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    Even In Ulster! Pro-Decency Dissent Dismissed As ‘Frustrating!’ 

    I used to believe that, when all the realm had fallen into decadence, Ulster would still be hanging in there, flying the flag of decent values high.

    Image result for red hand ulster

    Not any longer!

    The man in the photo below, a former DUP local legislator, named Nelson McCausland, had the temerity to take a stand on the issue of trans-freak indoctrination in Ulster schools, and was subjected by a leftist vixen to a contemptuous and offensive put-down.


    Nelson McCausland
    Nelson  McCausland
    The so-called ‘Education Authority’ has just published their ‘guidelines’ on the issue of sexually maladjusted schoolchildren.

    The diktat instantly exposed their commitment to the ‘LGBT’ gaystapo ideology, by talking not about how it can help provide aberrant kids with therapy to remedy their problem but rather on ‘how schools should support’ them.

    Ominously, it refers to such matters as uniforms, use of toilets and changing rooms, naming and access to sports.’

    Will the ‘guidelines’ take their example from the USA?


    Hasil gambar untuk doug jones bathroom schools obama


    Or from Mexico, where..

    Boys can wear skirts if they want and girls can wear trousers if they want…”Mexico City drops gender-specific school uniforms


    Well, we all know where that’s heading!


    And so did Mr McCausland, who presented the clique with a personal statement, which sounds like good Ulster sense to me!

    ,“We are all aware that there are divergent views on the nature of transgenderism and concerns have been articulated by radical feminists, social conservatives and many academics as well as many who come from a faith-based perspective,” he said.

    However the development of this guidance has failed to take due cognisance of that diversity of viewpoints and is therefore flawed.”

    Noting that the diktat was composed in a gender affirming perspective…” he added that faith-based organisations were not represented on a Transgender Guidance Steering Group set up by the EA and were not consulted on the final guidance document.


    “The Inequalities Working Group received presentations from transgender organisations and from one principal from an LGBT affirming school but we did not hear from faith-based organisations.

    ‘Inequalities Working Group?’

    PC Cabal, more like!

    McCausland had a lot more to say, but you may read his criticisms for yourselves. The point is, he warned the elitist in-crowd that the guidance could be open to judicial review and a public consultation “would help avoid that possibility…”

    Public Consultation?

    OMG, letting normal parents raise concerns in an open and democratic manner!?!

    No way the arrogant ‘chairperson,’ a ghastly gabbling woman named Sharon O’Connor, was having any of that sort of thing!


    EA Chairperson, Sharon O'Connor.


    The uppity old bat ‘told Mr McCausland that the guidelines were already debated extensively and she considered he was “frustrating business,” according to the minutes of the meeting.’



    So if you politely, and with rational arguments, disagree with her pro-tranny dogmatic diktat, you’re “frustrating business?’


    When McCausland called for a vote on a public consultation, the only support he got was from another DUP man, whereas ten members of the cabal – sorry, board – voted against, while two more preferred to weasel out by abstaining.

    The Belfast Telegraph report concludes by telling all the parents among their readership that not only will there be no consultation but that the diktat, sorry, ‘guidelines,’ will now ‘apply to pre-schools, primary schools and post primary and special schools.


    Intrigued that such a specimen could have been put in charge of every school in Ulster, I checked back and found that questions had indeed been asked, in 2015, when she was given the job.

    Questions from a responsible spokesman for British Ulster’s traditional values, questions directed to a disloyal Sinn Feiner!

    Sure enough, Jim Alister hit the nail on the head!



    TUV leader Jim Allister asked Education Minister John O’Dowd of Sinn Féin if he was “playing the green card” by appointing Ms O’Connor…


    Mr O’Dowd angrily objected to the question….

    Surprise, surprise!

    How for Heaven’s Sakes did a disloyal get to be Education Minister? 

    That’s another question!

    Mr Allister asked the minister why he had decided to appoint someone whom he alleged had “no education background”.

    He said that on the day she left her existing post, she would get “a £250,000 golden handshake” and then walk into a public appointment.

    Image result for parent power

    Time for Ulster to fight, again!

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    Lingo Largesse -“Don’t Trust DUP!” Ulster’s Jim Speaks Out! 

     If you’ve ever been across the sea to Ireland…

    …to that part of the island which arrogantly claims the name ‘Republic of Ireland’ for territory which only occupies part of the geographical area which the name ‘Ireland’ covers…

    • 3c1b1-get_real_big

    …then you will know that only a minority, quite a small minority, speak Erse in day-to-day life.

    Even less so for Northern Ireland  – British Ulster.

    But the disloyal minority in Ulster, which sees the old language as a tribal totem, has been getting large sums to fund its survival, largesse much larger than that given to Ulster-Scots, the old language of most of the Brits there – including my own ancestors, who dwelt in places like Kilrea, and Holly Hill .

    Gambar terkait


    And the largest ‘unionist’ party, the DUP, has been in collaboration with Sinn Fein, the treason party, to facilitate this discriminatory practice.

    Even as the undemocratic ‘power-sharing’ deal stumbles towards an unexpected election…

    IRA Murder-Gangster Quits – A Golden Opportunity! 

    …this linguistic scandal has erupted again, TUV’s excellent Jim Alister has denounced the latest antics on the issue, a DUP sell-out on a previous proposal modestly to trim the Erse-promotion budget, as a “humiliating climb-down.”

    • Jim_Allister_410683t
    • oooooooooooooo
    • Mr Allister said: “Why was the money not there before Christmas but suddenly available when the DUP are desperate to avoid an election? Did he find it down the back of a boiler?
    Gambar terkait
    “The DUP is in concession mode and this £50,000, which Mr Givan defended withdrawing on the basis that Irish already receives vastly more money than Ulster Scots just 24 hours ago, is just the start….


    …“What else will they roll over on after an election to get their jobs back? An Irish Language Act? The Maze? Allowing Sinn Fein/IRA rewrite the past?http://www.newsletter.co.uk/news/tuv-leader-rounds-on-dup-after-humiliating-climb-down-on-irish-language-funding-1-7769403

    Absolutely right!

    And if an election is held, we must echo Jim’s next observation. 

    Hasil gambar untuk tuv vote

    “The best insurance policy against further moves to appease Sinn Fein/IRA demands is a number one vote for TUV in the election.”

    • Malcolm Kilgour 17:44 on January 13, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      They’re after our country, and always have been. ever since the UK was partitioned by Sinn Fein nearly a hundred years ago. That crowd in Dublin were never content with having their republic, they have murdered and bombed us to try and force us under their flag.
      But while Ulster may be just a wee country, we’re game. They’ll not get us without a fight, and if Ulster can still fight like the Ulstermen did at the Battle of the Somme, that means they’ll never get us.
      No Surrender!
      And thanks for your support.


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    James McLean – No Poppy? No Place for Him, In ANY UK Team! 

    Non-British readers may never have heard of Wigan, so I’ll start by saying it’s a town in north-western England, and if non-Brits have heard of it, likely it’s because of Orwell’s Road to Wigan Pier. 


    I’ve never been there, but have seen road signs pointing off the M6 motor-way, so can confirm it’s part of the UK, which, I’m sure you know, means the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. That’s important with regard to the topic this morning.

    For people from the North of Ireland such as myself, and specifically those in Derry, scene of the 1972 Bloody Sunday massacre, the poppy has come to mean something very different.  http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/football-league/james-mcclean-wigan-midfielder-explains-his-refusal-to-wear-a-remembrance-poppy-on-his-shirt-9848447.html

    That’s an extract from a letter sent by somebody called James McLean, who plays for the town’s football (soccer) team.

    He’s been booed (good!) for his refusal to wear a Remembrance Poppy on his jersey, and his letter is his attempt at self-exculpation. 



    Turns out this specimen has a history, but even before we look at that, the very language he uses gives him away for what he is.

    The ‘North of Ireland…’   ‘Derry.’  

    The treason talk of Ulster’s disloyal minority.

     Vandal traitors at work

    You can spot them by their usage of those terms, which are their way of dissing Ulster’s British identity. They can’t bring themselves to use the proper name for the Province, which is Northern Ireland. The city he hails from is famed for the heroic Seige. Loyal British Ulsterfolk have no hesitation about invoking its memory. Those whose allegiance is to a foreign state will not utter the name of Londonderry.

     County Londonderry, Northern Ireland

    Mere linguistic quibbling on my part to damage McLean’s image? Hardly – here’s an extract from another report on his treacherous stance.

    .. he signed for Sunderland from Derry City and stated his ‘dream’ was to play for the Republic of Ireland. ..

    Yet he comes from a British city in a Province of the UK? No dream of playing for Northern Ireland? No, he has made it plain he prefers to play for a foreign side rather than the place he was born in! 

    That same Daily Mail report mentions that he has declared his enthusiasm for an IRA song. No surprise there.




    When he made his disloyal choice public, he was rightly named a ‘turncoat’ in the Belfast Telegraph, 8th August 2011. He himself told The Score that he only ever viewed a previous move to join Northern Ireland’s squad as purely to help his career. (1oth May, 2012)

    McLean’s no man of principle, indisputably, but his response was to accuse the newspaper of being ‘sectarian’ and staffed by ‘bigots.’  

    Bigots? Because they drew the obvious conclusion from his own stated preference for another country over his own?

    No wonder he won’t sport a poppy.

    He stands exposed as a rabid republican, no better than those Sudeten-Germans in 1938 who cheered on Hitler not only for his annexation of the border lands where they predominated, but also in his subjugation of the entire Czech nation.



    Mural, Shankill Parade, off Shankill Road.


    An identical ambition to that of McLean and his ilk, who share Sinn Fein’s evil dream of all Ulsterfolk being subjected to Dublin rule. 

    • Billy King 13:12 on November 17, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Truer words never spoken, my friend.
      This republican should be chased off every British football pitch whenever he shows his Sinn Fein face.
      Keep up the good work!


    • ranger 16:27 on November 19, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      The hell with this republican, whoever signed him for Wigan needs his head read.
      I hope he’s chased off the pitch if he ever shows his traitor face again.


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