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  • ross1948 21:45 on September 27, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Oakville Freako Outrage Update! 



    The sheer surreal nighmarish nature of what Halton District School Board has unleashed on the Oakville children whose safety during days in the classroom ought to be their top priority…


    Oakville Freak-Show? Tell ‘Em Off!

    ….has shocked many people not only in Canada but all around the world….



    ..thanks to honest media from GMB in the UK to small resistance blogs like ours.

    Here’s the GMB link, to restoke your righteous wrath. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2CJlDhKei4


  • ross1948 03:24 on September 21, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Oakville Freak-Show? Tell ‘Em Off! 

    Oh, No!


    What has become of my beloved province?

    What kind of unwholesome influences are oozing into its schools?


    What happens next with large prosthetic breast teacher story


    This is perhaps more irksome reading for me than for some others, since I have many happy memories of Oakville, where I had close kin.

    They, like their neighbours…


    Wacana New Normal Masih Terpusat di Pemerintah | Universitas Gadjah Mada


    …were perfectly normal people and would have been aghast if their children went to school to be confronted by a revoltingly freakish figure as described in the Toronto Sun piece…


    ….which is good as far as it goes, but omits a full range of contact info – which I imagine decent Canadians might require to express their views to those in ‘authority.’.

    There’s a toll-free number, with a named apparatchik, duty-bound to justify what’s going on…
    Heather Francey, Manager of Communications & Engagement
    Halton District School Board
    905-335-3663 | Toll-free 1-877-618-3456
    And an address for old-fashioned mail…

    Halton District School Board
    J.W. Singleton Education Centre
    2050 Guelph Line
    Burlington, Ontario, L7P 5A8

    And there’s this link, which provides email addresses of the strange people who serve as ‘trustees’ but have not, so far as I know, spoken out against the presence in class-rooms of a bizarre man flaunting his delusory, unattainable urge to become a woman!



    Would you also like to take them to task – after you laugh or cry – over the creepy Halton District School Board’s policy on gender identity and gender expressions in school:

    The HDSB is committed to establishing and maintaining a safe, caring, inclusive, equitable and welcoming learning and working environment for all members of the school community including students, staff, parents/guardians and community members who identify as, or are perceived as Two-Spirit, Queer, trans*1 , Non-Binary, Intersex, and those who are questioning their sexual orientation and/or gender identity(ies)


    • Jay Todd 23:18 on September 25, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      That Halton School Board ought to be rounded up and made to go down on their knees and beg forgiveness.
      That teacher ( shouldnt be called a teacher, why not say a bad example of humanity) should not be allowed in any school ever again.


  • ross1948 17:47 on September 17, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Take Ontario’s Triggered School-Boards To The Wood-Shed! 

    Ontario school boards say students triggered by Queen Elizabeth II


    Despite perfectly proper instructions from Ontario’s ministry of education to celebrate the life of HM Queen Elizabeth II, ‘teachers in the York region are being told that tributing Canada’s former head of state could be “very triggering” to kids. 

    That imbecilic word ‘triggering’ almost always manages (almost! ) to ‘trigger’ me! Indicating as it does that the person or persons likely to be ‘triggered’ are such drips that they lack the self-control which is the measure of adulthood.

    So I do keep my cool and eventually just laugh at the ( invariably pinko) dorks without self-control.

    Till this..

    A memo by the York Region District School Board claims that discussing the Queen’s death is “not encouraged.” 

    “We request that school staff please refrain from developing tributes or activities to memorialize the death of the Queen, as well as displaying objects associated with the Queen for the purposes of memorializing,” the memo claimed. 

    “For some, the death of the Queen is very triggering.”

    Yes, the loss of HM has ‘triggered’ healthy emotions of grief, loss, as one might expect after her 70 years of monarchical service, but…

    Instructions included telling teachers not to play “God Save the Queen” or livestream the late monarch’s funeral “to have a break from potentially triggering media exposure.”

    “Monarchies are steeped in problematic histories of colonialism which connect to ongoing present day oppression of individuals and groups. It is important to consider how each staff and student’s lived experience may potentially shape their perspective of the monarchy and be respectful of this,” the memo continued…’

    Hogwash – there’s no present-day oppression in Canada…

    An Appeal From Canada – Defend Free Speech! 

    Canada – Not Quite At The Book-Burning Stage…Yet? 

    Free Tamara! Fire The Judge! 

    …except maybe for freedom-lovers whom Justin Turdo doesn’t like!

    Whichever apparatchik authorised, and any ‘teacher’ who complies with, that cultural marxist garbage should be dismissed…


    And – By God –  it’s triggered me, remembering as I do younger days in Perth County, Ontario, happily singing ‘God Save The Queen,’ portraits of her in classrooms, Canadian Red Ensigns everywhere…

    …our provincial Red Ensign too…

    (which was introduced quite coincidentally when Pearson changed Canada’s flag without a referendum)

    …and Empire Day, with bonfires and fire-works…

    Brats or teachers ‘triggered’- as York School Board defines the word – need to be TAKEN TO THE WOODSHED.


    PS  the minister has reiterated his order and the scumbags are lowering flags to half-mast.


    There are other uses to which flag-poles can be put.


    Ontario school boards say students triggered by Queen Elizabeth II

    • Arnold 19:18 on September 17, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Furious, same as you. I think that school board needs to be investigated and a lot of them have to go.


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