised for lack of diversity


    Perfectly normal-looking Norwegian men and women, right?


    Or so whines a leftist agitator named Rune Berglund Steen, the funding of whose  Norwegian Centre Against Racism…

    =Hasil gambar untuk Rune Berglund Steen, Norwegian Centre Against Racism


    …is very hard to locate via the internet.

    One has to wonder, if they are shy about where their funding comes from, do they, like so many so-called ‘Non-Government’ Organisations…



    ….have long greedy snouts deep in the public purse, grants galore from Brussels, Strasbourg and perhaps even that government in Oslo which they are currently railing against?

    Is there a connection to the parasitic ENAR?

    ENAR – Another ‘Non-Government’ Snout In The Public Purse! 


    Or are creepy subversive Soros outfits, like the notorious Open Society network, a major source?.

    Rune the Ranter – who has never been elected to represent anyone, as far as I can discover, except presumably his tax-funded ‘NGO’ comrades –  has criticised Prime Minister Erna Solberg’s newly-formed cabinet for failing to ‘reflect the population.’

    This pinko nutjob does not seem to grasp that in democratic countries, governments ‘reflect’ the will of the population…

    …because the ‘population’ comprised voters, who choose their candidates at the ballot box, on the basis of what those candidates and their parties purport to offer.

    Probably, too, voters choose people whose character…

    …and cultural identity they find attractive.

    If the leftist loud-mouth had any notion of democratic government, he’d not have shown himself up with that arrogant criticism, which escalates into risibility with this further moan, viz.


    …the lack of diversity represented a “democratic problem…”

    No, dingbat, it doesn’t!

    ‘Diversity‘ and Democracy are not inter-related.

    If the Norwegian electorate wanted to vote in such a way as to result in a Norwegian parliament, and therefore a Norwegian government, comprising only one-legged lesbian dwarves of  gypsy origin…

    Hasil gambar untuk blank photo Sorry, Readers!

    We are unable to retrieve any photos of one-legged lesbian dwarves, gypsy or otherwise!


    • ….then that’s what they’d get!

    Instead they clearly voted overwhelmingly for perfectly normal-looking Norse folks, men and women…

    Gambar terkait


    …so it’s NOT for cultural marxist klutzes like Red Rune to say the people’s choice is somehow a ‘democratic problem.’ 

    It gets sillier.

    Among the 68 ministers and secretaries presented by Solberg as she unveiled the new government on Wednesday, only two appear to be of minority background…

    Big bloody deal!

    Again, if citizens desperately wanted individuals of alien origin to legislate on their behalf, they were free  to nominate and elect such folk.


    BTW, the ranter’s rage must have been especially stoked by the fact that both the ‘minority’ members were of  European, though non-Norse, origin.


    Gambar terkait

    OMG, how utterly awful!

    “This is a democratic problem. Those in power must reflect the general population and it is very serious that this is not the case in the extended government,” shrills the nutjob.

      You can read the whole story…Norway’s new government criticised for lack of diversity…but I leave it to the new ‘Education and Integration Minister,’ Jan Tore Sanner, to put the carping multicultist in his place.

    =Gambar terkait

    “Many things must be taken into consideration when a new government is formed. The most important is the policies that will be followed, regardless of which background one has.


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    Happy St. Andrew’s Day – Homage To Caledonia? 

    Hasil gambar untuk st andrew's day


    Like most non-Spaniards, I knew nothing of Catalonia until I read Orwell’s book, but after doing so, I was curious.


    Hasil gambar untuk homage to catalonia cover


    There are echoes of Scotland, a once-independent country absorbed into a larger one, but for a very long time there was no serious interest among Scots in separatism.

    Even with the rise of the SNP there, most of its leaders have – arguably out of self-interest – refrained from making republican noises.

    It should be noted, nevertheless, that the party’s activists, overwhelmingly leftists, are uncomfortable with the leadership’s tactical reticence.

    …the loudest applause in the lively debate were for the republicans…. SNP conference: SNP prepare ground for dropping the Queen |

    This is in contrast to the Catalans, whose anti-monarchist, almost childishly petty, gesture-politics…

    Monarchists hit back in Catalonia row over king’s bust – Yahoo News UK

    ….has infuriated Spaniards loyal to the Crown.

    It may well be that royalists in Spain now see the secession of Catalonia as no bad thing, reducing the proportion of the electorate who are in favour of a republic.

    This has echoes of the animosity aroused in England, where many people are as repelled as I am by that multicultist shrew Sturgeon…


    …whose nagging strident voice is rarely put to good use.

    She was at her worst during that famous debate when she attacked Nigel Farage’s sensible opposition to importing diseased aliens to bludge off the tax-funded National Health Service.

    All brands of Briton are surely horrified by the SNP’s pro-crimmigrant policies, which are antithetical to the ‘nationalism’ the separatist party affects to espouse.

    The SNP has repeatedly called for a more relaxed approach to asylum. They have opposed the enforced removal of failed asylum seekers and have pledged to close the Dungavel Detention Centre, the only one in Scotland.  http://www.migrationwatchuk.org/briefing-paper/10.33n



    As to any rational justification for the SNP’s Europhiliac obsessions…


    …what kind of ‘nationalists’ can they be who seek to keep their country chained to a supranational entity infamous for its hostility to democratic participation in decision-making?


    Most Brits, I think, still wish Scotland well.

    It would be sad to wish it farewell.


    • Jock Tamson 12:14 on December 1, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Scotland is in a right mess in no small part due to Sturgeon’s crowd.
      I hope the majority of Scots see through that woman’s rhetoric and realise that her party is as republican as Sinn Fein at heart.


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    A Good Black Pope? Exactly What’s Needed? 

    Had enough of the gibbering old Argie?


    Holy Hogwash! It”s That Argie Dope Again! 

    Here’s a Catholic Cardinal who talks more sense in ten minutes than Fatuous Francis has done since he got elected!



    Every nation has a right to distinguish between genuine refugees and economic migrants who do not share that nation’s culture, Cardinal Robert Sarah has said.

    This guy is good!

    Not being a Catholic, I’d never heard of him, but it’s a delight to read of a man from Guinea, down in West Africa, telling Europeans to look to their future and fight back for European values and identity.

    He was speaking at the Europa Christi conference in Poland this week when he said that, enlarging on those wise words when he noted that the country refuses to accept the “logic” of migrant redistribution that “some people want to impose.”



    We all know who that is!.

    You can read the whole Catholic Herald article via the link –http://catholicherald.co.uk/news/2017/10/24/cardinal-sarah-every-nation-has-a-right-to-distinguish-between-refugees-and-economic-migrants/

      – but we have to applaud his recognition of how world leaders cannot question the “right of every nation to distinguish between a political or religious refugee” who is forced to flee their own land…


    … and “the economic migrant who wants to change his place of residence” without adapting to the new culture in which he lives.

    And it just keeps getting better!

    “The ideology of liberal individualism promotes a mixing that is designed to erode the natural borders of homelands and cultures, and leads to a post-national and one-dimensional world where the only things that matter are consumption and production.

    While he says that European nations must take part of the responsibility if they have destabilised the countries that migrants are travelling from,” he adds, importantly, that does not mean changing themselves through mass immigration.



    In some countries, or parts of countries, like Canada’s British Columbia, there’s a system described as the ‘re-call’…

    Gambar terkait

    …whereby people can file a petition to require unsatisfactory leaders to step down and face re-election.

    Since this year is, I believe, the anniversary of the Reformation, perhaps Catholics who care about their countries could propose a new reform, to get that Argie out and replace him with this splendid African gent.

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    What Islamist Erdogan Needs – A Cuba-Style Embargo! 


     –  “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.” 


    Turkey’s president Erdogan  said “border gates will be opened” if the EU stops accession talks –  https://euobserver.com/enlargement/136045

    Such effrontery!

    ‘I wanna join your club, and if you won’t let me, I’ll send vandals, thugs and arsonists to wreck your club-house!’

    A glance at a map shows that only a tiny triangular piece of Turkey actually IS located in Europe…


    bulgar turkey-and-its-neighbours-map


    …although Erdogan no doubt wistfully recalls the ‘glory days’ when his adored Caliphate misruled vast areas…




    ….and millions of Europeans languished, second-class citizens,  under the sectarian jackboot!

    At school, our popular history teacher, known as Caveman, had us read Gladstone’s denunciation, delivered after the Caliph had unleashed his savages on the people of Bulgaria, in the late 19th century –

    Let the Turks now carry away their abuses, in the only possible manner, namely, by carrying off themselves. Their Zaptiehs and their Mudirs, their Blmhashis and Yuzbashis, their Kaimakams and their Pashas, one and all, bag and baggage, shall, I hope, clear out from the province that they have desolated and profaned.-

    Hasil gambar untuk bulgarian horrors 1876


    This thorough riddance, this most blessed deliverance, is the only reparation we can make to those heaps and heaps of dead, the violated purity alike of matron and of maiden and of child; to the civilization which has been affronted and shamed

    That was the Caliphate in action in 1878. 


    • Hasil gambar untuk never again nie wieder
    • =========
    • The Turks should never again be afforded entry into Europe!
    • Which brings us to a renewed focus on the non-stop coverage of the welcome death of the evil Communist Castro on all channels…
    • Nihil Nisi Bonum De Mortuis? NO WAY! Castro’s In Hell! 
    • ———
    • It would be hard (for anyone old enough to remember the Cuban Missile Crisis) not to compare the response in 1962…
    • ..

    Gambar terkait


    …by America, to a clear and present danger – with the effete bleating we hear from Berlin and Brussels about the outrageous extortion threats issuing from Ankara.

    We did warn you, ages ago, with our Danegeld posts… .https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2015/10/08/crimmigration-treacherous-turks-pound-of-flesh/…so why is anyone amazed that Erdadolf’s reneged?

    The EuroCommissars have shown their backbones are made of marshmallow.  EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has warned Europe not to lecture Turkey on migration.   http://www.euronews.com/2016/11/25/on-migration-i-d-like-europe-to-refrain-from-giving-lessons-to-turkey-says-jean

    The combined navies of the twenty-plus countries under direction by Brussels could easily mount a major maritime operation to interdict ships, boats, whatever, going in and out of Turkish ports.


    • DariusIOfPersia1

    Erdogan meets the commissars


    • But the Brussels elite would rather go crawling, begging Erdogan not to unleash a crimmigrant tsunami on their satrapies, disowning even the insipid anti-Ankara resolution passed by the Strasbourg talking-shop.
    • That, please note, merely called for a ‘freeze,’ not an end, to discussion of Turkish accession!
    • It makes one wonder if Brussels has a hidden agenda.
    • As cultural marxists, as supranationalists, they don’t have any interest in safeguarding the nations of Christendom.
    • Quite the reverse.
    • If those nations are multiculted to the point of eroding their historic identities, as the Bliderberg SOB Peter Sutherland wants…


    Peter Sutherland, Europe’s arch-enemy

    …and as the Dutch EuroCommissar Timmerman has declared a desirable objective…Good Dutch News, Bad Dutch Man – Time To Exert People Power!…then all the easier to quell resistance to the EUSSR’s super-state goal.

    And after all, if Brussels were, in any sense, serious about safeguarding Europe, stopping the alien hordes, then why have they not stopped that which the BBC announced today?


    Migrant crisis: Italy sees record arrivals from North Africa

    Consequently, it HAS to be a top priority for the patriot parties across the Continent to mobilise electorates, not just to win more political power, when elections occur, but, in the meantime, to intensify public awareness of, and hostility to, the Turkish threat from beyond the Aegean…



    …AND to any Turkish influence within their borders.

    I don’t know any more than you do about Erdogan’s network of agents http://www.thelocal.de/20161125/report-turkish-spy-in-germany-plotted-murder-of-2-kurds but we all know that there are thousands, hundreds of thousands, of disloyal Turks, owing allegiance to that dictator.

    In Germany, where Merkel’s plaintive, lower-than-a-snake’s-belly plea for loyalty has inevitably fallen on deaf ears  ..

    ….and in Austria...

    …where there is, in a few days, rising hope that Herr Hofer might bring sanity on the issue into the corridors of power, we see the battle-ground.

    So a complete maritime blockade, yes, but more measures too must be envisaged, because that 1962 embargo was hardly a triumph.

    Had Kennedy given the Bay of Pigs heroes the air support they needed – and were promised – Castro would have been overthrown, tried for treason…


    ….and shot, over 50 years ago.  

    Learn lessons from history.

    Aid to the Kurdish separatists, much as Churchill sent aid to European resistance groups in WW2!

    And economic sanctions!

    And, ultimately, if Erdogan persists in letting crimmigrants mount incursions against the civilised world, a large-scale mining of harbours and all along the enemy coast.

    Oh, and all those Turkish officers asking for sanctuary in Western cities?



    • Invite them to form a secularist government-in-exile, proclaiming the ideals of Kemal Ataturk.
    • Then recognise that government, and give it the means to take Turkey back from the evil Islamists currently dragging their country down.



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    Clever Magyars Derail ‘Asylum’ Dumping Drive! 

    If a foreigner needs to renew his visa here in Indonesia, the most wearisome aspect is that he can’t! It needs to be renewed overseas, as a rule in Singapore, because it’s the nearest foreign country. Most kinds of work visas have to be issued abroad (except of course tourists)

    It’s annoying and costly but it’s the law, so we obey it.

    Suppose, back in the day,  I had flouted the law and sneaked back in on a little fishing boat from the city-state to Batam or some northern port in Sumatra. I’d have saved bureaucratic hassle UNLESS I got caught, then I’d be in big trouble.


    • prisoners
    • Detention, fines, deportation, perm any three!
    • =======

    Quite rightly. People who violate proper documented arrival rules get what’s coming to them. Fair enough. 

    But not as far as the arrogant sticky-beaks of the UN are concerned. 

    A UNHCR report has flayed the Hungarian Government for putting the safety and welfare of its own people above Mama Stasi Merkel’s illegal horde, most notably by a measure to erect a fence along Hungary’s borders with Serbia and Croatia…


    Defending borders – Hadrian had it right in AD 122

    And unlike the subversive leftist Renzi in Italy, who has decriminalised illegal immigrants, Hungary’s patriotic PM, Viktor Orban, has  –  shock/horror – scandalised the supranational busy-bodies by criminalization of irregular entry into the country through the border fence, punishable by a prison sentence of up to ten years and/or expulsion… 

    UNHCR report criticizes Hungary’s treatment of refugees

    Millions of decent people, especially in Germany, Sweden and, naturally, Italy, if they read that news, must say a prayer to seek similar sanity in their infested lands.

    Not least if they are aware of the malign UN design!

    The EU should “do its best to undermine” the “homogeneity” of its member states, the UN’s special representative for migration has said. Peter Sutherland is at least candid abut UN objectives.


    • Peter Sutherland
    Peter Sutherland, Europe’s arch-enemy
    • But  the ingenuity of the clever Magyars extends beyond these common sense measures.

    Last month a report appeared which explained, again with a tone of breathless dismay, another means by which Orban protects his nation  – from the ‘transfer,’ aka dumping. ploy.  

    A high court in Finland this week issued the latest in a string of European rulings on suspension of asylum seeker transfers to Hungary.



    As if anybody in Hungary wants more parasites dumped on their country! 

    Courts in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Norway, and Switzerland have issued similar judgements against Hungary.                                                  https://euobserver.com/migration/133164

    More fools them, then.



    The robed clowns reckon they dare not export spare wasters to Hungary because Hungary handles them in a DRACONIAN way!


    • Draco, a tough old Athenian – I bet a lot of Greeks would take him in exchange for Tsipras any day!
    • ———

    Thus many leeches get to stay on in all those NON-draconian countries, draining the public purse of each and every nation named.  

    Is that what ordinary Austrians, Belgians etc. truly want? 

    Sounds to me that, as in a lot of countries, those Finnish judges are TOTALLY out of step with the people who pay their fat salaries!

    But sorry, Magyars, the good times may be coming to an end.

    “… practice is changing a lot in recent months,” a spokesperson from the Brussels-based European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE) said on Thursday (21 April). Sweden had also suspended transfers to Hungary but may now back track.

    Well, there’s one way for Budapest to avert this unwanted bludger influx – tighten up…



    ….though judging by the words – just that one word, actually – used by the Luxembourg Administrative Tribunal  –  “draconian” – the Hungarians have already got it just about right.

    It’s just as we noted recently!

    Detention Works! Regretful Parasites Swim Back to Turkey! 

    The wisest course of action by those whose homes are infested with parasites is to make the environment as hostile as possible. What goes for roaches and rodents also goes for unwanted aliens.

    Lock-down, day and night.

    No TV, no radio, certainly no internet.  

    No lamb stew, as dished up by the daft Germans – Foul Ingrates! Drag Them Out, Send Them Back!  – just bread and water.

    And certainly no ‘pocket money!’ 


    Let’s face it, the ridiculous deal done with Erdogan, apparently already crumbling, was never going to reduce the rabble already encamped at vast expense across Europe. Send one back, take a new one – that’s the sell-out negotiated by Mama Stasi and Co.

    So if civilised countries want to re-civilise themselves, decrease the level of crimmigrant colonisation, it’s essential that conditions be made as deterrent as can be.  

    Hungarians get it.

    And, as a by-product, a spin-off benefit, they get far fewer undesirables dumped in their laps from Finland…


    judges rogue


    ….and all those other countries that let themselves be ill-served by crack-pot court jesters.

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    Brussels Blocks Austrian Resistance to Crimmigrants – Vote Hofer! 

    EU blocks Austria on Italy border checks

    That’s the headline from EUObserver, hardly a Eurosceptical source, and it underlines how sedulous Brussels can be in its efforts to undermine serious steps taken, not only by Austrians but by every other European people, to keep out crimmigrants.


    Pro-crimmigrant Italian reds, masked of course, at Austria’s Brenner Pass border


    The EurocRats condescended to  ALLOW Vienna to maintain border checks on the frontiers with Hungary and Slovenia.

    But the Austrians, knowing full well that Italy is daily ever more over-run with undesirable aliens -.Italy Infested With ‘Asylum’ Predators – pressed their case.

    “The question came from Austria: ‘What about all of our borders, what about our border with Italy? Can we not use controls there?’

    The commission said ‘No’ and the council said ‘No’,” said the EU official.     https://euobserver.com/justice/133418

    What arrogance these multicult commissars display, siding with the horde incited by Mama Stasi Merkel to invade. 

    Timmermans, the EUSSR VP, has said so, very clearly. 




    Frans Timmermans, the Dutch vice-president of the European Commission, said that “diversity was the future of the world,” and that Eastern European nations would just have to “get used to that.” 



    ‘C’mon in, crimmigrants!’   EUSSR Migrants Commissar Avramopoulos


    And last week his comrade, EU Migration Commissar Dimitris Avramopoulos, made it even clearer that he wants the infestation to spread northwards from Italy. He has no desire to see any controls at the Brenner pass.

    If Austrians wish to regain command of their own destiny, then the obvious step to take is to choose the FPO candidate, Norbert Hofer, as President in next Sunday’s election. 

    The Hofer Effect- Finally, Austria Targets ‘Foreign Criminality!’ 

    He’s needed to knock heads together and make sure government ministers put their own country first, instead of bowing to the Fourth Reich’s Eurocreeps. Austrians have enough marauding aliens on their territory already.

    “Attacks Now A Daily Routine..:” So Dye That Blonde Hair! 

    But meanwhile there’s another way.

    “They [Austria] can unilaterally introduce controls for eight months if they are proportionate and justified by the evidence,” noted the EU official.

    Now yer talkin’!

    But there should be no question henceforth of any free country having its hands tied by Brussels in the face of the greatest threat Europe has faced, arguably since the battle at the Gates of Vienna almost four centuries ago.



    I see from the NYT that the same unwholesome alliance between the Left and the plutocracy as has formed behind the Remainiac cause in the UK is already shaping up in Austria.

    The Vienna establishment is desperate at all costs to stop Hofer, hundreds of leading business and political figures, convening at a chic dinner club…even if it meant crossing ideological divides.  http://www.nytimes.com/2016/05/16/world/europe/long-dominated-by-center-austria-splinters-to-left-and-right.html

    Ideological divides?

    ‘Your Homeland Needs You Now!’

    The only real ideological divide today, across Europe, is that between patriotism and Europhiliac supranationalism.




    Brits should be rooting for Herr Hofer on Sunday.  



  • ross1948 23:04 on April 4, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , , , , multiculturalism, ,   

    UN Flunkey Sutherland Shrills for Crimmigrants! 

    And the latest from The Local, the Channel Islands have become a crimmigrant target.



    I spent a lovely holiday there many years ago, in Jersey, and one of the ‘musts’ for tourists was to have a look at relics of the enemy occupation in WW2.

    The Germans were of course ejected in 1945, but now a new menace looms across the short stretch of water between the Isles and the French mainland.

    In Cherbourg, migrants have made around 400 attempts to get on boats at the port since the beginning of the year. That’s more than the number of attempts recorded for the whole of 2015.


    Methinks the crimmigrants should think again about incursions – Guernsey’s Chief Minister has said none are welcome there because the islanders wouldn’t put up with primitives. http://www.breitbart.com/london/2016/02/07/guernsey-refuses-to-take-in-migrants-says-it-cant-because-locals-are-islamophobic/

    Meanwhile, on another, larger island, the repulsive Peter Sutherland, a citizen of Eire but more importantly a highly-paid flunkey of the United Nations, wants his fellow-countrymen and women to knuckle under if they’re invaded by undesirables.

    “It’s not good enough to say we can’t take them. If we can’t take them, what is your suggestion as to what is to be done? 

    SPOT ON!


    It has worked in Australia and is exactly what every European nation needs to do too.


    • Peter Sutherland
    Peter Sutherland 

    Please note, the swine Sutherland, notorious for his Bilderberg connections, and an occasional lackey of the Tri-Lateral Commission to boot, may purport to be mouthing his defeatist drivel on humanitarian grounds, but as exorcists say to demons…




    We Know Thee Who Thou Art!

    He sees the ‘migrant’ issue as not so much a matter of humanity but as a gift to a cause dear to his dark heart, subversion by multicult.  

    The EU should “do its best to undermine” the “homogeneity” of its member states, the UN’s special representative for migration has said. Peter Sutherland told peers the future prosperity of many EU states depended on them becoming multicultural.   https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/06/25/multicult-or-else-bilderberger-spurs-eussr-to-erase-national-identities/

    Their future prosperity?

    • a22ee-snoutsintrough
    He’s the German Finance  Minister, BTW!

    It’s time people understood the UNHCR agenda.

    Big rotten fish like Sutherland are getting exposed, but what about all those little local piranha, on site, providing aid and comfort to the horde slavering to gate-crash the frontiers?

    • 6aa26-nounited-nations-no2
    • No sooner did those three Afghans drown whilst attempting to break the law by  illegally crossing into Macedonia than we had some UNHCR bint feeding the media exactly the sort of crap they love.

    “The border restrictions imposed by the countries have forced people to take desperate actions.”http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/refugees-drown-greece-macedonia-hundreds-hunt-for-new-route-into-europe-a6930541.html

    Forced? Nobody marched them into the river at gun-point! 

    They could have shown respect for the laws of the countries they chose to gate-crash, they could have stayed put, as even Brussels rules require, or they could have headed back south – but they chose to listen to Mama Stasi Merkel’s siren-song!


    merkel danger


    Crimmigrants who come to grief indeed have only themselves to blame.

    But who would dispute that Merkel too has a lot of blood on her hands.



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