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  • ross1948 16:14 on March 21, 2022 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Girl swimmers silenced, Nazi-style intimidation, Transfreak Thomas,   

    Every Sport Needs Total Trans Bans! 

    A very good article by somebody who knows and cares about swimming…


    … but what is most striking and stomach-churning has to be not, as you might expect, the arrogance of that tranny brute Thomas….


    Lia Thomas at the NCAA championships.


    …but the revelations of the vicious intimidation waged against real girl swimmers and their parents.


    Read it from start to finish, please, and let the anger course through your very being.

    I have to add that the man who wrote the piece in Swimming World does not come to the same conclusion as I do, namely..


    Every Sport Needs Total Trans Bans!


    … but I really do feel a true fight-back against uppity freaks is long overdue.

  • ross1948 16:58 on August 26, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Antifa bullies, Nazi-style intimidation, , Resto diners   

    Did BBC Cover The Red Nazi Savages Who Deserve Broken Jaws? 

    Imagine you are out for a bite to eat, on your own, or with friends, or your beloved?

    The meal’s fine, the resto is pleasant, and suddenly a gibbering beast approaches your table, ranting at you, ordering you to obey its demands.



    Back and forth the scumbag capers, repeating its exhortation that you submit and echo its hateful gesturing.

    Frankly, the diners could not be faulted for knocking the swine to the ground, preferably with a punch hard enough to break its jaw and thus prevent further gibbering.


    But of course the filthy savages are mob-handed. Some diners buckle to intimidation.

    An horrific yarn?

    Yes, but true, and you can read about the scumbag and its fellow-filthy savages….


    Note the female black scumbag harassing the couple of the left of the photo, and the other, white, red nazi scumbag harassing the lone woman on the right of the photo

    A group of leftist militants were caught on video harassing Washington, D.C., restaurant patrons Monday evening, apparently because they refused to raise their fists in solidarity like other patrons seated around them. In the above clip, a crowd of militants descend upon a lone woman…Read more


    Do watch the video.

    It illustrates perfectly what Red Nazi Antifa is all about – filthy savages tormenting decent people.

    Antifa is also all about arson, and about violence.

    Antifa are scum.

    Put them down!

    PS – as I ask in my headline, did the BBC report on this outrage?

    • Lenny Carriston 17:20 on August 26, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I can’t answer your question, I’m afraid, because I hardly ever watch BBC any more.
      It’s so far-left and it spoils the day if I see Maitlis or worst of all Barnett.
      My best guess is that the BBC will have ignored the story.
      They are at their most dishonest when it comes to selecting what they let us hear about.


  • ross1948 22:58 on August 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , , Nazi-style intimidation, Pride and Prejudice homo-propaganda stunt   

    Brits Can’t Trust The National Trust’s Gaystapo Collabos! 

    When I was a keen young amateur archaeologist, I took part in a few digs in Northumberland, along Hadrian’s Wall.



    Some of those sites were in the care of the National Trust, so I formed a good opinion of that organisation, for its role in taking care of important parts of the British people’s heritage.

    No more.

    The NT stinks!

    They brazenly attempted to coerce volunteer helpers in Norfolk to sport pro-homo gear…

    …rainbow badges etc.,as part of  ‘Prejudice & Pride’, a season of events promoting LGBT lifestyles.


    In a display of typical gaystapo bullying, the NT then victimised anyone who would not comply. Resisters were removed from their roles and banned from meeting the public.



    Now we hear from C4M that the National Trust’s gay-crawl creepos have quailed before a storm of protest.

    Thanks to a public outcry, the Trust has now backed down. Volunteers will be able to resume their duties without being forced to wear the badges.

    Apparently something like 250 N T members tore up their subscriptions to show their disgust at the nazi-style antics of what used to be a respected organisation.

    But do any of you readers seriously believe those pulling the NT strings woke up one day and realised they’d been collaborating with evil against British values, and – consumed with remorse – reversed their nastiness?


    No way.

    The yellow-bellied swine merely felt the heat and scuttled out of the kitchen, a tactical withdrawal.  .

    C4M also warns Brits that later this year, the Government will open two public consultations where similar issues of fundamental importance to our supporters are at stake.


    The public will be consulted on proposals to allow people to choose their gender. Subsequent legislation could end up compelling people to act and speak against their conscience by requiring them to call a biological man a woman and vice-versa.



    • And this is said to be a ‘conservative government?’

    We will also be separately consulted on relationships education for primary schools in England, which could see children as young as five taught about same-sex marriage and transgenderism with no parental right of withdrawal.

    No more conservative than some callow, college-based, cultural marxist freak show!


    I strongly urge Brits to prepare for battle on these ‘consultations,’ which will probably be mere charades before the pro-perv lobby in Theresa May’s Cabinet hammers their aberrant agenda through…



    ….just like Cast-Iron Cameron’s ‘consultation’ on homo-weddings.

    C4M will let you know when it’s time to respond to May’s maladjust consulations if you register with their mailing list, and that can be found via this link.

    C4M logo
    Facebook shim.gif Twitter shim.gif YouTube
    Donate button



  • ross1948 01:11 on May 28, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Cowie, Nazi-style intimidation, , , Stirlingshire, Tory campaigners intimidated   

    Psst! Wanna See The Real SNP ( Scots Nazi Psycho!) ? 

    I may have mentioned, or maybe not, my conversation with the wife of an old school friend on my trip to the UK last September.

    We weren’t really discussing politics, since the lady is no fan of my distinctive ideological inclinations – but she’s a very nice lass nonetheless!


    Hasil gambar untuk scots referendum


    But when she described how she was jostled and spat at for wearing a ‘NO’ badge during the Scottish ‘independence’ referendum, I was horrified.

    Now I have been reading, in The Scotsman last week, a report on how another woman, this bloated, leering thing, pictured below, was recorded…


    Why didn’t those intrepid journos name and shame it?


    ….engaged in bare-faced (AND ugly-faced, one must agree!) minatory harassment of Tory election campaigners in a town called Cowie, Stirlingshire – near Bannockburn, which paradoxically was the scene of a long ago battle when ‘Freedom!’ was the Scottish war-cry.

    “Get out of Cowie, get out of Bannockburn, get out of Scotland – you’re not welcome.”  


    …the driver tells Conservative campaigners she will be following them all around their canvassing route. “Run away, get out, this is Tory-free Bannockburn. Tories are not welcome – now move!”


    I’m no friend to the Tory Party, but these Tories are British subjects, people who live and work in Scotland, not alien crimmigrants interfering in matters not their concern.

    Yet they were subjected to that rant –


    Hasil gambar untuk bad miss piggy


    Miss Piggy’s is the authentic voice of Scottish Nazi intimidation – we now know exactly what sort of freedom will be afforded opponents of the separatist party, should it ever drag Scotland out of the UK and have unrestrained power to persecute those who defy its chauvinist bigotry.


    • Free and fair elections?

    • =========

    ‘Get Out of Scotland!’

    So reminiscent of Hitler’s ‘Juden Raus!’

    Get out, or what?

    • ===

    “We’ll drive you out?’

    ”We’ll gas you?”



    And no, it’s not just some stray bitch that’s off the leash.

    The SNP leadership know all about her, and have made it crystal clear she will face no sanctions for her scabrous misconduct.

    A spokesman for the SNP said: “She [activist] has been spoken to and reminded that political arguments should be made with courtesy and respect.” 


    Hence my description of the ba’-faced, nasty warthog – a description as imbued with ‘courtesy and respect’ as her approach to democratic debate!

    PS  Ba’- faced is a Scots term which is more or less self-explanatory when you look at that unpleasant fizzog.

    • Mack the Knife 01:52 on May 28, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      The SNP is full of bitter bitches like that ‘warthog’ woman, of both sexes.
      If they do take over Scotland, England will have a ton of political asylum applications trying to get away from persecution.


    • Donnie Watson 14:12 on May 28, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Ugly old bag with ugly old mind.
      Wanna bet she spent all morning in the pub?


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