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  • ross1948 8:06 am on June 29, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Shorten to Kiwis – ‘Please Take Our Boat-Bludgers!’ 

    Asked about using New Zealand as an option, the Opposition Leader would not rule it out. “Well it’s a resettlement nation,” Mr Shorten said. “There’s no doubt that we should look at resettlement options throughout the region.”


    Good grief!

    Since the Anzac Spirit was engendered at Gallipoli, through WW2 and the ANZUS Treaty and still today, Aussies and Kiwis, though they like to goad each other, have been not just neighbours but friends.

    Now Labor’s Shorten seriously contemplates asking NZ to carry out Australia’s garbage?

    New Zealanders have only recently saved their beautiful flag.

    Kiwis Keep The Flag Flying! But Oz Pinkos Aren’t Happy! 

    Does the Labor Party leader think they’ll readily put their beautiful women at risk? 

    Rockall, but pity the seagulls!

    There may well be small uninhabited rocky islets between the two Commonwealth cousins, and – just as I’ve suggested Rockall in the Atlantic as a suitable place to detain the UK’s ‘asylum’ parasites – an uninhabited rock far out in ‘the Old Pacific Sea’ makes quite perfect sense.



    • Until the country-shopping leeches get sent back where they belong.
    • But policies based on sense won’t get a look-in if Shorten means what he says, that Australia should first hold discussions with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.
    • ===================
      •  Ephialtes the Traitor


      That was till recently a geezer named Gutierres, notorious for trying to bully little Macedonia into standing down its resistance to illegal incursions.‘Asylum’ Tsunami – Ephialtes Guterres Betrays Europa! 

    • Now it’s a renegade Italian named Grandi, who not so long ago made it very clear that he thinks European countries trying to defend themselves against the crimmigrant tsunami are wasting their time. 


      Crimmigrants – UN Tells Europe To Surrender! 

    • ———–
    • No responsible leader in any country should waste his or her time talking to these UN flunkeys – they have disavowed allegiance to their own nations and serve the interests of alien undesirables.
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    When Death Is So Richly Deserved… 


    I have just had critical comment about my posts against alien predators. Some guy thinks I should also attack white predators. This below was ready for posting when I get home late tonight or tomorrow.

    My reason for often singling out phoney ‘refugees’ is that while we have to deal with home-grown vermin, of course, I see no merit in importing alien vermin.


    Not having a go at the Antipodes in particular today, just so appalled by two news items from there, so close together in timing and so powerful in the message they send about what’s wrong with the Western world.


    Ronald Van Der Plaat – no contemporary photos alas


    Earlier I condemned an Ethiopian who got turned loose despite being convicted for a sex crime against an Aussie lass.

    Now we have this thing, a ‘man’ who kept his daughter as a sex slave for more than 20 years.

    He only got 15 years for this vile offence (offences, surely, a series of atrocities on a helpless girl) when death by any method would have been fairer. But New Zealand has yet to grasp the need for the restoration of capital punishment.

    So life, real life, surely? No, a mere 15 years. Less than the slavery lasted for his daughter. Sick mockery of justice.

    And NOW?

    The slimy fiend is set to leave prison despite fears he may reoffend.


    Predators and Child Molestors


    Incredibly, we learn it’s not the first time the thing has been unleashed on society..

    Van Der Plaat earlier was released in 2010, but sent back to jail after being seen holding hands with a girl of about five years old in Auckland.

    But before we condemn the parole board, their hands were tied because the law is defective.



    Even though they reckon he has a serious risk of re-offending, they had to let slimer out because he was sentenced before compulsory detention rules came into force and has served his full sentence.  https://au.news.yahoo.com/a/31567162/man-who-had-daughter-as-sex-slave-released/


    The law should, could, have been retrospectively amended to deal with cases like this pig.

    Now one can only hope that some public-spirited Kiwi will take care of business!



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    Kiwis Keep The Flag Flying! But Oz Pinkos Aren’t Happy! 


    Congratulations to the people of New Zealand, who have voted to keep their flag, rejecting by postal referendum the odd alternative, which resembles the sort of banner some new African republic might hoist proudly.

    But in Australia, where an alliance of multiculter and republicans have long been pushing to dump Australia’s world-famous flag, there is instant whining, not least from a twit who has failed to realsie that Australia DOES have a flag of its own!


    Peter FitzSimons

    Peter FitzSimons is a director of Ausflag, devoted to Australia having a flag of its own, with uniquely Australian symbols. He is also the chairman of the Australian Republican Movement.

    The Sydney Morning Herald, the left-liberal Fairfax conglomerate’s leading newspaper, has provided ample space for this strange man, who appears to enjoy dressing up as a pirate (no idea why – maybe his hair is thinning faster than mine and he just can’t bear it!)  

    He has listed various reasons why another assault on NZ’s flag must soon be mounted, including this gem. 

    the obvious flag that most people preferred from the start, which was the simple silver fern – the Kiwi version of the Canadian Maple Leaf – on a black background was just gaining traction when the Islamic State flag came along looking remarkably similar. And that was the end of that.

    • 3c1b1-get_real_big


    A sore loser, howling at the moon.

    Meanwhile, in the UK, The Guardian has been at it too, twisting the NZ result to serve its own Europhiliac cravings.

    Some geezer named Martin Kettle concludes that it sounds as though the undecided voters decided they were better off with what they were accustomed to, whatever its faults  .http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/mar/24/new-zealand-flag-britain-eu-referendum


    That’s pretty condescending. Because, as Kettle goes on to admit, ‘Flags matter because they embody identity.’

    Indeed they do. So it wasn’t that the Kiwis couldn’t be bothered, that they kept what they had because they were used to it. It was a conscious decision, after a long campaign by the ‘changers,’ led by the phoney-conservative Prime Minister Key, and it was a clear decision, made because their flag is beautiful, and meaningful.

    But Kettle boils over, pro-Brussels steam, his conviction that people choose the ‘status quo’ because they lack the initiative, imagination, courage or whatever that’s needed to do anything else, leading him to prophesy that Britons never, never, never, will reject rule from Brussels.

    EU - referendum vote

    How quaint.

    In NZ, people opt for pride in their traditions, so in the UK, people will seek to have them buried under the EUSSR Tower of Babel? 

    I’d say hogwash, but Kettle doesn’t care what I say, or, for that matter, what Kiwis say, because he’s already announcing, like Pinko Fitzsimmons in Australia, that they wasted their votes.

     New Zealand will have a new flag one day.


    elite arrogance-s

    So much for respect for democratic decisions.



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    NZ Flag Conflict – Some Canadians Remember The Pain! 

    Foto Jaya Dasa.
    As I have said before…Will Kiwis Endorse Key’s Disdain for Conservatism? … it’s up to New Zealand!
    But as our Kiwi cousins await the result of the postal ballot, painful memories surface again, and retrospective envy, because the citizens of the Dominion of Canada were denied democracy when their flag was changed by Lester Pearson, pandering to the one province that had never shown loyalty in time of war.
    In 1965, the Maple Leaf flag was raised and the beautiful Red Ensign lowered.
    Had Canadians been allowed a vote, postal or otherwise, it would still be flying.
    Good luck to New Zealand.
    I hope you are happy with whatever choice you make!



  • ross1948 12:19 pm on November 21, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Will Kiwis Endorse Key’s Disdain for Conservatism? 

    From time to time there are complaints that New Zealand rarely features on this blog.

    So, with a Jakarta overcast morning to fill, and a background of La Marseillaise booming out from You Tube, as it frequently has this week, here you go!


    In what possible way can some parts of the media describe NZ’s John Key as leader of a ‘conservative’ government?


    • 8514831 Key
    • —————-
    • Having dynamited marriage as a meaningful concept, bowing to the ‘gay’ agenda, he’s now bent on changing New Zealand’s flag, a process described inexplicably as ‘flag reform’ – subtle (?) bias, since ‘reform’ carries a positive note.

    ‘Change’ would be the impartial description.


    Hasil gambar untuk new zealand map


    Striking at the roots of a country, its values and its most important symbols, is the mark of an intensely radical mind-set, the very antithesis of conservatism. Classical conservatism is NOT synonymous with capitalism – laissez faire is an old-fashioned liberal idea, after all – any more than the corporate state reflects the conservative concept of the organic society. 

    Of course Kiwis have the right to do anything they want using democratic processes, but whatever Key’s agenda is, it’s not remotely ‘conservative.’ 

    He sees the current flag, which has the Union Jack in the corner, as an anachronism, arguing the country needs a standard “that screams New Zealand.”


    Screams? Flags are meant to embody a nation’s dignity.

    His own Deputy Prime Minister is entirely on board Key’s programme, yet appears unable to recognise the fundamentally illogical aspect of his recent exhortation to NZ’s electorate to select a flag they felt represented “New Zealand’s proud, pioneering past and its exciting, ambitious future.”

    Having the Union Jack on the flag precisely fulfils the first part of his call, and as for the second, ‘representing the future’ is about as odd a phrase as one might imagine.

    Not even conservative bloggers like me know what the future holds! So ‘representing’ it is surely a task better reserved for sci-fi geeks than referenda.

    Deciding such matters is important. The Deputy PM is therefore correct when he says “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

    Actually, according to polls, it’s apparently the case that New Zealanders are set to stick with what they’ve got.

    Hasil gambar untuk new zealand flag

    Are those any kind of improvement on this?

    • ———————————–

    They have to vote on an alternative first, then choose between the winner in that ‘beauty contest’ and the existing flag their armed services have served honourably for several generations.

    The main thing is ( unlike on marriage, where the ‘gay’ lobby successfully opposed allowing the people a vote) the people are getting to make the decision.

    “Very few governments around the world have ever asked their citizens for their views on the design of their national flags.”

    Fair point, and hurray for Kiwi democracy.

    Canadians were denied that right.

    Some of us will never forget the deep grief that gripped Canada’s majority fifty years ago, reflected in that memorable photograph of Dief the Chief turning his head away sadly during the ceremony in Ottawa, when what we called Pearson’s Pennant replaced the Red Ensign.


    • Hasil gambar untuk diefenbaker flag
    • —————-
    • Half a century has passed, and the new flag has been sanctified by sacrifices made by many brave men and women who have served Canada well under its colours.

    But there was never a case made for replacing its glorious predecessor.

    Most Canadians shared the view of my cousin ( by marriage -real marriage of course -there was no other kind in those days!) J W Monteith when he roared across the floor of the House of Commons ‘You must be nuts!’ after Lester Pearson exhorted the outraged Opposition to abandon their fight for the flag they loved.



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    Ahoy, Antipodes! Now It’s ‘Climate’ “Asylum”-Seekers! 

    I suppose it might be argued that I myself am a ‘climate’ refugee!

    After all, anyone who spent all of his school years and decades of his working life in either Canada or the UK, or anywhere in lands that border the North Atlantic, surely has grounds for seeking sunnier shores.

    I don’t know the statistics but strongly suspect it’s a fact that rheumatism and arthritis among senior cits is much more common on shores lashed by Atlantic rain and cities beset by sleet and snow for many months each year.

    So when I saw this headline, I paused.


    New Zealand Climate Refugee Takes His Asylum Case to Supreme Court


    A climate refugee in New Zealand has taken his fight for asylum to the Supreme Court…after overstaying the visahttp://au.ibtimes.com/new-zealand-climate-refugee-takes-his-asylum-case-supreme-court-1417227

    Well, not much of a refugee, if he came in on a visa (what kind? work? holiday?) then decided he liked NZ so much he suddenly felt a need for ‘asylum!’

    Honest folk would go home then apply properly. There’s nobody waiting to shoot him back there, is there?

    But skip that!

    I’ve never been to Kiribati, but if it has a climate like Toronto’s or London’s, I wouldn’t blame this geezer for heading south.

    But alas, he’s not basing his case on a human right to sun-bathe, which I’d say makes more sense than some of the so-called ‘human rights’ we hear about from that European Court, for instance.

    • No, nothing of that sort!

    Teitiota’s lawyer claims that his client is making a valid claim for asylum, as the effects of climate change entitle him to be a refugee. “Our argument is that he is being persecuted indirectly because of the inability of the industrialised world to ameliorate CO2 emissions! 3 News.




    Are all who dwell in Kiribati delightful, honest, civilised souls?

    I don’t know.

    One hopes so, because if this guy gets the nod, they’ll ALL be entitled to swamp NZ.

    And everyone else in the world, MILLIONS of people, dislocated by the hot seasons or the wet seasons…

    flood victims Jakarta flooding

    …like Jakarta’s at the moment (which of course the Climate Panic Crew will be attributing, at least in part, to ‘climate change,’ now that they’ve sneakily dropped the term ‘global warming’) will obviously have to be taken aboard the Good Ship Western Welfare. 

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