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  • ross1948 16:15 on October 1, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    How Gracious, The Wannabe Eire Overlords! 

    Citizens in Northern Ireland who are loyal to the British crown should not be forced to declare their loyalty to a new United Ireland…


    Jim O'Callaghan (official portrait) 2020 (cropped).jpg
     Jim O’Callaghan

    So this geezer, Fianna Fáil TD Jim O’Callaghan, has a blueprint for unification…?


    Oops, RE-UNIFICATION, says the Irish Times, oblivious to history, which says that the only time the island was administered as a united territory was under the British Crown.



    Callaghan, we read, may aspire to be his nation’s leader sometime in the future.

    Yet he evidently shares the dreary expansionism of both present…

    Who Does Micheál Martin Think He Is? 

    Mind Your Erse! Varadkar Minces Into Ulster’s Internal Affairs.

    …and past Dublin governments.

    And yet, is there a glimmer of hope?

    If he understands there’s no chance the small British nation his party wants to annex would feel any sense of allegiance to  foreign republic….

    ….why can he not simply propose a practical adjustment of the frontier, taking in a significant number of disloyal dregs, e.g. Crossmaglen’s curs…

    Crossmaglen Den Of Vipers – Ulster’s Top Cop Grovels! 

    SF Seeks EUSSR Funds for IRA Monument – Have They No Shame? 

    …and transplanting undesirables from Belfast, the bloodthirsty Sinn Fein scum who think that the IRA’s terrorist campaign was righteous…

    Invaluable Ulster Insights -Thanks, TUV! 

    Sinn Féin Vixen – “No Alternative” To Terror!

    …a migration programme, moving them out of Ulster…

    …to live in Eire, under the flag they love to flaunt.

    • Scott Douglas 00:03 on October 2, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      As usual, they just can’t see past their own greed to grab our country.


  • ross1948 21:18 on January 14, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Loyalty Oath? ‘Appease Murder-Gang Fans,’ Say Catholic Magazine! 

    There’s a Catholic magazine called ‘The Tablet,’ which, to the best of my recollection, used to be a very respectable publication…


    …the favourite reading material of a Catholic friend of mine, the owner of the shop where I worked during my school holidays, who occasionally used to read me extracts in vain hopes of recruiting me for Rome.

    Argie Dope’s Dorks – A Pray-Day, But Not For Crimmigrants’ Prey! 

    Dope! “Prioritise Migrants’ Dignity Over National Security!”

    My friend passed on years ago, but if he were still around, he’d be so horrified by the Argie Dope’s asininities that he might have converted out of his denomination!

    But I never thought The Tablet would descend to the disgusting level it reached this month, when the ‘influential Catholic weekly The Tablet called for the House of Commons’ oath of allegiance to be modified in order that Irish republicans can take their seats.’

    Do the editors not know that the ‘Irish republicans’ they are talking about are Sinn Fein, the ‘political wing’ of the IRA murder-gang?

    Murder McGuinness in terrorist gear

    A leader column in the international weekly urges a similar oath to that at Stormont, where MLAs promise to obey the law rather than pledging allegiance to the British monarch.

    True, there’s an argument for a change – in the Stormont oath, created by the sell-outs in Westminster as part of the appeasement package.

    Making Sinn Fein MLAs pledge allegiance would put the vermin in their proper place -OUT!

    The Tablet said the present oath “may be regarded as a historical relic of past religious troubles”.

    It’s not any religious aspect of the oath that upsets Sinn Finn/IRA scumbags – it’s the very idea that they should be expected to be loyal to the country they live in, the UK, and not to the alien and hostile republic…

    …which has always salivated at the prospect of bringing British Ulster under Dublin rule!

    And continues, under its present leadership, so to salivate!


    ….There’s one thing that I would like to say though – I am somebody who firmly believes in a united Ireland and I believe a united Ireland in my lifetime is possible…’ 

    • Jock Tamson 22:22 on January 14, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Why would we drop the oath to let these b-stards come into the Commons? There are enough anti-British MPs there already, that we saw when those SNP bozos deliberately messed about with their oaths.
      And another Separatist named McCaskill was just after telling us the traditional prayers have to go too, because we have let so many non-Christians live in our country?


    • Tommy Deacon 02:14 on January 15, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I never understand why Varadkar and almost everybody else in Dublin want a ‘United Ireland.’
      If all those British Protestant Unionists are against it, what’s the use or value in going against their wishes?


  • ross1948 21:05 on January 2, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Neds V Loyal Scots? Mini-‘Outrage’ Outbreak! 

    The SNP’s dubious allegiance to the Crown – and the class-hatreds which have always festered on the far-left of the separatist party – was on display as 2020 descended on Scotland, when a Labour councillor ‘caused anger after implying SNP MP Mhairi Black was a “ned” on Twitter.’

    To me, it seems that the voters of Largs, a pleasant Ayrshire seaside town which was once home to an elderly great-aunt of mine, so I know it quite well from childhood visits, might well be anything but ‘angry’ with their councillor, a young man called Alex Gallagher shared his video, calling out the sullied loyalties of the separatist ratbags –

    How many SNP MPs are just neds?“.


    A ‘ned’ in Scots slang, is a lowlife street lout, and while Black and her sort are not muggers or engaged in other common criminal behaviour…

    Lords Get Ermine, Commons Get Vermin – Two Disloyal Scots! 

    …her rude, crude, conditional oath of allegiance to HM The Queen must have disgusted many a Scot.

    As Gallagher said: “If people get themselves elected to the main chamber they should behave in a dignified manner when they get there rather than behave in an immature and childish fashion.

    “To my mind, it shows a deep disrespect. If they don’t want to take the vow then they shouldn’t put themselves forward to get elected in the first place. They shouldn’t pretend they can’t read the vow or cross their fingers.


    The news report claims that the tweeted video ‘sparked outrage,’ a strange way to describe a mere 200 plus leftist/separatist snarls. Largs has a population of more than 11,000 people.

    One of the snarlies was SNP councillor Alan Hill, who appears to be ignorant of his own party’s policy of keeping HM as Scotland’s head of state if they gain ‘independence,’ which would of course not be independence at all…

…since they also want Scotland to be controlled by Brussels.

Hill howled that the video was ‘derogatory and a bit insulting coming from a Labour politician to a lady from a working class background.’

So Hill wouldn’t be nearly as fretty if somebody was ‘derogatory and a bit insulting’ to a lady from middle or upper class background? Class-prejudiced oaf!

Cllr. Gallagher incidentally, advised the public that Black was actually from a ‘posh’ area…



…but it’s Hill’s other accusatory bleat that we should note carefully.

”I didn’t realise he was a monarchist…”


  • ross1948 17:16 on December 28, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Lords Get Ermine, Commons Get Vermin – Two Disloyal Scots! 

    Not for the first time, the separatist SNP has let the mask slip, disloyalty to Her Majesty flaunted by new MPs as they hedged about their oaths of allegiance with self-serving verbiage…



    …which in one case the republican scumbag subsequently edited out to make sure monarchist constituents back in Scotland don’t twig to the man’s true ideology.

    Caught on camera crossing his fingers during the oath, Steve Bonnar said:

    ‘I do solemnly, sincerely, and truly declare and affirm, that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, her heirs and successors, according to law.


    But then he amended his oath to the Crown, emphasising his lack of good faith!

    ‘I take this oath to ensure that I can represent the people of Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill in Scotland.’

    Nor was Bonnar alone in his equivocation.

    That mouthy ex-‘Baby of the House,’ Mhairi Black, didn’t mince her words about her hypocrisy..

     ‘..making her affirmation to the Queen ‘for the purpose of the job’. She said: ‘My allegiance, first and foremost, is to Paisley and Renfrewshire South…


    ….but FOR THE PURPOSE OF THE JOB, I solemnly, sincerely, and truly declare and affirm, that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, her heirs and successors, according to law.

    For the purpose of the job?’



    Not through the loyalty which all British people owe their rightful head of state, who is, let’s not forget, on the throne because a Scottish king became king of England, not the other way about!


    We expect republican double-talk from the likes of SDLP MP Claire Hanna, with her ‘respectful protest’ against pledging allegiance to the Royal Family, stating that the affirmation did not reflect her outlook.

    After making her pledge, she said: ‘My allegiance is to the people of South Belfast in order to serve them. I’ve made this affirmation…. ‘

    Blood-Beast Adams and the Sinn Fein/IRA scum refuse to take the oath at all, but if Hanna were to get her way, as outlined in her letter to the new Speaker…


    I do not believe it serves trust in Parliament for MPs to be obliged to rehearse pledges that are not true for them.

    ‘I believe a better pledge would be one to parliamentary service on behalf of our constituents, with an allegiance pledge for those who wish to make one.’ https://metro.co.uk/2019/12/19/snp-mp-crosses-fingers-pledges-allegiance-queen-1

    ….then the path would be clear for Blood-Beast’s scum to show up, chip in and spread their hate at Westminster….



    …but then there’s precious little difference between Blood-Beast’s Sinn Fein and Hanna’s SDLP…

    SDLP? Are They Really Any Different From Sinn Fein? 

    ..as we noted earlier this week.

  • ross1948 12:01 on February 18, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Turdophobia Alert – Opposes Appeal, Lacks Appeal! 

    Hard to believe one could detest The Turdeau Kid as much as one loathed his sire…





    ..but… Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is taking issue with Stephen Harper’s rationale for the decision to defend a federal ban on the wearing of face coverings at citizenship ceremonies.

    “The reason the prime minister gave last week for appealing the court’s decision around the niqab was, to my mind, not at all justifying the prime minister’s decision.”


    • burka  ‘Our home and native land..’ and where might that be?
    • ===============================================
    • But do our many Canadian readers disagree with Harper’s policy, which I quote –

    At the very moment newcomers are joining the Canadian family, we believe new citizens should recite the oath proudly, loudly and for everyone to see and hear.”





    “Canadian citizenship confers both rights and responsibilities. The rules for obtaining it should apply equally to all.”


    We know that the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada, located in Alberta, which used to be a nice place, shares Turdo’s tastes for accommodating backward sectarians.

    They have called on the prime minister to reverse his plans to appeal. The group says the Federal Court’s decision to allow face coverings during citizenship ceremonies is “not an important issue,” but that Harper is making it one unnecessarily.

    It IS important. It says something about what Canada is, or should be. 

    The better question to raise is why such primitives – not the women but the men – are allowed to obtain citizenship in a civilised country.

    The bints’ owners (and ‘owners’ is a more apt word than husbands or fathers, when the relationship is so lop-sided that the wretched bints are forced to hide their faces when even their ugliest men-folk aren’t) should be sent home, with the bints, and told to study what women’s rights in the 21st century are all about.


    Harper’s Government has already passed legislation against importing ‘barbaric practices’ –

    ‘The Zero-Tolerance for Barbaric Cultural Practices Act’ – Canada Tells It Like it Is! 

     – wording which The Turd  didn’t like because he doesn’t appreciate diversity being dissed – so all it should take is a brief amendment to add wearing the scarves of subjugation to the list of offensive customs.

    As for the damn courts, it’s time they were slapped down. Harper should, if need be, invoke the ‘notwithstanding’ clause – this is just the sort of situation it was meant for, when Turdeau Senior’s blasted Charter was enacted. 


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