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  • ross1948 20:11 on September 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Conservatives?’ Let’s Look At Letwin! 

    Of course another referendum might be in order – in 2050: similar to the gap between the first and second European referenda.

    I was active in the 1975 campaign, and remember the pain of losing.

    So I’m willing to be fair..

    .referndmlet peole vote

    …Remainiacs must suffer graciously, then  – like me – wait four decades for a re-match.


    clean break

    What manner of man is Oliver Letwin, a key player in the current subversion of Clean Break?

    Prodded by an articulate commenter, I was amazed to find that no less a pinko part of the media than The Guardian…


    ….published an EXCELLENT exposure of Letwin….


    ….some five years ago…

    Oliver Letwin’s career has been saved again and again by privilege. Couldn’t he share it around?

    True, the exposure back then was motivated by pinko stress, a feeling that his rat-like repudiation of the sense he’d once talked about the riotous savages during Maggie’s time in Number Ten…

    So Hacking A Cop to Death Did NOT Reflect ‘Bad Moral Attitudes?’ 

    Oliver Letwin, shadow home secretary
        Oliver Letwin apologises for ‘racist’ comments after rioting

    …was less than genuine.


    But now Letwin has been elevated to the pantheon of turn-coat heroes, would The Guardian do the same again?

    Sadly, I doubt it, and on that basis I append a couple of extracts from that Guardian piece.


    Who was one of the most influential figures responsible for the payment of grants worth £7m to the scandal-hit charity Kids Company shortly before its demise? Who overruled the advice of civil servants in so doing? The Mr Magoo of the government.

    Which honourable gentleman, Cabinet member, people’s representative and privy councillor was photographed over several days throwing parliamentary and constituency correspondence in a park bin?

    Letwin, Letwin, Letwin, Letwin…. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/dec/30/oliver-letwin-career-privilege

    He’s pretty despicable. At one time he posed as a champion of genuine conservative thinking.

    But when push came to shove, he crawled on his belly and APOLOGISED for talking sense.

    This week he’s been talking nonsense.

    When can we expect an apology?

    • Gilbert Shaw 20:32 on September 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Few will disagree.
      Letwin is a bit of a toad.


    • Noreen Paterson 15:01 on September 6, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Even the Guardian gets it right now and then, even though for all the wrong reasons!


    • Nick Francis 10:56 on September 8, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      And now we have Rudd screeching about right and wrong after what she did bringing in all those illegals from Calais even though she knew very well they were no more children than she is.
      She’s a very bad person who is no patriot.
      Good riddance to her and all her kind.


  • ross1948 23:00 on August 24, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Lousy Letwin, Beastly Bebb – OUT, OUT, OUT! 

    Here’s a useful extract from Get Britain Out, concerning two Tory turds who badly need flushing.


    Image result for guto bebb letwin


    ...Get Britain Out has created a template letter for you – our supporters – to send to the Chairman of these MPs Conservative Associations. These MPs must resign now and there must be by-elections so voters can have an MP who truly represents their views. To write to Sir Oliver Letwin’s Association Chairman please click here and to write to Guto Bebb’s Association Chairman please click here


    Story image for guto bebb from BBC News

    We have run across Letwin before…

    …a man who was once brave enough to talk sense but then grovelled and said sorry for telling the truth about the London riot rats… https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2016/08/10/riot-rat-still-squealing-in-tottenham/…and though he now says he won’t stand in the next election, it’s still worth shaming him for his treachery.

    Guto Bebb I had never heard of till recently.

    When I saw that unusual name in a headline, my first thought was that it was some kind of toilet cleaner.

    Like I said, pull that chain!

    • Chrissie Miles 23:25 on August 24, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      They will never resign. They will draw their salaries until the lat minute of this disastrous parliament.


    • Penny 01:19 on August 25, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      They are a pair, aren’t they?
      There should be a way to turf them out, same as that criminal was turfed out of Peterborough.
      That is one reform that will never get passed because so many MPs know we would kick them out as soon as we possibly could.


    • Scott Kerr 19:28 on August 25, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Bebb is a nobody but Letwin is a prime example of how the Tories gave up conservatism and became liberal.
      Letwin was so sound, when he was a young honest man.
      What he said about the demographic changes in London and their connection to the riots was undeniable and brave.
      Then he u-turned and crawled. A real rat who ratted on what he had once admitted was the truth.


  • ross1948 18:42 on August 10, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Riot Rat Still Squealing in Tottenham! 

    And now we read of the ‘man who sparked riots’ in 2011 telling us it could ‘happen again.’

    Well, yes, it could, but not if the government makes it very clear there will – for a change- be consequences.

    The lesson should have been taught them thirty years earlier, after the riots when PC Blakelock lost his life to an evil mob.




    Had Maggie listened to Oliver Letwin, rather than that wet weasel Heseltine, things might have been put right. 

    “Lower-class, unemployed white people lived for years in appalling slums without a breakdown of public order on anything like the present scale; in the midst of the depression, people in Brixton went out, leaving their grocery money in a bag at the front door, and expecting to see groceries there when they got back.


    • truththenewhatespeechcorrectspellinig
    • ………………………………………..
    • “Riots, criminality and social disintegration are caused solely by individual characters and attitudes. So long as bad moral attitudes remain, all efforts to improve the inner cities will founder.”

    Letwin apologises over 1985 Broadwater Farm riot memo – BBC News


    But millions were pumped in and thirty years later, it was made manifest that bribery doesn’t work. The savages went rioting again.

    The obvious consequence for any savage who runs amok should be a bullet in the brain, a ‘shoot-to-kill’ policy that would restore law and order inside 24 hours if applied wherever outbreaks of mayhem occur.

    Incredibly, a convicted malignant called Mark Knox-Hooke (where do these louts get their double-barrelled names!?!) is described as one of the stars of a new film…that explores the root causes of anger and alienation in the community  – not bad for a jail-bird who appears to have, like the post-French Revolution Bourbons, learned nothing and forgotten nothing.

    Scumbag extraordinaire –

    Knox-Hooke was also caught on CCTV kicking police cars and holding up the shutters of the Paradise Gems Jewellery store as rioters burgled it and burnt it to the ground.   https://www.pappzd.com/2012/11/tottenham-riots-london-riots-uk-riots/


    • Knox-Hooke makes this absurd, arrogant declaration.

    “…my fight was towards the police. The riots could happen again. If you oppress a people for too long, eventually they’ll want to stand up to you. Because they look at it like,

    ‘We ain’t got nothing to lose’.’


    • london riot
    • ———————–
    • They would have their lives to lose, if law enforcement was properly equipped, with the right weaponry and authority to use it.

    But sensible measures are unlikely, given the police personnel quoted.

    ‘To see that burning bus, to see crowds, to see officers who were fearful, it was a completely disturbing image, a disturbing time,’ said Commander Mak Chishty, the Met’s hate crime lead, who was area commander for north London during the 2011 riots.  http://www.skynews.com.au/news/world/europe/2016/08/06/man-who-sparked-riots-says-it-could-repeat.html


    A wake-up call, more like, as to the menace of undesirables, so unlike the decent people who went through years of hardship and unemployment in the inter-war years and did not resort to foul lawlessness. Letwin knew that, saw that, said that, but was subsequently coerced into a pitiful apology. 

    And for sure, Chishty is hardly a man to rely on, a man whose men were cowed by the rabble, but whom we can’t blame because that clown Chishty didn’t give them the high-powered guns they could have used to put the scum to flight.

    And now he’s the go-to guy for the nonsense offences called ‘hate-crimes?’  Are there no real cops in the upper ranks of the Met these days?


    • Pamela 21:04 on August 10, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      My maternal grandparents and great-grandparents lived all their lives in Tottenham, and maybe theirs before them. They went through two world wars and the depression years in between, and never complained. Life was hard, very hard, but they were secure in the knowledge that they lived in a community of decent British people with decent British traditional values.
      Nobody rioted, or launched mob attacks on the police.

      The area is repulsive today and I would not walk its streets at night. Letwin was right in 1980, but so wrong to apologise for telling the truth.
      This nasty Knox person sums up how insane governments were to replace the natives of Tottenham with thousands of shameless individuals like him who turn to crime but can then be transformed into film stars.

      Before anyone says it, I know there are decent people who came to Britain in the Fifties but they are not the majority in Tottenham today.
      We only need to see what they elect to Parliament to see that.


    • Ned Ansleigh 11:22 on August 11, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I remember that Broadwater Farm riot. It was terrifying just to be out on the streets of some parts of North London that day and for days after.
      We kept indoors with doors locked. That poor policeman was hacked to death in broad daylight and if I’m not wrong, nobody was put in prison for his murder.
      If the government had taken measures like you are talking about, things would have quieted down PDQ.


  • ross1948 19:19 on December 31, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    So Hacking A Cop to Death Did NOT Reflect ‘Bad Moral Attitudes?’ 

     I remember Oliver Letwin from my time in the UK. He often spoke sense. Now he’s become a grovelling git worthy only of contempt.    Oliver Letwin apologises for ‘racist’ comments after rioting

    I also remember the shocking news of that policeman’s murder, only a few miles from where I  lived when London was my home. 


    RIP PC Keith Blakelock, hacked to death by savages, London, 1985


    Letwin spoke for millions of outraged Brits when he  wrote that memo, millions who barely got by, were years on council waiting lists, were jobless, many of them life-long Labour voters…


    Oh yeah?


    • ….but would NEVER have contemplated behaving like the foul savages they saw on tv newsreels that night some thirty years ago. They shared Letwin’s take on the matter, because THEY remembered a better Britain. 

    “The root of social malaise is not poor housing, or youth ‘alienation’, or the lack of a middle class..


    Oliver Letwin poured scorn on claims that riots in the 1980s were the product of urban deprivation


    “Lower-class, unemployed white people lived for years in appalling slums without a breakdown of public order on anything like the present scale; in the midst of the depression, people in Brixton went out, leaving their grocery money in a bag at the front door, and expecting to see groceries there when they got back…

    “Riots, criminality and social disintegration are caused solely by individual characters and attitudes. So long as bad moral attitudes remain, all efforts to improve the inner cities will founder.”   http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/uk/oliver-letwin-apologises-for-racist-broadwater-farm-riot-comments-34323198.html


    To ascribe anti-social mayhem and murder to individual characters and attitudes  is the very antithesis of racism.

    He was identifying salient facts, Not all blacks riot, not all whites are good citizens. Every individual, black or white, rich or poor, was then, and is today, able to choose between decent behaviour and brutality.

    But Maggie unwisely took Heseltine’s advice and rewarded the war-zone neigbourhoods that had seen the vilest rabble run amok.

    And what did this largesse produce?

    So long as bad moral attitudes remain, all efforts to improve the inner cities will founder.”

     Fast forward to the London Riots about twenty five years after millions were spent on ‘urban deprivation’ –

    MORE RIOTS, involvng hordes of ingrate, animalistic louts…


    london riot

    Riots in London and around the country saw widespread looting and buildings set alight


    …some of whom who may even have believed the rot they’d been taught by the parasite bureaucracy of the ‘equality’ industry, that they were the ‘victims.’

    I said back in the 1980s that the police should have been kitted out with guns and ordered to clear the streets at whatever cost.

    Had they done so, the scum a generation later would not have dared stage an action replay!

    • Gerry L 09:29 on January 1, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Happy New Year, Ross, and may your blog prosper in 2016. It is a tonic to see how you maintain the output of common sense.
      Letwin was giving good advice then and you are right. If Thatcher had listened to him and told the trouble-makers they’d not be rewarded for their bad behaviour with government hand-outs, or even better if she had done what you suggest and backed up the police with the army, all trained and given clearance to shoot, there’d have been a quick end to the riots.
      It would probably have been necessary to kill only a hundred to get the message across that violence would not be tolerated, much less drive policy change.
      Maggie would again have earned cheers from a grateful nation.

      But by caving in and squandering tax-payers’ money to placate the looters. arsonists and thugs, she virtually guaranteed the criminal element would learn their lesson, that crime pays in modern Britain.

      Of course Cameron didn’t need a Heseltine. When riots naturally happened again, it probably didn’t even cross his mind to put down the rioters.
      And the courts, when the handful that were appprehended did appear before them, showed why British people no longer have any faith in British justice.
      They got trifling sentences, for the most part, and I’d be surprised if every one of them that was convicted is not, by now, back on the streets once more.


    • Lydia 21:03 on January 3, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Anyone who remembers what England was like not even back in the Thirties but for several decades after that, knows Letwin was right. But if the schools had not gone soft at the same time as mass immigration, I think a lot of these young people would have grown up to be good citizens.
      I mean both black and white children. You look around and see today the social results of permissive schooling, and permissive justice.


    • Pamela 19:12 on September 4, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Yes, Letwin’s spinelessness exposed, but you should expand on this.
      I am forwarding some background I came across.


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