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  • ross1948 17:49 on February 15, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Double-Standards – INNOCENT Lives Matter! 

    Hey, a bit of a wasted day – not really, as I did do some much-needed cleaning and tidying in vain anticipation – for my two prospective visitors are now an hour and a half late and no sms to indicate if they are on the way or not coming.

    • rain-13
    • But with flooding still a problem in various parts of Jakarta, no point in casting blame until I know the score. Anyway, I have another scheduled for tomorrow, so no worries.

    Meanwhile, I’ve just switched this laptop back on and been scanning recent UK news.


    Protesters gathered in central London on Thursday to decry the lack of media coverage over the murder of three Muslim students in North Carolina. The demonstrators accused BBC and Sky News of what they consider to be the demonization of Islam and the downplaying of hate crimes against Muslims. RT Today

    • ——
    •  ‘Muslim Lives Matter’ demo


    • This is unbelievable. The story made headlines all over the world, hardly any ‘lack of media coverage!’
    • But judging from the alleged perp’s Facebook pages, he’s far from motivated by any animus against Muslims – quite the opposite.

    Of course it’s terrible that three people should be killed over a parking dispute!

    But there seems to be an agenda here, with fanatic groups, like the Muslim Brotherhood’s CAIR in the USA, seeking to use the murders as another weapon to suppress criticism of the Islamist threat to the West, which we saw all over again last night.

    If these demonstrators really want to prevent ‘demonisation’ of Islam, they should have been out on the streets in their hundreds and thousands, protesting against ISIS, which does, after all, call itself the Islamic State.  


    They should also have been out in similar numbers confronting the ignorant savages who descended en masse into Western city centres urging ISIS-style beheadings of anyone who ‘blasphemes.’

    Until that happens, these silly little bints should shut up.

    Sorry, that sounds sexist, an adjective more suitable to an ideology that decrees second-class inheritance rights for daughters and has these women in the photo covering their heads when men don’t have to.

    Let’s call them instead silly little sectarians.   


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    Did Voter Disgust At Racist Democrats Turn Tide in Colorado? 

    A lot of people forget the racist history of the US Democrat Party, their KKK Senator Byrd, who died not long ago, and the ‘Dlxiecrat’ segregationists in other Southern Sates.


    But some say it’s all in the past.

    Not so, and the exposure of electoral fraud in this month’s vote confirmed that.

    In Colorado, the official actually identified a location where our undercover reporter could actually go to retrieve mail-in ballots in the trash. She said go to the ‘ghetto,’ was her word, and take the African-American and Mexican ballots because ‘they don’t care.’

    • c5f28-fraud2b2
    • Such overt contempt for ethnic minorities shocked Americans. And it is not unfair to argue that this had an effect at the voting booth. It’s been Project Veritas that has done all the hard work, catching the corrupt creeps on camera and getting local media to pay attention.


      Project Veritas: Stop Voter Fraud


    Project Veritas is the brain child of James O’Keefe and here’s what he says.

    “These are really outlandish statements that we caught on tape that I think shocked people. In North Carolina, it was a one or two-point differential that could have made the difference,” he said.


    And it wasn’t just in North Carolina!

    Read the whole article to see how widespread Democrat deceit really was…



    …and how Project Veritas lifted the stones so the people could see the slimy things that crawled with legs, trying to steal democracy from those who still – so far – possess it.

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    Hey, It’s Weh! What’s Not To Like, New Mexico? 

    With the US elections almost upon us, a quick endorsement from RRA, though I don’t know if I have many readers in New Mexico.

    According to WND, the Republican candidate, retired U.S. Marine Corps Col. Allen Weh, is gaining on the incumbent Democrat, Mark Udall.

    Basic policy issues divide them of course, but what makes me want to commend Weh is the stark contrast in how he perceives service to one’s country.


    U.S. Marine Corps Col. Allen Weh (Ret.)


     As WND reports, Weh is a retired United States Marine Corps colonel who was awarded a Silver Star, two Bronze Stars, three Purple Hearts and five Air Medals among other honors for his heroism in combat. Weh, 71, served the nation in uniform in Vietnam, the Gulf War, Somalia and the Iraq War.

    He is appalled by Udall’s foreign policy and military records both personally and professionally.

    “On national security, no contest,” he said. “He’s never served in uniform a day in his life. In fact in 1970, when he graduated from college, he decided to go to England to avoid service in Vietnam. That may not matter to a lot of people, but I’ll tell you what. It matters to a whole lot of Vietnam veterans.”


    And defending one’s country is not merely something needful in the past.




    Weh describes the borders as porous and directly blames the president for allowing it to happen.   http://www.wnd.com/2014/11/upset-war-hero-suddenly-threatens-to-unseat-dem-senator/

    Anyway, that’s just one of the battle-ground states, and it would be amiss not to mention two more, viz.- 

    North Carolina, where Republican Thom Tillis has an excellent record of defending decent values…

    and Arkansas, where a most duplicitous man, Mark Pryor, is facing another real conservative, Tom Cotton.

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