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  • ross1948 23:42 on March 19, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Truth Will Out – NYT Confirms NO ‘Insurrection?’ 

    Well done, Project Veritas!

    No wonder the reds hate you!


    Jan 6

    Read on….

  • ross1948 07:46 on October 21, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Major U.S. Media Exalts Unrepentant Communist! 

    I know that both the NYT and CNN are only nominally ‘American’ and care little if anything for real Americans or their values, but even so, it says a lot about how bad things have gotten in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave…



    ….that both of these heavyweight media now boldly exalt an evil Un-American Communist vixen.

    See the source image

    The New York Times even put Angela Davis’ article on a page headed The Greats – can we expect them to publish hitherto unknown essays by other ‘Greats,’ like the dead traitors Alger Hiss and Benedict Arnold?


    Hiss, another slimy Communist


    By chance, I had newly stumbled on an equally appalling CNN video, in which –

    ‘…activist and author Angela Davis talks to Amanpour about Supreme Court pick Amy Coney Barrett, how capitalism worsened the coronavirus crisis and why today’s Black Lives Matter movement makes her hopeful….’


    While Amanpour is a repulsive hag, shameless about her pursuit of her own intolerant leftist agenda…

    CNN And Amanpour – An Inability To Offer Objectivity


    Amanpour Calls For Media Jihad Against Trump | Daily Wire

    ….she at least has not had quite as energetic ( for want of a better word) a career as that mangy old red bag Davis.

    Davis, of whom I have written previously!

    …an ardent devotee for years and years of the Communist Party USA…




    Praised by many Marxists and others on the far left, Davis has received various awards, including the Lenin Peace Prize.

    She has also sustained criticism for her support for political violence and her refusal to advocate for prisoners in Marxist-Leninist countries..



    …who devoted the ‘best’ years of her life to the pursuit of evil, and has never publicly, or, as far as anyone knows, privately, repented.



    …she has NEVER repudiated marxism, and is obviously, thereby, disqualified from discussing democracy, fairness or anything related to the well-being of her country.

    I wrote that when a more specifically anti-American part of the media…

    …published this toxic hogwash.

    Angela Davis: ‘Racism is embedded in the fabric of this country’


    I also said then what a great pity it was that, during the hunt undertaken by the feds all those decades ago, this creature was not taken out.

    Otherwise she’d not have ended her ‘working life’ as an over-paid ‘professor’ in  – where else – a California college!

    But I do find it odd that Comrade Professor Davis is maintaining her adolescent animosity towards capitalism in an era when Big Biz USA has largely embraced the BLM Enemy Within….

    Related image


    Verizon has shown its true colours, piling onto the BLM bandwagon, one of the scores of big biz heavy-weights, like Coke and Unilever….

    – Yahoo/Verizon Now Openly Complicit With BLM!  –

    ..and are SO out to bring Trump down, that Biden has raised millions more in donations from Big Biz than the President.

    Just a thought!


    • Chrissie Miles 13:24 on October 21, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Very true, and most true what you say about the unholy alliance between big business and the revolutionary left.
      We all hate Soros but there are many other plutocrats sending huge sums to undermine America.
      History confirms that supranational capitalism and international communism have been conjoined since 1917.


  • ross1948 08:56 on September 28, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Without Evidence, Media Break Suspiciously Timed ‘News!’ 

    If a real newspaper makes sensationalist allegations, based on dishonestly obtained ‘documents….’



    ….then won’t publish those ‘documents’ for inspection, the ‘revelations’ must be taken with a pinch of salt.

    Especially when it’s carefully timed to sway as the approaching election!

    Even the BBC noticed that!

    Though they promptly found a guest named David Cay Johnston, who was given free rein to rail about President Trump.



    BBC chose him with exquisite care, methinks, based on his non-partisan piece in the Guardian 2 years ago, viz. –

    We need tax police – and they should go after the likes of Donald Trump



    …which indicates his animosity towards The Donald.

    However, since the NYT recently proved its anti-American motivations with its ‘1619’ hogwash propaganda project…

       1619 Projects Fires off New Lies to Cover Up Old Lies 

    See the source image


    …let’s leave that to our USA friends to counter-attack, and focus on its ideological catamite in the UK.

    The Guardian, naturally, has jumped into the fray….

    At a White House press briefing on Sunday, Trump made wild allegations about plots against him.. 


    …which shows how sober and impartial their approach to news is  – on this and on most things.



    Occasionally, critics suggest I use harsh, pejorative words and phrases in my blog.


    I cover lots of news and do not knowingly falsify it, but I use the news to attack those forces I regard as bad and to support those on the side of right.

    That’s what political blogs are for.

    Newspapers usually contain both news and opinion, but keep them separate.

    Thus fanatical leftists write in the Guardian, for instance, expressing extreme intolerance e.g.

    Guardian Jackboot Bigot Calls Brexit Brits “Thugs!=

    Guardian’s Nick ‘Storm-Troop’ Cohen.

    Guardian Bigot- “Don’t Even Acknowledge Patriot Point Of View!” 

    Middle-Aged Posh Dirty-Mouth -‘Politicians Mustn’t Appeal To The People!’ 

    But that is listed as Opinion.

    Fair enough.

    Reporters, on the other hand, are supposed to tell us the facts, without inserting their own prejudices.


    Hence my dismay this week when I opened up this ‘news’ report, written by the Guardian’s ‘Bureau Chief’ in Washington DC, David Smith…




    ..and found this objective, impartial turn of phrase. 

    His latest attempt to stoke fear and instability…

    Inevitably, Smith was spewing bile at President Trump, but those bilious, bitter, bigot words belong in a Democrat ad, not a ‘news’ report.

    If the Guardian insists on appending its assertion that its purpose is to provide…

    …open, independent, quality news every day…

    …as it does append, as a begging bowl, to every one of its online reports I read…

    …best they fire Smith, whose leftist bigotry, already so overt, was visible again this week, when he summed up the 100% constitutionally legitimate Supreme Court nomination thus – 

    For democracy, murder most foul.




  • ross1948 12:24 on November 5, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    France24’s Freak-Show! Leftist U.S. Loons Blame ‘FBI Plot!’ 

    And here we go again, a bright day and plans to go to the movies tonight!

    And on France 24 too, here we go again, a ‘debate’ pre-packaged to ensure pro-Clinton unanimity. Are these state-subsidised hacks incapable of finding any genuinely dissenting voice to include on their panel of journo-jerks? 

    • It must have been near 2 am when I slumped into bed, a long day spent watching Islamist savages running amok in the city I live in- not a pretty sight…

    An Indonesian policeman fires a tear gas canister to disperse Muslim protesters near the presidential palace during clashes after a rally against governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, a Christian accused of insulting Islam, in Jakarta on November 4, 2016. Photo: AFP

    Islamist savages amok in Jakarta last night


    …but in a final burst of masochism I made the decision to view the French version of Pravda. I was so astounded at their bias that I have just tuned in again, as they repeat their hogwash on Sunday morning, Jakarta time. 

    With the one exception of last month’s debate, when they amazingly had a non-leftist on…

    Well Done, Tim Akers! One UKIP Man Takes On Three Pinkos 


    …I have seen little evidence that there’s even awareness of the media’s duty to give all sides a fair hearing.

    Last night’s selection of pinkos comprised the following.


    • Hasil gambar untuk conspiracy theoryHasil gambar untuk dickey beast
    • —————
    • The Daily Beast’s (that far-left rag-bag is a’partner’ of France 24) snooty know-all, Christopher Dickey, who at once spouted a fantastical conspiracy theory, that the FBI was the source of a plot to stop Clinton.


    Hasil gambar untuk mira kamdar New York

    Comrade Kamdar


    This left-lib loony-tune was instantly echoed by a weird woman named Mira Kamdar from the ultra-liberal New York Times…




    … who shrilled that Trump’s plan to deter voting fraud amounted to sending ‘white supremacist militia to polling places!’

    Yet another freaky leftist, Judah Grunstein of World Politics Review,  joined in, talking of how ‘very frightening’ things were, and how violence was ‘unleashed‘ at Trump rallies. 

    grunstein Grunstein


    I guess he missed the bombing of that Republican campaign office, and the scenes from Trump rallies where red nazi thugs with alien banners engaged in open intimidation… Disgusted’ police condemn violent protesters at Donald Trump rally  

    …which embarrassed even their hideous heroine Hillary Clinton, who, at least for public consumption was obliged to disown the antifa animals.Hillary Clinton condemns attacks on Donald Trump supporters



    Mind you, in typical Crooked Clinton style, she also was soon crooning from the left-liberal song-sheet to justify her fans’storm-troopery  Hillary Blames Trump for Rally Violence


    France 24’s rat-pack’s common prey (its the only word for how they go after the bete noire of every cultural marxist) was The Donald!




    I should add there was one woman named Moulet, from the British Sunday Telegraph, who at least distanced herself from the paranoids’ FBI plot junk. But then, to reassure us that she was adhering to F24 guide-lines, she observed that Trump was ‘a crook.’

    Just for good measure, she later accused a widely-respected UK Tory MP, Jacob Rees-Mogg, of ‘fascist language’ for his forthright condemnation of those rogue judges who did their convoluted worst to obstruct Brexit this week.


    Hasil gambar untuk jacob rees mogg brexit



    Read what the Tory said  –Brexit ruling savaged by MP: Parliament AGREED Article 50  

    It sounds more like pro-democracy language to me!  

    Has France 24 NO shame at all?

    The chairman did nothing to quell their clap-trap – indeed, at one point, after some especially outrageous rant, he asked breathlessly – ‘and yet it’s still neck and neck,’ as if it was beyond belief that so many honest Americans were ready to cast their votes for Trump and not for the crooked and corrupt she-devil.

    France is fortunate in that their female presidential candidate is so infinitely superior in every way to America’s.


    • Marine-drapeau-bbr
    • ————-
    • Marine Le Pen needs to raise hell over this rotten outfit’s perpetual provision of a propaganda pulpit for the worst elements in the United States’ media.
    • —–
    • Don’t take my word for it- here’s the link.
    • It’s usually available by Monday. http://www.france24.com/en/tv-shows/debate/
    • Mort 22:48 on November 5, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      You have hit the nail on the head and not for the first time I must say.
      These desperate Clintonites are cracking up..


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