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  • ross1948 19:41 on October 15, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    A Glimmer of Realism, As Blood-Beast Goes to Court! 

    I see that Blood-Beast Adams wants to take the BBC to court. He’s irked that he’s been accused of directing one of his Sinn Fein/IRA murder-gang units to kill a man named Donaldson.




    But while we all know that BloodBeast is quintessentially evil, we are equally well aware that he’s certainly no fool, as his comment confirms.

    Adams said it would be “very difficult” for the legal action to be successful.

    That’s for sure! 

    Taking the corporation to court could prove to be a risky project for the man who has led Sinn Féin since 1983.

    The BBC, in defending the claim made in the Spotlight programme, could call on a host of former IRA members and ex-security personnel on both sides of the Irish border to back up allegations about Adams’ role in the republican movement.


    Too true.

    Adams is a contemptible swine, soaked in the blood of innocents, yet unwilling to acknowledge his wicked deeds, even though he’s protected by the Major/Blair appeasement deals.

    And by the way…

    Moment of Truth for Sinn Fein/IRA Murder Gang? 

    …what happened with that treasure trove of satanic secrets that was meant to be unearthed this past springtime? 

  • ross1948 19:49 on February 16, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    The Evil and Hypocrisy of Sinn Fein/IRA 

    A brother-in-law of Detective Garda Jerry McCabe, who was killed by an IRA gang 20 years ago, has blasted Sinn Féin as a party that supported “thugs and killers.”

    Please note, the Garda are Eire’s police, not Ulster’s, and this man’s anguished protest reminds us of the sickening collaboration the Dublin Government extended to the IRA, as part of their ‘Pan-Nationalist’ front.

    That was formed by Sinn Fein/IRA, the so-called ‘moderates’ of the SDLP and the leader of that same Government, its vile Taoseach (did I spell that right – Eire’s prime minister) Albert Reynolds.



    Three guilty men


    United in their desperation to subdue the British majority in Ulster, Reynolds and the self-righteous slob John Hume embraced the terrorists, the blood on Adams’ hands rubbing off indelibly on his comrades.


    It was an evil time, a time of betrayal unforgotten among loyal British patriots north of the Border, but also with painful memories among decent people on the other side too.
    The murdered cop’s kinsman is incensed by Blood-Beast Adams’ latest utterly hypocritical antics, his call for the immediate apprehension of the gangsters who shot dead two men in Dublin…
    After all, back in the Bad Friday era, after the republican terrorist cop-killers struck, on June 7, 1996, Adams campaigned for the gang who killed Det McCabe.
    The Irish Independent deferentially refers to Blood-Beast as ‘Mr Adams.’ But it’s otherwise a fair report.
    It records his demand that Eire’s Special Criminal Court be scrapped, as he claims it breaches the human rights of defendants to a fair hearing.



    What in God’s name does that satanic swine know about human rights? As Mr. Kearney, the brother-in-law, says, ‘What about the rights of Jerry McCabe and his family?



    Now Blood-Beast claims to want the recent gangland killers captured, a total u-turn on his previous record of doing all he could to protect his IRA gunmen from justice.

    Adams would later state that the operation was “not authorised by the Army Council, but authorised at a lower level by an authorised person.” The killing was denounced by the leadership of Sinn Féin, but later the party lobbied for the early release of McCabe’s killers under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement..   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Killing_of_Jerry_McCabe

    Det Gda Jerry McCabe was gunned down by an IRA gang during a 1996 robbery in Adare, Co Limerick

    Jerry McCabe, another victim of Sinn Fein/IRA


    Kearney is righteously angry.

    “Sinn Féin fully supported the killers of Jerry McCabe [during the Good Friday Agreement negotiations]. They visited them in Castlerea Prison; they collected them from Castlerea upon their release; they tried to prevent the media from (focusing) on the killers after they came out of prison….Sinn Féin campaigned for the killers of Jerry McCabe, but they want the killers in Dublin apprehended immediately.”   http://www.independent.ie/irish-news/election-2016/gangland-response-shows-sf-hypocrisy-mccabe-relative-34449533.html

    Given all this, let’s hope the murder-gang get a lot fewer votes in Eire’s upcoming election than the 20% currently predicted.

    It’s baffling that anyone except fellow-psychopaths would even ponder voting for vermin like Sinn Fein. 


    • Billy King 01:00 on February 17, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      You’re darn right weve not forgotten, Ross. One of these days, somebody will be giving Adams what he deserves, and there will be bonfires in Belfast to celebrate!


  • ross1948 20:39 on July 24, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Clerics Indifferent to Terrorist Scum – Where? Libya? NO, The UK! 

    Hey ho, away we go, and there you all were, thinking I’m about to have a go at some mad mullahs, of whom there are altogether too many on this planet, true, but sectarian blind eyes to terrorist vermin are not unique to one brand of bigot.


    • c7f1d-day11-evildead2
    • ……………………………
    • Today, the scandalous indifference by so-called ‘men of God’ is reported from Ulster, where Sinn Fein/IRA is not the only manifestation of terrorist treason.

    There’s another murder gang back in that beautiful little province, and it’s called the INLA, the ‘Irish National Liberation Army,’ with plenty of innocent blood on its hands, its objective not liberation but imperialist subjugation of all Ulster folk to Dublin rule, a foreign flag flying over Belfast and Londonderry.


    INLA vermin on parade – not one arrest!


    These republican swine showed up outside a church in Londonderry in full paramilitary uniform and strutted through the streets like the nazi filth they are, all in honour of the deceased mother of some terrorist bitch that went on one of those splendid terminal diets in the 1980s.

    The police, the PSNI, a poor shadow of the good old RUC, let the scum march along, no action taken, and when the local Catholic authorities were asked to speak up on how a swarm of bigot thugs had formed up outside the funeral church?

    …the press office of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Derry said: “It didn’t happen on our grounds so we are not getting involved at all. Just let the politicians and the people on the street deal with it..”




    Pure Pontius Pilate!

    There’s scarcely an issue on the planet that doesn’t evoke some bleating clerical claptrap –  so why won’t they condemn evil that’s right under their noses?

    But ‘clerics without conscience’ is a phenomenon we get so much of here in Indonesia, it’s hard to be shocked. 

    I’m no big fan of Nelson McAusland, MLA, who is part of the DUP cabal that collaborates with Sinn Fein at Stormont, but I have to hand it to him for his comments on this shameful priestly…what?


    Or is it the pro-terrorism we’ve seen and heard too often from disloyal clerics, like the ‘reverend’ rat who dared call the Blood Beast ‘a man sent by God.’ Terror Gang Leader Adams, Complicit in Child Molesting – ‘AMan Sent by God?’  — That vile old swine who praised the Sinn Fein fiend was not at once excommunicated. Nor was he denied his church’s funeral rites when he died and went to whichever fiery place awaited him.

    So let’s applaud Nelson today!

    …in Londonderry the Roman Catholic Church opted not to condemn an illegal paramilitary parade by masked INLA men outside a church building in which requiem mass had just been celebrated. That silence will alarm most people in Ulster – Roman Catholic as well as Protestant.

    In other situations and on many occasions, Roman Catholic spokesmen have commented on what has happened on public roads and footpaths outside church buildings, or in the vicinity of church buildings, saying that such actions or events show a lack of respect for the buildings. So why have they opted not to comment on this grotesque display by the INLA? Are they not operating double standards?


    MUCH worse than double standards, methinks.

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