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  • ross1948 17:30 on November 2, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Trust The Trust To Talk Tripe! 

    That’s the National Trust we’re talking about, again, thanks to the Guardian’s latest shock-horror report….


    …on the fightback against the pinko creeps who run what was once…

    …a respected organisation.

    Frankly, until I’d read the Guardian this week, I’d no idea the NT politburo…


    NT-USSR? National Trust Ruling Faction Exposed! 

    …had inserted itself into the maladjust movement, mincing along with ‘Pride’ parades…

    ..which have absolutely nothing to do with the Trust’s purpose.

    Although given what we already knew the NT had been up to…


    Brits Can’t Trust The National Trust’s Gaystapo Collabos! 

    …not a surprise!

    But some other parts of the report are just incomprehensible, namely what the Guardian describes as an ‘accusation’ levelled by the ruling leftists against the reformist campaigners of Restore Trust.

    .Contact Restore Trust  –


    They’re in a tizzy that Restore Trust started ”targetting older members of the charity?”

    Campaigners for a good cause should neglect senior cits?

    But in any case, in what disordered alternate Guardian universe…



    …does “paying for leaflets to be pushed under car windscreen wipers, in the properties’ tea rooms, and through the doors of people who live nearby,”

    ….in any sense constitute…


    …”targetting older members?”

    Don’t members of all age-groups have cars with windscreen wipers?

    Don’t 30-somethings sit down for a coffee or soft drink in the tea-rooms?

    And ‘people who live nearby?’

    Do they not include both young and old?

    What kind of blethering pinko buffoon fed the Guardian hacks such hogwash…

    ….and why did the Guardian hacks swallow it?

    Apparently these leaflets proclaim that something

    …is wrong with the National Trust, and urgent help is needed.’

    Hell, if I weren’t in The Tropics, I’d deliver the Restore Trust leaflets for free!


    So what do the NT in-crowd have to say for themselves?

    Well, Celia Richardson, the ‘National Trust’s director of communications….’


    Celia Richardson, Director of Communications and Marketing
    …Celia Richardson  enquiries@nationaltrust.org.uk

    …has helpfully acknowledged that it’s an ideological conflict, defining the resistance as ‘anti-progressive!’  https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2022/oct/31/right-wing-group-target-national-trust-council-over-rewilding-and-lgbt-stanc

    Which means she regards her cabal as ‘progressive,’ the same euphemism the far-lefts like AOC in the USA apply to themselves, as camouflage.


  • ross1948 03:17 on January 4, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    National ‘Trust,’ Arrogant As Ever! 

    Not content with wasting resources on smearing Britain’s greats with irrelevant hogwash to pander to malcontent ‘minorities’ in thrall to the marxist BLM….

    Dislike Defaming Churchill? You’re ‘Divisive!

    …now the National Trust – still claiming ‘charity’ status – ‘has been accused of undermining efforts to restore wildlife..’




    Childishly, the ‘charity’ even “declines to use the term” ‘rewilding…’

    ....and has rejected requests from the charity Rewilding Britain to allow one of its nature restoration schemes to be included in a list of such projects.

    Read more about how the far-left controlled outfit has been accused of “hiding! ”

    It’s important to keep bashing the rulng clique, so best check out what the resistance movement has to say on the subject.

    .Contact Restore Trust  –


    Coordinating the fightback is key to success.


  • ross1948 16:15 on September 5, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Bojo Must Tell National Trust – Choose Woke, Go Broke! 

    We have spelt out the nature of the heinous distortion of the National Trust’s purpose already, written a lot about how rotten they are.

    Inclusive National Trust Goes Very Quiet

    Now we read that the NT is short of money.

    Charity’s income fell from £681million in 2019/20 to £508m in 2020/21 

    Its finances were battered by property closures and event cancellations  

    Last year saw a ‘Restore Trust’ campaign launched over ‘woke’ complaints 


    No tears need be shed on that account, though it is sad to read that only a minority of the rank and file membership have shown any interest…



    ….in getting the pinko ring-leaders to stop politicising what was once an admired institution.

    So it’s now up to, or maybe better say, down to…

    Jellyfish Cartoon, Ocean Jellyfish s, face, text, jellyfish png

    Will Johnson grow a spine?

    Yes, Jellyfish Johnson.

    As we said before, the National Trust leeches off the public purse.

    National Trust Provokes Disgust… Again! 

    You can find the proof of that here-

    So all Bojo has to do to make NT clean up their act, no more pandering to the racist BLM…

     Black Lives Matter co-founder tweets about killing “men and white folks”

    ….and its agenda of self-denigration, is – order his ‘Culture’ ministers to ring them up…

    ….remind them of what their institution is all about and tell ’em –

    ‘Scrap the Cr-p!’

    Or we turn off the tax-payer tap!

    • Penny 16:23 on September 5, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Bojo is a clown, and no conservative.
      He could have had funding cut off from the National Trust and taken control of all those museums and libraries, and the Bank of England.
      But he doesn’t care.


  • ross1948 19:56 on February 1, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Another Bid To Put A Spine Into Jellyfish Johnson? 

    We read that, quite rightly, a ‘powerful’ group of Conservative parliamentarians in Britain are ‘demanding’ an investigation why public money…

    …raised by the national lottery, has been handed to the anti-British leftists who run the National Trust, despite rules which preclude such grants going to ‘political projects.’


    Good on the ‘Common Sense’ Tories for speaking up, but If their party were led by something other than a  ‘woke’ weasel, there’d be no need for their intervention.



    It’s no secret that the NT has been in the hands of the UK’s Enemy Within for years..





    …and Jellyfish Johnson must have been fully aware that the NT ‘study’ gratuitously ‘besmirched British history’ to pander to the racist scum of the BLM movement..

    Like much of these appeasement antics, including Jellyfish’s own immensely expensive appeasement ‘commission’…

    Has Anyone Costed Bojo’s BLM Appeasement Commission

    ….the NT’s “Colonial Countryside” is both absurd and offensive, branding Churchill….


    Chartwell in Kent’s links to colonialism have been highlighted in a trust report


    …Wordsworth and Kipling as bad guys, with what the Times called a ‘mea culpa’ about places popular with normal British people.

    The only fit and proper response should have been a complete and permanent cut-off of support.

    But no action was taken, nor has been taken.


    As usual, Johnson stands exposed as being a waste of space, or worse!

    • Pamela 21:43 on February 1, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Jellyfish Johnson, Woke Weasel, you are a great fan of alliteration, Ross, and in his case the descriptions cannot be faulted.
      He is presiding over the ruin of our country and every time he appears on our tv screens, I feel like screaming.


  • ross1948 22:58 on August 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Brits Can’t Trust The National Trust’s Gaystapo Collabos! 

    When I was a keen young amateur archaeologist, I took part in a few digs in Northumberland, along Hadrian’s Wall.



    Some of those sites were in the care of the National Trust, so I formed a good opinion of that organisation, for its role in taking care of important parts of the British people’s heritage.

    No more.

    The NT stinks!

    They brazenly attempted to coerce volunteer helpers in Norfolk to sport pro-homo gear…

    …rainbow badges etc.,as part of  ‘Prejudice & Pride’, a season of events promoting LGBT lifestyles.


    In a display of typical gaystapo bullying, the NT then victimised anyone who would not comply. Resisters were removed from their roles and banned from meeting the public.



    Now we hear from C4M that the National Trust’s gay-crawl creepos have quailed before a storm of protest.

    Thanks to a public outcry, the Trust has now backed down. Volunteers will be able to resume their duties without being forced to wear the badges.

    Apparently something like 250 N T members tore up their subscriptions to show their disgust at the nazi-style antics of what used to be a respected organisation.

    But do any of you readers seriously believe those pulling the NT strings woke up one day and realised they’d been collaborating with evil against British values, and – consumed with remorse – reversed their nastiness?


    No way.

    The yellow-bellied swine merely felt the heat and scuttled out of the kitchen, a tactical withdrawal.  .

    C4M also warns Brits that later this year, the Government will open two public consultations where similar issues of fundamental importance to our supporters are at stake.


    The public will be consulted on proposals to allow people to choose their gender. Subsequent legislation could end up compelling people to act and speak against their conscience by requiring them to call a biological man a woman and vice-versa.



    • And this is said to be a ‘conservative government?’

    We will also be separately consulted on relationships education for primary schools in England, which could see children as young as five taught about same-sex marriage and transgenderism with no parental right of withdrawal.

    No more conservative than some callow, college-based, cultural marxist freak show!


    I strongly urge Brits to prepare for battle on these ‘consultations,’ which will probably be mere charades before the pro-perv lobby in Theresa May’s Cabinet hammers their aberrant agenda through…



    ….just like Cast-Iron Cameron’s ‘consultation’ on homo-weddings.

    C4M will let you know when it’s time to respond to May’s maladjust consulations if you register with their mailing list, and that can be found via this link.

    C4M logo
    Facebook shim.gif Twitter shim.gif YouTube
    Donate button



  • ross1948 00:00 on April 6, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    The Great British Non-Easter Egg Hunt? 

    When even the Archbishop of Canterbury takes offence, we begin to grasp that the anti-Christian agitation in the UK is getting as insidious as the cultural marxist war on patriotism spawned by the EUSSR.



    The patriotic people of the UK won a dramatic victory last year, on June 23rd, when they voted to declare independence from the Evil Empire.

    But despite the fact that both England and Scotland are Christian countries, by statute, it sounds like the chocolate company Cadbury’s doesn’t feel comfortable with that constitiutional truth.


    Cadbury Egg Hunts logo

    Whatever happened to Easter?


    They have obliged the National Trust to collaborate in the removal of ‘Easter’ from their Great Easter Egg Hunt.

    Theresa May deserves applause for her expressions of dismay. 


    “I’m not just a vicar’s daughter, I’m a member of the National Trust as well…I think the stance they have taken is absolutely ridiculous. I don’t know what they are thinking about frankly.“Easter’s very important. It’s important to me,” she said. “It’s a very important festival for the Christian faith for millions across the world.”

    Meanwhile His Grace of Canterbury, who obviously knows that the founders of Cadbury were serious Christians, weighed in, saying the decision to omit “Easter” from the egg hunt was “tantamount to spitting on the grave of [John] Cadbury”

    But listen to the creepy-crawling Cadbury clowns, whining that they wanted the event to appeal to non-Christians, saying: “We invite people from all faiths and none to enjoy our seasonal treats.” 


    Stuff that.

    But we need to recognise that the National Trust membership’s at fault, including Mrs. May, for electing the wrong kind of people to manage the ‘charity.’

    Did Theresa vote in the NT elections? What percentage of the several million NT members did vote?

    We know that the top dog in the National Trust has declared an end to its non-political role http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-3028186/QUENTIN-LETTS-National-Trust-Leftie-pressure-group-doomed.html

    We didn’t know how far the new leadership would be prepared to take this.  We seem now to be finding out!

    Easter is a Christian festival…

    …THE Christian festival, really.

    Just as non-Christians are welcome to enter churches, so they should be welcome to join the Easter Egg Hunt.

    But NOT by excising the fundamental meaning of the event.

    As Easter approaches, there are all kinds of events here in 90% Muslim Jakarta, in hotels and malls –

    Easter in Jakarta 2017: Your ultimate guide

     –  and we are giving some of them a plug here on our blog if we think people will enjoy them. 

    The managements of those places do not cower from the word Easter and neither should Britain’s National Trust. 


    • Diana 19:06 on April 6, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I just saw your new post about Major and Hain but I must have missed this one, so want to say how much I agree with you.
      We don’t need to be church-goers to appreciate that the UK is not going to benefit from allowing Cadburys or the National Trust to throw Easter into the bin.
      Whose country is it?

      Nobody asked them to migrate so they have to adapt to us, not us to them,
      If Easter Eggs give them the shivers, they can go home where it’s hot.


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