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  • ross1948 07:54 on February 24, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Is Belgium Just One Large Loony-Bin? 

    I noticed this story because it involved Ostend, between which and Dover, many years ago, the Channel ferries sailed.


    My teen autostop treks around Europe began with such voyages, though not on the above vessel – it’s apparently a 1901 ferry!

    The service was discontinued several decades ago, but it used, before my time, to be very posh.

    One amusing memory is of a very posh old bat, promenading past us harmless backpack lads, lamenting how ‘these boats have become nothing other than a doss-house for hitch-hikers!’

    She will by now have long since promenaded through the Pearly Gates, spared, one hopes, the need to observe that her entire country has been rendered a doss-house for fake ‘refugees!’




    The descent into masochistic madness of most Western countries is not a novel theme but it has sprouted more bizarrely in Belgium than in many others.

    Belgium Needs Francken Sense More Than

    Bad News Belgium, Where Even Cops Can Be Enemies Within! 

    Belgian Illegals Policy ‘Under Scrutiny?’ For ALL The Wrong Reasons! 


    No, not those former follies already recorded here! And I’m not referring even to the fact that the Belgians allowed what the Guardian report describes as an “intermediary” report by a UN working group..




    … to descend on their little country last month and with the crass, rude arrogance that is the hall-mark of un-elected, over-paid supranational apparatchiks, to lecture their hosts about how the country’s institutions remain racist and the state needs to apologise for the sins of its past.



    The Belgians were daft to let the sticky-beaks in, and dafter yet not to tell the impudent UN flunkeys to get stuffed, once they’d insulted their Belgian hosts..

    Sticky-Beak UN Bint Insults Brits! 

    But no dafter than Britain, or France!

    Haste Ye Back, Speedy, And Take Fake ‘Refugees’ With You! 

    Tell the United Nations to BUTT OUT!

    ….or Australia.

    UN Apparatchiks Champion ‘Asylum’ Bludgers 

    What the report was actually focused on was an act of leftist vandalism committed in 2004 by a gang of louts calling themselves Stoeten Ostendenoare – not just vandals but thieves.


    The pinko yobs sawed a hand off a piece of bronze statuary in Ostend, a sculpture celebrating the long-gone Belgian colonial era, then ‘announced’ it was being kept as some sort of trophy/hostage in reprisal for the imperial era!

    Arrogant thieving scumbags,yeah?

    But suddenly, this year, while the Minister of Culture, a geezer named Gatz, was on stage in the nearby city of Ghent talking about African affairs, guess what?

    ’A self-styled spokesman’ for the criminal gang, identified as Piet Wittevrongel, stepped right up  -in a public forum, remember, with a government minister and doubtless, these days, police and other security personnel present.

    The brazen SOB declared –

    “We are willing to give back the hand but then we want a guarantee that there will be apologies from the royal house for the misdeeds in the former colony…”


    Wittevrongel rambled on with a string of pinko demands…

    …and as you read this you may wonder why he was not instantly arrested and put in prison, pending prosecution for vandalism and theft.

    But then, it could have been all talk, a blowhard, a publicity-seeking ranter, claiming the discredit for dirty work done by others years back.

    NOT SO!

    The insolent swine had the stolen bronze hand in his possession, in full view of law enforcement.



    ….he was NOT cuffed and collared.

    And the more you read, the more disgusted you become with the effete authorities, because the creep’s scoff-law antics, confronting the minister, holding the bronze hand, was a development that had been trailed in the media.

    Being an arrogant toe-rag is probably not a criminal offence in Belgium, but being in possession of stolen goods surely is.

    What kind of country lets undesirable law-breakers parade their anti-social lawlessness like this?

    • Edward Lamont 09:11 on February 24, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Belgium is an artificial state anyway, but I used to think the Flemish north was more sensible than the French-speaking south.
      The sensible parties against multicultural immigration prosper in the Flemish areas.
      On the other hand that awful Guy Verhofstadt is Flemish, and so was that odd little gnomish man, whom you used to call Rompuystilskin, the Eurocommissar-in-chief.
      The unacceptable faces of Flanders.
      That Wittevrongel is another.
      I was flabbergasted to read that he wasnt taken off to the cells right away. Did the dud police not even seize the stolen bronze he was carrying?
      Belgium is what my American friends call ‘nut country,’ indisputably.


      • Diana 15:04 on February 24, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        Crazed country, that Belgium.
        Not much different from Britain, or Germany, or France, unfortunately.


    • Iain M 09:34 on February 24, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Is this a joke?
      Some lefty appears in public with something known to have been stolen, and nobody does anything about it? I would have accused you of satire but I checked and it is true, all of it.
      Belgian government ideas on law enforcement are offensive, probably to a lot of Belgians as well as everyone everywhere else who is law-abiding.


    • Mack the Knife 11:28 on February 24, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I am not in the least surprised.
      Belgium turned a blind eye to the way all those enemy aliens in Molenbeek covered for the Islamic terrorists.
      Why should it be a shock that they knowingly let a left extremist tell the media that he was going to flourish a stolen artifact before a government minister and then let him walk away, stolen artifact and all.
      You couldn’t make it up!


  • ross1948 17:33 on February 6, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    More ‘Poor Migrant Children!’ Yet EuroNews Talks of YOUR ‘Shame?’ 

    So the nightmare spreads to Belgium. 


    evil children

    Five migrants among seven young men who ‘laughed, danced and sang in Arabic as they gang raped unconscious girl of 17’

    …one of the rapists later told police: “She can’t complain. Women must obey men.”

    Actually, it pre-dates the Cologne migrant mass-molestation of German women.

     The shocking assault happened in November… a police probe was launched after a 14-year-old boy at the Ostend Technical Institute bragged about a photo of himself dressed in military fatigues and holding a sub-machine gun.


    Silhouette weeping


    Cops later discovered the shocking video on his phone — believed to have been filmed by the boy — of the suspects raping the victim before dancing around her…

    Two had just arrived in the country and were in the process of seeking asylum when the gang rape took place. Two of the attackers were Belgian nationals.

    Yes, as ‘Belgian’ as the alien scum involved in the Paris terror atrocity!



    Four men have been put in jail over the attack while the three minors are in a youth detention centre, according to reports in the country.  http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/6910086/Five-migrants-among-7-young-men-who-laughed-danced-and-sang-in-Arabic-as-they-gang-raped-unconscious-girl-of-17.html

    The swine should be put down.

    On the same page, we find this link to another story  Shocking new ISIS video shows English-speaking baby-faced CHILD beheading an adult prisoner.

    No doubt if he shows up in Germany, or Sweden, or Belgium, the authorities will lavish welfare boons upon his cute little head. After all, he’ll be just another poor ‘unaccompanied minor,’ of which Scotland’s SNP leaders want as many as they can get.  SNP accuse PM of “miserly” approach to child refugees …


    European Gang Rape: Refugees Have Been Shielded


    And in Spain this week? A British teenager claims to have been gang-raped in a Spanish resort after being dragged into a car by a group of Moroccan men 

    British teenager is gang raped by ‘Moroccan’ men 

     And last month in Germany? Three Syrians have been arrested in southern Germany for the alleged gang rape of two teenage girls on New Year’s Eve 

    Two teenage girls gang-raped by four ‘Syrian nationals’




    But what’s to be said about the Enemy Within, as manifested in the shape of Euronews, which has produced a brand new propaganda show…

    Shame on you Europe.

    … about a’camp’ near Dunkirk – not so many miles down the coast from Ostend – where a bunch of primitive illegals are hunkered down, entirely of their own choosing, in ‘inhuman’ conditions.

    They passed through plenty of safe countries in their greed to get at UK wefare benefits.

    • —————
    • a22ee-snoutsintrough

    And Euronews tells us that a self-created wasters’ lair is EUROPE’S “Shame?”

    “You cannot imagine in Europe, in the 21st century, a place like that…” says one ‘migrant.’

    Better to say, sir, that we cannot imagine how craven, supine, European governments in the 21st century can be, to allow borders to be breached, even the minimal existing rules to be flouted, women and chiildren to be molested – and no effort made to turn back those boats!

    Instead, the crimmigrants are picked up and imported by European vessels authorised by European governments, in clear disregard of their people’s safety, in brazen defiance of their people’s will.

    Merkel’s Manikin Manfred – ‘Ignore What Voters Think!’ 

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