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  • ross1948 10:56 pm on March 3, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Italy ‘Gets Away With Murder?’ A Bad-Taste Headline! 

    Yes, my first reaction to Politico.eu’s headline –

     ‘EU Lets Italy Get Away with Murder 

    – has to be a bit of a shudder, given what’s been happening in Italy since the crimmigrant horde poured in.

    Retired Couple ‘Slaughtered Like Goats!’  



    But sometimes one must shrug off the shudder.


    Politico.eu’s no way on our side, but their article ensures that the cat’s well and truly out of the bag.



    It’s starting to look like a pattern. As a large EU country heads toward an election, Brussels dials back the political pressure, postponing difficult decisions that could roil the electorate and possibly favor Euroskeptic political parties.    


    Politico.eu is hardly any kind of patriot or ‘populist’ site, so all the more telling its exposure of Brussels’ sly sort of meddling, a phenomenon which we referred to only a day ago.


    MEDDLING! Deplored If Russian, No Prob If It’s Brussels! 

    It provides chapter and verse on how EuroCommissars manipulate the timing of their actions to influence the internal politics of member-states – just use the link and see how the Lords of Misrule bend the rules, hang back from doing their jobs, to keep local collaborators in power.

    The article conveniently lists no less than four clear examples, four ways Brussels showed unusual magnanimity toward Rome ahead of the March 4 election…viz.-

    1. A new Dublin, 2. Clean air, 3. Food labeling, 4. Debt flexibility

    – and explains in detail how Brussels has soft-pedalled its requirements on implementation, not on rational administrative grounds…

    ….but purely to avoid upsetting the Italian apple-cart before next Sunday’s elections!

    Brussels flunkeys are quite shameless about they use their position to meddle.

    Take EuroCommissar Pierre Moscovici, who…

    …defended the Commission’s approach, noting that populist parties are continuing to gain strength in Italy.


    Gambar terkait

     “What would have happened had we imposed a different strategy?”



    Had they ordered their Rome flunkeys to toe the line, obey the rules, then angry Italians would have turned to those pesky ‘populists’ – who would have likely gained even more strength!

    And Italy’s not the only example.

    Ahead of elections in France and Germany last year, the European Commission waived off concerns over Paris’ fiscal discipline and gave Berlin a pass on controversial highway tolls.


    Quite a different approach to the bullying arrogance Britain’s faced since her people chose freedom in the referendum, huh?

    • Barry Donohue 5:50 am on March 4, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      A new day about to dawn in italy March 4?
      Not if Brussels can help it.

    • Dean Loreno 7:43 am on March 4, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      All over bar the voting now. By this hour tomorrow we will know.
      It is very tiring to be on the campaign for many days but I think it is worth it.
      In the final days I knew we were winning Italians to our side and I wanted to rest.
      Then I read how the European Union stacks the deck against us I become angry and renew my energy.

  • ross1948 5:28 pm on September 9, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Why Not, Pak Wiranto? Avenge Munir – And The Martyrs! 



    A baffling response from Indonesia’s Coordinating Political, Legal and Security Affairs Minister Wiranto yesterday.

    It seems that reporters ambushed him and asked him about the Munir case, which remains unresolved after 13 years. 


    Peculiar word to use, ‘ambush,’ as if a government minister should not be prepared to answer questions when he’s out in public.

    Especially questions related to his specific ministerial responsibilities.

    “You should have talked about our development, or our plundered territory. Why talk only about [Munir]?” Wiranto replied

    Well, maybe, because more than a dozen years have elapsed, and the hireling Polycarpus, convicted of murdering the innocent Munir, has long since been released…

    Munir, Don’t forget him!

    Munir’s Murderer Free – Jakarta Justice Mirrors Western Weakness 

    …despite not telling the world which cowardly creeps hired him to do a job which the said cowardly creeps were not up to doing for themselves.

    It’s all as much a mystery as when we published another post in February.

    No NEED To Tell Munir Murder Story? But CAN They? 

    I hope President Jokowi is on the phone today, reminding Wiranto that Wiranto’s office has been appointed by Jokowi to lead the settlement of cases of human rights abuse in the country..

    Munir’s case is hardly unique.

    More recent, equally heinous, crimes against humanity have been committed in Indonesia, such as the murder of the martyrs in the Cikeusik Pogrom…


    Cikeusik, Banten Province, February 6th, 2011. Watch the pigs at their bloody work on this link..   http://www.liveleak.com/view.


    …where three blameless members of the peaceful Ahmadi religious minority were bludgeoned to death by a mob of vile sectarian bigots.

    No murder charges have yet been brought.

    Victim of Islamist Murder Mob Gets Six Months in the Slammer 

    Wiranto would earn nationwide applause if he were to re-open that case and demand the death penalty for all those who can be detained, prosecuted and convicted of the crime.



    AND if he were to order the release of all the information the government has, wherever it’s locked away, about the hidden hands who directed Munir’s murder.

    • JazPen 8:30 pm on September 9, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Good one Ross.
      I admit I hadnt even thought about the Munir case for a long time but its something Wiranto needs to be talking about.
      Even better if he did something to get justice for those Ahmadis but the government here doesnt show a lot of interest in religious liberty,’
      Its very disappointing after the high hopes when Jokowi was elected.

    • Kezia 9:28 pm on September 9, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Why do we must ask Wiranto? He has the duty to investigate and report to us.
      The government of Indonesia is there to serve Indonesians and not to complain when we ask them questions that are important.
      I see President Jokowi on television all the time and wish I can ask him questions but how can we do that? Always he is with his servants and politicians and they will never question him.

  • ross1948 1:50 pm on February 17, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    No NEED To Tell Munir Murder Story? But CAN They? 

    Stuck indoors this morning, because a diligent workman is repairing various parts of my humble home.

    Gambar terkait

    So loads of time to look at the news, home and away.

    Very odd, this continued secrecy, on the murder of Munir.

    Those of you new to our blog can find the background in our 2014 post here –

    Munir’s Murderer Free – Jakarta Justice Mirrors Western Weakness 


    REFUSE TO FORGET…but too many have

    Now we learn that a court has said there’s no obligation on the government in Jakarta to let the people of Indonesia know whatever details were uncovered.





    This ruling comes as a shock, because the official Public Information Commission (KIP) has been pretty unequivocal – 

     The KIP specifically told the State Secretariat to reveal all requested information as it was in charge of the government’s administrative paperwork, including documents sent to the president.


    But while an administrative court has now issued a ruling which contradicts that clear statement, the sentence in the Jakarta Post that caught my eye is this.

    “The government does not yet have to disclose the findings on Munir’s death…

    NB… does not yet HAVE TO…

    Well, I don’t HAVE TO feed my cat every day, but I do…




    …because it’s the right and proper thing to do.

    Just because the Government does not yet have to tell us all what it knows, that doesn’t mean it can’t.

    And if it can, why doesn’t it?


  • ross1948 12:55 pm on December 23, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    And Now Italy – Innocent Blood On Whose Hands? 

    A Senegalese man was on Thursday sentenced to 30 years in prison for the murder of Ashley Olsen, an American found naked and strangled in her flat in Florence, Italy in January.
    Gambar terkait
    Tidiane Cheik Diaw, 27, an illegal immigrant…


    Enough said?

    Except that…

    If Red Renzi had not decriminalised illegal immigration, less than a year ago…




    …this murderous savage could have been arrested long since, and not free to slaughter this poor woman who was ill-advised enough to consort with him.

    True, the cultural marxist regime probably discouraged police from enforcing the law, even before they got rid of it. And true, too, that the beast might have evaded law enforcement.

    But that is hardly germane.

    Had the law been kept, and enforced, thousands of the crimmigrants now swarming all over Italy, and making life Hell for innocent Italians, would be under lock and key.




    They’d not be raping, robbing and murdering anyone…

    Retired Couple ‘Slaughtered Like Goats!’ 

    Afghan Pig Rapes Pensioner – Police Cover-Up ‘Sensitive’ Crime!  

    …except perhaps each other, behind bars, where such undesirables belong.



    It is important to recognise that illegal immigrants are NOT good people. Their incursions into other people’s countries instantly make them criminals, flouting the law by their very presence.

    The fact that currently their incursions are being facilitated by the Brussels elite’s Frontex does not excuse their lawlessness, merely reminds us that all European states have an Enemy Within…




    …flying an enemy flag, aiding and abetting those who seek to violate their borders.  . 

  • ross1948 8:38 pm on November 18, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Another Lovely Syrian ‘Refugee’ In Austria! 

    As Americans wait for January 2oth to roll around, so Trump can keep his promise to stop all those inadequately screened Syrians pouring in, we have news of another Syrian captured in a ‘refugee’ centre in Austria.

    I guess that, unlike those ghastly young gang-rapists in Graz –

    ‘Boy’ Rapists in Austria – The Leftal Hides The Truth! 

     – there was no way even The Leftal  – sorry, The Local – could hide the provenance of the Syrian ‘refugee’ charged with no less than TWENTY murders.

    The crimes were committed IN Syria, defenceless, wounded members of President Assad’s army murdered mercilessly!


    • c7f1d-day11-evildead2


    The accused is said to be a veteran of the Free Syrian Army, BTW.


    Hasil gambar untuk kerry obama


     …that’s the gang that Obama and Kerry favour, BTW.

  • ross1948 10:21 pm on November 15, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , Matt Harrigan, murder, PaketSled, rape threat to Melania,   

    Ugly Americans- ‘Sniper’ Harrigan and CNN’s Sanders 

    Here’s a demented wannabe sniper.


    PJ Media Coffee Break Featured Image


    He’s  Matt Harrigan, CEO of PaketSled, an American company which wisely put him on administrative leave after he threatened to murder Donald Trump.

    I’m going to kill the president. Elect,” Harrigan declared on Facebook…

    PJ Media do well to tell us of this wicked little weasel’s murderous declaration, because, as they note..

    So far, the MSM has been mum on this story.   https://pjmedia.com/trending/2016/11/14/packetsled-puts-ceo-on-administrative-leave-after-he-threatens-to-take-out-trump-with-a-sniper-rifle/

    Now some media are catching up with this very Ugly American!

    But this freak – who has now resigned but not so far been detained by police – is, alas, not alone in being caught up in a feeding frenzy of leftist hate.

    Consider the many other calls for assassination and a flurry of ‘social media’ activity concerning exhortations to rape Melania Trump.     Twitter Allows ‘Rape Melania’ to Trend

    Nor should we forget the real violence against Trump supporters, and the vicious media racist who mocked one such victim.

    Who else but a prize pig from the CNN sty, of course, named Symone Sanders?.


    Hasil gambar untuk symone sanders

    CNN’s race-baiter Symone Sanders – what a honker!


    Though there are millions of good patriotic Americans, as shown by Trump’s victory, the USA has so many diseased minds, of the Left, as a rule, that it must be diagnosed as a sick society. 

    The sooner the cancers are excised, the better.

    Harrigan should be incarcerated, along with many others!




    If the President-Elect makes good on his promise to deport criminal aliens, that should free up space in the penitentiaries to hold those responsible for the menaces issued against him and his lovely wife. 

  • ross1948 12:41 pm on November 3, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Pray Or Die? C’mon, Swiss, Deport This Brute! 

    Switzerland has real democracy.
    Unlike their neighbours in France, Germany, Austria and Italy, citizens can demand a vote on almost anything, a proper referendum vote, not the shadow-boxing of parliamentary prigs who seek to distract the electorate with short-term issues. 
    referndmlet peole vote

    So one hopes the SVP, the Swiss patriot party, will soon see to it that the issue of prompt deportation of undesirables is put to a vote.

    And the first candidate for deportation (though there area lot) should be the evil Ethiopian who has  “called for the murder of Muslims who refuse to participate in communal prayer.”

    devil destroyed

    This vile exhortation was delivered in a mosque in Winterthur, another pretty city in Europe evidently infested with savages.

    Hasil gambar untuk winterthur


    God knows there’s more than enough such once-agreeable but now blighted cities in the Alpine countries.

    Klagenfurt and Vienna Too – More About Austria’s Grateful Guests! 


     The imam and three others are now facing criminal proceedings.

    The others?

    It’s said their role is still unclear but there are yet more, who appear to be crimmigrants. 

    A further four men aged 23 to 25 were arrested during the raid for immigration-related offences.

    The An ‘Nur mosque, where these creeps hang out, has a very unsavoury reputation. 

    Winterthur is regarded as a hotspot for Islamic radicalization in Switzerland with at least five young men having left the city to travel to Iraq and Syria to fight for Islamic State.

    shoot terrs

    Let’s hope they are, even as we type, being shot to pieces by Kurdish or Iraqi fighters somewhere in Mosul.

    And the evil imam and the others? 


    out with them

    Keeping them in a Swiss jail would be merely a burden on Swiss tax-payers.

    Out with them!

  • ross1948 4:02 pm on September 4, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Murdered Pole – EuroNews Smears Brexiteers! 

    Having battered away at The Local and France 24 recently…

    …today it’s the turn of another malignantly-biased media outlet, the notorious fanatics of EuroNews.


    • I was sitting out in the yard when I heard some drivelling doltess ranting about ‘commentators’ who blamed the Brexit campaign for inspiring ‘xenophobia’ and ‘racism.’ 
    • In this script they substitute ‘critics’ for commentators, but the point remains. UK: ‘Hate crime’ murder probe after Polish man is killed
    • What made this gross slanting of the news more offensive than usual was that it had been implanted into a report on the murder of a Polish man in Essex.  
    • Six teenagers have been arrested and we know little of their motives. If they killed him because he was Polish, that’s monstrous.
    • ————-
    • agallows
    • ————–
    • What is more monstrous again is that, if convicted, they’ll not get anything like the punishment they deserve. Apparently the cops have already let them out on bail!
    • Few murderous criminals do get proper punishment, and thanks to the absurd Brussels ban on capital punishment, no killer ever gets what’s coming to him.

    But how dare EuroNews try to smear the patriot campaigners for Brexit with guilt by association.

    • parasites
    • clairethinker 6:25 pm on September 18, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      An excellent article.

  • ross1948 2:10 pm on August 24, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , , Mental health, murder, , sectarian war-cry   

    Oz Murder – Sectarian War-Cry “May Be Construed As Of An Extremist Nature!” 

    devil destroyed


    “It is alleged that the suspect used the phrase ‘Allahu Akbar’ during the attack and when arrested by police.”

    British woman stabbed to death by ‘Allahu Akbar‘ attacker …


    And a dog was killed too.
    A ‘French’ man who came to Australia few months ago is in in custody.
    Soon we’ll be hearing about the possible lone wolf/mental health issues…oops, it’s already in the linked report.
    • Jack Ervine 2:24 pm on August 24, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I was waiting for your take on this, and it’s same as most of us, I think. But you didnt catch the police commissioner’s reply to being asked ‘is there an ISIS connection.
      ‘Gollschewski said “no” and added that there was no ongoing threat to the community.’

      How does that cop know, after just a few hours if there’s an ISIS connection or not? The truck terrorist in Nice was declared a lone wolf, until now they have half a dozen of his alleged accomplices in custody.
      I’ll wait and see what ISIS says.

    • Chris R 2:37 pm on August 24, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      All those lone wolves with mental heath ‘issues’… a bit strange, no, that we never saw hide or hair of them till ISIS started up.
      Where were they hiding?

      • Eunice 3:17 pm on August 24, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        I am of the opinion that these sad sadistic men have always been around us, and committed crimes, but did not have a slogan to shout. Now they have.
        People that run and comment in blogs like this do not help by casting aspersions on the police.

    • Diana 2:48 pm on August 24, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Why do they always play down the Islamist connection?
      Will police be charged with ‘offending’ an oppressed minority if they say what they really think?

    • Uncle Oz 3:52 pm on August 24, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Of course they play it down. It is not allowed to say what you think in Australia, about that sort of thing. Abbott promised to give us back our free speech but he broke his word.

  • ross1948 8:00 pm on August 9, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , , , Lady Rae, , murder, Tanveer Ahmed   

    Sectarian Pig Gets Less Than Life! At Least Arrest Its Fans! 

    This is the sleazy sectarian pig who martyred the Ahmadi


    A Muslim taxi driver who murdered a shopkeeper for claiming he was a prophet will be sentenced today.


    The Martyr – victim of a rabid Islamist swine
    • ——
    • The Ahmadis’ terrible offence, in the eyes of Islamist bigots, is to believe there’s a more recent prophet than the main-stream one. It’s no big deal to rational folk, who regard a person’s religious beliefs as that persons business and nobody else’s.
    • But in Indonesia, decent men have been murdered for that creed, and the fiends who killed them got off more or less scot-free.
    • ==
    • ahmadiyah3
    • Cowardly killers at Cikeusik
    • Victim of Islamist Murder Mob Gets Six Months in the Slammer  Watch the video..   http://www.liveleak.com/view.– 


    • I go on and on about the Cikeusik Pogrom, because those three martyrs deserved better than they got from the Indonesian justice system.
    • But now we hear the news from Scotland, where the evil creature named Tanveer Ahmed travelled from Yorkshire to Glasgow to confront Asad Shah at his store before pulling out a knife and stabbing the 40-year-old.

    No, not just him, but the ones in this Guardian report.

    There were chants from Ahmed’s supporters in the public gallery as he was led from the dock, his hand raised.https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2016/aug/09/tanveer-ahmed-jailed-for-murder-glasgow-shopkeeper-in-sectarian-attack



    They should have been seized and held for deportation!


    And a sentence of only twenty seven years?

    ‘Twould have been nice if the judge, Lady Rae, could have echoed her long-ago predecessor who famously told a convicted criminal that he’d be ‘nane the waur for a hangin’.


    • Not possible, alas, until common sense ensures the death penalty is restored. But she had warned the rabid cur of serious consequences.

     ”There’s no justification whatsoever for what you did.”

    However, we learn that despite the beast’s utterly satanic character  Killer ‘laughed and laughed’ as Asad Shah lay dying – Her Ladyship has failed to give the pig a life sentence.


    • Guy Brassmann 12:51 pm on August 10, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      To be nit-picking, Ross, he did get ‘life’ but you are nevertheless correct, it doesn’t mean life, and I frankly don’t understand why that judge didn’t make it what its supposed to be.
      All those anti-capital punishment people say life is just as effective as death, but that is not so if he doesnt come out in a coffin.

    • Penny 3:36 pm on August 10, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      This is a monster. And he had ‘supporters’ in the court?
      What is Theresa May going to do about them? It was she who told us that sharia law is useful
      She’s had better wake up and realise there’s nothing useful about it nor about people that cheer on murderers.
      Keep up the good work, Ross, there’s not enough like you out there.

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