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    Invasion 2020- Not An Invasion, Say ‘NGO’ Liars! 

    Who funds this pinko pack?


    Are their snouts deep in the public purse, like so many other so-called ‘Non-Government’ Organisations?

    Or is it Soros we need to investigate?


    Answers at foot of page!


    Either way, those who finance these wannabe subverters of borders should buy them a dictionary!

    For the European Council on Refugees and Exiles has declared –

    ‘….this is not an invasion!.”

    Balkan States Beef up Borders against Migrant ‘Security Threat’

    But if we look up the word ‘invasion’ in any dictionary, we read that an invasion is

    …an occasion when a largenumber of people or things come to a place in an annoying and unwanted way:
    …an action or process that affects someone’s life in an unpleasant and unwanted way:

    Both definitions apply with absolute accuracy to what’s going on in Thrace….

    the Greek-Turkish border in Evros on Wednesday evening, when migrants set fires, threw Molotov cocktails over to the Greek side and tried once again to pull the border fence down.

    So the pro-crimmigrant sticky-beaks should apologise for describing the truth as ‘inflammatory language…

    …and direct their concern away from witless warbling about ‘hysterical and inappropriate language of political leaders..’



    …and instead join in the admiring applause with which responsible citizens all over Europe are offering their appreciation to the heroic Greeks facing a violent alien horde!


    Note on funding -we were right on BOTH counts!

    Here’s the list from their own website, proof that they are leeching off taxes paid by the very peoples they want to subject to a new crimmigrant tsunami…


    …and by the Sorosoid Open Society swine!

    Oh, and by the UN -your money, again!


    Philanthropic foundations

    Intergovernmental organizations

    UNHCR - Since 2016 ECRE has a Strategic Partnership with UNHCR  covering advocacy and  litigation and supporting UNHCR’s consultation of civil society

    The European Union

    ECRE receives funding from the following EU  budget lines and agencies:

    • Asylum Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF)
    • Horizon 2020
    • Justice Programme
    • European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR)
    • European Asylum Support Office (EASO)


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    ISD Exposed Again – Will Priti Patel Stop Funding Anti-Boris Sticky-Beaks? 

    We wrote about this gang some months ago, when one of their flunkeys fired a few cheap shots at the excellent Herr Kickl, Austria’s then Interior Minister…

    Guardian Hack Kicks Kickl – Guess Who Funds Her Network? 

    • Image result for institute strategic dialoguehttps://www.isdglobal.org/isdapproach/

    • ..ISD fosters strategic partnerships across governments, academia, civil society and the private sector to develop policy and operational programmes to respond to the threat of extremism. We also work closely with leading players in the media and technology sector to help achieve impact on a global scale.

    …and while the supranationalist meddling which characterises the ‘Institute for Strategic Dialogue’ is appalling, what was much more shocking was the huge amount of cash pouring into the agitprop outfit.

    And where it comes from!

    The Independent insists on describing ISD as a ‘think-tank,’ but my preference for the term ‘propaganda pump’ was confirmed last week by a woman named Chloe Colliver.





    She’s the boss of ISD’s ‘digital research unit,’ and she lashed out at British PM Johnson for telling it like it is.

    Bojo’s sin, in Comrade Chloe’s eyes, is to defined the Remainer’s legislative coup as a “surrender bill…”

    Miffed ... Boris Johnson.

    ….worse, says the ISD bint, was that Johnson was ‘positioning himself as enacting the “will of the people.”

    Since the people voted for Brexit and Johnson says ( and, one hopes, means it) that he wants to achieve Brexit, what’s Comrade Chloe cavilling about?


    She reckons the PM was “calling successfully to a nationalist interpretation of the Brexit debate.”



    If Brexit is not a nationalist issue, what the hell is it?

    Taking back control from the Brussels Commissars is not just some fiddly thing about regulating fishing or checks at harbours and airports, important though these may well be.



    It’s about flags and passports and freedom, the very stuff of national pride.

    Now the liberals, lefts and the far-lefts and the separatists find all that sort of thing abhorrent.

    We all understand that.



    But this ISD rat-pack are funded by governments and banks and big biz and like to present themselves as professional ‘experts.’

    ‘Experts’ like Chloe Colliver, who positively shudders at how “it seems very purposeful to me and it really harks back to the Second World War nostalgia in this debate, which plays powerfully to the far right and nationalist groups.”

    Sorry, Comrade Chloe, but it ‘plays powerfully’ to millions who voted for Brexit, but of course this condescending ‘expert’ thinks all those common people are thick as pig-sh-t!

    They don’t understand the mechanisms and decisions being made on their behalf….”


    elite arrogance-s


    The 17 million, who had had enough of ‘decisions made on their behalf’ and in 2016 made the decision THEMSELVES, were just so dim-witted!

    Just sod off, Your Arrogance!

    But there’s a better way than irate ‘sod offs’ to put these elitists in their place.

    Cut off the cash!

    Britain currently has a Home Secretary named Priti Patel.

    We know that the IDS gets funding from all sorts of sources, including the European Union…


    soro evil

    …and Soros’s ‘Open Society’ meddlers…


    ….British tax-payers’ money via the UK Home Office.

    Priti Patel has a patriotic reputation and was appointed by Boris Johnson.


    Priti Patel Minister.jpg

    Might it not be a prudent, responsible and patriotic act on her part to stop her ministry’s funding of an ‘NGO’ whose minions so flagrantly launch outrageous propaganda missiles against the Prime Minister?

    Check out who funds them!


    ISD benefits from a wide range of financial support from philanthropic donors, private companies and governments.

    Curtin University, Australia
    George Washington University
    Harvard Berkman Klein Center for the Internet and Society
    Victoria University
    Yale University

    • Mack the Knife 20:50 on September 7, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Just look at all the governments and international banks funding these people and you have a very clear picture who the people’s enemies are.


    • Petra Malley 23:23 on September 7, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Another ‘charity,’ is it?
      The far left War On Want was reported but it has not lost its charitable status, so we must hope at least Ms.Patel will put her foot down.


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    Ulster Upstarts? Anti-Clean-Break Agitprop, Slurping From The Public Purse? 

    I see a senior civil servant in Ulster has been told off for making scary prophecies about a clean-break Brexit.



    One MP responded to the bureaucratic big-wig that the dire prediction is “absolutely untrue and is part of Operation Fear, designed to frighten people….”  https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-northern-ireland-48656311

    Each and every UK citizen has the right to hold a view on Brexit, or anything, I suppose. But the reason that MP was concerned is that public servants need to keep their tax-paid beaks out of politics.

    Am I alone in thinking that the same should go for tax-funded ‘NGOs?’

    Hence my next question…

    How many of these self-important upstart outfits listed below have their snouts in the public purse?



    Northern Ireland Committee of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions,

    Friends of the Earth Northern Ireland,

    Centre for Cross Border Studies,

    Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action,

    Women’s Resource and Development Agency, Northern Ireland Women’s European Platform,

    Focus: the Identity Trust,

    PILS Project,

    Committee on the Administration of Justice,

    Children’s Law Centre,

    Northern Ireland Council for Racial Equality,


    Disability Action.

    We have to ask because, despite many of them being ostensibly concerned with single-issue causes…

    …as their names make glaringly clear – and despite some of them being funded by tax-payers..

    NICVA is supported by the Regional Infrastructure Programme (RISP) through:

    …and some of them even being registered as ‘charities’ (seriously!) they have shrugged off their duty to steer clear of partisan politics.

    I’d imagine the transgressors do not include the trade union names on the list – I don’t think they get public money.

    But the rest?ll

    Who do these busy-bodies think they are to sticky-beak into the Brexit debate?

    NICRE - Northern Ireland Council for Racial Equality

    I bet that lot get local and/or national government subsidies!

    A waste of money, you might say, but if they do take your cash, they should not be pontificating on Brexit.

    And why are Ulster women in need of any Northern Ireland Women’s European Platform:

    Provides women in Northern Ireland with a platform to make their voices heard on domestic, European and international social, economic, cultural and political affairs

    …when they have just elected MEPs and have MPs and councillors, actually chosen by voters, yes, ELECTED, to represent them –

    – on domestic, European and international social, economic, cultural and political affairs


    As said already, I don’t know how many of the others get any public funds.

    Perhaps my various readers in Ulster can advise us.

    If it turns out there are snouts in the tax-trough, agitating on the Brexit issue, then they need to be hauled out. 


    • Billy King 19:24 on June 22, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      What a motley crew, and what have they got to do with Brexit?
      I am going to have a gander at some of them you want to know about.
      If I can find anything, then I will get back later.


    • Edward Lamont 19:51 on June 22, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      So we have a ‘transgender’ pressure grqup joining with a ‘child legal centre’ and a publicly funded ‘charity’ and others allied with trades unions all telling the UK Government their preferred outcome of Brexit negotiations?
      I don’t know what to say, except to agree with you.


    • Billy King 20:03 on June 22, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Hey, Ross, I have been as good as my word and with that Centre for Cross-Border Studies it turns out it gets most of its money from Brussels and Dublin.

      Next time they start being noisy about Brexit they should be honest and tell us whose teet they’re sucking on.


      • Debz Fordyce 21:51 on June 22, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        Good work, Billy.
        They have a cheek, taking Juncker’s shilling, and Varadkar’s, then rammying about Brexit without letting on who pays their bills. That link gives their office number – +44 (0)28 3751 1550 – so lets a few of us give them a call and a telling off.
        I intend to have a wee look at that lot and a few of the others too. Ross shouldn’t have to do all the digging on his ownsome.


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    Dirty Donkeys Are Now Exposed Asses! 

    At last the skulking scumbags calling themselves ‘Led By Donkeys’ have been dragged out of their twilight zone into the glare of public scrutiny.




    Turns out that the craven quartet,  in contrast to previous claims from behind their metaphorical masks that they were just ‘four dads,’ were all exposed as having had close connections to the lawless ‘Greenpeace’ gang.

    I have defended Greenpeace’s right to engage in lawful activity here in Indonesia…

    , https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2011/08/02/greenpeace-stooge-of-the-infidels-latest-jakarta-islamonazi-rant/

     …when Islamist fanatics were threatening them,  but few would deny that their adherence to responsible behaviour is spotty, or dodgy, or worse.

    Who Are These Inuit Who Usurp Their People’s Voice? 


    Liar,Liar, Earth’s Not Afire! Be Cool About Climate… 


    So best beware of sneaky sorts with a Greenpeace record.

    Thanks a bunch to the diligent Guido Fawkes blog…https://order-order.com  …the now-bared Asses may eventually be subject to some serious questioning over their pre-election expenditure.


    Great work, Guido Fawkes!

    Anti-Brexit Billboard Campaign in Massive Apparent Breach of Electoral Law

    That’s if the anti-Brexit infested Electoral Commission can take time off hounding Nigel Farage’s patriot party.

    But the exposure of these pinko creeps is not only an excellent thing in and of itself.

    The irresponsibility of the media in general – or should we say collaboration, for a lot of so-called ‘journalists’ knew exactly who these ratbags were, met them and spoke to them – but point-blank refused to tell the people who they are!



    Another cover-up by the rotten press, uncannily resembling the similar cover-up conducted by media all over Europe on behalf of the ‘civil society’ set-up that brought down the unwise Austrian patriot Herr Strache in Ibiza.

    Yes, some bits and pieces are getting out, so that fair-minded citizens can form their own judgement on who and why the stunt was staged.


    The lawyer – named by Germany’s Bild newspaper as Ramin Mirfakhrai – said it was a “civil society-driven project in which investigative-journalistic approaches were taken”.

    However the statement does not reveal who was ultimately behind the sting operation, or who paid for it.


    That’s why we here on RRA used those much abused words ‘civil society,’ the phrase dishonestly deployed by left-liberal politicians to describe their pet pressure groups – which are often ‘NGO’s with their subversive snouts in the tax-trough…



    …..fed public funds by those same left-liberal politicians via government grants which the left-liberal parties control.

    And ‘investigative journalism?’

    Hee-Haw, as the asses might say, or bray.



    • Gary Innis 14:50 on June 3, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      They are asses, and yellow asses at that.
      Their exposure, after the months they spent cowering in anonymity and getting their left media sympathisers to keep their identities secret, is long overdue.


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    Guardian Hack Kicks Kickl – Guess Who Funds Her Network? 

    How insightful Julia Ebner must be!


    Related image

    As a ‘researcher’ with the ‘London-based Institute for Strategic Dialogue,’ of course she is!

    That ISD sounds like some kind of objective, academic body, but it’s not.

    • We’re facing a global crisis of polarisation, hate and extremism. The most visible aspects of this are the sharp spikes we see in hate crime and terrorism around the world

    • Image result for institute strategic dialoguehttps://www.isdglobal.org/isdapproach/

    • ..ISD fosters strategic partnerships across governments, academia, civil society and the private sector to develop policy and operational programmes to respond to the threat of extremism. We also work closely with leading players in the media and technology sector to help achieve impact on a global scale.

    It’s a highly-motivated gang of left-liberals bent on hounding whomsoever and whatsoever they define as ‘hate,‘ a word that can mean anything from an Irish joke to a golliwog, these days.

    But we know what it means to Soros, and Google, and Facebook, and the EUSSR.

    It’s their catch-all, smear-all excuse for zapping anybody to the right of Mama Stasi Merkel!

    The four foes of freedom just mentioned have something in common besides hostility to the patriotic resistance parties.


    soro evil


    Journo Julia doesn’t mention any of that, though.

    Nor does the Guardian, which simply states she’s a ‘researcher’ at that ISD.

    Instead we get the benefit of her ‘deep’ insight into Austria’s current crisis. ‘Twas a waste of my time to read it, almost. Nothing in it, really, that I hadn’t read elsewhere.

    EXCEPT a rather infantile side-swipe at the Austrian politician whom pinko creeps hate the most!.

    Euro-Court Exposed For What It is – Creeps Gang Up On Kickl! 

    We have reported on Herr Herbert Kickl, Austria’s Minister of the Interior, before…



    Yes, Herbert Kickl, of whom Julia tells this tale.

    In the last minute before vacating his office, the sacked interior minister Herbert Kickl issued an order to reduce the hourly wage of asylum seekers to €1.50 (£1.30).


    She paints a dramatic scene, doesn’t she?

    You can almost picture wicked Kickl, checking his watch, 60 seconds to go before he has to leave his ministerial sanctum, thinking up a farewell vengeful blow to rain on somebody, anybody, then angrily scribbling that order!

    EXCEPT ..that it had all been arranged, with the apparently full approval of the man who fired him…


    The far-right’s attack on human rights

    Ex-Minister Kickl, Ex-Vice-Chancellor Strache, Chancellor Kurz

    …Chancellor Kurz, NOT at the last minute but back in March!

    March 28/3 Euractiv 

    Minister Kickl is critical of several bodies that are not following these requirements and are instead paying more. The hourly wages sometimes exceeded the limit by €5 or more. Kickl therefore wants to legally and uniformly set the hourly wage to €1.50 across the whole of Austria.

    This is based on the wages received by those doing basic military service in the armed forces or the civil service.   




    Good man, Herr Kickl – why should uninvited aliens get more than Austrians engaged in basic military service to their country!

    Nice of Julia to tell us the whole story, rather than emit a colourful anecdotal blurt.

    It might, however, have made a much better story, had she unveiled the huge plutocratic array, including Soros’ Open Society gang, and the generosity of UK tax-payers, all unknowing, and the public purses of other nations, citizens there equally clueless…



    …and of course the bounteous largesse of the EUSSR, ever eager to lavish citizens’ cash on politically calibrated cliques like ISD.

    ISD has a website, and you can confirm what I say about its collaborators, a motley global crew.


    ISD benefits from a wide range of financial support from philanthropic donors, private companies and governments.

    Curtin University, Australia
    George Washington University
    Harvard Berkman Klein Center for the Internet and Society
    Victoria University
    Yale University




    • Petra Malley 19:53 on May 27, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I see Soros is in the mix.
      And the EU.
      And the UK Government ( thanks, Theresa!) and a host of other governments, all lashing out our money, if I may speak on behalf of fellow-victims of all nationalities.

      Thank you, Ross, for revealing this because, none of us would ever have heard about it from any ‘investigative journalists’ in the Guardian or any liberal media.


    • Ken Kasic 20:11 on May 27, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      The State Department?
      Does Trump know about this or has it been kept from him by the Deep State douche-bags?
      I hope you have readers in all those countries. and that they raise hell about tax-dollars and pounds and euros handed out to this bunch.


    • Scott Mannion 20:36 on May 27, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      To be honest, Ross, I find a lot of what you say quite annoying. How you say it can be even more annoying.
      You deliberately set out to shock and offend and you succeed in that.
      I keep reading, despite that, because every now and then you turn out up something like this. Now it is up to responsible citizens to investigate and find out how much of their taxes this ISD has been given.
      It may be, as you demonstrate, accessible information, but is completely unknown to 90% of the electorates in all the countries concerned. That 90% is probably an underestimate.

      By exposing the money trail, you have done a public service, for others to follow.
      So I shall continue to read your blog.
      I won’t ask you to change your approach because I know you won’t.


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    Bosnian ‘Rights’ Bint Rails At Hungary’s Truthful Transparency! 

    Some Bosnian bint named Dunja Mijatovic, who gets a handsome salary from the ‘Council of Europe,’ has issued a ‘report’ championing all those fake ‘refugees’ in Hungary whom the sensible Hungarian Government wants rid of.


    Poor little ‘refugees’ politely asking to enter Hungary


    No surprise.

    ‘Rights’ ranters would be just sat at their desks all day long reading The Guardian or watching CNN if they didn’t have undesirable aliens on behalf of whom to whine!

    But this particular tax-funded yelper has also taken POWERFUL exception to the law which requires ‘NGO’ agitprop outfits to tell the truth about where their money comes from.


    Related image

    A Bosnian Boris Johnson, methinks!

    • The human rights commissioner also raised the alarm about Hungarian laws that “stigmatise and criminalise” work by non-governmental organisations. NGOs that receive foreign grants are required to label themselves as “receiving foreign funding” on their websites..
    • Hungary accused of fuelling xenophobia with anti-migrant rhetoric

    OMG – they are ‘required’ to tell the truth?



    Strange that this legal requirement upsets so many pinko creeps.

    I thought ‘tranparency’ was a big thing these days!


    Related image

    Comrade Mijatovic’s shrilling indicates that neither the creeps nor herself like it known to the countries in which they’re interfering and causing trouble that their antics are financed by outside elements.


    We know already where much of their money comes from.

    However, while a lot of the largesse they lap up does come from malign plutocrats, through Soros’ Open Society network and similar bodies, there’s another trough the ‘NGO’s have their snouts dug deep into.


    A BILLION? Brussels To Squander YOUR Taxes On “NGO” Agit-Prop! 

    Will Fake ‘NGOs’( EU-Funded!) Meddle In EU Election? 

    That, to my old-fashioned, logical way of thinking, means they are getting loadsa dough from tax-payers, which means they are hardly ‘non-government’ organisations at all.

    I should point out that the ranter-woman works not for the EUSSR but for the Council of Europe, which is a quite separate organisation but just as much a pain in the backside as Brussels!


    • Ginje M 21:31 on May 25, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      People like her have made ‘Europe’ a dirty word.
      Three cheers for Viktor Orban!


  • ross1948 23:56 on October 16, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    A BILLION? Brussels To Squander YOUR Taxes On “NGO” Agit-Prop! 

    Who is Bodil Valero?


    Bodil VALERO


    She is a Swede ( no surprise!) affiliated to the ‘Greens/European Free Alliance’ (no surprise!) and although not as notorious as some other Strasbourg Slugs, she is the MEP tasked with setting the European Parliament’s position on the EU’s planned support for NGOs...



    Anyone who’s been reading our modest blog for more than a few weeks will be aware that using so-called ‘NGOs’ as vehicles to fund their ideological agenda is a key strategy of the Euro-Commissars.

    When they, as they do, publish blatant propaganda material, they get blow-back from patriots in every land.



    They resent such criticism and find it a lot more productive to funnel millions in cash-handouts (aka ‘grants’) to ‘non-government-organisations’ whose sleazy ‘activist’ bosses are so utterly devoid of integrity…


    ….that they wallow in such ( not non-government!) grants as gaily as hogs in their own excreta!

    There must be hundreds, maybe thousands, of these hypocrital cliques, of which we have been able to focus on a few, like the pro-crimmigrant ENAR…

    ENAR – Another ‘Non-Government’ Snout In The Public Purse! 

    …and the revolting ILGA…

    EUSSR Splurges YOUR Money for Perverts to Lobby EUSSR! 


    But this far-left Swede shrew is now revving up for a push to waste a bloody BILLION on the scum.

    It’s no accident, I’d say, that this scheme to break all records in bank-rolling Enemy Within movements is underway, to, as EUObs puts it, establish a billion-euro program for promoting democratic values and civil society.

    The EUSSR of course detests democracy.


    Even Liar Juncker has been upfront about that.

    And if you doubt their contempt for popular sovereignty, cast a glance at their risible ‘European Citizens’ Initiative…’

    EUSSR Ministers Desperate to Shut Out Citizens – A Tradition of Lies and Deceit 

    …which not only relegates the electorate to the role of supplicant, presenting petitions for the kind attention of the Commissars, but even excludes the electorate from raising any matter that fits ill with the ideology of the ruling class.

    Now they are mobilising to fight democratic resistance by using left-vermin ‘NGO’ mercenaries, rather than face their foes honourably.

    We knew it would happen.

     Un-Elected ‘NGOs’ Want YOUR Cash To Fight Elected Governments!)

    We should expect no less from a class that’s lower than a snake’s belly.


    • Pamela 00:37 on October 17, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      This is abuse of power by the ‘European Parliament,’ which must be fought tooth and nail.
      When you think of all the much better ways that our money could be spent, by our own governments, it is even more infuriating. A fleet of small but effective gunboats in the Mediterranean could be funded with that kind of money.
      What else?
      We have to take a leaf out of Hungary’s book and stop NGOs that are waging political campaigns.
      They should for starters not be allowed to call themselves NGOs if they are getting money from governments, either directly or via Strasbourg. They must also be deregistered from charity status which many of them have.


    • Noreen Paterson 14:22 on October 17, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Talk about cheek!
      Those MEP drones get gigantic salaries and they are so anxious about the extra ‘expenses’ they grab that they are unwilling to let even their own euro-friendly media know the details of their claims.
      Now they want to take a billion of our money and give it to our enemies?
      What do we have to do to stop this?
      Take up arms?


    • Robbie Rayner 15:46 on October 17, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Add that billion to the oceans of cash that Soros has been pumping into anti-sovereignty and pro-illegal subversive movements.
      At least Soros is using his own money but these Members of European Parliament use our money to make war on us. This is all wrong and invites retaliation from the wronged.


  • ross1948 11:30 on April 29, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Can Pompeo Rein In USAID Collaborators? 

    Rational people have long pointed out that giving money or any kind of aid to evil movements that claim those funds will only be used for ‘humanitarian’ purposes is either stupid or wicked.



    Any such assistance obviously frees up resources the bad people might have used on THOSE projects, resources that will be used INSTEAD for their barbarous criminality.

    Which brings us to our lead question, can The Donald’s new Secretary of State rein in USAID, which has hit the headlines, AGAIN!


    A global humanitarian group that receives generous U.S. government funding helps Islamic terrorist organizations abroad and a country that appears on the State Department’s list of nations that sponsor terrorism.

    The ‘NGO’ referred to is something called Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA), and you can read all about them via our link below.

    Hasil gambar untuk Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA)

    The group, which describes itself as the labor movement’s humanitarian solidarity organization…it maintains a “positive long-term” relationship with the U.S. government, which has filled its coffers with cash since the 1990s.

    Pumping US tax-dollars into pinko  projects?

    The Judicial Watch report explains further…

    U.S. Funds Scandinavian Humanitarian Group that Helps Islamic Terrorists…

    …about what is surely concerning to our many American readers – the role of USAID.

    Unfortunately, USAID, which leeches off American tax-payers, has been featured in our blog before, and never for anything particularly admirable.

    Like here in Indonesia…


    USAID Funding ‘Gaystapo’ Groups – A Neo-Colonialist Agenda – In Indonesia Too? 

    And in Brazil…USAID Eggs On Brazil’s Unwholesome One Percent Elite 

    And in Africa…American Economic Imperialism – Bullying Christian Africans 

    And in Europe, where European nation’s arch-enemy has allegedly enjoyed their collaboration.


    ‘Soros has been funneling USAID money into the Social-Democratic Alliance of Macedonia (SDSM) — the country’s former Communist party.’

    Macedonia’s  SOS leader Nikola Srbov claimed that the Communist Party’s heirs – the SDSM  – has been supported through USAIDSmash The Sorosoids! Macedonia Stands Up To Evil! 



    So again, we have to ask how come leftist groups which are financed by governments can in any sense be described as NGOs, ‘NON- Government Organisations.,

    They are parasites, as we have said, and should be told to stop misusing that description.

    Mike Pompeo has a good record of speaking up against undesirables – Democrat Gaystapo V Pompeo? – Sign The Petition! – so maybe we can expect action to curb USAID’s unpleasant partnerships.


    Gambar terkait

    Mike Pompeo


    But it’s not just an American problem.

    Theresa May has been made aware of what goes on with ‘NGO’ outfits in the UK –LOTS More On Oxfam’s Badness And Bigotry! –  and if you are resident anywhere in the EUSSR, then Brussels has long been pouring YOUR taxes into extremist gangs  – ENAR – Another ‘Non-Government’ Snout In The Public Purse!  – that promote far-left and liberal causes that most decent people abhor.


    Time for all good people around the world to get together and fight back!

    Norwegian NGO to Pay US $2 Million for Providing Money to Terrorists

    • Mort 17:18 on April 29, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Now we may see if Pompeo stays true to all he has said in the past or if he will be suborned by the State Department ‘public servants’ who think they have the right to use the elected government as their puppets to enforce their favored policies.
      I am hopeful but I honestly do not know what to expect of him.


    • Joe Jesnik 00:02 on May 7, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      The fake ‘NGO’ gang in Hungary has been getting tax-dollars too.
      You should take a look at the situation there.
      I think you have written about it before but there always more to tell about how dangerous the activities of this ‘NGO’ crowd really are, to Hungary and to the West in general.. ..
      Viktor Orban is a good leader and it is very bad that American tax-payers can be ripped off by Sorosoids to help their leftist campaigns.


  • ross1948 21:44 on February 24, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , European Movement International (EMI), NGO funded by governments,   

    “An EU-Funded Federalist” ‘NGO’ – Funded By UK Taxes! 

    An EU-funded federalist network organisation has teamed up with German carmaker Volkswagen Group (VW) to organise a public event in Brussels on integrity, transparency, and good corporate citizenship.

    That’s the introductory paragraph in an EUObserver story last week…


    Gambar terkaitHasil gambar untuk European Movement International (EMI)

    ….and bizarrely it’s in the news NOT because the network, the European Movement International (EMI),  is a federalist agitprop outfit with its snout in the public purse…



    …unlike any anti-federalist, pro-sovereignty ‘network’ I’m aware of – they have to raise their OWN funds…


    Fight The Sorosoid Elite! Donate To Westmonster!


    ….but because some ‘consumer network’ called ‘Beuc’ doesn’t like VW!

    “How can you team up with them?” asked Beuc’s Monique Goyens, noting that European consumers have still not received compensation from the German carmaker….   https://euobserver.com/institutional/140956


    No doubt, no doubt, Ms Monique, and if that’s vexed you, by all means raise hell.

    But UK citizens, who voted by a clear majority to get Britain out of the EUSSR, must surely be scandalised that their taxes are being siphoned off by Brussels to fund these fans of supranationalism.


    The European Movement International was founded almost seven decades ago, and consists of pro-European organisations in 39 countries…

    It has received an annual sum of €350,000 in EU structural funding since 2014 – from 2008 until 2013 the annual EU contribution to the EMI’s budget was €430,000.



    • Norman Wills 16:18 on February 25, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      The EU should not be giving grants to any advocacy group, for or against any cause.
      It’s not their money, it’s ours, and we can make donations if we want.
      The same goes for our own government.
      Alternatively, there should be a box on our tax return forms, tick or cross if we want our taxes handed out to ‘non-government’ bodies by the government.


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