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  • ross1948 16:18 on August 21, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    OK, Erna! Norse Leader Tells Trump-Truth! 



     “Right wing extremists and neo-Nazis have a lot in common with the extreme left or religious extremism. They seek to whip up hate, division and conflict…



    Not a lot of difference!


    Both Communism and Nazism are destructive ideologies, although the Communists have undoubtedly murdered more innocent people.

    ‘Bitter Harvest – Red Evil Exposed- And A Lugenpresse Reminder! 

    Yet still we have moronic millennials  – and many other people who, unlike a lot of the ignorant ‘student’ population, actually know very well of marxism’s history of  satanic evil – trying to maintain there’s no moral equivalence between the two hate-creeds.



    This denialism would have us forget the Reds’ concentration camps/death camps, like Belene in Bulgaria, the Gulag in Russia and the infamous ‘re-education centres’ in Vietnam.

    And the rest…




    Some of the deniers do so just because they don’t like Donald Trump, but many because they are ardent marxists, of course.

    Antifa is an obvious example!




    Like all marxists, these deniers are skilled in lying, a skill all the easier to exercise when their mendacity is aided and abetted by media creeps like Fox News’  Melissa and CNN in America and the Guardian/BBC axis of bias in the UK.

    But hark, truth has found a new champion in Norway!


    Hasil gambar untuk erna norway pm


    Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg has come in for sharp criticism after being quoted as saying the Nazis and the extreme left had “much in common…”

    Norway’s PM criticised for comparing neo-Nazis to far left

    Aaah, but from whom does the ‘sharp criticism’ emanate?



    The comments have been strongly criticised by some of Norway’s left-wing politicians.

    Snorre Valen of the Socialist Left Party (Sosialistisk Venstreparti) called Solberg’s comments “completely irresponsible and amateur…” 

    The PM should condemn Nazism clearly, Valen wrote.

    But obviously not the much more blood-stained Communism?

    Absolutely not!

    “We need you to say ‘we’ve fought Nazism before and we’ll fight it again’, not weak distractions like ‘the others are also bad’,” he wrote.

    As we know, those of us who have read any modern history beyond the first page or two of junior high school textbooks…


    Hasil gambar untuk black book of communism

    the others are also VERY bad!

    …in response to Valen, Solberg cited violence by protesters at July’s G20 summit in Hamburg as an example of left wing extremism. She also wrote that her comments were not intended to draw equivalence between the left wing and neo-Nazis.

    Okay, there are left-wingers who do not advocate violence as an instrument of policy, or murder, but there are many who do.

    ‘I hope Trump is assassinated,’ Missouri lawmaker writes

    ..and not just in politics, but among the cretin-celebs…

    Hasil gambar untuk trump caesar stabbed

    Don’t Blame The Bard, Blame The Bad – Like Allyn Burrows! 

    But although that vile Missouri Democrat slag has been forced now to offer an apology of highly dubious sincerity, among the Danish reds, apologies should be forthcoming from truthful PM Stolberg.


    Hasil gambar untuk bjornar moxnes red party

    Bjørnar Moxnes, leader of the far-left Red Party, which does not hold any seats in parliament, said Solberg should apologise for her comments.

    Oh yeah?


    “This is bringing Trump rhetoric into the Norwegian election campaign. Being extreme against racism is not the same as wanting to wipe out minorities….” 

    The Red leader said that his party “naturally rejects terror of any kind.”

    Yes indeed. They always say that, whilst making herculean efforts to obstruct effective action to curb terrorism.

    And any comment they make to condemn assaults on free speech by red thug gangs like Antifa?

    Must been whispered.

    Good though to hear from more mature politicians, like Henrik Asheim, who observed that-

    “It is completely uncontroversial to point out common characteristics between right wing extremists and left wing radicals in this context.” 

    • Petra Malley 19:57 on August 21, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Good for her and good for you.
      It is insulting to be told that nationalist protests, even very extreme ones, are somehow more objectionable than marxist protests.
      Communism in all its forms has been a cause of more bloodshed and misery than anything else in Europe except for the Black Death.


    • Malcolm Wells 10:58 on August 22, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Yes, when can we in Canada do a trade?
      Pity Norway probably wont take Turdeaux.


  • ross1948 23:55 on September 9, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Facebook Censorship – Obama’s Little Creep In Hot Water! 

    Took the day off  – had a welcome visitor who has left my humble home shipshape once more.

    I didn’t even watch the news till quite late this evening, but when I did, I was delighted to see that finally some big guns are targetting that little creep Zuckenberg, after his Facebook geekstapo censored that famous Vietnam photo. 

    Hasil gambar untuk facebook napalm girl

    Norway’s PM attacks Facebook “censorship” over Vietnam photo

    I certainly hope Prime Minister Solberg chases down the swine and we see at least one of Facebook’s many arbitrary acts of censorship shamed and reversed.

    I got banned from Facebook myself, for exposing the Cikeusik Pogrom, that monstrous ( and basically unpunished) jihadist atrocity here in Indonesia.



    They promised a proper explanation but never kept their word – and what does one expect from that Obamanoid upstart Zuckerberg, who more recently pledged to suppress anti-crimmigrant views on his ‘social media’ forum?

    Hypocrite Zuckenberg’s Cess-Pool, Bubbling With Hate! 

    The sooner a fair-minded rival to Facebook comes into existence, the better.

    Incidentally, the little girl in that photo which has caused the current controversy? The reds always try to use her picture to promote anti-Americanism.

    Always Learning Something New! That Little Vietnam Girl Chose Freedom! 

    But she grew up to know better than that!

    Kim is glad to be alive now, but she describes her attitude growing up in Communist-dominated Vietnam this way:

    I got burned by napalm, and I became a victim of war … but growing up then, I became another kind of victim. … I wished I died in that attack with my cousin, with my south Vietnamese soldiers.


    • JazPen 09:46 on September 10, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I read today that Facebook has backed down on this photo.
      I was all the way on your side when they censored that Cikeusik photo and then banned you for posting it but I bet they wont back down on that.


    • Sam Kernaghan 11:55 on September 10, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I’m glad you added that bit about the girl escaping the Communists when she grew up.
      So many ‘American’ media were on the Communist side in that war. That’s why we lost it, constant enemy propaganda coming out of our tv screens and the pages of newspapers that readers thought were giving fair reports.
      And it’s the same overall bias today, in this presidential election.
      Whatever went wrong with the US media?


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