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  • ross1948 21:35 on April 14, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Fightback! An Urgent Appeal From LeaveEU! 

    There is nothing honourable about the Remain campaign.

    I know a number of people who think the  Independence referendum should have gone the other way. I can sit down with them and engage in civilised and sensible debate with them.


    What’s the truth about Gina Miller? |

    But creatures like rich-bitch Gina Miller, whose furious response to attempt to investigate her murky past speaks for itself…



    ..and retarded millennials, like these freaks in that photo?

    No barge-pole is long enough, nor air-freshener strong enough, to ward off the stench of disloyalty.


    …the Remainers’ repugnant readiness to dig their dirty snouts into the treason-trough, taking foreign money from the arch-enemy of every nation’s freedom…



    …requires all of us who oppose the evil Soros agenda to renew the battle with renewed commitment.

    Not a lot I can do here in the sweltering East Indies, except….THIS!


    Dear Supporter, 
    Hardcore Remainers will stop at nothing to overturn the EU referendum result and block Brexit.Wealthy and influential forces are doing whatever they can to cast doubt on the biggest democratic mandate in Britain’s history – to leave the EU.

    Their latest ploy is to pick over every detail of the Leave campaign, looking for any excuse to claim the vote was unfair and must be re-run.

    We don’t fear that scrutiny, but the anti-democrats have to realise that it cuts both ways, which is why we’ve hatched a plan to play them at their own game. But we need your help to make it happen – will you make a donation to our new ‘Operation Payback’ crowdfunder?

    The lack of respect some MPs have shown for the people’s Brexit verdict has been scandalous. First attempting to block it in Parliament, and then, after that failed, campaigning for a second vote, their only remaining hope.

    Some of the worst offending MPs have had support from a group called ‘Best for Britain’. This anti-democracy outfit was first set up by Gina Miller and, most recently, billionaire George Soros has handed out £800,000 to pursue its campaign to block Brexit.

    They now have a huge war chest to stop delivery of the popular will.

    But, as the referendum showed, working together there are enough of us who back Brexit to overcome even their best efforts and huge resources. A contribution of £15 today, or whatever you are able to afford, can help make the vital difference in this escalating propaganda war. We are on the side of truth and decency, we need your help digging up the Remainer wrongdoing.

    Our plan is to turn the tables on the anti-democrats by scrutinising how Best for Britain has been spending its money, especially during the last general election.

    We’re also going to look in detail at the support given to individual MPs and candidates, who they shamefully called their ‘anti-Brexit champions’.

    This is a massive task – and it needs to be done quickly. There is a huge amount of material to be examined. To make this work, we need to assemble a team of expert researchers. They’ll need to scour the country for key documents, inspect invoices and trawl social media to check election rules have been observed.

    That’s why we’re asking today if you will help fund this vital work to throw the spotlight back on Brexit opponents, with a donation to our new crowdfunder?

    It wouldn’t be the first time that vocal anti-Brexit MPs have been accused of cheating. Those MPs with the least respect for democracy over Brexit seem to have been playing fast and loose with election rules too.

    Investigations have already found evidence suggesting some of the most obsessive Remain supporters, who are now accusing the Leave campaign of breaking rules, themselves overspent to win their seats in parliament.

    Election laws specify limits to local spending by candidates and campaigners, to ensure votes are fair.

    But back in September, it was reported in the Sunday Times that the Lib Dem leader Vince Cable has been referred to the police over allegations he overspent during the campaign for his Twickenham seat at the 2017 general election.

    Earlier still, his party colleague Sarah Olney was alleged to have overspent to narrowly win what she called the ‘Brexit by-election’ in Richmond Park. Fortunately, Olney lost her seat again to Brexit-backing Zac Goldsmith back in June. Similar questions have been asked too about other Lib Dem MPs in Scottish seats.

    There is a clear pattern of questions about abuse of election rules around those also trying hardest to block delivery of the EU referendum result.That’s a pattern that can’t be ignored – and a real threat to democracy.

    Not only do these anti-democrats want to deny the Brexit we voted for, it appears they’ve also been cheating to give themselves the platform to make such demands and the power to vote on it.

    We don’t intend to let the Brexit-blockers get away with it – we’re sure you won’t want them to either.

    Please help us to fight back today.

    Kind regards,
    The Leave.EU Team

  • ross1948 17:59 on June 27, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Who Do Think You Are Kidding, Mama Stasi? 



    David Lammy MP urges Parliament to reject EU referendum result …

    Even the left-lib media recognise the crass stupidity of this Lammy louse.

    Despite it being legally possible for Parliament to not enact Brexit, doing so would cause uproar among those who voted to leave the EU.  


    Despite it being close, the Leave side won with a majority of 51.9 per cent, with a over million more people than the Remain side. 

    But those like Lammy who want to spit in the face of democracy are merely reflecting the arrogance of the EuroCommissars who are busily stomping on unrest elsewhere in Europe.


    • Turkish paper compares Merkel with Hitler after Germany votes to recognize Armenian genocide

    Already, Mama Stasi Merkel has inserted her vulturine beak, on the side of the bad losers.

    ‘Politicians in London should have the possibility to reconsider the consequences of an exit,’ the RND newspaper network on Sunday quoted Merkel’s chief of staff, Peter Altmaier



    God damn this evil bitch.

    The decision was delivered by a free and fair vote in which everyone knew what the outcomes could be.

    Leave or Remain.

    The losers, like Lammy, and the other collaborationists inside and outside the Commons, should think very carefully before they snap to attention in response to Mama Stasi’s outrageous challenge to the people’ will.


    london riot


    Any moves to overturn the democratic verdict could –  and should –  provoke riots MUCH more bloody than the barbarism that blighted Broadwater Farm, or anything since.

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