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  • ross1948 15:00 on September 9, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Notorious?’ BBC Gitmo Bias! 

    The BBC’s Ally McBull, as I used to think the name was, or, more accurately, Aleem Maqboul, a much less Scots sort of name, was on at noon, Jakarta time, today, wittering about Gitmo.



    Aware of what to expect from almost any UK Pravda hack, including him, if we cast our minds back to

    Say A Prayer – Justice For Derek Chauvin! 

    aleemmaqbool hashtag on Twitter-.

    Aleem Maqboul!

    … I was not in the least surprised when, within moments of beginning his wittering, he declared that the holding centre for enemy aliens was ‘notorious!’

    Well-known, yes, it certainly is, but ‘notorious?’

    It may be argued, by polemicists, such as me, that Guantanamo became notorious for dereliction of duty…..



    …when Obama turned loose some of the sectarian savages detained there.

    BBC only had one guest to hold forth on the issue, James Connel, a lawyer for an inmate, and he definitely felt Gitmo was ‘notorious!’

    Well, he would, wouldn’t he?

    Nobody was brought on to challenge the  ‘notorious’ smear.

    Ali Baba, or whatever his name is, should not be into polemics.

    He works for a public broadcasting outfit…


    …with a requirement in its charter to cover news impartially.



    Yet they almost never do! .


    • Edward Lamont 16:26 on September 9, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Ally McBeal? Ali Baba?
      By any name, he’s a typical prejudiced BBC propagandist!


  • ross1948 07:30 on August 18, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Freed From Gitmo, Empowered By Biden? 

    We used to use this telling cartoon a lot…



    …so now, as a Taliban savage among the new rulers of Aghanistan commander boasts of his years in Guantanamo Bay…



    ..we use it again.


  • ross1948 06:13 on February 16, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Trump Sorely Missed, As Biden Rushes To Empty Gitmo! 

    ‘You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone!’



    So sang Joni Mitchell, and never have the words rung truer than these past few weeks, as that now-proven liar, Biden….

    Daffy Ducklo Debacle – Lying Biden’s Dishonour On Display! 

    ….paradoxically begins honouring his most dishonourable pledges, the latest being to ease the lot of the undesirable aliens detained in Guantanamo Bay.

    The Biden administration said that they intended to shutter the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba by the end of the president’s term. White House press secretary Jen Psaki confirmed the intended closure during the media briefing on Friday. White House says Biden will shut down Guantanamo Bay prison by the end of his term

    We know how that will work out…


    …as it has worked out before.

    Release the evil-doers and they will swarm off to rejoin their murderous gangs.

    Transfer them to the USA, and legalice will swarm ever more busily to wherever the vermin are held, to whine about ‘rights’ rot.

    Far better to put them up against a wall and shoot them.

  • ross1948 09:01 on December 26, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Obama’s Evil Exposed Again – A Good Read, From PJ Media! 

    Nobody gave you a book for Christmas? I was lucky, got a new John Grisham.

    Boxing Day is a time for torpor, comfy chair, a glass of wine, a good book, the ideal mix.

    But here’s a neat little read to get you worked up, if the holiday season is making you too relaxed!

    As the  cartoon below reminds us, Obama has never seen much wrong with obstructing the fight against Islamist terror.



    Now guess been revealed about the ratbag’s subversive activities?

    .PJ Media covers American news, but this should concern ALL countries where terrorism has reared its ugly head.

    .According to Newsbusters, all three major network news outlets (ABC, CBS, and NBC), and the Spanish-language networks (Univision and Telemundo) blacked out the incredible scandal. CNN and MSNBC appear to have ignored it as well.


    Politico Bombshell About Obama Sabotaging Anti-Terror Efforts  

    • Vinnie Fiore 12:09 on December 26, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      You never take a break, Ross?
      Thanks, it was a good read.


      • ross1948 15:08 on December 26, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        Fear not, Vinnie.
        I’m taking a very nice break, a great morning at the pool, with the result that my skin is now as red as a cultural marxist’s ideology, then a peaceful arvo baby-sitting in my grandparental role.
        Most of what my readers are getting at the moment is material prepared pre-Christmas and simply put on the schedule.
        I just drop by now and then to see what’s going on!


    • Ben Baniek 15:12 on December 27, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      It was interesting to read that so thanks to you for passing it on.
      I found a lot of interesting stuff in PJ Media.
      Obummer should be facing treason charges for all his crimes..


  • ross1948 00:30 on September 5, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Total Flake – The Moral Vacuum Of The Lesser-Known RINO 


    Whilst it’s true that John McCain’s eagerness to collaborate with pro-crimmigrants, and his even more nauseating exaltation of Red Nazis, referred to in my previous post today…


    …makes him a top target for the contempt of American patriots, it would be unfair not to take a swipe now and then at another sell-out senator from the Republican In Name Only party, also, sadly, from Arizona, by the appropriate name of Flake.

    The man had the nerve to write a book recently…

    Hasil gambar untuk jeff flake book

    …a flagrant attempt to play on the name of the late great Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater’s ‘The Conscience of a Conservative.’


    But in contrast to AuH2O’s magnificent call for America to encourage and equip resistance movements  in countries enslaved by Communists, Flake sedulously served the Obamanoid appeasement of the red despotism in Havana.

    Flake essentially served as Obama’s public-relations accessory to the release of the Communist murderer from prison and his return to Cuba as a conquering hero.


    That’s just one part of one sentence from a superb denunciation penned by exiled Cuban patriot Humberto Fontova, whose style and content we have enjoyed and quoted  more than once on our blog…

    Loathesome Lard-Ass Michael Moore Slurs Snipers – Ho-Hum! 

    Mendacious Michael Moore and the Heroic ‘Wimps’ He Slandered 

    ….and we recommend you read every word of it.

    But, as usual, Senor Fontova’s onslaught is not merely an onslaught but a bit of a revelation, too.

    He points his reader towards how the Fake News media media did everything in their power to conceal his miserable grovelings to Castro from the American people.


    Hasil gambar untuk cnn jeff flake


    Flake’s collaboration in this sly, sleazy episode is perhaps one of the reasons he gets such a warm welcome on CNN, where he’s pictured above, side-by-side with one of their various snide queer stars.

    One hopes President Trump will step up support for a real Republican to take down Flake in the next Senate primary.

    This lady’s doing quite well, I believe!


    Hasil gambar untuk kelli ward for senate

    Can Doc Kelli Cure Arizona’s Pain In the Ass? 

  • ross1948 23:55 on August 21, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Wow – Trump Truth Edges Into France24! 

    France24’s output is usually disgracefully slanted leftwards, and no wonder, since its official media ‘partner’ is the far-left Daily Beast.


    France24’s Fanatics – Pinko Picard’s Choreographed Quartet 

    France24’s Far-Left Lisa Spews Her Bias Once Again! 

    We’ve covered the shrilling leftards’ nonsense often enough.

    But today, their correspondent Andrew Salmon managed to get some honest reporting into the news broadcasts…


    Hasil gambar untuk andrew salmon france 24


    …explaining that the red despots in Pyongyang were ‘shaken‘ by the US President’s ‘uncharacteristically ( for an American leader!) bellicose rhetoric.

    Trump’s plain talk  – ‘fire and fury’ – was given as one of the reasons that had put the communist tyranny off any serious response to the perfectly legitimate annual allied exercises currently underway, about which the tyrants in the North have been bleating.

    This is good.



    After Obama’s posture of permanent grovel, it is refreshing for America’s friends, and evidently alarming to her enemies, to hear a pro-American voice echoing around the White House.

    I hope Mr. Salmon does not get fired.

  • ross1948 15:52 on June 17, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Viva Cuba Libre! Now Make Castro Surrender Cop-Killers! 

    Good for President Trump to trim the terms of the dirty deal created under Obama’s appeasement regime, which aided and abetted a heinous regime in Havana.

    Obama Lies To The Last – ‘The Cuban People?’ 

    But The Donald should go that extra mile, and tighten the screws until the Communist dictatorship hands over the cop-killing criminals to whom it has given sanctuary.

    ..the communist dictatorship is a longtime haven for fugitive U.S. cop killers and terrorists…


    Chesimard could have been the sister Barack never had!


    That’s one of them!

    And Chesimard is as evil as the rest! You can read about her and some other red scum on one of our previous posts. 

    ….the four are responsible for the deaths of 17 police officers, five American civilians and two U.S. servicemen and 159 bombings.

    Will Obama’s Baseball Buddy Send Back The Cop-Killers

    Would it not be a fine thing to revive the discontinued liberation plans which Kennedy sabotaged and then sacrificed in his clandestine conclaves with the Kremlin?

    Had the essential air support not been withheld from the freedom fighters at the Bay of Pigs…

    …the marxist swine would long since have been ousted and strung up for their betrayal of the Cuban people.

    Donald Trump’s demand for internationally supervised free and fair elections should be met within the year.



    Otherwise, let counter-revolutionary action begin again, with whatever help the White House can give.

    If Washington can authorise air-strikes in Syria, why can’t Castro’s Red Army and Air Force be similarly targetted?



    And a spin-off benefit?

    Imagine CNN’s Communist Van Jones having apoplexy live on TV?!

    • Pol Rankin 10:55 on June 18, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Trump should get rid of every policy that Obama started. This is a good example. Cop-killers should be brought back and executed.
      Thanks for making us remember these people and their victims.


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