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    Reasons To Be Careful – Beware Of Boris! 

    Well, well..


    Johnson claimed that once Britain had left the EU he would focus on pursuing, “modern, progressive conservatism”, which he called a “winning formula…”


    I’ve often had a grumble about the way conservatives let the Left get away with appropriating the word ‘progressive.’

    Now I ask if BoJo was using it in its compromised sense, meaning all the slimy ‘liberal’ stuff that ‘social justice warriors’ love to wallow in..


    …or did he simply mean he wanted to pursue real progress, for example – implementation of direct democracy, citizens’ initiatives, which would soon see terrorists strung up or shot…

    …and thugs flogged, fake ‘refugees’ slung out…things that honest decent Brits want done, to make Britain a land once more worth living in.

    I fear the latter interpretation of his words would be hugely over-optimistic.

    My scepticism about Boris Johnson is not something unique to me –

    As London mayor, he offered a more internationalist and pro-immigration posture than many in the pro-Brexit camp. https://www.politico.eu/article/eu-brussels-blocks-out-boris-johnson-tory-leadership-uk-brexit-bluster/

    – nor is it anything new to me.

    Frankly, no Tory leader has been trustworthy from a conservative point of view since The Iron Lady.



    She made mistakes, some very serious, as on Rhodesia and on Ulster, but those were occasions when she let her own sound instincts be circumvented by rats in the bureaucratic attic.

    Those who came after had few if any sound instincts.

    Cameron was the most ruinous in his betrayals…

    ..Cam on-off gay adopt

    He u-turned on the perversion issue and he promised a referendum on the ‘European Project’ in 2005…



    …a promise he gaily broke!

    …but can a politician be said to betray principles he never held?

    With Johnson, we may be hearing a lot in the days ahead, some of which might make us think he’s not such a bad chap.

    Writing for The Spectator in 2000, Johnson attacked the then Labour government for ‘encouraging the teaching of homosexuality in schools.’

    In another piece for the Telegraph this time, in 1998 he lamented Peter Mandelson who had just resigned from Labour, which he felt would have led to an outpouring of emotion from ‘tank-topped bum boys in Ministry of Sound. 

    He wrote:

    Weep, o ye shirt makers of Jermyn Street, ye Cool Britannia tailors and whatever exists of human finer feeling. In the Ministry of Sound, the tank-topped bum boys blub into their Pils   https://www.indy100.com/article/boris-johnson-tory-leadership-campaign-brexit-racism-islamophobia-8953576…

    That last bit of doggerel is actually very funny, but this is the same man who not only fell head over heels for the gaystapo agenda…



    …..but stomped the basic principle of fair play by refusing cured aberrants the same right to advertise on London Transport that he’d freely bestown on the aberrants averse to being cured.

    Again, he won wide applause from civilised British people, a few months ago, when he called out the barbarous primitives who affront normal human beings by prowling city streets in offensive head-shrouds.




    But amid all the shrilling from the pinko creeps in the media and the left-liberal political class, a lot of applauders failed to notice that he had failed to demand that the UK follow sensible examples in Denmark and France and ban the backward garb.

    Worse, he appeared to join his fellow-candidates for the Tory leadership in their collective grovel to the Home Secretary’s ridiculous call for an investigation into ‘Islamophobis!’  

    All that’s needed to quell any unreasonable suspicion of Muslims is that all of their representatives in Britain issue a public denunciation of the pig-ignoramuses who call for harassment or worse of Muslims who convert to other creeds or no creed…

    ..a total condemnation of polygamy in any circumstances, a loud assertion that blasphemy is punishable by God and not Man, and that sex discrimination in matters of inheritance is an archaic affront to civilised values.

    AND, most important, that loyalty to Queen and Country ALWAYS takes priority over sectarian solidarity.

    That’s how every aspiring PM should have responded to Javid’s outburst.


    However, back to Mr. Johnson, whose best immediate course of action would be to dump that blonde bit he’s (at least till this weekend) been shacked up with!

    Get a brunette, Boris!


    I say that not because she seems annoyingly raucous but because she reportedly holds appallingly left-liberal views. Since he holds no fixed views on much of anything, while he’s involved with her he is susceptible to her influence.

    If Bojo wins the Tory leadership, as he probably will, his previous form strongly suggests he will betray Brexit as brazenly as T. May did.

    Alas, knowing the grass-roots Tories very well, having once toiled amongst them, I have to say that their capacity for self-delusion is only matched by the sycophancy they instantly display when in proximity to party ‘grandees.’


    This was never more obvious than this weekend, when he cravenly refused to answer all questions about the row with Blondie.

    The assembled Tories sounded like a herd of lowing cattle, with their ‘heah-heah’ mooing, approving his cower-conduct.


    When the betrayal happens, they will bleat sheepishly for minutes and minutes, then get back into cap-doffing mode, sharpish.

    Farage is imperfect, but his Brexit Party is the only practical option for Brits who want to regain their independence.


    • Pamela 11:56 pm on June 22, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I know you would be even more reluctant to see Hunt win, as would I, but your warning against Johnson is well-timed and I could not agree more with your comments on the Tory sheep.
      To know them is to loathe them. I had to work with them for years, hoping they might be improvable.
      I was mistaken. They are beneath contempt.


    • Fiona 12:15 am on June 23, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      So much of what you say is true but I think we have to give him his shot at Brexit.
      He has an ego the size of an ice-berg which may propel him into creating a legacy and he also must fear Farage.

      I do recognise your farm-animal description of the Tory constituency ‘activists’ though I prefer to picture them as poodles or chihuahas, lap-dogs who love to have their ears scratched by their masters.

      I got to the stage where I could hardly bear to be around when the MP came calling on his pets.
      If the MP had a minister with him, it was sickening to watch.

      I know you live in Indonesia so you must like brunettes, but I am not worried about his blonde. He goes through girl-friends like I go through gin and tonics at a barbeque…
      I’d better not say more.


    • Mack the Knife 1:13 am on June 23, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I like your remarks sbout Javid’s little stunt when he rushed the others into promising an Islamophobia Investigation.’
      He handed them a poisoned chalice and they grabbed it without thinking twice.
      Because everyone is talking only about Brexit, the promised witch-hunt has been almost over-looked but it will come back to haunt them all.
      The trouble-makers pushing for it have made no distinction at all between inciting violence against Muslim people and telling them that the many aspects of their religion like those you list are not acceptable in Britain or any Western country.


    • Dot Komm 5:45 pm on June 23, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I thought you might not have kept up with the Tory leadership campaign, so hope the news links I’m including are useful.
      It’s just like tweedle-dum and tweedle-dee. Neither is conservative, not in any serious way.
      Thank God we have the Brexit Party to vote for.


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    BBC -Monkey Jokes Get You Fired, Acid Attack Jokes? No Prob! 

    It was only weeks ago that a comedian whose name I can’t even remember was purged by the BBC  Humour Commissars for a joke in which a monkey pic was prominent.

    BBC Panders To Pinko Pukes, Fires Man Over ‘Monkey’ Joke! 

    It was not an outstandingly funny joke, but it had all manner of uptight ‘racism’ whiners…




    ….and pinko creeps, shrilly throwing tantrums.

    So out the door with the poor joker for his poor joke.

    But when an ugly ( and often un-funny) fanatical socialist ‘comedienne’ chunders out a ‘joke’ about throwing acid at people she ‘hates?’

    Well, yes I would say that but that’s because certain unpleasant characters are being thrown to the fore and they’re very, very easy to hate…

    Image result for jo brand

    hate media.

    ….and I’m kind of thinking: ‘Why bother with a milkshake when you could get some battery acid?’


    Does Jo Brand get dumped by the BBC!?





    It’s just a ‘joke’ and Nigel Farage should curb his indignation.

    One expects no better from Brand, BUT…



    But the biased bigots of the BBC?

    Their double standards show them up for what they are!



    • Mack the Knife 1:03 am on June 14, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I never heard her anytime or any place so I don’t know if she can be funny or not.
      You are right though about her appearance.
      What an ugly old thing she is!


    • Sarah Jones 2:59 am on June 14, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Not that I disagree with what you say about the BBC, they have their leftwing agenda and no longer try hard to hide it, but the true villains in this story are successive Conservative governments who could have at least made moves to privatise.
      Mrs. Thatcher fiddled with reforming it by appointing a BBC chairman, I think it was, but that didn’t work.
      Since then, we had Major and Cameron and the hapless May. They let down many of the people who voted Tory in hopes of democratision or privatisation.
      By democratisation, I mean what I think you once proposed yourself, giving every license holder a vote in electing the board of governors and making sure that an elected board was active in preventing editorial bias.


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    The Two Faces Of The British Future – Which Is Your Choice? 

    A broad smile…

    UKIP leader Nigel Farage arrives at Republican president-elect Donald Trump's Trump Tower in New York

    …or a sour snarl?




    Sorry the photos didn’t work when first published – fixed now, I hope, though I hope the election isn’t fixed!

    • Mick Smith 1:25 pm on May 23, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Good start to polling day.
      Who would choose Sour-Puss?


      • Vic Moodie 9:43 pm on May 23, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        Same here.
        Power to Brexit Party!


  • ross1948 6:49 pm on May 22, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Horrid Red Hag Fired For 'Acid' Outburst? OK, But… 

    That shrill shrew Ruth Townley, whose vicious hate-tweet seems, rightly, to have got her fired, should of course be prosecuted fot incitement.

    It wasn’t the first time she’s shown a taste for terror tactics against patriots…


    Far-Left Hag Ruth Townley  –  who’d like to see Nigel Farage attacked With acid!


    But the far-left shrew is merely the tip of an evil ice-berg, the Red Nazi Antifa thuggery which has not only been allowed to flourish by governments but actively encouraged by left-liberal politicians and their running-dogs in the media.

    We have noted CNN’s Kermit Cuomo…

    CNN – So Cuomo’s OK With Stoning US Troops?!? 

    Nigel Farage getting hit by a milkshake isn’t funny, it’s absolutely hilarious

    That headline comes from the far-left Independent, above a rant from a pinko creep named Tom Peck.


    Pinko Peck, a typical media pack-rat

    And many more, some of whom I have learned of, by coincidence, today!

    I found a very interesting piece this very morning, being at home with nothing to do, like many other Jakarta residents, thanks to the rioting and consequent traffic issues in town today.

    Anyone Up For ‘A Refreshing Jihad Tour?’ 

    The article goes into considerable detail about the inter-connection between a significant number of extreme left journo jerks and the Antifa hoodlum gangs.

    Too much detail for me easily to summarise, so please use the link and learn.   https://www.ntd.com/some-mainstream-journalists-have-working-relationships-with-antifa_332449.html

    But what fascinated me was the sophistry of the Red Nazis’ excuse for violence against innocent patriots.

    The report quotes one such rabid ratbag, who, apparently quite seriously, thinks that non-violent opponents can be attacked simply for holding a peaceful meeting or a perfectly legal march.



    The drooling thug says such ‘groups “incite violence” by putting on “public spectacles” in the first place...’

    Demand that SKY PLC dismiss Paul Crowther for assaulting Nigel Farage

    ..Sign the petition!

    Exactly as that slob seemed to think, the lout who assailed Nigel Farage for the ‘offence’ of walking and talking with voters in a British city.

    One hopes the obnoxious red boor gets dismissed from his position with Sky but, better still, gets a lengthy term behind bars for his intolerant aggression.

    There’s no doubt at all that patriots, conservatives, ‘populists’ –



    – anyone whose message the antifa vermin fear will be well-received by ordinary folks –


    – are the victims, while the vile red boot-boys are responsible for street violence, and should be hammered OFF the streets by the police when they show up to cause trouble.

    … a senior law enforcement official that tracks domestic extremists in their state said many street clashes began with Antifa bringing weapons and attacking people, Politico reported.

    These Antifa guys were showing up with weapons, shields and bike helmets and just beating the shit out of people. … They’re using Molotov cocktails, they’re starting fires, they’re throwing bombs and smashing windows.”


    Red Nazi thuggery in Charlottesville


    Naturally the red nazis’ intended targets fight back, as happened in Charlottesville.

    Donald Trump was both courageous and honest when he refused to condemn the people attacked by Antifa on that day.

    So what’s needed is not only resistance to the marxist gang by those they seek to silence, but crystal-clear instructions from the Home Office to police in every UK constabulary, to distinguish carefully between honest patriots campaigning legally…


    … the filthy masked savages of Antifa.


    Protect British Free Speech…





    ..Smash The Red Nazis!

    • Diana 7:51 pm on May 22, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I’m circulating the petition to everyone at our meeting tonight.
      We didn’t know about it till we saw your today’s blog?
      Thank you so much.


    • Jacko 8:06 pm on May 22, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      She is a bit of a hate-hag, youre right about that.
      I will sign the petition and will make sure everybody else does too
      Firing aint enough though.
      That slob needs to be sent down.
      So do all the antifa.


    • Colin Gemmell 1:38 am on May 23, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I tried to reach that petition but it’s like it’s been disabled.
      Apart from that, your links worked and it was all interesting to read.


    • Mack the Knife 11:55 pm on May 23, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I saw in the news that an octogenarian ex-serviceman was attacked in Aldershot by a Remainer lout and covered with milk-shake.
      The attacker then sped off on a bike, a coward as well as a lout.
      Will that moron Tom Peck in the Independent be laughing his stupid head off about that?
      Next it will be actual acid attscks, as longed for by that Townley hag!
      I do believe there’s so much hate on the Left that an acid attack would have some sick journalists rolling in the aisles.


      • Benny Shelton 1:13 am on May 24, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        I read about that, Mack. The Remain Left are a real danger to democracy. That poor old guy in his 80s may be a tough old chap but most elderly people will feel intimidated if they hear about the threat from Remain thugs .
        We must crack down before it escalates the way that Ruth Townley wants, acid or some other substance that can scar and blind their victims..
        That’s why the yob who attacked Farage should get a few years for his moment of fame.


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    One Blunder Should Not Be Held Against Brexit Party! 

    More than a few readers have urged me to condemn Nigel Farage’s choice of a woman with a noisome political record as a Brexit Party candidate.

    I refer of course to the sometime Revolutionary Communist Group fanatic Claire Fox who is standing in North West England.

    Socialists can be good patriots, so long as they are not into globalism. Economic policy can be argued back and forth between people of goodwill.


    Even communists can repent of their evil internationalist ideology and serve their country’s cause – just think of Imre Nagy, martyred in 1956 by the Reds in Hungary.

    But that woman openly sided with the most venomous vermin…



    …when she failed to condemn unequivocally the vermin of Sinn Fein/IRA!

    No way in the world would I EVER cast a vote for such a tainted candidate.

    And well done to the Brexit Party lady who refuses to put up with such a ‘comrade!’


    Yet patriots up there have no need to do so.


    There are UKIP names on the ballot paper.

    And others, like the English Democrats…


    .Image result for european elections english democrats


    AND there’s Tommy Robinson, who is far from perfect, but whose eruption as an MEP into the Strasbourg Slug den holds great promise in terms of affronting Europhiliac fanatics like Ghastly Guy.

    Harassment by Antifa Red Nazis, unhindered by PC police, may just be what TR needs to win.


    Not only that, but in view of the far-left anti-social media gang’s outrageous interference in British politics….





    …it seems a not bad idea at all to send the Twitter censors a message!



    • Tom Crick 9:23 pm on May 9, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      You are very fair to name the alternatives to the Brexit Party but do not forget the SDP.
      It is still going strong and for anyone who wants a moderate but very pro-Brexit choice, it’s perfect.


    • Tom Crick 9:29 pm on May 9, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Yes, Ross, I was waiting for you to say something about that Fox madwoman.
      There’s no excuse for her and if she apologised that would be different but she has not. Farage made a huge mistake letting her aboard.


    • Mel Burden 10:23 pm on May 9, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I will support the Brexit Party but only on practical grounds, because they have the best chance to win. UKIP and the English Democrats are acceptably pro-independence from Brussels but we need to win big and Farage can do that.
      Even then, in the elections for MEPs we can initially choose our preferred party because ultimately our votes are transferred to whichever pro-Brexit candidate is in the lead.
      Am i correct?
      For Westminster seats, though, we are still in the ‘first past the post’ system. With the Peterborough byelection coming up, that will be a major problem.
      If our patriotic majority splits its votes, the sell-out parties, Con, Lab or LibDem, could sneak in.
      It’s vexing.


  • ross1948 7:51 pm on April 13, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Dirty Trick ‘Donkeys’ – Collabo Media Still Hide The Asses’ IDs 

    They must be among the most cowardly and contemptible cruds  in Britain today, outside of Westminster, of course.


    …Campaign group Led By Donkeys, whose organisers want to remain anonymous … Sky News

    Sky News Collaborates In Anonymous Ass Cover-Up! 

    But what is worse is the role of the brave, investigative media,the hacks who dig and dig for years-old dodgy comments made by  patriots in order to undermine the patriot cause.

    The very same hacks who, collaborating with the cover-up of who these Anti-Brexit Asses actually are, still refuse to do the job the people expect of them.

    Not one single ass among the dirty donkey covert clique has yet been exposed –

    Yellow-Belly Donkeys’ Dirty Tricks Again! Hands Off ‘March To Leave!’  

    UK Media Cover-Up Dirty Donkeys’ I.D! 

    Lack Of Investigative Journalism Skills? Or Deliberate Donkey Cover-Up? 

    – the rotten media have not identified ANY of them.

    Their latest low move?

    Hi-jacking the Brexit Party’s website and calling it –

    ‘the home page of the No Brexit Party.’


    Led By Donkeys

    Infantile, malicious, but predictable.

    But the media cover-up is far from infantile.

    It’s a total malicious betrayal of media responsibility, shielding the subversive scumbags who fear any consequences, any come-back from their dirty tricks.

    In effect, journo jerks in league with leftist lice.





    • Pamela 8:42 pm on April 13, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      It speaks volumes of how unprofessional British journalists are, or how lazy, or how biased.


      • Mort 12:48 am on April 14, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        True, Pamela, not only British but also American journalists are unprofessional and biased but only lazy when it comes to uncovering suspicious activity by nefarious leftwingers and liberals.
        They earn their keep by their diligence in smearing patriots, dredging ancient Facebook posts from decades ago.


    • Tig Speirs 10:16 pm on April 13, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      You are good about these hings. Keep nagging away until somebody with a bit of clout takes up the problem.
      It is a problem too, the media cover-up.
      If we Brexiteers formed a shady gang and did what the donkeys are doing, the Guardian and the rest of the pack would be all over us like a rash. All our names and even probably our shoe and sock sizes would be splashed across their pages, big expose.
      Anti-Brexit gang? Media hush.
      Double standards!


      • Vicki 11:15 pm on April 13, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        That is why I stick to this blog, Tig, because Ross sticks to his guns.
        Whether it’s the stupid donkeys or the migrant menace, he batters on and on and will not give up or give in.
        I like the way he picks up on news from all over. It’s only a pity he can’t produce a story on everything that’s going on but for a one-man band, he makes a lot of noise!


        • ross1948 8:07 am on April 14, 2019 Permalink

          Thanks, Vicki. But I’m not quite a one-man band. I have several loyal friends who can access various ‘social media’ which I cannot! And a lot of you readers send in useful links.
          No worries, I will be continue to be as noisy as possible.


    • Jacko 11:00 pm on April 13, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      If they are so strong in their beliefs, why are they afraid to stand up in public.
      The journalists should find out who they are but journalists are useless.
      Thats why we never trust what we tead in the papers or the BBC.


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    Should Your Town Be An Anti-Patriot No-Go Zone? 

    Do you get tired of how intolerant leftists arrogate to themselves the right to impose ‘no-go’ areas on their  political opponents?

    ’Patriot parties not welcome here!’

    That kind of totalitarian sludge has pock-marked academia for years but in recent years has been heard more and more…



    …..from the ugly side of political life, far-left gangs like ‘Hope Not Hate,’ and now Coventry’s Labour MP has started shrilling about which of her political opponents may be heard in  what she clearly considers her personal one-party state.

    The old red battle-axe has just yelped that Nigel Farage is ‘not welcome’ in Coventry.

    UKIP leader Nigel Farage arrives at Republican president-elect Donald Trump's Trump Tower in New York

    Nigel Farage,


    The uppity old  leftist must be running scared of her own constituents, who voted to leave the EUSSR.
    But that does NOT empower her to call for her constituents to be denied the right to hear the arguments against her Europhiliac weaselling!

    referndmlet peole vote

    The local newspaper there has a poll running.


    Use this link to vote down her outrageous intolerance.


    • Edward Lamont 3:19 am on April 12, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Who does she think she is?
      People in Coventry, the same as anywhere, have a right to hear other opinions besides hers.
      She doesn’t get to say who’s welcome, except in her own house and her own Labour party office.


    • Fred Napler 11:13 am on April 12, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      She sould go back to school and learn, that democracy means evryone gets a hearing.


    • Diana 6:31 pm on April 12, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      This woman is as bad as any dictator.
      Who is she to speak for the people she ‘represents’ when the most of them voted Leave and she is misrepresenting them, along with her marxist leader Corbyn, on that over-riding issue!
      Hypocrite, totalitarian, it’s her who should be made unwelcome by the people of Coventry.


  • ross1948 10:29 am on March 31, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Tory Democracy? Kidding, Right? Tory Jackboot, More Like! 

    Meanwhile, the Conservative party chairman Brandon Lewis gave his backing to Grieve and said the association vote against him had no formal standing under party rules…


    So much for the Conservative Party’s pretended interest in democracy.



    May’s flunkey Brandon Lewis MP makes it crystal clear!

    A properly constituted motion, ruled in order for debate, passed by a very clear majority…



    …by fully-paid-up members of Beaconsfield Conservative Association, has ‘NO STANDING’ if it upsets the arrogant Tory elite who think that they, not the rank-and-file, own the party.

    That’s irrefutable evidence of what we said earlier  this weekend.

    May wants Grieve and all the other collaborationist ‘Conservatives’ left unhindered by democratic action in their various constituencies, left in peace to focus their malevolent attentions on their war on British independence.Don’t Grieve For That Remainer Millionaire! 


    You should read that Guardian piece – the quote we use at the top of our page is the key, but the way their sycophant hacks who wrote it doff their humble caps to a Brexit-hating toff is hilarious – the pro-Grieve puke is deferentially described as…


    ‘a distinguished man…’

    …who is then provided with a platform to insult the people who voted Grieve out as ‘loud-mouthed yobs!’

    But this is a serious matter, nonetheless. The Tory ruling clique are plainly not going to let party democracy prevail…


    Image result for dangerous democracy

    …if they can possibly prevail against the deselection revolt, they will.

    Months ago, I expressed my grave doubts about the efficacy of Leave.EU’s strategy of mobilising patriots in the constituencies of Tory ratbags to join the local Conservative Association.

    I’ve explained my scepticism already.

    Save Brexit By Infiltrating Tories? What Do YOU Think? 

    But I wished them well in their endeavour.

    Now we see that simply following constituency rules might be insufficient to purge the Europhiliacs.

    More good reasons to destroy the Conservative Party and bring on Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party?

    • Mack the Knife 12:26 pm on March 31, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Exactly what would make a Guardian journo decide some man they met was ‘distinguished?’
      Was he wearing a tiara and an evening dress?


    • Fiona F 1:54 pm on March 31, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Perfect, just what I would say if I had a blog but I am not that good with words and no need while you’re blastng away like an anti-aircraft gun.
      It is sheer arrogance.
      If the party does not belong to its members then what’s the point?
      If it does belong to its members, then Brandon Lewis should pipe down,


    • Pamela 3:48 pm on March 31, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      You did warn us. The Tory Party has always been masters and serfs, a richh top tier with a crowd of mugs who pay subscriptions to be given the menial tasks.
      In my experience, the worst are the snobbish middle tier, late middle-aged, tweedy men and frumpy females.
      I had to work with them for years and while one or two did care about conservatism and had integrity, most were not even interested in politics.


      • ross1948 5:31 pm on March 31, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        I don’t often reply to comments, happy to let them speak for themselves, Pamela, but your words struck a chord, and I remembered exactly the jerk-genre you speak of, basking in the reflected glory of having tea at the Commons, strutting about with visiting dignitaries.
        Insufferably self-important and, I always felt, driven by a need to make them feel their self-importance was not misplaced.


    • Vanessa R 7:57 pm on March 31, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Pamela and Ross – your experience matches mine.
      I knew a few of the local Tories where I used to live, not the neighbours who voted Tory but the local ‘dignitaries’ who walked the MP round the streets when an election was on. They took it in turns to be mayor or were on the county council, drove fancy cars and looked very uneasy in our modest little neighbourhood.
      That was the only time we ever saw them, then they would go back to their big Tudor mansions till the next time.
      They were useless, in the true meaning of that word, but they could always be seen at public events, self-satisfied looks on their faces.
      A lot of people laughed at them behind their backs.


  • ross1948 2:47 pm on March 17, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Warsaw! War Hero’s Daughter Speaks Up – Might Noble Poles Rescue Britons? 

    Just as help was sought and sent in World War II to resistance movements fighting the Third Reich, so too, in 2019, are patriotic Brits, resisting the Fourth Reich…



    …asking for succour in the struggle for deliverance.


    Story image for farage salvini from EURACTIV

    While Nigel Farage is not likely to get help from Italy, because the government there is a coalition in which patriot leader Matteo Salvini’s League party is only one part, it may be that the visit to Warsaw by some of the minority of Conservative MPs who favour freedom may have had an impact of sorts.

    God knows the Poles’ national memory must be not un-affected by the post-WW2 betrayal by Britain at Yalta, when Churchill went along with the dirty deal that saw brave Poland consigned to decades of marxist quisling tyranny.


    Related image


    Yet there is an instinctive attachment to the principle of self-determination among those Poles, and of course an on-going, active involvement in fighting the intrusive oppression that the EUSSR imposes on nations that think for themselves..


    Brussels Wants War? Send YOUR Solidarity ToPoland Today! 

    Having got rid of Moscow, why would any Pole, except deplorables like Turncoat Tusk, welcome Brussels as substitute alien master?

    I quote from a near hysterical article by a Europhiliac bigot in the Guardian who is clearly consumed by fears that the Law and Justice Party government may forgive Yalta..




    …and be the first constituent state of the Brussels Empire to extend a helping hand to British freedom-fighters. Interestingly, and not necessarily irrelevantly, the Polish minister quoted happens to be the daughter of the late General Wladislaw Anders, who served in the forces that fought the World War II enemy.


    Related image

    After receiving her friends, Anna Maria Anders, the Polish minister for international dialogue, opined that she was “definitely against deferment and another referendum….”.

    One swallow does not make a summer, although she is the second that I know of…

    Poles Break Brexit Ranks, Defy Brussels Backstop Bullies – Eire Quivers! 

    …but to hear that voice, from far away Warsaw, dismissing the demand that the British be made to keep voting till they return a result acceptable to the Euro-Commissars and their UK running-dogs, is refreshing, this sunny morning in a suburb of Jakarta.

    • Petra Malley 8:01 pm on March 17, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      The Poles don’t owe us a lot, because of Yalta, as you say.
      Even so, in the present day they are up against it due to Brussels acting like the Soviets did for all those years, preventing them running their country in accordance with the Polish people’s wishes.
      They are a brave nation, so who knows, Ms. Anders may get her government to help us out.
      In the end, though, it is for the British people to stand up to our enemies in Brussels, even though our MPs will not, as we’ve seen.
      We can only hope, but I have started to wonder if the spirit that saw us through the war passed away along with the wartime generation.


  • ross1948 12:14 am on February 22, 2019 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Aidan Milan, , , infamous, , Metro, Nigel Farage   

    Metro Hack – Ill-Educated, Or Just Plain Bigoted? – Slurs Farage! 

    Exactly who is Aidan Milan?

    He writes for London’s rather basic ‘Metro’ newspaper.

    But he is hardly a journalist, judging from his insertion of a nasty pejorative into what is meant to be an informative news story this week.

    It’s ostensible aim is to help readers find how to join the new Brexit Party – but almost instantly Milan slurs the Brexit hero Nigel Farage as an ‘INFAMOUS’ right-wing politician…’

    Oh yeah?


    Cambridge English Dictionaries

    1. well known for some bad quality or deed.
      “an infamous war criminal”
      synonyms: notorious, disreputable, ill-famed, of ill-repute; More

      • wicked; abominable.
        “the medical council disqualified him for infamous misconduct”
        synonyms: abominable…



    It could of course be that Aidan Milan is simply under-educated, in which case he needs a quick English vocabulary revision course..


    …but given how rotten with bias so much of the media is, I am tempted to suggest he vented his own Europhiliac spleen with that indefensible insult to the patriot leader…

    UKIP leader Nigel Farage arrives at Republican president-elect Donald Trump's Trump Tower in New York

    Nigel Farage,

    … Milan perhaps confident he’d  get away with flouting the principles of objective reporting.
    : https://metro.co.uk/2019/02/18/join-nigel-farages-new-brexit-party-8655714/?ito=cbshare


    Although, among British people, Aidan is always a name bestown on boy-children, the culprit here, after further investigation, turned out to be a female, whose intellectual depth may be measured by her vacuous self-description..

    Aidan Milan

    Writer, journalist and cinephile. Likes include pyjamas and fatty foods. Dislikes include Piña Coladas and getting caught in the rain.


    • Fiona 1:43 am on February 22, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Most of what she wrote was coherent and grammatical.
      I should think she is very well aware that it is offensive to call a person infamous.


      • Pamela 2:07 am on February 22, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        I’m sure you’re correct in your assumption, Fiona, but what about the editorial responsibility?
        Anybody doing a competent job of editing a publication ought to have a good enough vocabulary to recognise that she had inserted her personal political prejudice into the article.
        Have we not been alerted to Metro’s basic biases before this incident?


      • Stewart Grant 7:02 am on February 22, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        If her article was littered with stupid vocabulary and syntax errors, you could let ‘infamous’ pass as one of many, but it is not.
        Her ‘infamous’ stands out as an incongruous word for a news article that should be fair and balanced.
        She must just be another pro-EUSSR leftist.


    • Adam Taylor 4:04 am on February 22, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      She may have little idea of what the hostile word means but I doubt it.
      In any case, it was approved by the Metro editor before it went into print so even if she herself is ignorant of the meaning, somebody up the editorial chain should have caught it and sent it back to her with a dictionary.
      Can anybody become a ‘journalist’ these days, the sole qualification being pro-Brussels sycophancy?


    • Vicki 5:32 am on February 22, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      ‘Infamy, he’s got it infamy,’ was that not a famous catch- phrase in the 60s?
      That was when I learned the meaning.
      This girl is much too young to remember that but if she went to college she ought to have acquired a good command of English.
      Ought to have but did not.


    • Charles Linnes 9:56 am on February 22, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I would say she is both bigoted and ill-educated, or at any rate under-educated. The former because of her use of the demeaning adjective, and the latter because I am sure she understood that the adjective is 100% negative but instead of casting about for some less conspicuous ( and therefore more insidiously effective) slur-word, she could only come up with ‘infamous.’
      Now if I had to find a word to put down an opponent without being obvious about it, what might I say?
      Indecisive? Controversial? Abrasive?
      All three could apply to Nigel and are not complimentary but can be presented as factually accurate.
      Infamous? Only among those who care little for our country.


    • Mack the Knife 11:51 am on February 22, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Some days you get hardly any comments even when you write about a big issue but today everybody wants to comment about this little girl.
      Funny how it works.
      Usually I would try to stick up for people who don’t know any better,if she really is too thick to appreciate that news needs to be presented impartially.
      She could be given a try as Metro cookery correspondent, write recipes for fatty foods.


      • Tom Morrow 5:35 pm on February 22, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        There is very little information to be found about this propagandess.
        Somebody should carry out as deep an investigation as possible into her provenance.


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