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  • ross1948 09:45 on June 27, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Oz ‘Stinkos’ Amok? Lock ‘Em Up! 

    A brief glance at Oz news this morning (ABC 8am Jakarta time) revealed that fines exceeding $22000 AUD are on the New South Wales statute book, which can be applied to participants in mob obstruction….



    …a phrase that can certainly apply to the uglier antics of ‘Blockade Australia.’

    If you didn’t know, that’s an antipodean version of the UK Stinkos…




    Blockade Australia protesters continue ‘mass disruption’ in central Sydney

    Serial protest pests Blockade Australia have seemingly finished their planned traffic disruptions for Monday, with protesters blocking city streets disbursing and the Harbour Tunnel, which was blocked by a car, 


    Like their British counterparts, the blockheads are anti-social, arrogant buffoons…

    X-Stinko Revulsion. Green Nazis Make War On Press Freedom! 

    Arrogant Stinko Scoff-Laws, Egged On By Big-Name Berks! 

    Image result for london commuters Extinction station

    A bearded weirdo kicks out at the decent people he set out to torment

    This morning London commuters furiously dragged a protester from the top of a train at CanningTown  https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7582765/Extinction-Rebellion-protesters-cause-misery-morning-commuters-converge-CanningTown.htm


    …who like to make life unpleasant for law-abiding citizens.

    There is no excuse for criminality of this sort.

    Like Brits, like all Australians, climate-panickers have the right to protest peacefully on any issue…



    …rallies, marches, etc…

    …AS LONG AS they do not inhibit other people’s rights, e.g  to get to work, go shopping, take kids to the zoo, enjoy a day at the beach…



    …all of which are of greater everyday concern to normal Australians than the hysteria promoted by panickers.

    The report from Sydney says only 14 of the louts were arrested…

    ….and we must hope that, if the rabble rerurn to the streets, a lot more will be nabbed  and if they emulate the Stinkos, tough action will be used to disperse them, using truncheons, or tear-gas… ..whatever it takes.

    But the real test will be in the courts……

    UK’s Selfish Stinkos Acquitted – Another Anti-Justice Jury! 

    ….and we again must hope there won’t be any namby-pamby nonsense like that seen in the UK.

  • ross1948 03:53 on September 3, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Sydney Keystones’ Sicko Celebration? Fire Them! 

    It’s bad enough when spineless politicians legislate parity of esteem, as if perversion has any kind of moral equivalence with sexual normality.

    Worse when so many cops seem not just duty-bound by that legislation but rabidly dedicated to fill the role of gaystapo.

    But to celebrate this vile situation with a party in a police station?

    The party, which happened in July, may be in violation of Covid health orders. Sydney was under a strict stay-at-home directive at the time and the police station falls within one of the designated high-risk LGAs.

    Images uploaded online show the celebration was held for ‘Wear it Purple Day’ which supports the LGBTQ+ community.



    While slapping down ordinary citizens who get together for a chat with a few friends or kin, or dare BROWSE at their local minimart?

    Dirty, slimy, sicko so-called cops!

    Every attendee at the nauseating event should be dishonourably discharged.

    Let them mince off into the sunset, big soppy tears ruining the ‘male’ officers’ make-up, policing careers over.

    PS  It’s not just resistance media carrying this story.

    Other news sites with big circulations have also exposed the swine.


    • Keith Milner 10:28 on September 3, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      i dont care if it was a party for queer cops or anyone else.
      The rules make us all miserable but if they are fairly applied, they must apply to everybody, civilians, cops, queers or normals


    • Kemangeroo 10:42 on September 3, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Cops like those are no good.
      Gladys B should fire them.


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