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    Fire White Teachers? Coming To Your Kid’s School? 

    Here’s the kind of poison pumped out at a recent  ‘symposium’ on ‘racial and social justice.’

    As a blend of pig-ignorance and witch-hunting intolerance, I’d say it’s hard to beat…



    ..but MUST be beaten, and that requires all good people, and especially caring parents…

    ….to understand that they have a duty to smash the threat represented by the CRT hate-freaks you can read about below…


    What do you think?

    “…white supremacy culture practices” include “worship of the written word,” “individualism,” and “objectivity.”

    ‘.. the “characteristics of white privilege” include “playing the colorblind card,” and that the “pillars of white fragility” include being “taught to see themselves as individuals rather than as part of a racially socializing group.”



    Those evil ranters, who want to intimidate decent white ( and presumably decent black – though they specify whites –

    Really, I want to be an agent of discomfort for white folks,” said Terry Jess, a National Education Association Social Justice Activist finalist in 2017. “I want to get folks to either commit to the work or get out of the profession)



    ..whom we quoted above were not caballing within some obscure marxist sect….

    …but loud-mouthing at a scheduled gathering run by the OAEA, an activist wing of a major teaching union.

    The Oklahoma Aspiring Educators Association (OAEA) is an affiliate of the Oklahoma Education Association (OEA), the state’s largest teacher union and the state affiliate of the National Education Association (NEA).


    Such people must be kept out of class-rooms.


    Be prepared..

    It’s happening in Oklahoma, but don’t think for a moment that….

    …it can’t happen here!

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    Oklahoma Virgin Not Blessed With Balanced Vision! 

    Using obscene language on a PA system, even by mistake, is not acceptable and an apology from the Oklahoma broadcaster ought to be – and has been – offered, covering also his use of the N-Word.

    Norman High School-Midwest City

    But the man was absolutely provoked by players’ atrociously bad behaviour!

    His outburst occurred in response to a grossly offensive display by a team of disloyal basketball brats – kneel-creeps, who deliberately disrespected their country’s national anthem.



    They deserve to be disqualified, at least for a season or two, until they learn some manners – obviously an apology from these little kneely-creepers is also required.

    So what are we to make of a strangely vacuous-looking woman named Emily Virgin….


    Emily Virgin | KGOU


    ….the minority leader of Oklahoma’s state house of representatives,’ who went on a verbal rampage over the episode.

    “I am absolutely disgusted by the actions of the broadcasters who used racist slurs against our Norman High basketball team. They should immediately resign or be fired.”


    Okay, but there’s been an apology.

    What about the obnoxious brats?

    “Our student athletes should be commended for their courage, not disparaged.”

    What kind of ‘courage’ is involved in a pack of young vixens flaunting uppity, unpatriotic attitudes?


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    It Ain’t Just Muskogee! Most Okies Are Sound Thinkers! 

    My headline will resonate with other fans of the late great Merle Haggard…



    …whose greatest hit was surely ‘Okie from Muskogee…’

    …though his ‘Fightin’ Side of Me’ was also a fantastic song.

    Okies refers to people from Oklahoma, many of whom migrated to California in the Great Depression.

    Unfortunately, the decent values they took with them have been swamped by the cesspool-think that dominates the USA’s West Coast.

    Fatuous Friscolese – New Left-Lingo In California! 

    I can’t always keep up with the torrent of degenerate drivel that pours out of the Californian far-left in-crowd…


    Welcome To The Nut-House California


    ….so was curious, though not very surprised, to read that the Crack-Pot state had ‘banned travel to Oklahoma in response to Oklahoma’s law allowing adoption agencies to deny placement services to same-sex parents.’

    Nor that ‘California bans state travel to other states if a state has “enacted a law that discriminates on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.” The banned list includes, Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, and South Carolina, in addition to Oklahoma and Iowa.


    But Oklahoma has struck back! Read that story in The Blaze!


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    Offended in America – Anti-God Squad Runs Amok! 

    “It is our information and understanding that in the Kenneth Cooper Middle School office hangs a religious poster with an image entitled, ‘Faith in America’ by Donald Zolan,” stated FFRF staff attorney Andrew Seidel to begin his plea for the print’s removal. “The image features two children with their hands clasped in prayer, with an American flag background.”




    In an attempt to bring his argument to an elevated level, Seidel contends that even if the young boy and girl portrayed in the painting are not actuality praying — but merely clasping their hands together — the existence of the painting at the school would still violate the Frist Amendment, calling for it to be purged from campus.


    'Faith in America' by F. Zolan THIS has the FFRF freakos upset?


    That buncha skunks, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, is beyond a joke.

    founding fathers

    Can we – you or I or anyone with an ounce of sense – really be expected to believe that the same men who declared that certain inalienable rights were bestown on Americans by their Creator actually understood the First Amendment, or ANY part of the American Constitution, to outlaw a picture like that above.


    Seidel apparently insists that “ the painting discriminates against those who don’t pray.”   http://www.onenewsnow.com/education/2014/10/22/school-told-to-remove-painting-of-praying-children-or-face-legal-action#.VEsa9SKsUvk

    God save us from dangerous dolts.

    Where does Seidel get the big bucks needed to crusade against God?

    Does he ever stop to read what’s printed on those dollars?



    I have not given much attention to the upcoming elections in the USA, largely because my many readers there have plenty of home-grown sites to advise and inspire them on the issues and candidates.


    But give the way the Enemy Within has been waging war on all the values on which America was built, I DO recommend that decent Americans get out and vote to roll back the tide of subversion.


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