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  • ross1948 00:37 on February 26, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Legal But Harmful?’ An Axe That Evil Will Wield! 

    I don’t often simply pass along an entire article published elsewhere.

    But this piece below, from C4M, is really shocking, not the fact that the gaystapo and its running dogs represent a real threat to free speech….

    ….which has been obvious for years…


    Imagine any newspaper story like that today?


    ….but the fact that Jellyfish Johnson seems intent on passing legislation which will gut every Brits’ right to say anything that’s legal to say – but which might vex some creep.



    Read on!

    Could defending real marriage soon be banned online? That’s the question many are asking as the Government’s Online Safety Bill inches closer to becoming law.

    While there is certainly a need for additional online safeguards, particularly for protecting children, the proposed new law has been widely criticised….

    ….for banning ‘legal but harmful’ content.

    It will impose a maximum penalty of a massive 10% of a company’s annual worldwide turnover for failing to remove user-generated content deemed “harmful”. This includes comments, posts or videos that are viewed as risking “a significant adverse physical or psychological impact on an adult of ordinary sensibilities”, even “indirectly”.

    This definition is very vague and left up to companies and ultimately courts to determine.

    But when bombarded with complaints of ‘harm’ from LGBT activists, it is hard to imagine many companies taking the risk and leaving ‘controversial’ content up.

    To make matters worse, Facebook’s new President of Global Affairs is former Liberal Democrat leader Sir Nick Clegg. The same Nick Clegg who, when UK Deputy Prime Minister in 2012 and 2013, called supporters of real marriage “bigots” and dinosaurs.

    Conservative MP David Davis asks rhetorically: “Do you want Nick Clegg to be the supreme censor of what you write online?”

    Of course we don’t.

    But that could be where things are headed, with serious consequences for the freedom of marriage supporters to share their views via the internet. If you think censorship and ‘cancel culture’ are bad now, wait till this law comes in.

    Spectator editor Fraser Nelson notes that already Facebook will “blacklist a publisher who prints what they regard as wrong-think” so that “your content isn’t promoted”. This problem would get many times worse.

    Ministers and MPs need to think again on this legislation before we lose more of our precious freedoms to speak up for marriage.

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  • ross1948 17:07 on February 17, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Zuckwit Hands Power To Euro-Zealot Clegg! 

    Oh dear!

    Clegg promoted to top Facebook role… 

    Former Lib Dem leader becomes president of global affairs…


    Oh, well, we can all relax now.

    Clegg is surely a safe pair of hands.

    Clegg’s Curs Give Aid and Comfort to the Enemy Within! 


    THE Liberal Democrats have blocked a proposed new law banning hate preachers from universities, it was reported yesterday. Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg was said to have personally vetoed the plan during private talks with David Cameron


    So we can expect a tough ‘Meta’ stance against jihadist evil?

    Or do we even know what Clegg really, really thinks?

    Clegg Exposed as Liar and Fraud 

    Alms for Asylumers!’ LibDems Loony Hand-Out Scheme!

    Clegg’s Campaign Amnesia!

    Worrisome, yes, that Clegg is now the effective boss of Meta, aka Facebook…



    …but the anti-social media site is already hardly a ‘safe space’ for anyone who offers strong resistance to the Enemy Within.

    BTW, the famous Farage v Clegg debate is a tonic to watch.
    Farage v Clegg tv debate
    Just put those words into Google.
    Search, to choose brief extracts or the whole show, in which Nigel makes mince-meat of Nick!
    Enjoy it, if you have some free time or are WFH.
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  • ross1948 23:45 on April 15, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Clegg’s Colourful Brummie Booster! 

    ‘My eyeballs are stained, it’s also known as an eyeball tattoo. I’ve got pirates on me, aliens on me and I’ve got a blue penis. My penis is blue.’  He also had his nipples cut off six months ago in a bid to provide himself with a smoother canvas and keeps the discarded body parts in his freezer ‘next to my sprouts.’




    No Comment needed -so far!


    For all that though, Mr Body Art says employers should take him seriously and look beyond his personal appearance to what’s inside. ‘I personally find it really difficult to get my head around it because there are companies out there that employ people on merit,’ he fumes.


    Legal: Mr Body Art shows off a passport emblazoned with his unusual self-chosen name

    His spare time is being spent helping the local branch of the Liberal Democrats campaign ahead of the election, although he admits that people often wish to talk about his body modifications rather than Lib Dem policies.

    No doubt.

    The former are more impressive than the latter!

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3038366/Man-calls-King-Inkland-keeps-nipples-sprouts-freezer-claims-workplace-discrimination-prevented-getting-job.html

  • ross1948 21:25 on March 16, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Clegg's Curs Give Aid and Comfort to the Enemy Within! 


    THE Liberal Democrats have blocked a proposed new law banning hate preachers from universities, it was reported yesterday. Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg was said to have personally vetoed the plan during private talks with David Cameron.



    So why the headline?

    Maybe due to the unreal excuse proffered by the creeps, ‘free speech,’ as if enemy aliens in time of war had any rights, never mind that of recruitment to the enemy cause! No surprise, only a renewal of disgust that these pinko curs collaborate with those who’d give a platform to treason.

    And that’s what the subversive ‘clerics’ preach. 

    Their archaic prejudices against women are offensive, of course, and their drivel on head-shrouding and FGM and polygamy and unequal inheritance rights for daughters is EXTREMELY offensive.


    But if that’s all they were propagating, okay, let’s take offence and hope decent students of all creeds and colours would shower them with rotten eggs ( traditional show of undergrad disapproval!) when they regurgitate their vomit views before any British audience.

    But of course the primary evil that deserves no platform anywhere in the United Kingdom is their vile supranational ideology, by which they tell Muslims that the proper focus of their allegiance lies overseas.

    Their treason consists of the toxic tripe that duty to Queen and Country is always trumped by the interests of the worldwide ‘ummat’ – in other words, because some crackpot regime the West is warring down in a foreign desert happens to be led by Muslims or is located in a Muslim country, that should somehow affect British policy.

    It should not. It doesn’t matter if our country’s foes (and by ‘our country’ I equally refer to Canada, Australia, the USA and all the West) are Muslim or Catholic or Hindu or Jewish – or Protestant like me.

    Duty to one’s own people is what that counts. And one’s ‘own people’ are your fellow-countrymen and women. If some do not share that duty because of their religious hang-ups, OUT with them.


    out with them


    And I don’t mean keeping them out of college campuses. I mean OUT OF THE COUNTRY – or inside a cell.

    Or better still, when the death penalty for treason et al is restored, in an unmarked grave.

    • Harry 10:31 on March 17, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Very to the point, Ross.
      if they want to stick with stupid ideas about women in their own countries, the women need to signal that is not tolerable. Not much we can do to help from outside.Maybe a lot of their women like being treated like serfs.
      But if they bring that ‘ummat uber alles’ idea into our countries, we need to swat them.


  • ross1948 23:44 on November 6, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Clegg Exposed as Liar and Fraud 

    EU - referendum vote


    Shown the Lib Dem pamphlet promising “a real referendum,” Clegg was asked –

    “Do you recognise this poster, Nick? I’d like to know why you went back on this one and why you think we should trust you again now you are in power.”

    But the DPM insisted that his referendum promise had related only to an in/out vote at the time of a treaty transferring power from Westminster to Brussels.




    And the treaty went through. And now Clegg is Deputy Prime Minister, and refuses to act on that pledge. Instead he dangles his deceit before the electorate, yet again –

    “I believe in that so much that, shortly after I entered into this coalition Government in 2010, we legislated to create for the first time in this country a legal guarantee that when there’s another treaty we’ll do exactly what I said on that leaflet, which is that we will have an in/out referendum…”

    And the next time?

    • Edward Spalton 03:02 on November 7, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      CIB and other groups held a demonstration outside the Lib-Dem HQ on the day when Lib-Dem peers ratted on their referendum promise and let through the Lisbon Treaty Bill. Clegg cannot duck responsibility for that. Of course, cross bench peers, including the ultra Europhile Lords Spiritual ( the bench of Church of England bishops) plus the EU’s payroll vote of former Commissioners, former Commission employees and former Foreign Office flunkeys to the EU all helped. The noble Lords were all vigorously canvassed by Baroness Ashton. Her reward for persuading their lordships to commit this deed of bad faith and betrayal was to become “High Representative” of the EU at an enormous salary and pension – not bad for someone whose only previous elected office was as treasurer of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament in the days when it was heavily funded by the Communist party and fellow travelling “peace” groups to undermine our country’s defences.


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