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  • ross1948 12:46 on May 8, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    BBC’s Bitter Bias – A Megaphone For Left-Bigot Smears! 

    Noonday in Jakarta, and, fed up with France24, I switched channels just to see how biased the BBC could be in its coverage of Muppet Macron’s win – The Fall Of France? Mais Non! Vive La Resistance! – on which we reported last night.

    Sure enough,some Beeb bint was on the screen, ‘interviewing’ two foreign journos.

    Fair enough, you think, one from each side?


    Hasil gambar untuk gotta be kidding


    C’mon, this is the BBC!

    We had to listen to vicious vapouring from both of them, one being the infamous Nabila Ramdani, who a while ago revealed her true colours after Islamist savages descended on their Charlie Hebdo victims.

    Ramdani is, according to wikipedia, a French freelance journalist of Algerian descent who specialises in Anglo-French issues, Islamic affairs, and the Arab World.   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nabila_Ramdani

    ================Hasil gambar untuk nabila ramdani

    We actually had a go at her back in January 2015 –

    Nasty Nabila, BBC’s Shariah Star, On Charlie’s ‘Consequences!’ 


    After the Islamist atrocity in Paris, she talked rot on the BBC, totally offensive merde about how the ‘blasphemous’ cover of Charlie Hebdo was some sort of misuse of free speech.

    Like so many liberals, she disowned the murder tactics but made it very plain she reckons a free press should be unfree when it might upset fanatics.



    Watch and listen for yourselves – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dAEBSrFeG6c

    And who was standing there beside her but a German, Stefan Simons, of Der Spiegel, equally eager to purvey nasty anti-Marine prejudice, who ended his obnoxious in-put by saying that the patriot party candidate reflected harking back his own country’s Hitler era!


    Hasil gambar untuk stefan simons der spiegel
    Stefan Simons

    I’ve not changed channels again, waiting to see if the BBC might display even fragmentary commitment to fair play, but no chance!



    Simons is back on, and some dork called Hugh Schofield.


    Gambar terkait



    Who’s he, this geezer yapping about Muppet Macron’s ‘charm?’

    The BBC’s Paris correspondent – being interviewed by the BBC!

    • Gail Perreira 15:07 on May 8, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I watched that pair too, Ross, and it’s so true what you say about BBC bias.
      I was home when that Question Time was on, about Charlie Hebdo and that French, no, Algerian female Nabila was so offensive, trying to make a case why we should all be sorry for sensitive souls whose feathers were ruffled by ‘blasphemy.’
      I remember thinking they could all find another country to live in if they hate free speech so much, why bring their stupid prejudice to our country where we say what we think.


  • ross1948 10:06 on January 11, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Nasty Nabila, BBC’s Shariah Star, On Charlie’s ‘Consequences!’ 

    Just watching BBC World News discussion at 8.45am Jakarta time, and incensed by a nasty  Islamist vixen named Nabila Ramdani, who’s ranting violently about ‘hateful’ cartoons, demanding that freedom of speech be restricted, that you have to ‘draw a line.’

    She had already launched into a tirade about how those poor Paris terrorists came from a ‘troubled background,’ in a community that suffered ‘discrimination!’

    Happily, other panellists were quick to shoot down her drivel, but it occurred to me to check her own – it turns out – very ‘untroubled’ background.

    It seems she easily traversed whatever discrimination lay in her path, with an LSE M.Phil in International History and another M.Phil, from Paris 7 University in British and American History and Literature.

    She’s also held plum jobs, including ‘lectrice’ (lecturer) at Oxford, the University of Michigan, and at Paris Diderot.

    Poor little rich girl…and it turns out also that she’s a former winner of the European Muslim Woman of Influence (EMWI) Award (2010)

    And she’s the kind of intolerant who gives her creed a very bad name, a campaigner for sex segregation. As as young student, in 2000, she formed something called the “Comité des usagères de la ligne A“, demanding public transport sex apartheid. 

    Okay, we have something of that here in Jakarta, though women can sit in the men’s area if they wish.  It’s an anti-groper measure, no more, no less.




    But her naked sexist motivation becomes clear when we learn that in the Guardian, in 2012, she was into whine mode again, accusing France’s Minister for Women’s Rights,  had “let down Muslim voters” by not introducing measures such as “women-only swimming sessions in public pools.”

    If women choose to live in France, then they should understand that France is a civilised Western country. If they want to follow alien customs, there are foreign lands where such are acceptable. 


    nabila ramdani


    So she witters about discrimination yet wants it imposed on public facilities?

    Her work as a journo is studded with anti-Western outbursts, but her piece de resistance must surely have been the whopper of August 2013 The Observer when she claimed that Israel had used chemical weapons against Gaza, in the form of white phosphorosus shells. After numerous people objected to this untruth, The Observer issued a formal correction. 

    This info is all from wikipedia..  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nabila_Ramdani, not always a totally reliable source, but on this matter, I’m relaxed about using it, thanks to its final entry on this nasty bigot bint.




    On 10 January 2015, following the Charlie Hebdo killing in France, Ramdani declared on the BBC’s Dateline London “You can’t print hateful vindictive cartoons and think they will have no consequence.” 

    Arrogance, the very personification of the mind-set which seeks to tell civilised people how much liberty we dare taste, without offending sectarian sensibilities.

    Why does the BBC afford her a platform for her venomous vituperation? 

    • hutchrun 12:02 on January 11, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Hewitt: Will you name one who has called you up and has stood by you?

      Donohue: It’s freedom of speech.

      Hewitt: You just made an assertion that people are calling you up. I’ve been doing this longer than you, Bill. You get an occasional microphone, you’re not going to bully me. Name one Archbishop or Cardinal who called you up and said I stand with your statement, which is morally repugnant, embarrassing, it’s a scandal on the Church.

      That was just the first five minutes of a 24-minute must-listen radio argument which got very personal at least on the part of Donohue, who kept asserting that Hewitt knew very little about Catholicism and the Constitution (Hewitt is a constitutional law professor as well as a radio host, a fact that based on his interview Donohue didn’t realize).

      After he conducted the interview, Hewitt posted this statement on his website:

      Bill Donohue wrote a horrible thing yesterday; “Muslims Are Right To Be Angry.” I have just concluded an interview that I conducted with him on that statement. It was heated. He is an embarrassment to the Roman Catholic Church on this issue, and should not be understood by anyone to represent the Church on this issue. I doubt very much he will find even one bishop, archbishop or cardinal to stand alongside him in seconding his statement of yesterday. He cited Raymond Arroyo as being in support of his statement, and I do not believe that, and I will seek Mr. Arroyo for confirmation or denial of Mr. Donohue’s statement. But I believe the vast majority of Catholics would be appalled by Mr. Donohue’s statement.


    • Lairedion 19:46 on January 11, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      “You can’t print hateful vindictive cartoons and think they will have no consequence.”

      This is the big problem with many Muslims, even those “moderates” publicly condemning terrorism. Criticizing Muhammad is for the majority a licence to kill. Few will actually commit such a barbaric murder but many silently or unapologetically nod their heads in approval.

      Before I see Muslims taking to the streets en masse and express outrage and disapproval on what happened in Paris, 9/11, London 2005, Kobani, Darfur (and not just Gaza), with Theo van Gogh and against Al-Qaeda and IS, I remain a sceptic.


    • Nina G 10:40 on January 12, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      She’s a horror.


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